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leather torecasta 

Vicl.Mla and VIrlnliy— Snutherly anrt 

,«er Mainland-- 1-lKl't to niodrrat a,„t wan,, .-.lay and ^,.v.m 


Cohniat Telephones 

Bunlneaa UfJiice ,„ 

ClrculBllon ....••■. '!J I 

Job priming ^^ I 

Editorial H'-'nm | 

<EttTAlil-lSllED l(ia«.» 




Circumstances Coincide Curi- 
ously witiT Tl^o^e Immedi- 

, -ately Preceding fall. pf .Mac- 
kenzie Ministry in 1878 



Slight Charlge in Mr. Borden's 
Plans— Sir Wilfrid Laurier 


Break. Out at Part ol Ban Bernardino 

Mountain. TUouffht To Be Sale 

_ino*ndian»ni »n»peoted 

KAN IJKKNAHUINO, Cal., Aug. 3.— A 
terrlfl" fiic-, BiM-inKing tiom :vn '-"'- 
guarded rh.-fiKhting .station In I'f 
San Bernardino mountains swept up 
Little Creek canyon toiilKlU an'l "-^ '^ 
late hour provc.l formidable to hun- 
dreds of fighters who rusheJ"to oPpose 

It thrtstened several power stations 
■wi-^^Md'i^^^a. Cajop Fess.-.-whloh. 
Eeearates tJhe San Bernardino rang-e 
fropi Moynt Baltly- Hundreds of men 
wero rafhed .^rom here to fight it. 
and fcrtbters working under Super- 
vUor Charlton at the west end of the 
ft-oa were transferred wherever pos- 
sible to the new blasio. 

VoveM.r Long, in charge of the Lll- 
lU. Cr.ek end of the fire, predicted 
Ihut the situation would be controlled 
by morning. The fire started directly 
af ;■ a group nt nnfi station had left 
U \^ It tout, permission, thinking the fire 
j there ""hcluert. inctji.dijirlsm is sus- 


Naval Hero of Russo-Japanese 
War Formally Welcomed on 
Behalf of Federal and State 
.Governments - 

B. U. VUlCnb l-IOls* 

OTTAWA, Aug. 3.— The Domin- 
ion government has practically de- 
cided to mukf the voters' lists for 
British Columbia. ContUllons are 
the s«m.- there as In Winnipeg and 
Brandon, no lists Imvlnti been pre- 
pared within a y<nir. 




r.awv.r for AUwed Camorrl.t. Inter- 
rupt. Testimony and 1. Cen.ured 
by Prl.oner. 




Canadian Aviator Meet. With Ml.hap 
«at »oronto Meet — Wot berl- Injured 

Official Note from Foreign Of- 
fice Points to Nov; Features 
of Treaty Signed by Two 
Powers Yesterday 

Will Visit Washington and be 
Received by President— To 
Em'bark at Victoria for Re- 

OTTAWA. Aug. 3.-Slr Wilfrid Laur- 
ier has decided • open his campaign 
with a meeting on Au gust Uth at 


aathurinff of mtemaUonal Body »t 
Berne Expected to Have Im- 
portant Beanlte 

*,,^n Lir\nr\n 
lUI 11 t lUIIIO 


NEW YORK, Aug. 3.— The United 
States at midnight formally welcomed 
to Its shores .A^dmiral Count Helhashiro 
Togo, of the Japanese empire, and naval 
hero of the Russo-Japa.iese war. 

TORONTO. Aug. 3.— Mr, !« Iji. Mc- 
Curdy, the Canadian aviator, had a 
narrow escape from death this evening 
at the aviation meet when hla machine 
fell to the atround an- was smashed 
to pieces. Mr. McCurdy had difficulty 
in getting his machine into the air on 
account of the rough ground. The ma- 
chine Btruok a mound and waa sent In- 
to the air before he was ready. Ho 
rose about fifty f<»«t and In attempt- 
ing to swerve from tne Hno o£ BtJc<>- 
tators and automobiles beneatto him 
found that the machine would • re- 
spond to the steering gesi. The mono- 
plane turned completely over, pinning 
Mr. McCurdy beneai.. -« wreckage. 
Luckily he was not tied In his seat, 
and so escaped serious Injury. 



Signatures to British Conven- 
tion are Affixed at Washing- 
ton — Treaties Sent to U. S. 
Senate Today 

VITVJKBO, Italy, tAug. 3. — Mf-raJinl 
(V,r.i-/\til concluded lil« testimony at 
the Ciimorrlsts- trial today, explaining 
why he was convinced that Oenarro 
Cuocc-olo and hU wife were nvirdered 
l,v the CanioiTu IT^- said that he re- 
cognized the ring taken f'om the home 
nf oae of the prisoners as having he- 
longed to Cuoocolo. 

Here Lawyer Lioy, whose interrup- 
tions started a quarrel that- caused a 
.suspension of the altt^ng.a few days 
ago. broke in, halting the testimony. 
The lawyer wan scored for this by his 
cllente. th*« prisoners, who asserted 
that Lloy put the defendants In an un- 
sympathaMc light by his conduct and 
caused th-i trial to be dragged out 

Hon: Richard McBride is En- 
thusiastically Welcomed by 
Citizens— Graceful Speech 
ill Response to Reception 




PARIS, Aug. 3.— The treaty of ar^bi- 
tratlon between France and the United 
States was signed here today by Am- 
bassador Jusserand on behalf of France. 

An official note issued at the foreign 
offl ce pe lnto out th a t the tre a ty CUIP- 

Slaaeotlng Wreok of Malna 
HAVANA, Aug. 3, — The work of re- 
moving the wreck of the battleship 
Maine reached an interesting p'hase 
this afternoon, when there waa begun 
I lUo pioceoB of dissecting the shattered 
and distorted remains of the vessel by 
a gas blast apparatus. Some bones 
were found today embedded In the snarl 
of wreckage of the bow. but it *111 be 
Impossible to extract them at present. 

First Minister of B. C. Predicts 
Province Will Return Solid 
Seven to Support Mr. Bor- 
den at Ottawa 


PTMldaxit Koyev K«-Sleotea 
BUTTE. Mont.. Aug. 3. — Charles H. 
e s id e nl — et — t^v«- 

« a2;'^y — WWT? — r p-P ln ntgtl — DT 

Westei'ii Federation o* ^*nera *?« 
vote of 207 to »o. It is expected that 
C. E. Mahoney of Butte will be elect- 
ed vice-president. The work 
convention will be concluded 

The Hon. Richard McBride. Prime 
Minister and moat esteemed citizen of 
British Columbia, with' Mrs. McBride. 
Deputy Speaker W. H. Hayward M.P.P. 
and Mr. Lawrence MacRae, arrived 
home yesterday evening from the brll- 

r onott a n , whf i rn 

i'hirpXcSflc province -was ft^'y and most 
acceptably represented by Its Premier. 


f ortri uiirio-r 

.csimcoe. the county t"Vvi 
once the seat of John Charlton 
choice is peculiar, in view of persistent 
hostility with which the premier treat- 
ed that veteran of Liberalism. 

It has been observed that the date 
selected for the general election, Sep- 
tember 31, Is within one -day ot being 
the anniversary of the great Conserva- 
tive victory of 1878. That election took 
place on September 22, so that the day 
after the coming election will be the 
sard anniversary of the triumph of 
the national policy. Coincidences are 
striking throughout. It was a battle of 
protection, of building up of the home 
market against the policy which de- 
cried the home market and looked to 
closer relations with the United States. 
It was held just prior to the advent 
of a member of the royal family to 
RJdeau Hall. Even Sir Wilfrid 
ier's confidence hnds its 
Hon. Alexander Mackenzie expected to 
be embarrassed by the largeness of hla 
majority. >,:•.: -! 

Evidences accumulated that the dis- 
solution was pr«.clpltated by some un.- 
e\:pected event, such as a quarrel in the 
cabinet between Messrs, Oliver and 
Fielding ovtif the refusal of the latter 
to allow the west larger representa- 

-It transpires that the Liberals are 
behindhand with cireuiatlon of their 
campaign literature. Franking privi- 
leges end With this week, and vast 
quantltlea of Liberal pamphlets are un- 
sent. The intention Is to send them out 
under the frank of the Hon. George P- 
Graham as minister of railways and 
iHnals. franks of members belns of, 
no avail. Not long ago the Liberals 
wt^re crltlcSstns Mr; Slfton fbr sending 
•out copies of his speech under his 
frank during session time, Mr. Emer- 
son described U SB an abuse of the 
privilege. It apparently is ah abiise of 
the privilege to send out anti-reciproc- 
ity speeches under frank In session 
time and an act of statesmanship to send 
out pro-reciprocity pamphlets under a 
minister's frank after parliament is 

Petty Trickery 
.another piece of petty unfairness baa 
>.. en encountered by Conservative cam- 
...igners. At the printing bureau, the 
. ictice is to send out lists in alpha- 
order, Annapolis first and 
last. But ministers tat theirs 
.,■ r,ther.s. Thus Hon. Mackenzie 
, Waterloo ami Hon. .Mi'. Bro- 
. Kouvllle ahead of the others. 
;,,, .iher trick come.'s to light:" tJn 
,1,,, ,.tr the session Sir Wiiin.i 
;,i.,;;^ht down papers relatlm; 
;nil'<Mial conference, and more 
eapeciHliy rlpa liner with the naval and 
ml'lUary asreement. Tt was pointed ont 
;h.-it there should he a wide distrtbu- 
lioii of these, and on beiny urged the 
government aKree.l to the InipcVial 
blue book, papers, etc.. being reprinted. 
rMHSolution puts tlu- uiallrT "ui of 
(•( ntro! of the House. ..n.l puts nuiLK r.s 
In such a position ih:.! the Conserva- 
tives will not have rciuly access to the 
rh.eimirntP and the government will he 
;,1,', iM iMiikc «li;it riHsertionp they 
ihonsi. l.ilierals inny Ket copies wllh- 

BKRNF.. Switzerland. Aug. 3. — A con- 
ference of economists and historians, 
which marks the tirst extensive steps 
by the permanent bureau of peace in 
m tTHmpatgn against war. began today 
in University Hall. 

The conferees express the belief that 
the meeting will do much toward put- 
Ung the movement for International 
peace on a practical basis. 

The session was opened by Professor 
John Clark, of Columbia university, who 
voiced the thanks of the bureau for 
the peace foundation established by 
Andrew Carnegie. 

Dr. P. O. Phlloppovlch, of the uni- 
veralty of Vienna, was elected presi- 
dent of the bureau. 

Nicholas Murray Butler, president of 
Columbia university outlined the Idea 
of the conference. He laid 'stress on 
Us esseittiaily International and scien- 
«ac cha:-s--:ter, ?19 work, bcine directed^ 
he^'saW.Wwarcl The organisation of an 
educational campaign and the standardi- 
sation Of the peace movement. 

After a short dlsouaalon on the roost 
efficient methods fop sfeecting 'he ob- 
jects of the conference It was decided 
to divide Into four sub -commit tees. 


German Demands Are Said in 
Paris to be Excessive- 
London Standard Sees No 
Danger of War 


' 1 kon 

u |.-r 
I lie 

held from Conservative.^. A sampio i". 
the mlsrepresentaMonB t" bo expected 
IS ihe tnn.iner in which Sir Wilfrid 
l.iiii Tier's Quehec organ, in advance OT 
imhllcation, twisted the perfectly nf't" 
■.irai arrangement assigning cruising 
Matlon.« to (Canadian ships Into the es- 
tahiishment ot "free maritime 7.nne.= ." 
whatever that might piean. 

The idea was to suggest some kind 
of neutralization which had not boon 
provided at all, thereby showing the 
(Continued on Page 2, Col. 5.) 

PARIS, Aug. 3-— A semi-offlcftal 
note issued today states that the opti- 
mistic opinion emanating from Lon-r 
don relative to the progress of Franco- 
German negotiations, is not borne otit 
fey. the facts, as the German demands 
continue excessive. 

XONDON. Aug. 4.— The Standard 
claims to have good authority for the 
statement that all danger of war over 
Morocco has vanished. The disputed 
points between Germany and France, 
the newspaper sfiys, hiive been settled 
in principle, but details .HtlU remain 
to lie negotiate!!. 


VLt. O. S. Mciaren, rronolnent Bu'lnen. 
Man of Seattle Die. After Eat- 
ing' Canned Mushroom. 

SK \TT1.1-.. Aug. 3.— George S. Mc- 
Laren .'is veil..-, Old, one of the leading 
buKlnes.-* men of Seattle, died tonight 
of ptomaine poisoning caused by eating 
canned mushrooms at a dinner at Ta- 
coma Ttie.sday night. Mr. McLaren was 
taken ill while returning to Seattle from 
Tacoma, and wa.s hurried to a hospital 
as soon as he arrived here. Mr. Mc- 
Laren was a son of the late W^ilnan. 
P McLaren, vice-president of the North- 
„.„-t«rn Mutual Life Insurance Com- 
and was the financial axent i-n 
He had been 

Tbe welcome was b'*«"« «i,v>^.- - — 
steamer Lusltanla at quarantine by rep- 
resentatives of the state, war and navy 
departments, and a representative of 
Governor Dix, FoUowlnc a few warm 
words of welcome on behalf of the na- 
tion, the delegation of Americans ac- 
companied the distinguished Japanese 
In a tug to the revenue cutter Seneca, 
standing hard by. A few moments 
later the Seneca was speeding for her 
pier at 23rd street, Hudson river, 
whence Admiral Togo was whisked 
way in an automobile to his hotel. 

Admiral Togo plans to go to Wash- 
ington tomorrow night, where he will 
be received by President Taft. OfHclal 
dinners, visits and sight-seeing tours 
will engage him during the coming 
week. He will return then to New 
York, where two formal functions await 
him. and he will leave here for Boston 
and Canada via Kiasara T^»"s on the 
16th or iTth. He will board the steam- 
er for Japan at Victoria. 

Long before the Cunardcr's blR hulk 
blackened the horizon at Sandy Hook, 
the Seneca was on her way to auaran- 
Une witih the welcoming party aboard. 
The delegation • consisted of Chandler 
Hale; thfrd assistant secretary of state. 
Captain T. M. Potts, of the navy. Major- 
General Frederick D. Gr^nt, commander 
of the military departmeJht of the east. 
Vdjutant-Qeneral Verbeck. national 
guard of New Tork. and attaches of 
the Japanese embassy at Washington. 
These found the admiral waiting to 
receive them when they boarded the 
Lusltanla.' Secretary Hale delivered the 
first message of welcome on behalf of 
President Taft, and was followed by 
others of the deputation. 

Seldom hni? the lower bay witnessed 
BO remarkable a midnight scene. The 
whole ship sat up to bid the admiral 
goodbye. The rails were black with 
his fellow X>aasengers as he stepped 
down the lowered stairway oh the ves- 
BcVs deck, ended by - hearty American 
cheers The first cabin passengers hung 
over the rail and watTIhed his progress 
in the dim light to the Seneca, peering 
Into the gloom until the crackling of 
the cutter's wireless apparatus spread 
the news of his arrival. ^ , 

The admiral's response to hU wel- 
come was almost as Waf as the wel- 
come Itself, 

"Happiness," he said in good Eng- 
gUsh, "Is the realization of our antlct- 
' (Continued on Page 3. Co). 4.) 


Democrats and Insurgent Re- 
publicans Pass Cotton Bill 
in House— Talk of Overcom- 
ing Veto 


Sheriffs of Washington State 
in Convention at Vancouver 
Find Fault with State Ad- 

WASHINGTON, Aug. 8.— Supported 
by all the DejnocraU and by thirty 
Ihsurgent Republicans, the Democratic 
cotton tariff bill, the third of the big 
tariff revision measures, brought for- 
ward by the Democratic House of 
Representatives, passed that body 
early this evening, 202 t». *i' ■ 

The bill cuts the average tariff on 
cotton, manufactured, from 48 to 27 
per cent, ad valorem, a 21 per cent, 
reduction. The Democratic leaders es- 
timate that it would reduce the rev- 
enue by about 53,000,000. 

Not an amendment was offered to 
the bill, although the Republicans at- 
tacked tt vigorously on account of al- 
leged Increase In certain Items over 
the rates of the Payne- Aldrlch tariff 

Scarcely had the cheers that greet- 
ed the passage of the cottoji revision 
bill subsided when Democratic Leader 
Underv,-o6d, ciiUing "P P^*>\ ^^ ^'^^ 
blU. as It pasr-ed the senate a few 
days ago, accomplished a strategic 
movement, which surprised the Repub- 

cans. ,, ,1. 

He asked for a coiilerOnce on all the 
amendments to the free list bill ex- 
cept that of Senator Gronna, of North 
Dakota, putting cement on the free 
list. He urged that the House accept 
that amendment, adding to It lemons. 
Pacific coast Republicans made In- 
effectual attempts to stop this sudden 
and unexpected putting of lemons on 
the <ree Ust, but the amendment car- 
ried The change g.ave House Demo- 
crats what they claimed to be an add- 
ed advantage In dealing with the sen- 
ale in the conference tomorrow. 

Tonight the Republican leaders In 
both houses ot congre-ss called in ab- 
sent members from all parts of tho 
countrv, in preparation for a threaten- 
ed attempt of the Democrats to pass 
tlie wool tariff bill over the president's 
veto. The Democratic lo.ader,s in the 
Hmi-e have as-serted within the last 
24 hours that they have the necessary 
two-thirds majority to the wool 
bill over the president'.s veto. They 
have been doing eftcctlve missionary 
work in tlie senate today. The Re- 
publican managers In the House insist 
tonight that they have enough votes 
to prevent the two-thirds majority In 
support of the wool bill. 

Speaker Clark tonight .appointed as 

a conference committee on the free list 

onferees who will act 

Inatcs many reftrlf'Monn from the treaty 
of 1908, assures a means of regula- 
Ung pacifically all differences which 
would be impossible of settlement 
through the channels of diplomacy, and 

"The character of the treaty Is clear- 
ly defined In the preamble thus: 

•• -The French republic and the United 
States of America being equally desir- 
ous of perpetuating firm and Inviolable 
the covenant of peace which, happily, 
has existed between the two nations 
since the first days of American In- 
dependence, and which has been ren- 
dered more sure by close relations of 
friendship and commerce, affirming that 
no important question remains in limi- 
tation between them, and resolved to 
prevent any future diflTerence from be- 
ing an occasion for hostilities or an\ in- 
terruption of these good relations, and 
so f onh.' " _ 

The Debats regards the treaty as a 
praiseworthy effort to reduce the 
chances of war, though, as It under- 
stands the text. It does not "ean^ the 
absolute suppression of t^««° ,f''"7;f- 
A mixed commission which will weigh 
non-juridical difflculiies, will be a pow- 
erful brake on dangerous national pas- 
sions, but the real efficacy ^^ t^^-/^"': 
mlsslon. the paper thinks, will depend 
vastly upon the merits of the men com- 

of the 

The 'Figaro. In a long "tudy^of the 
situation resulting, declares that If the 
other nations do not join the n^ove- 
nvnt, those who are Pledged for ar- 
Xaiion Should adopt the P>-»"«=«P^%«' 
boycotting by inserting a ^1*"«« »"^t^^«^ 
international agreements ptovldlng that 
they shall suspend all relations of com- 
m^ce transportation and postal Inter- 
course with any country warrmg on o... 
of the signers. 

For example, the paper says that it 
the united StRteB, France and Great 
Britain should boycott Gerrnany by re- 
fusing all relations with i^^'-'' "^« ^^■ 
tion would be certain to cause the con- 
fusion and ruin of that nation. 
^By boycotting." the Figaro adds. 
"we will obtain obligatory arbitration 
and then the limitation of armaments 

?be Hatm says: "Public opinion wiU 
note with lively satisfaction the new 
a^fl intimate bond established between 
'."ranee and the great and ^---;;-- 
pie of the united States, who l^a^e not 
^continued on Pace 2, f "1- <•> 

JoTlta Company Enjoined 
SEATTLE. Aug. 3.— The Jovlta 
Heights company, which recently dis- 
posed of two of the largest additions 
ever platted In King county, was res- 
trained today from disljosing of any of 
its assets until the superior cwirt pass- 
ed on a petition filed by lot owners, 
asking for the appointment of a re- 
ceiver. The petitioners charge that the 
company Is disposing of Us assets, 
largely cash, and Is preparing to aban- 
don Its offices In Seattle. The officers 
of the Jovlta Heights company were 
arrested a short time ago by the fed- 
eral authorities on charges of using 
the malls to ■defraud. Most of the lots 
sold by the, company were bought t>y 
residents ef Montana, Idaho, Oregon 
and eastern Washington. 


Director of UvSv Bureau of 
Mines on Way North to 
Oversee Work of Mine In- 
. spection— Coal Question 



1 Premier Back In Victoria. Omenu Am 

111 fnv Oovprnmfnt. Frnnrh VIe-wg on 
Arlill rill Ion. A'bniral Torh at N't-w 

2 \rc PorfprthiR Wnrd OrgHrily.ntlon, 

2 Novel Fentures In Annual Flower fihow. 

4 — Kflltoriiii. 
5 — Social nnil rersonnl. 
•^.i-News i>t the 'Mty. 
t7.._News of tli'^ <-■":>■• 
ig_In Woman's Realm. 
I) — Sportlnic News, 
fo — Adfllllonal .Sport. 

jl — Canada May Have to fait.. I l'.;rr'r.« 
Hoa. riannlnsr to Build New Wins; to 
J 2 — Hca! Eiilato AdvtJi. 
5 3 — Edtale Advt*. 
14 —Marine Nowii. 
lB_I.<.tter(i to the Kdltor. 
l)(-_<Mvlr Health H«« Nev»r He..n Better. 

Victoria niflemen at Domini. >n Meet. 
17 — Uarkot^. 
IR— Clamltled .^dvtB. 
19— Advtg. 
20 — David 8p«ncer, Ltd. 


Seattle for that company. 

a re-^ldent of Seattle nine years, coming 

lore from Atlanta. Ga. Mr. McLaren 

Ls prominently .onncctcd with many 

of the civic bodies of Seattle, and was 

a director and a member of the .hmt^ce 

committee of the Al-'^^-y"'--^;"/;'^: 

Kxpo..ition. IW i.-^ survived by a widow 

anil two childre n. 

Memory of Artist Honored 
L(JVl>()N, -VUK. a.— The body of 1'>1- 
wln A. Abbey, the celebrated American 
nnlnter was cremated today and the 
llL. burled at Kingsbury Old Church 
near WilUd^'U- American Ambassador 
Reld and a number of other Amerlcatis 
"-re -^r-'-ni. Mr. Held sont a wreath. 
OP beliaif of the artist's natlvejand. 
The Royal Academy sent In a broken 
harp formed of laurel leaves and bear- 
ing the word., "in Memorlam,' Ihe 
casket was of bronze and covered with 
silk pall. Mrs, Abbey stood be- 
durlng the brief com- 


TO LOWtK tArtiM:>t: 

Action Taken liy Chairman ot 
Decoration Committee for 
Reunion of Old Boys of Lon- 
don, Ontario 

.-.•._ w-«»r^*«iB t.^S ^ I ■~- 

n white 

aide the prave 

mlt.l1 service. .Tohn Seymour Lucas, the 

painter repre-.ented Princops Louise 

and among others were Sir L^^^-rcm'' 

Alms-Tadema, ,T. .T. Si.annod, Mr Kd- 

ward Pointer, several members of tho 

Royal Academy and Mrs. Reld. 

VANCOUVER, B. C August 3.— Gov- 
ernor Hay of WHShington cum© In for 
,«hRrp crItlolHm this afternoon at the 
bttnds of the members of Iho Washing- 
ton State Sheriffs' Association, which 
met here today In the opening .session 
of a three day convention. The point 
of .rlticism was that in tho extradition 
of prlR.merB the state authorities were ] 
ontlrelv too lax, and too prone to cur- 
tall expense at the cost of freeing crim- 
inals who really should he apprehended 
and placed in Jail. ,,-,„, 

Robert T. Hodge of Seattle, sheriff of 
KInK cotmty. was very outsi^l^en In his 
rtonunciatlon of the policy of the ud- 
minlstrHtlon. «nd stated that at east 
one hundred , criminals were at large 
through the executive's desire to cur, 
down expenses. Me said that he wished 
fhat the Canadian laws were In force 
n the united States so that peace offi- 
Ters could do as the Canadian ofllclals 
do namely, to use all effort and money 

n;;essry n running criminals to the 
necessary ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^,^ 

they would not 

on thVw'Ool'talll, Hop.-?, l^ndcrwood 
Rrindall of To.vas and Unrrison of New 
».^ „„— ,.a. Pavnp Hnd Dalzell, I 

I fil rv, i.,T^i, ,.,-..'. . - - I 


Bitter attacks on DGm.xTHtlc cau.-u.- 
mcthofls by Rep. Payne of New York 
and other Republican leaders, and a 
c-harge ^y ReP- P^outy of Iowa, Re- 
publican, insurgont. supported by Rep. 
McCall of Mas.«tacft-(.setts and HIH of... 
Connecticut, that the Underwood h 
made enormous increases in the tariff 
on certain cotton cloth miinufaelured 
In southern mills, marked tho closing 
hours of debate on the cotton bill 

Hep Proutv said until today he had 
intended to support the cotton bill, but 
"figurlnK with itls pencil," he found 
thi.t the ad valorem rates on cottoii 
cloth, vnlued at between 7 and 12 
cents, a type of cloth manufactured 
almost entirely In southern '"'"/'• Z'^-- 
I tually had been Increased ss high as 
■ibO per cenl. above tho Payne rates. 
Democratic Leader Underwood re- 
that nd valorem schedules had 
average basis, plac- 




the re- 

LONDON, Ont., Aug. 3. 
suit of protests from citizens 
man Mitchell, chairman °f /'^«/^«°^,';-, 
Tlon committee of the. Lotidon OUl 
Boys'ns^oclatlon today ordered ,.dowp 
all American hags in street decoratlons- 
polcs along tlie main 
draped with hunting, 
each wero four Canadian and four Am- 
Ilags, the latter being Included 
of those returning 

SEATTLE, Aug. 3.— Dr. Joseph A. 
Holmes, director of the bureau of mines 
at Washington. D. C. arrived in Se- 
attle tonight on his way to Alaska to 
study mining conditions there. 

"My visit to the north," said Dr. 
Holme-s, "has no political slgnlltcance, 
althougih I have been clo.sely identified 
with the conservation movement since 
its early agitation. For the first time j 
in our "history the federal government 
h^!R ..slablished a watch over Alaska 
mining Industries nnd has undertaken 
omclnl protectjon. Sutnmer S. Smith, 
who IS now In .Maskn, where ho is to 
be stationed permanently, was recently 
nppf.inie.l by the president to this work. 
I want to H'^e the mine inspection work 
started right and carried on for the 
bonelit of the mining in.iu.^'ry of AUt.ska. 
"I have been unable to find a think- 
ioK business man in the who want.-. 
10 see Alaska exploited for the benefit 
of thai section «f the country. The 
feeling back there is that Alaska coal 
should first be utilized to benefit Alaska, 
nnd then the Pacific coast. The east has 
hU the coal it needs. Out here you 
need coal for the development of the 
iron and steel industry. You are able 
to manufacture everything In the steel 
and iron line, and good coal in plenty 
would remove il.r Kmatrst r.bstaclc to 

that end." 

Mr. Holmes will leave tomorrow for 


Blase In ParUament Buildings. 

TORONTO. Autr. 3.— l"lrc was dis- 
covered this morning at two o'clock In 

In tho w..rld metropolis, as in his owii 
Llrillsh Columbia's foremost 
loomed large among the 
widi-i- oiltatn, .and it is 
the appraisement of hla 

great men ot 
significant "i' 

Hlroets had been 
and on top of 



because many 

their home towns for tho celebration 

are now residents and ciUzens 

the west wing of the provincial parlia- 
ment bullding.s. Fifteen minutes later 
tlie blazo was reported under control. 
The damage will not- be great. 

stature as a national leader that h6 was 
spontaneously .•^nd generally accorded a 
prominence hitherto denied to any over- 
seas premier in a provincial sphere. 

The First Minister's homecoming was 
made the occasion for demonstrations 
of wclcorno and regard in almost un- 
broken continuation from the crossing 
of the Rockies, citizens turning out In 
larg,^ numiuT^ at virtually every Im- 
portant rnilwav point to look for the 
well koown l..onlne head, and to cheer 
again and again as recognition of tho 
popular premier was made connplete. 
Here at Victoria the welcoming throng 
numbered many hundreds, and it is safe 
to state would have been twice as large 
hut for some little uncertainty as to the 
time of the steamer's arrival. The 
Prime Minister's party had been Joined 
at Vancouver by Mrs. McBride. bU 
mother, and by Hon. Mr. Ross, while at 
the dock the leader was met and wel- 
comed as he crossed tVe gangplank by 
Hon. Dr. Young, who has been acting 
head of the government during the 
Chieftain's absence, Hon. Mr. Kllison, 
Mr. Leonard Talt. president of the lo- 
cal Conservative association, Mr. Ernest 
McCaffcv of the Vancouver Island Do- 
volopmenl league, Mrs. Hasell, twho, on 
behalf of the Alexandra club, presented 

,, „ ., „.i.u .. Kpo.itifiil hoiiauet 
Airs. Mci'.riac v.ii.i u. i.i.--' 

of typical Victoria flowers), and a 
number of-oth.-rs. 

A Oraoefnl Bpe«cn 
At tho HellPvUle street entrance to 
the docks the crowd had massed solidly 
and Hon. Mr. McRrlde's appearance was 
the signal for round after round of 
cheers given with a right good WlU. 
(Conllnuml on Paga I, Col. «.) 

of the 
Alderman Mitchell's ac- 


him that 

'work" In 

Canada because 

•they get 'em there." 

to be fixed on nn . 

ing rates between tw.., lines, top aiid 
bottom, and that Mr, Prouty bad pick- 
ed oul tho single schedule under 
which there was an apparent increase. 
He said that under this schedule last, 
•e^r just »i.040 of the $700,000,000 
(Continued on Pate t. Col. i.) 

United Stal.-s, 
tlon was sustained by tho Kast Lon- 
rto,, rrosresslve association, which vot- 
e.l after a warm dtscua..,!on. to wrlt« 
.no'thecltv council commending the 
alderman's decision. During the dlscus- 
nemhers -.aid they had been com- 
while visiting In Detroit, to re- 
move Canadian flags from their coats. 
One member said that he had seen the 
Union .Tack hissed while in a theatre 
there. This In the second time the Am- 
erican flag has been hauled down here. 
Three years ago, during an Orange 
(Continued on PSM ». Col. «.) 

Fiftv Years Ago Todav 


The Colonlut of August 4. 1861.) 

slon ir 

•'•-- '--r^r:,i,;:;:':^2:rr?hrs^r 

_ _ _ wharf, 

At II 
Crea will sell damaged 

Harliorniantcr NnBlr yeaterday allow 
ll-,no »l a ton, at wbUfh allowance -tba ^.^ 

The nuhlln paper, announce the «««.;, o^ M«lh*.. rraBC«._»axr 
Foundry, and S"P"'''^J',-°;"„V;^",^ Tt h-r'own fp-nd?}?**^ 

jr. A. Mc- 

,„„ed all partiM aavln* goodii from th# Car- 
at wbl.fh allowance .th«A.wa. considerable grumbling^ 

ommunity ot tha 8Ut«ts^ 

no. Thirty-even conven,^--.. - ■■'[.^^S JCpffi 

India, in Spain In tha ColoiJ^ai^ h**« •««*^ ffiat'lp 

,.. wonan who n»a been «aii«> »•»• '^ff, ..TTl 

I/O re 

land /..,...-, .— - a 

of this remarkabU woman who has — — ■^. 

Seven wmmonae. tor '''^'Jj^X^ J!STMt^} 

workmen w««i ye«erday ••rrsd trotH »"* »«'T* ^'fT^, " 

The franva »iii«l4>»« »■ Jf^HSL'^SS? ^'SL'l 
.old y«rtarday b? Mr. V^ti* » .mlM ^JSrA 

brick which in, \« f^ ♦*• ^!**J5S**" 





i jB i! B!> ll f i» ;.,' .'. ' Wfi^:iJK ''li!>:;^p^fpffiv^'r^^P'1'fioth"> 

■— Otli'MHi»<ri I 


! » . .. «» j »iy»<l' pj i jr i " * 


Friday. Augutt 4, 1911 



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With the Uate of Ihe rorthcoming 
feclerHl elecUon Uelinliely set local 
Conservatives arc cnthiiaiastlcally pr«- 
pariiiK ror the tight, l^ast evening the 
Conservative^ of wurtls two anU four 
met lit the central rooms of the Vlc- 
tmia Conservative UHBOciallon and un- 
deriuok the work of more closely oi'gan- 
izing the party forces In those two Uls- 
trictB. Arransements thus undertaKen 

wlU„,h.ft..<?OniPlet,«iU atSff ^^""'^ ''"^V 
when the organization will be as ef- 
recttVe as It iB possible to make It 
and no effort win be spared In getting 
out every possible vote. The utmost 
couduittucu in Mr. B&l'iiard, as the Con- 
servative standard bearer, was expressed 
by the members present. 

Alderman H. M. Kullerton. chairman 
of ward four, and Mr. Guy Walker, 
chairman of ward two organlr.atlons 
briefly addres.'jed the meeting, pointing 
out the urgent necessity of consistent 
and continued hard work until the last 
vote is po!!<?'1. l"iih oiilngtxtng Mr, 
Barnard anti rorei i iiiK io tiio tacl liiul 
had the government hs much confi- 
dence In its reciprocity proposal as It 
would lead the electorate to believe It 
has iherf would not have been any 
such hurry to take a snap j\idgmrnl 
on the merits of the proposal, but 
rather there would have been delay 

un til r eaiBi r lbullon c uuld Hav e ben e f- 

Mr, .1. A. Alkman, Mr. K. Lowe and 
Mr. Kccles also spoke briefly, express- 
ing their belief in Mr. Barnard and 
the principles for which the Conserva- 
tive party stands and deprecating the 
reciprocity arrangements which the 
government Is seeking to force upon 
the country. 

Ward two Conservatives have or- 
ganized their district by subdividing li 
Into sixteen divisions for each of 
which a chairman has been appointed 
from the general executive of the ward 
organization. Committees will be select- 
ed for each subdivision, when a com- 
plete canvas cV (vach will Tie made. 

Nor must the worth of Mr. Turnei** 
efforts in his capacity as agent-general 
be for one moni«>nt lost sight of in trac- 
ing the complete explanation of British 
Columbia's wide publicity and enviable 
Mtatus with the people of the Mother 
<'(.untTy, this veteran Victorian and 
loyal BiitlMh Columbian being IndefatiK- 
ublc in hi« skiilul tliamplonrthlii 'of all 
provincial Inlere.stw, and lifld in par- 
ticularly hieh r.'Kard Ijy all the lea.lers 
in public and buMines-s life at lio.u,., 
who have learned to accept his repre- 
sen-caliona with unqualified confidence. 
British Views of ««o»procUT. 

CoricernlnK reciprocity, as proposed 
by 81r Wilfrid Laurler to the very great 
saiisfactlon of the Ignited .Stales, I're- 
mler McBrlde naturally made It his bUKl- 
ness to analyze the exact feeling of 
(iient Britain In respect to the contem- 
plated pact, both among political lead- 
en; of botti Motherland parties and 
amoHK financiers and Industrial cnptwlns 
making London tlieir home. With all 
of these the f<enilment is pronouncedly 
adverse, the primary .suspicion as to the 
trend of Kentinienl Indicated in the re- 
ciprocity proposals having been .Mtrent,-- 
thened ami- confirmed by Presid«nl 
Taffa recent remarkable speech. With 
the exception of a few speclsl Inter- 
ests, among which cotton is prominent, 
B«t-4»»h trftd« views the Canadian re- 
ciprocity arrangement as bad commer- 
cial policy, setting back substantially 
the natural and- desirable development 
of mter-domtnlon imperial com- 
merce, and operating in the outcome in- 
evitably prejudicially to the true in- 
terests of the people of Canada At 
the same time It t" *elt that a building 
up of commercial unity of Interest with 
tho ttnltwrt States caiiuol ""»■ '— • - •■ 
effect of coloring Canadian sentiment 
and inducing the people of this domi- 
nion, unconsciously, perhaps, but none 
the less surely, to view world questions 
and even Brtllsh Imperial questions, 
through American spectacles. 
Confident of Victory 
ran roMte to the Wg«t and home. 

Oo«a to V. M. BaaAte Today. 

WASHINarON. Aug. 3.— I'rewldent 
Taft will send to the senate tom</rrow 
the general arbitration treatiea bctwoon 
th; l'nlte<l States and (Ireal Urltain 
and the L'nited Htiiles and France, 
signed for this government and for 
(treat Britain here ("day and .signeil 
in Paris for the government of I'rance. 

The brief mcHsagcs of transmittal to 
the senate were written and signed by 
tilie president today, and tomorrow It 
will He with the United States senato 
to ratify what lia.s lieen termed the 
greatefd step toward the aliolillon of 
war thai the world thus far has taken. 

Alreadj' there ha'v^e been mutlerlnes 
from the .senate over tliese treaties. 
rreHidfnl Tafi is non-committal but 
was anxious to put them before that 
hodv before the aOJournmenI of the 
speclF.l session. 

The ceremony of filKning tlie treatlos 
took place In the presirieiu's library in 
the Wliite House. Numerous treaties. 
Including that helween Si)uin and the 
i;nited Slates, have been .signed in that 
room,, and the ineHsuges of presidents 
and many Important state documents 
Vere wmten within Its wa I IB.- •''-'••■'•••■ ;' 

Little formality attached to.the. pj*?* 
mony. Secretary Knox, British Am- 
bussudor Biyce, Counsellor Chandler An- 
deroon of the state department, Osmond 
Ovej'. second secretary of the British 
embasBy; the Viscomte Saint Phallee of 
the Frenche embassy, two members of 
the cabinet, & score of newspapermen 
and three photographers were present. 
The treaty with Great Britain was 
signed at 3.10 this afternoon. Secre- 
tary Knox and Amhassador Bryce 
signed duplicates at tjie same moment. 
1 fhe K'*T»«b treaty was aiKned by Mr. 
Knox one minute later. 

The treaties out of the way. Presi- 
dent Taft took bis place at the desk. 
Before him were laid two messages .to 
the senate. He affixed his name, and 
then, so far as the executive end of 
tJie government Is concerned, the mat- 

ter was concluded. 



rCotiiiUurii ' Ti-wtti PnKtt i. V 

The Premier was escorted to an open 
.carriage, to which a dashing team of 
four regal greys had been attached, and 
with Dr. Young, Mr. Talt and Mr. R. F. 
Green, was driven to the Parliament 
buildings, the carriage preceded by a 
mounted police escort and by the pipers' 
band. At the doors of parliament an 
improvised platform had been arranged, 
and from this Mr. Talt voiced Victoria's 
welcome in graceful and fitting terms, 
the' Premier responding in an address 
which was characteristically direct and 
informal and In which he expressed his 
appreciation -of his reception, both for 
Mrs. McBrlde and himself, sketched 
deftly the outstanding featurei* of Uie 
great ceremonial from which he has Just 
returned, made due acknowledgment of 
his recognition of th<! excellent work his 
colleagues! In the Cabinet liaVe been ac» 
compUshing in his absence, referred to 
the splendid ,po«IUon which Bl-itlsh Cut 
Itimbla at present holds In the heart of 
the Kmplre, and assured his fellow- 
Victorians that he has come buck to 
them with enhanced pridp in this splen- 
did province and a stronger Briton and 
British Columbian than ever. 

Victoria's reception was notable for 
Its personal note — its spontaneity and 
Its cordiality. It was a gathering of 
I'riends and admirers to welcome a 
leader regarded with sincere personal 
affection as well as pardonable pride. 
And similar characteristics marked 
those other welcoming demonstrations 
along the line of his westward Journey- 
ing and at Vancouver City. Even be- 
fore seven o'clock In the morning yes- 
terday, a repre.«ientatlve concourse of 
Coqultlam residents gathered at Mis- 
sion City and preHented an appropriate, 
axldiess, the more prized by Its recip- 
ient by reason of the fact of this being 
his old constituency and the riding 
which gave him to puWlc life. "Little 
Miss May Qulmby colncldcntly pre- 
.senled Mr.s. McHride with a basket of 
lovely roHos, while Reeve Irvine per- 
formed the honors in voicing (;or|Uitlam'.s 
welcome and Reading the dL-strlct's ad- 
dress. In Vancou\er Ihe .seen, wi.; if.. 
enacted upon a larger scale, and ai each 
poiiU Hon. Mr. McBrlde .spoke feelingly 
and eio«|Urnll', In i-.'Siionse and ackiiowl- 

Zmpressions From Old Ziand.) 

Concerning lii.s recent travels and ex- 
periences, the Premier .says that ho 
ha.s "done his best" to worthily repre- 
.scnt British Columbia at the Imperial 
caijltal, and in connection with the Uile 
entbronctnent of hl.s aUKiist 
Kini; Ceorge. That I., li.i 
ful in eminent di gree 

p,.»niier McBrlde visited UliA*a ar.'- 
was m conference with Mr. Borden ana 
a number of the leadera of the Con- 
servative party of Canada, all of whom 
he found auper-enthuslastle with res- 
pect to the outcome of the elections 
so soon to test the feeling of the peo- 
ple on the cuestlons of reciprocity and 
the record of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's ad- 
ministration. That Sir Wilfrid foutid 
himself in a position no longer to fuHy 
command his following was indicated 
in the abruptness with which the ses- 
sion was terminated, omitting even the 
customary and traditional speech fron. 
the throne. It is indicated too In the 
perturbed conditions In the Liberal 
partv now evidenced In virtually every 
province. Kven in Quebec. Sir Wilfrids 
stronghold and chief dependence, the 
sentiment of the people has seehilngly 
cooled and changed amaitngly of late; 
while In ManJiooB. 5A» s::- 
Alberta the certainty of strong Con- 
servative gains is absolute and gen- 
erally conceded. In British Columbia, 
the provincial leader expects to see Ihe 
widespread dissatlsfai'.tion with tlie' re- 
ciprocity bargain and all that It Im- 
plies ^iX^teA amphatlcally byj the re- 
turn of a solid phalanx of seven Con- 
servative members. 

Regarding the suggestion !n eastern 
Ciinadiah press despatches that he 
might himself be Induced to enter the 
federal arena as a candidate. Premier 
McBrlde remarks that with the keen 
desire evinced by so m.-ny good men 
to win the honor of bearing the party 
standards, there will be abundant and 
excellent parliamentary material to 
select from. He feels that he has still 
much to do for British Columbia In 
rounding out completing the policy 
which he has evolved and developed 
and which la already bearing »0 very 
satisfactory fruit in existing condi- 
tions and prosperity and the assurance 
of even brighter days to come In the 
near future. While he will now throw 
himself heart and soul into the light 
and do all within his admittedly wide 
power to advance Conservative Inter- 
ests in the w^dt. it may. therefore, be 
be prophesied that he will not himself 
seek a Dominion seat. 

That the party will have efficient 
generalship in the returned first min- 
ister none can gainsay, while It Is 'mat- 
t*r fW tinlverwH satisfaction that ho 
was never more fitted for battle, re- 
turning as he does In the perfection of 
health, having accomplished as one 
friend yesterday put It, "the happy 
miracle of growing ten year.s younger 
during hl.« three months' absence." 



i PJl Illiiiuti 

».»r<»rTinny Mr. 

Bryce was walking tiown the eapUurs 
streets through the rain and the presi- 
dent and Secretary Knox were planning 
tv play golf together at Cheve y Chase. 



(Continued from Page 1.) 

rrlantlniied from Tagc 

1. 1 

nations, ■m- hopcH and desires. 1 am 
In America, and tlierefor-- 1 .tin happy." 

Tlie adi'iirai f<rin'b-d and Khook hands 
with all who had come i" Rreet him. 
He chatted with the imrty on hiK way 
from tlii^ 1-usllanla to the Senccn and 
Viofirdinc the cutter gave the Associated 
]-]f-i'^ Ids tlrst Interview. 

■I tliink the International treaties be- 
twren the United States and F.ngland 
and llie United States and I'rance re 
ft very good thing." he .said. .<uch a 
.r«ui.r winilrl h» arood. also, for .Japan. 


^ lieen -ui-- 
is attested 
those -jvho had the good fortune to 
be with him In London, while the me- 
tropolitan iirpss the prominence 
which lOn^land nttaclied and attaches 
to his ultorance.s in speech and inter- 
view wltli respect to tlie conditions and 
opportunities obtaining in this favored 
western land. 

British Columbia, Mr. McBride says. 
Is today obtaining a larger measure of 
truly Intelligent attention In the Home 
Country than ever before in Its history. 
The certainty of its rapid growth and 
development by reason of the working 
out of th" railway construction pro- 
gramme is universally reeoKnlzed, and 
on every hand discriminating Investors 
and industrial I'widers are manifesting 
the keenest Interest in all that con- 
cerns this province. Very large Invest- 
ments are i)foje<-led and are belnpr made, 
not only by Kroups of England's fore- 
most financiers, but- also Just at pre- 
sent by South African magnates to 
whom ,undei Its present stable condi- 
tions and assurance of syistalned pros- 
perity, Canada'.s westernmost province 
seems specially alluring. 



(Continued fr^m fa^e l.i 

celebration, th"e standard wa^ torn from 
the balcony of h hotel and trampled 
upon. American , Itlzens here are Indifi.- 
nant and there is talk of withdrawing 
the float which they were going tv)., put 
In the parade next we<i>k. -^ 

r)t;TROlT. Mich., AiW. 3.— If C.'an- 
adlans visiting Detroit were ever com- 
pelled to remove the flag of their coun- 
try from their coats, the fact was not 
brought to the attention of the author- 
ities here. Emphatic denials of the 
MiMlementK cont.Tlncd In the London, 
Ont.. despatch wii e made at police 
heaihiuarters and nt the newspaper of- 

^mie'r'B will rather than his powers 
of accomplishment. 

Kr. Borden's Flans 
Mr. Borden has made a slight change 
in his plans. He will not, as Intenaed, 
go to Toronto on Saturday, having en- 
gagements which will keep him In Ot- 
tawa. The details of his Ontario tour 
will be arranged in Toronto. 

Curiously enough several ministers 
arc in trouble over their seats. To- 
Sj.., r.-riHgc word that Hon. Charles 
Murphy's road In Russell is becoming 
very rocky. George McLaurin. who was 
pulled off Jast time to make room for 
Mr. Mtirphy. la set upon running this 
time, and la determined. If he goes to 
the convention at all. to rofnae to 
withdraw. Today he waa waited on by 
a large deputation of Russell"^ Liberals 
anS they urged hlra to run, 

Premier Walter Scott of Saskatche- 
wan and Premier A. U Slfton of Al- 
berta, each head of a provincial Lib- 
eral government reached Ottawa today 
on their way home from England. They 
spent several hours wWh Premier 
Laurler discussing plans for the elec- 
tion campaign In western Canada. U is 
understood they both offelred their per- 
sonal aid and promised that their pro- 
vincial political organizations would be 
placed at the disposal of the govern- 
ment in the reciprocity Jlght. 

At least two of the contemplated 
cabinet changes will be made shortly. 
Hon. I* ?• Brodeur ^tli so on. the su- 
preme court bench ao4' Hon- ^- Lem- 
leux win succeed hltrt M minister of 
marine and fljjjlierles. Dh Seland, mem- 
ber for Beauce, will be appointed post- 

HationaUsta Active 
MONTREAL, Aug. «---Tt« 8rst shot 
In the campaign in Quebec win be fired 
at Three lUvers on Sunday next, when 
the Nationalists will hold a mass meet- 
ing. In order to cotinteract it, efforts 
win be made hy the Liberals to have 
Sir Wilfrid Laurler make Three Rivers 
the point from which he will open the 
Quebec campaign. On the Conservative 
side, active orgnnlzaMon work Is golns 
on. It Is reported that the Labor party 
will bring forward several candidates 
In different divisions of Montreal Is- 

Quebec Eleotlom Likely 
QUKBBIC, Aug. 3.— Sir Iv-iuer Gotiln 
iias called a cauciiH of his ministers 
and followers In Quebec and the an- 
nouncement of th' III -.vinclal contest 
one week prior I" • '•■ ;-'leral election.^ 
is expected any time. 



(•Continued from Paite I.) 

worth of cotton goods consumed in 
thi:; . .omtrv were imported. He claim- 
ed that Mr. Prouty'.s charge was too 
trivial to be treated serhnisly. Hep. 
Harrison of New York, a member of 
the ways and means committee, call- 
ing the charge "plcayunish and con- 
leniptlhle," said: "I am not a soulh- 
.rn man, but I absolutely repudiate 
the insinuations that any sectionalism 
of favor has been shown In this bill." 
Hep. Payne moved that the bill be 
rp-commlited to he held In committee 
until the tariff board reports ;it the 
rcRulfir session in December. The mo- 
tioM wa.s lost. 

willTdminister fund 

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Oerman Oonxmlttee Appointed to Sla- 
panaa Fund Xieft hj 




iCnntlniiod from Toge 1 ' 
ceB.sed~to exhibit the wnrmnes.s and 
most sincere friemlsliip as n sntivenir 
of the aid which she gave iSti years 
ago at the moment of America's eman- 

ItKULIN, Aug. 3. — Eminent men have 
been selected to administer the German 
section of Sir Krnest Cassel's munifi- 
cent "KiuK ICdward VU. Brltlsh-aerman 
Endowment" for the relief of worthy 
Germans and Britons who And them- 
selves In need, respectively In Great 
Hrlialn and Germnnyy. The aamlnis- 
trative council was selected by Emper*- 
William, who has nominated as chair- 
man Count von Posadowaky-Wehnar, 
former Imperial Secretary of tlia In- 

W Rr J W^il.^nn 

V w 


I i 

mnra rvBHisHE&s 

and Tronnoe Avsniie 


Special Notice 

Our Agents are now calling on tho 


And wni demonstrate how Dustbane keeps the dust down when used 
m sweeping. Also its value as a sanitary method of cleaning carpets. 
Rugs, Straw Mattings. Oilcloths and Wood Floors. 


Not only makes sweeping easy, but it destroys moths and dlseiss spread- 
ing germs. Dustbane ^U» packed in attractive yeUow tin cans. 
Give a trial order to the Demonstrator for a 40c. can. to ba delivered 

by your grocer. 


R. P. Rithet & Co., Limited 



Give us a Trial Order-r-We aim to give satisfaction 


622 Trcancc Avenue 
Phone 1377 

4th Annual Conservative Picnic 

At Coldstream, Sat., August 12 


Tlobble Skirt Race for tlie championship of B. C. Harem 
Scarcm Skirt Race for ladies and gents. Queen Contest for 
most popular huly in district. Scotch Sports and Scotch 

Mu^ic. Cr.iii.l Tug-of-War open to 5 Wards. 
Trains at S and 10:30 a. m. and 2 and 4 p. m. 
Speeches will be delivered by the Hon. Premier McBride. 


terlor, a statesman of brllliar.t attain- 

meni::' ■■■ >■•" 

tion and public philanthropy, and as 
vice-chairman, Herr Ballln, the man- 
sKlng director. of the HamburK-Amerl- 
can line. The Immediate management 
„r the German fund wlU be in the hands 
of an •■•administrative committe«i," 
headed by Privy Councillor von Loe- 
bell The other members are Mr. Le- 
wald. Mr. Max Warburg, Baron von 
Thiclmann, Privy CouncUlor Arnhold. 
and Herr von Kneaebeck. The secre- 
tary and active managing official or the 
endowment in Berlin is Mr. Steffen 
vvell known as the long-Ume British 

pro-consul in Berlliri^ ^ 

Xrm. Z»BCl«7 Out o« ■»«. 
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 8.— A coron- 
crs jury silling here toflay absolred 
Mrs. Anna Langley of conscious intent 
when she shot and kUled her husband. 
James Uingloy, yesterday. The Jury's 
verdict was: "We. the Jury, find the 
deceaaed came to hla death from a «un- 
shot wound Inflicted by hla wife, while 
in a state of temporary Insanity. In- 
duced by hl» eontinuoua inloaletttlon 
and abuses." The case is schertulcd to 
bo heard In police court Saturday. Mra. 
L^angtcy was r«f«iMd Mtonifht m 1100 



Will tell. 




la in a CIah by Iticlf 


its the 



Friday, AuguM ^, 

The Store That Serve? Vou Best . 


That', what n..r store has I.eon rigb.l)' termed. If , vou are 
„„t rc';"ainte., with U we cordiai.y .nv.te you to .nspec or 


^\ l„,i,... Th. .ur^^e hieh-crrade class of goud. eannot be 
!;M;;„;;i'p.he„. or l-ujeca u, nnn., Cn,„.0^ .no„.u 
hi^h ^radc they arc not n^^n priLca i-i'.; i 
niav receive a fair working marp;in. ^^^. 

Armour's Lunch Tongue, per tm _ 

Armour's Ox Tongue. S1.50. $100 or ^5^ 

Davie's Potted Tongue, per tin 

Davie's Devilled Ham, per tm , j ^ 

Underwood's Devilled Ham, i-e. un 20c .in(. jo^ 

Chicken Tamale, per tin ^ 

Veal or Ham Loaf, i)er im 

French Tripe, iicr tni 

Armour's Tripe, lar-e tin ;••••••■ .^ 

Libby's Sausage Meat, per tin . .». ^^^ 

Davie's Roast Beef, per tin 35c and 

/-.. • 1 TJ_-.<: ..o>- tip ....,, * ■ ^ 

\^nippCU l->C^-l, 1'^' -•'• ..-••■ ■■ Qj. 

Boneless Pigs' Feet, per tin •••• 3^ 

Davie's Corned Beef, per tm 40C or ^ 

Aylmer's Boned Chickens, per tm a ^ 

Australian Roast Chicken, per tm 35 

Australian Roast Turkey, per tm ^^ 

Corned Beef, per tin 40c or ^ 


New Exhibits wili be on View 
at Horticultural Society's 
Show— Sweet Pea uuiiuie a 


experts, mat the swe-t peas Kro^^•n In 
"ctorla cannot be equaUe.! in any P*.t 
o L. worlC. 1 «ay H.U v.-tth fu -. .-.- 
Uority, not an, what Ih called. ■ncw»- 
ppe.'u...' The ».-t peas tntro.uc. 
and exhibited, for example, b> last 
v"ar-«MTeta>y of our soaety. Mr 

]:i.. «icn., w--^ .---^ Tni'tiorrr" 

\mprlcan expert Tuniai:* 
;:ratlcma«be.nKUyf"^the^la..-.«t^anJ sUhK vi ou.... 
hair price. 

m.tfSl Bwcct i)eaf« «ver 

exhibUed. These 


Tels. 50, 51. 52- 

The House of Plenty 

Liquor Store Phone 1590. 

We Sell Only Footwear 

of Known Quality and 

Standard MaKes 

And we persist in selling 
such Shoes at prices not dic- 
tated by the manufacturers. 

Many InterestinK rlHails of »he chief 
foiuores of ta« IVti th-omlnK Victoria 
Kiower show h.-ve hten annoiince.I. 
This yeai-B hig show Is ^lo be held on 
Tuesday and AVednesday week, (AilRust 
l-,th and Kith) in the in-iU Hall, und.-r 
,1.0 auspices nf th- ViclorU. Horllcul- 
tural .society, of "Nch His Honor the 
Uifivitenant-Govorni.r i-^ i'"' '"'"- 
president..,. Thus cyent, which ^i.^ al- 
ways one of the chief social events of 
the season. i« expoctPd to tutraot ex- 
ofiptlonally lar^e attendances, this year. 
In view paitlculftrty- of several novel 
attractions which will be found in t1i«» 
exhibition. Of the«e. the qhlef feature 
18 to be a new decorative sectloit. wmon 
will be under the direction Ot%UiB. 
Barnard and Mrs. Matson. This sec- 
tion will embrace tabJe decoration ar- 
tistic vases of sweet peas and mixed 
flowers, end bridal and table bouquets. 
Considerable Interest has already been 
nr.ainlfested In thl» new section and the 
directors- or tne sru'w «t»«» iUcady aiS 
Bured of a minimum 6f some 40 tables, 
with no less than 60 exhibits in the 
sweet pea sect. on and 26 In the bowls 
of mixed flowers. 

This year's Judges will be Mr. R. W. 
Wlnslow (the pro/lnclal horticultur- 
ist), Mr. Lewis Ruseell .and Mr. W. 


T i^i-=rt*--- ~^i* wt'h t)>» "Colonist" 

Mr. Fred Bennett explained In detail 
the scheme of the now decorative ejec- 
tion's exhibits. 

, . 1 o r>n«Ulvc rfvelatlon hotli 

uhlle. I''""^ n ,„.„., la any quan- 

t" '<"• '^" h!t these Victorian ex- 

ii ir> ludelnK that tucni 

ImM without <h."l't replace any 
,,H,K« would ^ ; °"\j,^ ^,e,gut of their 
,,,„,, flo.vers "^^ '"K ^^';- ^ork markets. 

a special section to howu 

f . nf sweet peas. Th<. leading 

and vases or sv, en. i ,, 

varieties ... .!..■ s'li'^w w... '" 

KiiiK lOdward \ 11-. Wu(»-n 

,,;tta l>yke,'- ••Constance 
., ..M \v.' c Bearilniore," "Mrs. 
^"" T' 1 f ^y£s- ■ ^«rge. ■ Stokes." . 

,^r beautiful ot^ra»^ -nH 
Usher" (the new salmort plRk P'»^ 
"pi'a'aul ivory." "Maud Holmes, 

"Oeorge Herbert," "^^'-'^^^'^.''Z'.. 
"DMler." and the cream <>' /he n^v 
varieties of giant sweot pea the Am- 
erican spencer," "Flora Norton Spjn 
cer" and "Audrey Crier," with las . bi^t 
not least, of course, the J^nlny 
mend." Already some of the sweet 
pea enthusiasts are i.hportlng the n^w 
,.ari-tl«f. that have won . •- medals of 
the Nattonai S%«,»>... Pca '''^' 
Great Britain show, which was held In 
Lndon on July U and 12. These 
were selected from no Uss than 2,500 
vases, and are calleo. "Hobert Stevert- 
8on." "Barbara." "May ^'«";P''*^"_ 
"Ma^tve Queen." "Red Star. Mrs. B. 
Gilbert," -v. Seymour oavls, Melba 
" l .Rdv Rno»," — Q«*«" — ***** ^^^^ 


McCandless Bros. & Cathcart 

he Entire Family 

(^orrcct x-OuL'^cot 


555 Johnson Street 



walking. . -■ 


Solves the problem. It keeps the feet cool and odorless, ban- 
E:?.e3 foot'f'atrgue. Invaluable to tourists and store clerks. 
25c package here only. 

CYRUS H. BOWES, Chemist 

,T, , u ^. ,nri Acn 1228 Government Street 
Telephones 425 and 450 * ' 

HotDoint Electric Irons 

The Iron tliat will do the work— quicker, 
easier, better and cheaper than any other 

Free Trial for Ten Days 


Phone 1609. Light and Power Dept. P.O. 1580. 

Phone 272 

613 Pandora /^v. 


.irresscu iJii<-ix, 

Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Paving Brick, 

Sewer Brick. 

Novel Table Decoration 

"This new section of the show," V.e 
said "will call for special decorated 
deslims on a ^able 30 Inches square. 
This limitation In slae will be coupled 
with an added attraction that will dif- 
fer a wider scope for artistic effort 
than the usual table decoration. It 
will invite designs of any kltid other 
than those called for In the other dec- 
orated sections. It Is hoped to secure 
many novel designs in this way, such 
as tables representing some form ot 
sport— motoring, acroplanlng, tennlH.' 
skating, etc. — or particular nationality. 
In order to encourage competition In 
the Invention of what may be called 
,,. ;._. -...-..iji »_w:,.-. ^»TOi mcctwnlcal 

toys or »ny other accessories can he 
u.sed. excepting plantc in pots. Cut 
flowers mu»t, of course, predominate, 
but these tables will not be Judged by 
their cost or the niMerlal used, btit by 
the originality Of design and artistry 
of effect. The .speplal Judges for this 
new section of the show will be Mt, 
J as. Man ton iind myself. The prizes, 
however, will be awarded by popular 
ballot. Kvery admission ticket sold be- 
tween 2 and « p. m. on the first day 
of the show (AMgUSt l&th). will have 
attached to It a voting coupon. Holders 
of these tickets will be requested to 
mark the flVe best tables in order of 
preference, "The prizes will be awarded 
to those receiving the most votes. 
These five prizes will take the form of 
handsome pieces of oa% . glaps. of n 
total value of $76. fhey Wlil, be ex- 
hibited in Messrs.' TVelWm' windows 
during the coming week." 

Otber New ExhibUs. 

"Another new section will be devoted 
to wedding bouquets. Several up-to-date 
and novel ideas have already been pro- 
mised. The modern "shower" and 
"spray" bouquets are expected to pre- 
dominate In this special section. The 
plant department will b* Unusually 
strong this year. Several of the largest 
growers of flowering and foliage plants 
have alenlfled their intention of exhib- 
iting after several years'- abstention. 
These have every confidence that the 
practical men who have been appointed 
as superintendent and assistant super- 
intendents of the show will be able to 
li.anclle tlie exhtblls with n iiilnlmum of 
damage, .so that oven the niosi fragile 
specimens may be relied upon to b<^ 
placed before the JiulRe!, to the fullest 
advantage A fault of our Rhow« 
[ has 1m c n that loo much responsiVjIllty 
I nr^,^ ^^orK has devolved upon the hccm-c- 
I ,,,v Thia has hitherto creult.-a c-n- 
shlorahle confiisinn. rosuUlnK In the 
ruin of many of tl,.. .nore fragilo npoci- 
niens. This year Mr., the able 
superintendent of public i.*rk-, who 
acted so successfully In our r<-cent rose 
show will he the superintcndpnt of thr. 
Uower .show. H" ^vill "e assisted by 
f,,ur m.^n,hers of ti'n '^oarrl of directors 
„1- ,,,,. llortlCUltur.,1 Snrifly. all of 
vhom are practical m,.,>. u.^-mI '«' l^"";; 
UnK th.. aellcat. .lass of material tl.:.t 
,.. v,„ c,.,!>>s'e<l. These gentlemen are 
Me^<,;s. Attwood, callow, Guyton and 
pA^r.; each one of whom will .md.r- 

. „* «^» .tpnartmcnl. and will 

rerthrt"Tv;'rV>^H;uor is given full 
„,„.ntlon nnrt ahsolut- Justice. 
The coronation riower. 
■Victoria is bccominR world-renown- 
ed as tiie nty for sweet peas." >.Hm ^.r 
BonnHt. ■1. i^. a far, admit, -mI by all 

IX T" /= .■K.-»«'--in"" varletyT) ana | 

•AftergloW-the last being a ro« \ 
mauve blcolor that was awarded the 
Championship gold modal of the whole 
exhibition. All these varieties are to 
be- introduced Into Victoria and will 
be seen In our next show." 

"Sweet pea culture lias assumed suoh 
natural prominence In Victoria that a 
speclaj sweot pea exhibition »«'»«<'"- 
templatlon for next July, at '«'hlch ex- 
hibits win be invited from all cities 
on the continent, both throughout Can- 
ada and the United States, that every 
one can Judge how good Victor la « 
sweet peas ^re. and see for themselves 
whether growers all over tbe W"""*"' 
can fall to endorse the verdict already 
accorded our city's sweet pea growers 
by the best known florlcultural ex- 
pects. Meanwhile U is generally ad- 
2ri»t-d ♦h"* ""«• climatic conditions 
are' such tha,t It is virtually impossible, 
to produce the same results as are ob- 
tained In VlctoiriB- 

New Autumn 
Dresses— Delightful 



This cKCiuisitely Bgautiliil assoi'lmcnt of New 
r..,^^ j>u« to h Jnd) ritigs Willi the kcytiotc ol new- 
ness We ourselves, when taking them trotn tne.r 
cas's were surprised at their loveliness. A g'.."^"^ 
variety of charming materials such as chtfton. fou- 
lard, ninons, French Henrietta, soft, etc 

some of them show 11. new Em^^^^^^^^^ 

rrrp^t^^rkim^Tste::" Handsome models 

in ninon trimmed with Honition lace. 

All the new colors are shown and there are really 
^" ^"\.'. . ..-:....;.,... touchos and emhelhshments 

they will surely delight you. 

I I 

1008 and 1010 Government St^ 



SmaU. heavy golf balls have grown 
popular with players this year. In put- 
ting the heavier ball la better controll- 
ed and a longer flight Is possible in 
driving. The experience of a weU- 
known amateur with the heavier ball 
will prove interc sting to golfers. Part 
of his comment follows: 

"at'f balls have different character- 
istics and the small, heavy ball has to 
me shown auite new ones. My flvst 
drive jwlth one of tihem lesulted In th« 
ball flying close to the ground. 

"It did not get up at all and had 
none gf that finish that w.> 
lock for In our best drlveis. A few 
IT ore drives witli {t «how6d me tltat 
if I wanted t6 «*t Mie bill td carrv 
I had to 'hit It ui>.' and after doing 
BO I rot It quite a Wng way, though 
'It flew like a cricket ball above fleW 
rather than a golf ball, which up to 
the present day has risen to quite a 
good height at the finish of its flight. 
"The btill In orf« of the drives Itad 
that low start and gradual rise which 
Is stfch a pleasure to see. ■«« T did 
not get one shot like that urttll I put 
down a lighter ball. The heavy ball 
feels much heavier on the club, and I 
found I Itad to put in a bit extra to 
get away; in fact it required mor. 
•hitting- than the lighter ball an.l 
for the ordinary golfer I can ■'-■< v'-,uW 
t!ui, t)K' small hall is not for nim 

^^\\.^ all know how to swing througli 
the ball, but that will not get the new 
ball nwny; it requires a .sharp .firm j 
h'.ow. jnore like un shot; oLhcrwiae 
I fo'uid It ■!\-(>uki nut rise quickly 
enough, Mild en one occasion the ball 
struck the face of a bunker about 110 
yards from the, tee. I hail tlic ffi;l- 
Ing that 1 rcQuireil a Ihcnvlcr club to 
got this small ball iilotm. anil 1 believe 
that s..m,. of ih.- i.rofosslonals have 
1,..,.,, f,,rr-r,i ,.> n.l.l a bit moro wnlght 
(,, ,!;,. V , .1,1. Ml i'\\ibs. sinu'ly on lU'c.nmt 
,,|- ,li.. c-xtra weight in Ibe bull, Tb;U 
raists the question cim w,' K-,vii,u ;> 
heavv ciub with the s^mr> freedom an<l 
i Hc..-„ncv as a Ught club? I doubt it." 

DO vou need Furniture to make the home more atttac- 
• V,^lforftl,le? If vou do, tam it over and see tf it 
'" T lu h^.^ unk c;- pay fancy prices. Come and see 
"" oc^ we have no iunlc and no fancy prices, but rehable 
""'■ Jrcl'pets such as the average person likes to buy 

::;;:; ::^n'S;:;se fed bad. we can particular attention 

, V . . «o m.k., Wc give. discount oncn per cent. r 



1420 Douglas St. 

"The Better Value Store 


Near City Hall 



Four BargainsIn^Motor^ycles 


""•^ lulxxn BAMBOO SMBD. I OB .ilB 

The Mikado Bazaar 

1404 Governmsil St., 

Victcria Hotel tJloc^ 


Death of Lieutenant BrlUhart of U. S. 
Wavy m Wew Tork Hotel— Evi- 
dently Suicide 



:;. — L.leutenant 



First class residential property from 
$900 to $3,000 



Howell, Payne & Co., Ltd- 

Telephone 1180. 


ltl» Lan«ley Street. 


I004 Govermiient St. 

(Late Waitt's Music Store) 

'Everything for the Office" 

Charles \r.. BriUhart, of the rnited 
States navv, was found dcarl frnin a 
l,ullet wound In his mom al the Hotel 
ABtor today. 

There was no .Mrcumstance to con- 
tradict the coroncr-B Immediate opinion 
that the case was one of suicide. In 
one ot his hands, which were cro!..seA. 
over his body, as It lay m a chair, he 
clutched a 22 calibre re-.-olvcr. with all 
hut one of the six chambers loaned. 
Thp bullet from the empty chamber had 
stru.-k his right temple, made its way 
through his head. and. wa.^ found on 
the floor behind him. To Mrs. Charles 
E Brlllhart. who Is *alrt to be his bride 
of hut clKht month;., the naval lieuten- 
ant had sealed, addressed and stamped 
a letter which the coroner forwarded 
to her without opening, at the "Cairo. 

,4th street and Q' street. X.AV.. Wash- 

Ington. D. C" , 

Lieutenant Brlllhart arrived at the 
Astor shortly hefor« noon on Tuesday 
without bagBage. No -peclal attention 

. _..^ „nw only <o»r 
Molor Cy.le.s left-two now 
and two He<Mma-lian.l. Thei.e 
,v.. nff^'r at the following as- 
toun.linK rerluction?: 

Secona-l.nn.l NVol. FK. 1^, h-I^ 
price ?S»0; now ^.»0.t>0 

Scond-hand Wol.K. 2 hip- 
Price ?12d; now IJiOO.OO 

Kew WOLF, 2 h,p. Price $185. 
k5w only fl55 

New SlNOKR. 2 h,r. Price 
* $225.00; now only . . • • f 10«* 

•OMX »mA9» zv 


Rcpairi„g-AU Kind. -'If Yo« C. It « PI; 

'~ ' I ance of 1202 on a WaiiWnftW 

;^.as palrt to the guest, and nothing was ^^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^,^^j ^j„^, 
„.„,d of him until a maid complained 
,,„, ,,e could not get Into hl« rotjm. 
Entrance was forced and the b<,dy wa. 
found a. described. Identtflcatlon WM 
,„ade from a checkhook, •howlM • tm*' 

but II <: 

B » H 1 /J i ) » ife | | | ii \u i y ||jii j;f • i w/» ii>iwy<w j i y^y i ig) | jn)|i| i|i p n i;j ^)in i ;.yi.» i .pi/i. i.^iW-> "-^--r ""' ' 


Friday, AufftiBt 4, 1911 

Tb« Colonist PrtntlnB «na rubllitilng 

rompuny, LImii.'d I.lab'lUy 

1111-1216 llroad Slreut. VIclorl*. B. C 



Delivered by carrier at jO cents per month 
If paid 111 ttdviinc.'. 60c per month it paid 
after the lOih of rach month. Mailed 1"\»'- 
paid, to any part oi vaimiio. •>*-.•;»>; i"v •-•ty 
<.r wu'-ur'can d!»trict», which are covered by 
oiir carritra or the Uulicd Kingdom, at the 
lollowlnir rail-*; 

One Tear «6.<)0 

KU Monlhi -SO 

Three Month* 1"* 

London Office: 00-02 Klret Street 

ManuscrliJt offered for sale to Tlio Colo- 
nist must be addressed to the huslnefs office 
othenvlse the oompany will not assume the 
responsibility of the roturn of samo to th" 
author. M. S. S. accepted by other than 
the business managar will not be paid for. 


Till- Y'f^le' .6f -Victoria ar*;-very srlad 
tp welCpme Mr, and Mrs. McBride home 
again. Durlns tho absence of the Prem- 
ier and his esteemed wife not very 
man> things have happcneti here, and 
they will fall Into thetr accustomed 
places easily enougli. We venture to say 
that the thought that is uppermost In 
their minds is That "there's no place 
like home." 

Mr. McBrlde has made ai\ excellent 
representative of British Culninhla in 

!te iVi'.'^'tn \»»i"*»'.», -- 

his many excellent personal qualities 
concerning which li H unnicesj^ary to 
speatc, but because lie .statuls In a 
peculiar sense as rein est-iilatl ve of tlie 
progress of the pro\li-oe. His atannch- 
est opponent will not ileti.v th it liH 

us hope forever, the armies of the 
I'nlted States and I'Yanie upon the bat- 
tlefield. On January 8, 1816. was fought 
the battle of New Orleans, and on June 
18 of the .laine year Waterloo was 
fouKlU. Thu.s mure than iilnety-slx 
yearis have elaiiHeU «lnce these nationK 
met In urinu, aiul ullhouKh Vielwi-en Bri- 
tain and the two other.s rtn<l between 
tiv rmtt',1 Si.ii4's mill I'Tunce there 

I'.liVtf »M'i«»'f! nior*, th«n oiim iI i fll<M» 1 1 y 

which lallfd for careful manageineiU to 
iivoul an apiKiii to toree, a iieaceful way 
out was alway.s fouml. I'nder such clr- 
cunistaiices It seems like a foregone 
eonrlusioii thai uiuliT any circum- 
stances likely to arise these nations 
wuald lU'Vei- yo to war, but this doeb 
not render tlie ii<w treaty less valu- 
able. The treaty recognizes that war 
ought never to be necessary, ami we 
have a very lively hop- that the peo- 
ple of other cotmtrte* will compel their 
rulers to accept the same principle. It 
Is a great thing that these powers TiavV 
for nearly a hundred years been at 
p4>(io«> with each other: it Is a greater 
thing that they have promised that they 
will not hereafter go to war with each 

The history of the negotiations that 
have le<l up to this glorious result has 
yet to be written. At present we only 
know a few of the more prominent fea- 
nircH of it. these indicate that the 
initiative was taken by President Taft. 
but we fancy that he took no step until 
he was advised that in so doing he 
would have the hearty cooperation of 
His Majesty's government. Tho man- 
ner In which the overtures were re- 

up an efficient navy, we -vould' like to 
see it built up with the full knowledge 
on the part of the iieople who i>a> for 
It that It is designed to fight the battles 
of the i'^mpire on any seu. The posl- 
tioti of faniidu and .\ustralla under 
this agreement is not even that of an 
ally of the Mother I'ouiitr.N lirltaln 
can count upon her allies in lime of- 
war; but she eaniiot roiim ii|ioii her 
lU) otrti I .-•(■ nntionw whhnot tir'Ki ;i.sklnkr 
them. We do not like tliK al all. We 
regret very greatly thai Sir WlUrld 
Lauricr did not set an exaiiiple lo Aus- 
tralia by declaring at tho Imperial Con- 
ference thai « hi-ii Britain i.s «I war. 
the I'anadian navy snail always be al | 
her diS|POhal. .Australia would have been i 
quick lo foll>,\v -such a lead, and Hie 
gain lo the cause of imperial unity 
would have bi^en Incalculable 

The si'eech of Mr. McBriilp ut the 
public" reception acc6)r'di!!a"'tb hT^n y^- 
'terdaywaa conceived in admirable tuste 
and delivered with, exceptional feUcUy. 

Xext 'W'cahfei.aay if your eyes arc 
sharp enoiigh to discern a lot or'amall 
specks on the .snowy dome of Mount 
Baker, you may safely make up your 
mJnd that they are some of the seven- 
teen young men. who are on that day 
lo race for Its summit. 

The man, who goes over the Niagara 

' ra^lP In a ■^R^T•^!. r.-.ny h,? s T^n], »?•.■.! ' 
It is difncult to see how he can be 
charged with attempted suicide. Vet 
that is the charge preferred against pne 
Bobby l^eaeh who did the trick re- 

eelve.l in the British HC.US6 Of Corainons 
ana liie nne speeches made by Sir Ed- 
ward Grey and Mr. Balfour are of toe 
recent occurrence to require more than 
passing mention. 

Th» Toronto aiar (l.ihpriil) has i iini- 


■I tamwmm • a-^ i 


In order lo make room for the alterations on all our floors, we are making now, and the carloads of goods arriving for our Fall 
business* and the lart,^e stock now on th,e way.we have selected a large number of odd pieces, which are all Weiler Quality, 
■And whitli have been marketl at exceptionally low prices. Betorc buying come and e-xamine our offerings. Compare values 

1 »-, #-i \ot tic cn^^\^; i*r^,i Vir^w/ i»,- f* f-;i n *i^vt* villi ri'irillrV. 

admi" * ''*'"s* ior. h2s bcc" coritomi*'^^^*?try 
with a period of remarl<ablB aJvanco. 
They may refuse to admit that he Is en- 
titled to any special credit for that 
advance, but this Is the way wltii poli- 
ticians. The fact rehiains that co- 
incident with his accept;;nce of the 
premiership, settled conditions were In- 
troduced into provincial politics and as 
soon as he had an opportunity to de- 
velop his politics, a period of pros- 
perity unexampled In the h'story of 
Bfltifih Columbia began. Of this new 
and prosperous British Columbia, Mr. 
McBrlde stands before the world as the 
representative, and ho always plays the 
role In a manner that leaves nothing 
to be \?Ished. Even his critics will ad- 
mit that the province lisver lofeftS any- 
thing from the manner In which he 
speaks for It whenever he Is called 
upon to do so. 

Mr; McBrlde can hardly fall to be 
Inspired on his return to his field of 
work with evten a stronger and more 
optimistic spirit than has characteriz- 
ed him In the past. His previous visit 
to the Mother Country , ikerved as a 
stimulus to his political aggressiveness, 
we mean In the matter of policies and 
the vialt BOW happily concluded can 
hirdly fall to have Impressed him more 
deeply than ever. It has been his great 
privilege to See his native province ad- 
vance to a foremost place in the es- 
teem of the British people, and his 
soul would be dead indeetl If It did not 
led the iipllft of such a great fact. 
and If hip ariibltlpn" to serve his coun- 
try were not flrcd anew. 


The movement for the establishment 
of a library for the Chinese In this 
eit>' Is interesting of Itself, but it Is 
even more interesting when we think 
of what It impJleii- There are gi^owlnff 
up in British Columbia a number of 
Chinese youths, of whose intelligence 
and natural ability there can be no 
finest Ion. The', are studious, industri- 
ous and sober. They know the value of 
money anU are early tatight the im- 
portance o[ ;ier|nirl:ij,' proprTtv. Tli<:y are 
native-born .subjects of His Majesty and 
as much C'anndian.'^ .•i.'^ birth alone can a;,, nian a '".i.iadian. Tills Im- 
portant fact cannot be disposed of by 
ignoring It. and th" nt<estloii ari«"='s. 
what Is their ■■;.(" 1^- m the cotn in .i n 1 1 y 
going lo he' .Suppose oiif nl Ihesf 

young men applies for admission as a 
student-In-law and subsequently comes 
up for admission to the Bar. will .'uiy 
objection be raised, and If so, uprm 
what, grounil';' If one of them rlemnnds 
to he put up in lh<^ voters' list. sliHli 
his name In- placed llirie. ami if not 
upon wiiat Rround wiJl It be left off? 
If the province declines to enfranchise 
them, will the Dominion do so. or vice 
versa? JC the second generation of na- 
tive born Chinese are denied the full 
rights of citizenship, shall the denial 
extend to tlie third generation? These 
fire (luestions that will have to be set- 
tled before man.\- years. They are 
not urgent, but they win become so, 
and when we record what is being done 
for the intellectual dcvelopmonl of 
these people It Is Just as well to keep 
In mini! thai they are not likely to 
stop at a demand to read our books. 



Greater details vecelvcd from J-iondon 
tnan were available In the telegrams 
first sent out, show that there was. If 
there is noi now, a serious revolt In 
the Unionist ranks against the leader- 
ship of Mr. Balfour. At the dinner 
given In honor of the Karl of Hals- 
bury, Mr. Austen Chamberlain was ac- 
claimed as "our future Premier." and 
he seems to have accepted the desig- 
nation without a sign of protest. Lord 
Rosebery has made a very earnest ap- 
peal to the pe»>r5 to c»«a»«o * line of ac- 
tion which he says can only lead to 
furtlher hiimlUatlon and Impotence." He 

Let the leaders of the forlorn hope 
protest as strongly as they can. That 
Is one o^ the few remaining privileges 
left to the Peers. Lot them resolve, 
when the swing of the pendulum 
places them In power again, to con- 
struct a strong -and efficient second 
Chamber, but let them not by a mis- 
taken idea of courage bring dow'n 
upon their country, their party and 
themselves even jrreater calamities, 
than they have already to endure. 

Tihe Times in an article specially ad- 
dressed to Lords Halsbury, Mllner and 
Selhornc, and Mr. Austen Chamber- 
lain, told them that they "have no 
power of any kind except the power to 
damage, if not to break, the party to 
which they belong." Tliere is no doubts 
that the scene In the House of Com- 
mons, when for the first time in Hls- 
toity the Prltrt«s Mlnteter was r«f used a 
hearing, has done Irreparable harm to 
tlie Unionist party. The break that 
has l>een created can 'hardly ever be 

Lord Selborne, whOBC) name has been 
mentioned. Is looked .ipon by some as 
a successor to Mr. Balfour. He Is 
son of the eminent Lord Chanpellor 
Selborrie. and succeeded to the title on 
the d»ath of his father in 1895. He 
Is now In his fifty-second year. He was 
In the House of Commons thirteen 
years before he succeeded to the peer- 
age, and was for a time Under-Secre- 
tary for the Colonies. 

pleted its analysis of the election pros- 
pects and has reached the conclusion 
that in Ontario each party can count up- 
on 24 seats with'talnty, Which leaves 
38 doubtful. The new Issue raised by 
reciprocity and' the entrance of new 
candidates into the field renOer the 
situation a difficult one to estimate cor- 
rectly In the opinion of the^Star. 

The Canadian Northern Railway 
company has at present actually under 
contract 1,823 miles of railway In Can- 
ada, and as soon as the location sur- 
veys 111 British Columbia are completed 
the mileage will be Increased . to 3,215. 
This development Isi remarkabjie. It 
means that before th*" close of the pres^ 
ent year tihe company will have under 
construction a mileage nearly if not 
quite equal to one-sixth Of the pret[ettt 
railway mileage of Catiada. 

and let us show vou how we can save you money. 

An exhibition of British grown cotton 
was recently held in London, and the 
results were so satisfactory ae to Rive 
good ground for the belief that In a 
short time Britain will be Independent 
of the American supply of this very 
necessary product. The cotton produced 
Is from the West Indies and the Niger 
country chiefly. Cot to i{- raising would 
afford a great atlmfllus TO the develop- 
ment of the African poaisesslons of Bri- 
tain, and oi>en a valuable market for 
British manufactures. 

■yesterday Great B»ltaln, the l.'nlled 
States and I'Vaiice Jtdned in an agree- 
ment for the settlement of all their 
differences by arbllradon. This Is an 
event of vast Importance. It Is one of 
th« greatest trlufriohs of civilization. 
It is full of promise for the future. It 
is a fitting prelude to great centennial 
anniveraarlefi now close at hand, annl- 
.vernarles of the days when the trooua 
of Britain met for the last time, let 


The Naval agrecmcni. i>rlnted in the 
Colonist yesterday, makes clear two 
fundamental facte. One of them Is the navies of .Anstralla and Can- 
ada shall remain nn<lcr Ho- exclusive 
.■■oniroi of the Eovernmente of those 
countries, and the other Is that these 
navies may or may not he placed under 
the control of tlie .VdniiraUy in tim" 
of war. inir evening contemporary 
speciUcally denied that the latter was 
, ,, Kn ihf. casio, which shows that our 
contemporary is not sufficiently care- 
ful about its flenlals or is not as well 
informed as an apologist of the I-aur- 
ler government ought to be concerning 
the policy of that government. 

To our inind the weak point of the 
agreeiB«nt Is 'hat the ships of Canada 
and Ausfralia do not of necessity com- 
bine with that of the United Kingdom 
to form an Imperial Navy. They may 
do so In case of war, but they also 
may not do so. The Colonist la as great 
(., sticker for autonomy as any one. It 
believes that without local autonomy 
there can he no lOniplre, hot II Is un- 
able ti. see how llils prlnlcple would 
have been in any way imperilled by an 
agreement that in time or war there 
.should only be one navy entitled to fly 
the White Ensign, and that of this navy 
the ships built and maintained by Can- 
ada should automatically form a part. 
\\'e do not suggest that In the event of 
war Canada and -•V.ustraila. or either of 
them, would refuse to put their ships 
at the service of the Crown, but we do 
not like the formation of an agreement 
which implies the possibility that they 
might not do so. If Canada la to build 

One provision of the reciprocity 
agreement is alread,: In force,. ..namely 
that relating to the importation Into 
the United States from Canada of pulp 
and paper manufactured trom |^i^bcr 
cut upon lands not under any ceatric- 
tlons as to the place of manufacture. 
This Is by virtue of a TreasUrj?' iijrdfer 
issued at Washington. The slgnlnfir of < 
the Bill deiclarlng the agreement in 
force was somewhat spectacular. Pres- 
ident Taft had bought a goiti pen for the 
occasion, which after using, he gB've to 
Secretary Knox. I^e and the Secretary 
posed specially for the ' photographci^n 
as the slgnj^^ure was fj^ffised to the' 
Bill. It Is unlikely that there will be 
any special poslnc if the Canadian elec- 
torate repurtlat< i ahsactlort. 

^^'e must really ask our evening con- 
temporary to be more careful. It de- 
votes the greater iiart of a column to 
nn attemotod refutation '.f a, .staiemont 
which ii aiinhuifs lo ihc I'olonist, 
namely that "When the I'omlnlon kov- 
ernment lool< over .Ksqulmalt we were 
told that a foic would he maintained 
equal to that .susiained by the British 
government." What we did fray was 
■When the fanadian governmcnl took 
over the garrisonlnp; <,f this station, 
we werp ttdd that a force would be 
inainiainerl c((iial I ri that kept here by 
the Mrlti.tili government." Possibly our 
contcniporar,\ may not know the differ- 
ence between a fleet and a garrison, 
iiuT rno7,t people «ct. 

It is seriously proiiosed to do away 
with the words: 

"v- oilf ourid torjr poliiicM, 

occurrlncr In the .Vallonal Antheni. 
What's the matter with these v.'ords. 
.Some might feel like snyiiiB "confound 
all politics," but at present Wf arc only 
Invited to ask for llie confoundinK of 
the poll tics of those who are enemies 
of thp King. Then why make a change 
thai may Involve the two folfowlng 

'On Tliee Oiir hop.eH wfe fix 
Oo(i save Us iill " 

These are the finest lines In the whole 
Anthem, and next to them come those 
which remind (lie King that he holds 
ofTicc conditionally, for we ask thst he 

".\nrt ever give ub cause 
To sing wllh hearl and voice, 
Ood save the King." 

The rhyme may be cxeirahlc, but the 
sentiment Is as old an the days o|^ the 
Saxon Heptarchy. 

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Wi « Mlli tffP I>Mi p iM W 'lM W» i1| * ^ w W ^ 


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World-Famous Artists to Ap- 
pear in Victoria Under Aus- 

■' - - - -£ \/;« + ,-.»-!o 1 orl'iPQ* 
piUtJb Ul vioiuiia i_civ..^- 

IVlusical CIuId 

James Maynard 

,3,3 Douglas Street. Odd Fellows' Block Phone .23. j 

Meet Your 
Friends a t Ivel's 

The Home of the Soda Kountnln 
That 18 different 

We have added 21 more seats 
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Madame Favvcett. arrlv.-.l tr„n. ciuraB.. 
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Mr. (•:.■. ..'M, mvlr,,: to lmll»)mHin-ri. 
bus h.ul ... K.. IniM th.^ J..Ml..-e Hospital. 

>«,.,,.l,,n ... th. T.TrtUHai Ml v. 


Th.' iH'Wl;. amalgMmatea \-irb4ili 
l.Htilii'w' 'MuBical Soqloiy cuncluded yi-s- 
tt-rdiiv arranBt-nienta by which .sunie 
of Uio m-sl fiimotis living virtuosi will 
appear in the special .series of con- 
t..rt.« which are to l<o given \'y Uie 
rhil. (luring the coming season In the 
Victoria theatre. These arrangements 
will enable music lovers in Victoria to 
loote- for ward ta a .mMSKial .Keasciji, uf 
unprecedented Intertst, and should af- 
ford the convincing proof-^rif- sucU be 
needed— of the popularity 09^ taste 
for good nVuale, that' la shown 1" ^i^*^ 
Is one of th* best musical cities In the 

In the aeriea of five epeclM concerts 
to be given under the enterprising 
"aegis- of the Victoria Ladles Musical 
club the first attraction will be no less 
eminent a pair of artistes than Mad- 
Hmc Kmma Karnes and Signor ICmilio 
dt. C.-Kurza, Following this concert, 
which is to take place early in Ucto- 
1.; r. if anything »'V<>n nioie futiiou^ 
••^tars" have been engaged to appeir 
in the other concert^J. Tlu-se arc that 
•prima" of all pr Ima-don.u.s, .Madame 
Ciilvf with h.-r company of \seli 
know;, operatic a.liste;^; Jan KubeUk, 
the most cclfl)rated of living violin- 
ists the I'louzalcv Strlm; Uuartoite. 
„ . ) , tch l > a > i > .. .t . 111 Kl i r^po >il'^e with 

Befor. golnK intu the steel price 
duestion, Mr. ToPPlnK. ^vho fortuorl.v 
was a m.mbcr of th. MVnmssee Coal 
& iron iron company ayndicnte. t.dd 
,,„• c.immlltt.e that at the tln\e of th- 
uunsfer of the Tennessee compans/lo 
ihe United plates Steel corporalioiY he 
had not wanted to sell his stuclt, hut 
did so otil of friendship for tlranl H. 
.■^cliley In response to .luestlona by 
Hopresont^Uve Uartlett of (Jeovsia. 
regarding steel price agreements, Mr. 
Topping Hiild he lia.l not reoognlised auy 
•uc.Ulen rule" of prices such as has 
l.een tallied about since Thalrman Gary 
of the United States Steel oJorporaUon 
Inuuguiatcd bis bampiets. 

Cluilrman Stanley asked the wiltu^s 
if lie had been invite. 1 to attend ttio in- 
ternational conference of steel manu- 
facturers at Brussels last .Uily. Ho 
said he had. but declined. This was he- 
fore the Uepublic cut prices. 

FINCH .>c I-INCII, LAl)lI<^l()L'limiliil^ 


Aviator Kearney Meel« wltli Aoclcleut 

in Biplane of Hiu Own Deslffning' 
4 ...-^ — Xilkely to Socover 

8T. . I^UIS, ' Aug. 3.-Wlsrlator iioi^cc 
W. Kearney of N«w yorJc. while malting 
a dceccnt from a height of 600 feet, fell 
with bis biplane here this evening, and 
was Injured. The machine turned over 
JUBt before it struck and landed on top 
of the aviator. He was tal<en out un- 
conscious and remained so until late 

Kearney was making lUa second flight 

today in a machine of his own desisn- 

ing. H» MtBrtod from Creve Couer L,ake. 

and when nearly above Klnloch Park, 

! made two iariie chclci?, Bcvking .i land 

i Injf place. At an altitude of 500 feel 

he .«>hut off his engines and attempted 

a glide. In trying to avoid a trolley 

wire be lost control of his machine. It 

turned over and fell upon him. At a 

hosjiital to which b<' was taken it was 

found that hts right imkle was broken 

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Ivel's Pharmacy 

Preecrlptlon Specialists 

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X416 Q-overnm,ent St. 

Phon. 3963 W« DeUver 


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jewelry stQrie, 

The'increa?ing business of 
Mur Repair Department has 
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We always' keep this in 
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,_._ ._„„,-rtp-..^« <'o«h. ot Lyltoii. In vlflt 
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Mr. W. H. rark.-T, of Vanenuxer. Is 1" 
VlcloriB for tenuis week. I 

Mr. ana Mrs. Kaymoml Bond o£ Seatlb' 
are vUltlnR In Victoria. vp^tordov 

MiM Mnrv 1.3 « son left town jesterdny 
OH a month', vlail I" Fernle. _„,,,^ „„ 

Mrs. Hlalklock went over to .Seattle on 

wh^'o", v^e'.in* friend, at Oak "-^/^J-- 
Inir tomorrow on a motor trip to Alb^rnt^ 

Mr and Mrs. P. de Noe Walker left last 
nlffht for Bella Coola. where they will spend 

"Mr"^:nd'Mr,.T^': of Victoria, 
who are In Florence. Italy, expect to re- 
tuin In the autumn. , ,, 

Mr and Mra. H. M. Tol.on. who are vUl - 
l„K frrendB in Victoria evpect to return to 
the Terminal City on Saturday. 

Mrs. A. Lonitfleld. 1902 Cook atreet. will 
not 7e«elv« today, but will be at home on 

*'''Mr'"Fra;k"verd?eV Of Saanlch left la,t 
nleht for Northern Brltlah Columbia on a 
In^LL trip which will occupy .everal 
""•^ekts • .- 

"MIsieB Bugena and G«>rliuai rer.,. ot 
Uauphln, Manitoba, have .1«t returned ea.t 
after ^pendlng a plea.anl time " K«e.U 
of Mr. and Mr.. .R. W. Perr>-, Oak Bay 

"'S' Maude M.; fi. Bmlth h«- •■-^'"^f "J. 

from the north after apendlng ^ m""' «": 
"able time at St«Wart PHnce^^upert and 

Ha«elton with i*U, ,*nd Mr*. Jf'^''"* 

Smith and party. - ,_- .4n.f<.r»nt 

Two men ot Impoi'tancB In «'"«"»; 

walk, of life are due to a"'^« f "'""'•' "L". 

vl.ltori to Victoria tomorrow «« the per 

ion. of Lord roUllle, of Culro.a and Mr 
V A S. Brankim. vlce-preatdent "' '"« 
international Mercantile Company of New 
Yoik The latter will be accompanied by 
hi. family and come, on a Ple""'" 'X 
with an Idea, at the .ame thne. of acqulr- 
inc definite and first hand knowledge of 
affair, on tUi. tioa.r. Lord ColvlUe will be 
a"oompa.>t*^ :>y ^ one of hi. two .on.. _He 
loo. b6me. mainly on pleasure tfenl. H* U 
the second Vl.connt Colvltle («^f«-l«^J*°-' 
the 12th Baron In the Scottish line and the 
.eroid in the United K'"K<'°"'; t'^^„'°'TR5 
ereated In 1604. and the latter In 1886. 
lord Cblvllle was late major In the Grena- 
IC'^Quard. and served In the Zulu war In 
1879. . 

The Real Lace Shop 
Exclusive Neckwear 


his ilRlit le^ 

iderted by a rod, and 

enthusiasm, and Inotiy t.ic ■'■'■ 
able N'ladmlr dc fuciimao''. j 
pianists, an.l the doyen of nH Inter- 
preters of such great masters as t ho- 
i(ln and Uszt. 

Tte enterprise shown by the coni- 
mlftfe of the YlctoriH Ladles Musi- 
cal club Is earne:^t of their Inie.Ulons 
to provide the best at all costs of the 
world' s professional musicians, and is 
a happy augury for the future musical 
reputation of the city, to wh oh the 
Ladies Musical club has already con- 
tributed such good worlc 

At yesterday's meeting of t^e \. L- 
M C It was decided to adhere to the 
dkte already Axed for the club's opeii- 
mg afternoon concert (Saturday, Octo- 
ber 7) though it ^vas found to clash 
with the concluding date of the Arts 
Club exhibition in the same place; 
namely, the ball-toom of the A^ox^n- 
A^ rii.h It Is hoped, however, that 
Uie Ar"ts club will be 'able to start 
and conclude its exhibition one ^dav 
earlier as Saturday Is the day rtxed 
for all the Musical club's matinee 
concerts throughout the coming aea- 

"°Seanwhile. intending new '""nbers 
of the Victoria L-odlcB- Muslet^l club 

are asked to m.ike early *^l>P»c-^"'»2 
to the secretary. Miss Smith, at the 
Alexandra club, n.;^ present members 
of the amalgamated s'».-ietles are re- 
quested to apply for their membership 
and guest cards as early as -osslble 
and not later than the 30th of next 

n Inj'JV^f* interna.nv. 

scions and it was fotind that his in- 
juries were not so serious as at first 


have' no agreememt 

tr S steel corporation and Independent 

companies— Price Ctttter Oives 



6X1 rort street, Victoria, B. O. 


Pongee SilKs 

will, wide, per yard 80<^ 

.'(nil. wide, i'< '• ; ^'-'l- ■ • -^^t^ 

■I ,!!■..- wide, per yard. 45*^ 

and . . ■*'^^ 

— Visitors Welcome 

NEW yOKK. Aug. 3.— John A. "J'op- 
Ding. chairman of tUe;.bo«^^ of direct- 
ors of the Republic Steel & Iron com- 
pany, which recently cut prices on steel 
products, told the House committee of 
Inaulry Into the affair, of the InUted 
States Steel corporation -todivy that n<> 
agreement to maintain prices existed 
between the steel corporation and in- 
dependent companies. * 

Mr Topping was l«d into a dlstjus- 
slon.'o* the,,, so-called 'Gary dinners," 
where steer •men assemble to dlscviss 
the trade, and his attention was. called 
to thte fact that at a Gary dinner just 
after the Republic company had cut 
prices last May he hkd not been pres- 
ent Mr. Topping said be did not 
know whether he had been slighted be- 
cause the Kepubllc company had 
slashed the price. 

r.-.r li 


.;,,, ,,\ir ^^II1.|.IW. 

Kwong Tai Yune 


1*122 I ;.i\ ernni'Mil Street 

Jos. Sommcr & Sons 


Irtli; GovornniPiit Strocl 

Championship boro?- n^y-.A park oi^ 
Saturday, 4 p- m. 




f,,,- 11,,. complcxl.'n, I-"or sale at 

Mrs. Kosche 

1105 Douglas Street 

Hungarian Deputies Wght. 

Bl'l>A PH8T, Hungary. August 3. — A 
llvelv list fight, followed by a duel with 
.sabres, enlivened today's proceedings In 
the lower chamber. An Interruption of 
a debate started a row, and Herr Pozl- 
gay, a Kossuth parti.wn. made a dive 
for Herr Pal, of the government side. 
The latter met Pqalgay half way, deal- 
ing him a staggering blow between tha 
eyes. Confusion followed, and the pres- 
ident wft,8 obliged to suspend the ses- 
sion A« a result of the fiaticuffs a duel 
was fought between Herr PoiJlgay and 
Herr Pal. and both th« deputies were 
wounded in the fifth bout. 

__.-.»- *i«v»- a rvatmtr>UTC 

One Hundred Ships of This Type Now 

BuUt or in Prospect for Varl- 

ou« JSravies. 

LONDON, Aus- 3. Exactly^ 100 t-hlp. of 
the DreadnouKht tyiw are now TiolU, bulld- 
Intt or oefleved for the navlen of the woi-iti. 
The numwir is spread over practloally tno 
whole of the world. 13 nation, oontrlbutlng 
towards It. -The first dreadnought was be- 
gun In 1»06. m the present yetr no fewer 
than 33 dreadnouRhts wilt have been be- 
gun, although thU Include* three or four 
unlta whose keel, may not be laid until 
early In 1912. . . . . _ 

The Increase of the partlcloants In tne 
dreadnought race ha. been equally strlktnfj. 
In 1!>0B England had the tleld to herself. 
the United States Jolulnn In the tollowlnK 
year. Germany and Bralll entered In 1907, 
In 1908 no new powers entered the tUdd. 
but 1909 saw the advent of Spain. Italy and 
nussla. Last year France. Austria and tl^e 
Argentine IlepubUc laid down their firsts 
ship of the new type, and In the present 
y»«r Turkw and Chill have 4«lned the 
dreadnoUBht powers. 

Ot the 100 now built, building or to he 
laid down this yeiar. Germany and England 
share mote than a half. Enttlands total 
i- 30, i.j which may he added the tww 
imildina tor oversea service; while tsermany 
takes 2!, so that England's advantage over 
this one power U n bare three to one. 
Austria and Italy will ea.h havi. four 
dread nouBhts under construeiion by the eti-i 
of this year, so that the total for the Triple 
"tlllance Is 39, agalust Bnltland's 32. throe 
of which, 'IncludlnK the Bast Indies naji- 
shlp are for oversea servlro. In contrast 
to these aggrenate figures, however It must, 
be noted that England has U ^rc,,<\n<»igmB 
completed to six for Germany. Italy and 

Austria. ^ .^ .^.-j _>.«> 

The United States holds thhrd pl*<!« 
amomr the dreadnought powers, with a total 
of 12 «hlp«. and she Is liPBlnnlnR to be 
closelv pressed by Japan, who, with an ex- 
tensive programme Of Ave dreadnoughts 
thlR vear. has raised her tOtA! to seveij. 

Krnn.e has not yet put stlo.Tt n f\n^]r. 
nllblK-Kun ship. , ,,, > 

The foUowIns Is a roinplrt» li«t of tl,.> 
drcadnousht powers In the''" "'",'*«'". "' 
strenBth. In the table completed shtpi. take 
precedence over those launched, and the 
latter In turn over those on the stocks: 

CnmplPt'*J- l.nch'il. Tiurnc- 

...!-■ '' " 

r, 7 '^ 

:itCTf ... ' t ' '» ' ' ■ ' ■" ' * t" ~'' "■" - ■* 

Il,,e much pU'a.nro in once u..,rc being able to 
place be{t,re their customers a ran^^e n a 
Suits for th.. coming .eason that, tor ^^^'^.^^^ 
,,ess of idea, uniqueness lu -k-siKU. l-^cttun m 
utility and price. cuinbuuMl, ^u^p.t~^v- uu .-rmt. 

Beinir specialists in the class of goods we 
prodtic"%tir 'energies are devoted, in gathering 
together all the latest ideas and designs from the 
various centres of production. 

^1- • .1 -if t^r T1PVV Fall Suits are widely 

The arrivals ot tuc new raii ,_im>. 

-ir-ed h^ materials— mannish fabrics in home- 
spuns and flaked twcccs, mtitau.... ..-.•'-; -•-- 

I)„ tweeds-al.o the neat l)roa<lcloth^ and 
,ergcs-browns. greys and navies are the pic- 
vailing colors. 

We have securL-d the s..le control oi a line in 

Black and Navj) Coating Suits 

Which far sur,,asscs anything yet Prochiced at 
the price and qualitv ct)ml>me<l. The ^j^^^-, 
vvayre" Suit, while being extremely useful and 
hard wearing, is tailored on the very bfcst prin- 
ci^.^es These suits we .shall run right through 
the season, and each one will be guaranteed. 

IS S?40.00 

Our Price Range for Fall 
Suits is from $25 to $75 

Ladies' Outfitters 

717-719 Yates Street Just Above Douglas St. 



ujAWjjjjj2 ^siixiS2J32 r^' ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■■■■■■ " " ' '■■•'■"•'• 

For Tents, Flags and Covers 

Consult Us 

Pandora Sail and Tent Factory 

Opposite's _Mim„g 

P. ]. Jeune 

6i8 Pandora Avenue 

Phone 1191 

li ni.itlt-T- r.Mt t' !i- 
whether \"iir la>lc li'. ,;;iy 
"r dignified. 

duV 'stietdt- is- "inf ini t r in 
iis variety, and we are i)rc 
pared to meet the demands 
..t I'Ncrv man. 

Suits • 

$10 to $40 
?3 to §10 

Saturday Next, Bargains in Trimmed Hats 

—AT— ^^^T^T^T^-T' 


Phone 323 




we are headquarters for Hot Weather Comforts. Come in and s- 
some of the devices that make housekeeping a pleasure. ^^^^^^^ ^^ 
Xg97 BwflM Strait 

ALLEN & Go. 

904 Gov't. Street. 

.,. ,.^,^ ei -y" ^1 I 

•n,P inrco..' comtM-^iod arondnouBht. and 
«„o"rho tnost powerful, is tho German bat- 
tUrHhlp ThurinRen, fllsplscInK 23.S0() totis 

, ,-,-,, —i.v ..~.el,.<. 1.'.". Inrli niKl four- 
t"cn R.9 Inch nnrt fourtefn 3.1 ,ln<l. <!<in'. 

MoRt coRtlv of Rll the tlreadnoiiK'hl.". «>■•> 
the rtuHslnn vrpscls. The orlRlnsl e«llmHt^ 

wns rccntlv stated by the Hus.Un nilols<pr 
of n,«rlne that they would cost »lfi 000 noo. 
Hrimln, t-iermnny nnd .Inpan are the only 
natloiiH loilMlnB cruisers of the dtead- 

n.oiKlit ivne. ^ 

Ocean to Ocen.ii lu Autos. _ 

S,\N -ifRANCTHt^O, Aug. 3.— flH? 
•i.cean to ocean" automohlle party, in 
which are sixty tourist.*, with ten auto- 
mobiles, en rotite to r.os Angeles from 
Atlantic City, arrived here at 8:35 
.,V-lo,-k last nlKht. The p.-irly left Sac- 
i ramento at 11 o'clock Ibis morning. 
I M.-inbers of thf pR'tv Si.ld they htid 
I l-..und the roHds good on the entire trip, 
with the exception of thos^ In Wyom- 
InK .>nd Utah. They will leave for Los 
Vngeles on .Sunday, where they will .11.- 
balld snd ship the .-Mr., hv rail f. X.w 

right Against JJeportation. 
W ASH1.\i;TON, Aug. 3.- A stHv in 
the (loporlntlon order against Theo- 
d.iro Mulkoff. a Russian political refn- 
Boc now held at ISnis Island, was 
Kranted VnUy by Secretary Xagel qf 
the department of commerit- and labor. , 
after a prcsenta t i'-n of the facts by 1 
Hoprescntatlve Hergcr of Wisconsin, a. 
f;oclHllst. Malkoff reached N>w > ork 
Monday a. n stowaway in the steamer 
Birraa. He Is one of the Russian rev- 

"Accidents Will Happen!" 

ASlNGLii misstep— stumbling in the . dark—the form 
, slips f ro.-d the compositor's grasp and goes crashing to 
the bottom' of the stairs where it lies a hopelessly "pied" 
mess of type, ru'-.s, cutSj "furniture" and quoins— ^/u- work of 
hours, of days, in ruins! All has to be sorted, distributed 
and set up again at the empitw.,-'- ( xpen.-c. For accidents such 
as these are beyond human control.- still, however, the 
customer frets and fimi'"^ and o:rnvvs impatient at 
the delay. You tcniiK-r' ' • 'h c\cii-cs. I'nt no ma 
tor how plaiLsibly put, excuses cannot snc..■c■^^Iu 
bolster up the deficiencies of an irregular 
ln!.slnc«iis .svstem. Hence the customer d>^.- 
< ides finally to go elsewhere with his print- 
ii.i,' order another time. The accidents, ex- 
i,.n3f-s, and Kdncra'.ly disiiatrous consoniien- 
i , « that follow the practice of such slipfhnd 
methods of hatuniritr .«took and f.irms ran 
be effectually pi^. •;■;.,; : ■■ ;i^ iii^ullati-n 


Otis Fensom 



l'"..rms ^-an be lak.'U quickly • 
and from the prcr.-^ with 


iiid safely 
111 danger 

nil lllf 

H 1} J ^ (• t ftf 

jrfiiiht fJe.ral- 

art in fupplitli- 

in frf/r vrT' il- 

hmlralfd hofik, 

'I'miphl Eir- 

yahfrg n n d 

Thrir X'tm." 

• iittiinii juti iht in- 

rnrmarinn ymi jcant 

liri-nrnlnl liriffly — 

(■ /I )i r i fflj/ — rom- 

]ifrlfhj. Vi'rile lur it. 

■ . 1 ^v,.intE .--in lie tr.'in.sferred In the .same 

\va,\ wllli.'.ut 

rumtdlna. o-s often happens when carried 
■■■ V f»w ,'u-uLa:ii-' 'in view of these fact--^, H is oovious 

r.y band uj>. the i^^iMmimmM^ toward cohsefvlAc pr.»t1t«f* 
nonr'nfi^e'^t-J^tit'irm,;;^; to ^^.n ., tnodern priiUing 

acr exceUent service where oads f^ lisht or vvhere 
; desired to save spa.^e. These •'levators ^an be in 
gtXd anywhere, and. as they are ^J^h P ^^.^^'^ 
oii^r improved steel roller bearings, slmplltU> and 
rase of operation are assured. 

Plesiie send 
luo vuur book. 



The Otis-Fensom Elevator Co., 

Traders Bank Bldg., Toronto, C»n. l-***- 

Nime. ...... 

Addl«M •■'»S.*i 

•■i^tftiTwvWV W* WK¥W>»g 

..unionists who cBPtnred -^"'1 ^»'''' , '" 
..teamcr Potemkln in r.)<>n. ^'^. '^^^ !^,^*^- 
rnvered on the sieatoer .. Now A ..rk 
h. lumped overbturd and •''^vam 
ash.>rc, but was c-^ugbt. returned to 
Kills l.-l.'nc^ «f>'1 ordered deported. 
The political refugee league has press- 
ed his o«se. m an effort to have him 
admitted to America. 

KaytlM BxUM S«t«ni 

^y TKOMAfl. D. W. 1, Aug. %.~1 
Many Haytlen politic*'. ftJtlleJi who h*%te ^ 

hitch living hfcre let* loday **jr^*|ro" 

J ,..,.., 'alr i w»ni.. i ''i i '" T"'" 

■ Mri. 

- --i^-'^h^A 

■'.-■eT'X'W' ■'■•'■—■ 



Friday, Auau»t 4, 1911 


n X 105. running llir..iig-u uwu; 1c!!i\n ! U-.i'i 

;;; Ce<'lar Hill K'l, :>< tcm i.f hill. 
IM'i^'l. it^l,050 

'l\,i,i., ...;: \,c an;iM^>.! Asphalt sidewalks aiul 


Very desirable lot on Linden Ave. close to Dallas 
Rd/ Macrnificcnt view. 

^900 CASH 
—and die balance .CJHi,be arranged, rrice $2,000, 
which is $500 lower than similarly situated lots m 
this iucalii's. v'^trcct asphalted and fine boulevards. 

on 1I 

1 ■w mm ■». ft m Mi m s^.t t x 1 ' 

\ mWimmmw^ I 


639 Fort Street 

Phone 1402 

W'c arc Inilepenflcnt of ail ConrDincs 

A Few Pointers for the 


Zinfandell Claret— A superior wine. Per bottle 35c: 3 ^'^"^^^ 
for $1.00. per gallon ?1.35 

Marqeau Claret, bottled in France.- per quart bottle. .50^ 

"Emu" Brand Australian Burgundy, a good blood niakcr^per 

bottle • '^^ 

Seward's Beaune Burgundy, jjcr bottle ^1.00 

Angelica Wine— nice for after dinner, per bottle. .. .$1.00 

Sweet Burgundy, with same flavor as the sparkling wine— 
per quart bcntle. 50c, per gallon $2.00 

Tokay— a full flavored wine, per bottle $1.00 

French Sautems, from, per bottle 60^ up 

Hock— both still and sparkling Crista Blanca. sparkling Bur- 
oiindy— pints, per bottle. $1.00. quarts, per bottle. .$1.75 

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, jnuts per dozen, $2.00, quarts per 
dozen • $3.00 

Banff Lythia Water, from the famous Alberta spring;*. 
Try it for your health's sake. Per dozen splits, $1.15. 
,per dozen pints, $1.50, per dozen ijuarts .$3.35 


& CO., LTD 

Grocery Store 
Tels. 178, 179 

Butcher's Shop 

Tel. 3678 

Liquor Store 
Tel. 2677 

Wine and Liquor Merchants 
741, 743,745 Kort Street 

Hardware for Wet 


Our hardware is the kind that won't rust — to be 

used on ^4S 


E. B. Marvin & Co. 

The. Shipchandlers. 

I 202 Wiiarf Street* 

To Close Out Our Stock of Hammocks 

We Offer the Following Reductions: 

Miiount in f-l"<'l<. 1; r.'Kuh.r pii.T, <--«-h. Tr..r,0; smI.- price, each 

Amoutu in »l"-^. ». '■<-«'Jlnr price, ••"'■li, »».00; nalo price, each 

Aniounl in Htock, 2; r<-RiJlnr pric.-, «ich $7.75; ftalo pricp, each 

Amount in i^t.xU, 1; ffBUlnr price, each, $2.10; sale price, each 

Amount in »'.'«'•!<, 1. l'»''y hammock; rvKuliir price »l.iJO; sale prlc 

B.C. Hardware Co., Ltd. 

Phone 82 and 161 1. 631 ^Yates Street. P. O. Box 683 

. .$4.S0 

. . 

, . .$1.65 
« 91.90 

NEWS oFjr^^^ ^'"""^ 

BuUdlar P«ruilt« nulMln-; perniltB 

wert- issueil yesterju.v I'y the bullcllns 
tn.Hpecior to \V. K. IJrysilale for a dwel- 
ling uii l'rlnces,s street to cost |S2<"»: 
K. K. MeUor. dwcUlnB on Lant-Uowiie 
n.;ul. to cost J2370. 

Children S»t Tire to Mattre«» — Chil- 
tJifn pKiying wit,li iiwiUliftJ nn Jire to 
u mattress in a stable at tho rear of 
Nu. 102;i View street last evening. Just 
Off ore 6 o'clock. The tire department 
was quickly on the acene. The Unm- 
u8e was i)ractUuHy nil. The premises 
are ow iicil by ilif l':nu'iri- Ueulty com- 

Infrnctlon of By-Law. I'or driving 
over the tire ho-'e on thu night of the 
Taylor mill Are, A. G. Warren and An- 
drew Gray were <*ach tlned i-0 In the 
police court yesterday. They claimed 
that they had not been warned by any- 
one that such was not atlowable, and 
that no officer had attempted to stop 
them. This was not taken n» an ex- 
cuse, und a lino Was imposed. 

I. O. a. T. ISlectlon. — Members of the 
Vi<ioria iLodge No. 81 are veiniudeU that 
thp election and instuUatlon of olflcers 
for next quarter lakea place «* thn next 
ri'sular session tonlfflU. The United Ju- 
venile Templars. Queen Mary and Con- 
queror will hold their annual basket 
picnic at Koul Bay tomorrow, in the af- 
ternoon, leaving the corner of Yates and 
Government at 1.30 p. m. 

Pandora Ave. Improvements. — Among 
the works of local Improvement which 
wlU bo at tonljrht « me«ting of 
the city council will be the pavlnf with 
iiaphalt "f Vandortt avenue bel«o»ii 
Stanley and Belmont avenues and the 
cdnstructlon of permanent aldewalka 
and boulevards on both fl l<-a of the 
thorouKhfare. The owners b^nelUed will 
pay four-nfth.s of the cost of paving and 
sidewalk work and the entire cost of the 
underground laterals, etc. 

W IU n eper* — gfo at ST h t . — AA — ton i clil' a 

1 nK-ttlnir of the city council iiio t.».r- lal 
committee appolntid to report on the 
various bids for the construction of the 
lUss Bay Cemetery .sea wall will su))- 
mlt its flndins. The hlds cover a w»d« 
ranne in value, and as competitive plans 
w. re admitted, the work of estlnmtlnjj 
the relative merits of the various bids 
Is a lengthy one. 

Shirt WalBt« for Postmen.— Victoria's 
postmen are soon to appear a.s shirt 
waist men. The shirt-wals'. man has 
been a familiar flgure on the streets of 
Iho torrid eastern cities for -iorne years, 
but It remained for the postal authori- 
ties to introduce him to Victoria. Two 
weeHs ago the twenty men who deliver 
the malls In Victoria were measured by 
Instructions of Mr. ftoss, who directs 
postal affairs from Toronto, 'or shirt 
waists, and the postmen are awalUng 
the arrival of the new uniform. 

improved Bead MaoWn«ry — By the 
installation of two simp'** Hardy driUs 
for use on street const.-uctlon »her« 
rock work Is met with the cVty has 
added to its mechanical contrivances 
machinery which, while a great labor 
«avinK device, at the same time makes 
for better results. The machines are 
now in operation on the road work on 
Blanchard avenue between Burdette avo. 
and Courtney street and each machine is 
equivalent to the work of twe ve men 
on manual labor. Compressed air is the 
motive power. Thomas Donovan, su- 
^rlntendent of works. Is responsible 
for the adoption of the machlnca, which 
win rlsult m much more satisfactory 
and expeditious work. 

MontH'a PoUce Record— A total of 26a 
cases were handled In the police court 
during the month of July of which 159 
were convicted; two sent up for trial 
and twenty-four discharged. The cases 
were classified as follows: Assault. 4; 
attempted extortion. 1: assaulting po- 
lice, 1; auto speeding, 10; carrying con- 
cealed weapons, 2; offences agalpst 
city bylaws. IT; drunka. 106; drunk 
whUe In charge of auto. 1; disorderly 
conduct. 1; flghUng. 6; Impeding pulj- 
llc traffic, 8; obscene language. 8; ob- 
structing police. 5; obtaining money by 
false pretence, 1; Indians In posseaslon 
of Intoxicants, 1; rape, 1; stealing, 4; 
supplying Intoxicants to Tldlans, 1: safe 
kPfping, 66; unsound mind. 1; vagrancy. 
ij Arreata aurobwr^d 15« and sum- 

:,,,.,,,-. rn-rs, 30. ' 

Warned to Leave City — There were 
four cases heard In the police court 

yeHtprri:i>- morninr cMior than inebriates, 
and 01 till- i"n, [.... ■.■.'■.■■.: disint«He«l by 
the maglsiraii^. 1 iio Kreater part of 
the morning was token up with t'lc 
dlspcsal of the Williams theft case in 
which a negro, giving the name of 
Robert WilUwm!» . ' ; w a i» i-lvarged wtt*i. 
the theft of $115 In from Miss 
l-'ranliSe l-'lower, who clnim.s to hall 
fr(.ni l.adysmlth. New WestminstPr, Si-- 
attl-, 'I'acoma and other pUn. ■ \!ifr 
liearlni,' the cvidfrn . ni i,Miii rniis iii'- 
iiiaBlslralo dcM/td. ,1 lii' i H' w^id ..r 
the accused about as reliable as 
that of the Informant, and accordlnsly 
dismissed the charge HKalnst Ilobert. 
witli a r'Tiiindcr t.. rho cfff-ct that it 
\\ oiil.l I', vv ' ■ • I I i"'l li <•■>■ iiM.l t;ll<> wo- 
man wniilil li-;iv(- till, (ity, .and iv't re- 
in I'n. 

Dlsmlme* Charge- :.i the police court 
yesterday a iiiiui nivinj; liic- i'mii'ic Ot 
George Adam.s was charRed with "not 
moving on" when reiiuestpd to do ^--o hy 
C'(.'nstal)lc Smith on the •^.'\^,'.l\ "i iiii> 
Konoral soclallslii; dlsturliatK r. (.Mliccr 
.Smith staled tluil llie ut».Used blocked 
him several tinifs (rind ("onslablo Bra- 
nan corroborated his statements), refus- 
ing to move on when requested to do so, 
iitui furlhermore ntternpli d to \ip?ft the 
ollloer, slylng passlni; lil.s foot li'diiinl 
the le^'s of tlit> Ifiw in iin oiidravor to 
trip lilm. iMit tile blue coal -oris too 
quick, and hold his prisoner. marchlPK 
liim across the street to tlio patrol vvaK- 
on The nccused claimed that he was 
on his way home when the oincer ac- 
.:osted him. and on bciuNi: told to move, 
did move a short distance,, but 8toi)ped 
nK!.in Wli.'li in cliarKc (-f ihe ofllcer 
hi- had merely put his arm behind the 
oMiccr to save iiiinself from ftillinK on 
bis la<e. After henrlnR the evidence, 
tin- maffistrtile came to the conclu.tlon It was not suinciently strotiR to 
warrant a conviction, and he dismissed 
the clinrRe. This did not satisfy the 
prn.'secution, however, and when Mr. Har- 
rison asked for a conviction without ne- 
cessarily linpoHinK a line. Jus* ns a les- 
son to other, the court replied that 
there had been 'iult« <'noui.;h lessons 
lately. ' \ 




MatKnri>l»!rlrH' iiftlce. Vlrlmla. !!■ 
S p. m.. AuKUKt 3. 1311: 


lV.^i.»ui,- ...M.lllliwm aiv soiii.'wliiu .iiail.-; 

a mo.l»THi.. hiKh lie* on Hi'' <■"»»' »'"' 

an i-xL-nglve !»»• area cuvern tlie fac lie 

Kialps unU ilir i-aslcrn halt of llx- I'iHlrl« 

piovliir,.!.. il.-uvy luhiB have fallen in Sa»- 

kalthewun and Jliiidloba, a fall of uao ami 

a ijuarler lin'hew nccuri'liiB at Mlnncdiisa 

but west lit the ItixUk'S no raltifBll t!i rn- 

porti-ri. It haa been c"'"l""'allvcly cuol 

tli« lmmf'<ll«u- cottHt but «iitn\ liilniKl, 

I'iicinc i>| und Willi normal teni- 

.:<t of the llt>ikl»>». 



M H \ . 

I \ l< ll liu 

I Viinriiuver 
KaniliiopN . 
llurktrvill,> . . 

PrIncH Hupcr I 

CalBttPy, 4I111 

Winnipeg, Man. 
Poitlnnd. Ore. . 

San Frunclsfo. Cui 50 

HlKlie»t ft 

I.oweHt ^''* 

Mean ' ' 

Hunsh!:. 4J inlniile'. 





Return Troin Camp. — After spendin., . 
fortniKlit campinK at Maple Bay, the 4th 
Victoria trooj) Bo.- fc't 01 tf returned last 
Tuesday evening by the S. S Cl'.y ox 
Nanalmo. Durlns Uiolr stnv thoy cUmh- 
ed Mount pre vosi, fr'^m which tbey oT>- 
talned a magnificent \lcw. On Thurs- 
day the 27th they gave a display In the 
uKrlcwUura.1 Kruuads. In conjunction 
wlfh the Dunt^-an troop, and were in- 
spected by Colonel Hobday. The resi- 
dents seemed to appreciate the bugle 
band, which occasionally gave selec- 
tions. All the bo\s ate thoroughly 'U 
ttter their outing. 

^jj or a uaitiiy 
addition 10 
your own 

^w; will compare with 



Silver plate that resists 

wear. Replaced at any 

imc if unsf.tisfactory. 

Sole agents for the above 
Celebrated Knives, Forks 
and Spoons. 

n. ii. iTiLr\L;iiJvii 

Watchmaker and Jeweler 

915 Government St., Victoria 

•Tel. 1606 

Pbono 1480 


Bakery News 

Ask your grocer for 




Quality and Quantity is our 

Hail & Walker 

1232 Qovernment St. 'PJione E3 

Golf Jackets 

A large shipment oi the 
very latest styles in Knit- 
ted Golf Jackets received, 
in while, cardinal, navy, 
grc}- ami f.iwn ,;it, f;ich, 
.<:j en .'R2.';o .111(1 . . . .$2.00 

Children's sizes at $2.25. 
$2.00 and $1-75 

Marked at Our Close Cash 

AsK For 





Dcvoiislvln-'M r.iidlrv Suit* 

nase.l on a ..■)riniila of tU« In'n 
cliipf. tlio fhpnilstry IJiviffior. Ak- 
rlcullural X)e)uirtmcnt. Trnnsvall. 

Mr. I^uke. I'lthor. the well known 
Biitliorlly. wrlles. "I entertain no 
doiilit that to Inxiiro abuniliint vl- 
tHlUv in tlie i-KKR used for hiitiililiiR 
— eM(>fi-lnlly nrtldclnl hatchinK-- 
yoiir aiiltH nre ol' Rniiit value — If not 
ln<li<pfl ft ncr.-jiiiHv 111 nil poiiUryineu 
In lirlllsh Ci'limibU." 


I>er(in-<1ilre'K (nmc, SliPf|>, Horde 
»n(l l>o»r .^inll" 

Th.-m- liftUa ..intaln nn nc^xloiis 
rtniRS; nrn quite linrnile«ii and 
mcroly Innure n nviiriolinit xupply of 
the mineral nsh to the atihnnl. 

Mr. H. T. OliineUl, I'rnnpoi't I.nko. 
writes: "'I have fminil Iho Snll» 
most boneflclRl In lliflr pffett upon 
my three foals. 1 Bliall never be 
without them In future." 


Mrnnm. Hrnekmnn-K*i , The WB»t 

Knd Grocprv |jitor« and all Oroccri 

and I'rovlHlon Dealer*. 

Laboratory. .123 Mrnil»a St, Vlo- 

lorla, 13. C. 


\\ f gi\e the ,>anu- caixdiil aiuiilitin to repairing low- 
jtriccd clocks as we d.> i^ ih<' most expensive watches. 

This department of mir luisiness is efiuijiped to correctly 
e.xccute any >kiiid t)f work and onr charges aw ijuile ninderaie. 

If vour c!"'"k needs rei'airing 'phmic n-- ,nid we'll call 
1' n- U. 

G. A. Richardson & Co. 

Victoria ilause, (■,;iC Yates Street 

Agents for Butterick Pat- 

Redfern & Sons , 

Oldest Diainimd and Jcwelcry llunsc in Western Canada. 
1009 Government Street Victoria. 



IF YOi: ARK .\ CON- 

Then \ou onglit to know 
what good pliim!)ing means 
to you. Yon ought to learn 
the trnc economy of guar- 

antred ])him!)i!lg. 

Yt^u are >iirc to he satis- 
fied if you come to us for 
fixtures and service. 

Special for Summer 








Arthur Holmes 

628 Yates Street 

Comer Broad 





eS6 l!'art Street 
Just Above UouKtas Street. 




License and 

Crown Grant 


Northern British Columbia 

Wild Lands, in acreage 

or in Large Tracts 

For Particulars Apply to 


Member of Victoria Stock 

Tel. 2095 

103 Pemherton Block 

Buena Vista 

Cowichan Bay, V. I. 

Under the Management of 

The Cowichan Bay 
Hotel Co. 


Charming Seaside 

E.xcellent Fishing & Boating 

BiAvz: Yoa nxva ooXiDSTXBax 

Tlip prettlost spot in the world. 
Good r"HflH and beautiful acenary 
Bll the way. ^. 

Make Your Hea(Jr|uarter.<« at the 

Victoria Tourist Re»ort 
Best of \Vtnes. Liquors and Ci- 
gars AUvaj'8 in Stoofc. 
ReRular dinner Sunday from 
12:. 70 on. Special dinner at »nr 
hour. „, . , 

12 Miles from Victoria 
W. MILWSK. Pro prietor. 

Weekly trips to Seattle, Taooma, eto., 
and arouwi U« S«ua4 by P. C. B. ». C»^ 
'Pbona i. 

pTr ^ T? 

nice has advanced considerably but we have a few tons that wo 

still offer at same old price: Jap Rice, 60 lb 

ChlPH Kice, per mat ■ • • 



709 TATES ST. 

a > 


oney Wanted 

Y. 'm. C. a. 

All subscriptions to new building post due one month. 
Money urgently needed to open building clear. Subscrip- 
tions received a'nd official receipts given by following direc- 
tors at their offices: W. N. Mitchell, A. B. Fraser, A. B. 
McNeill. P. O. Hillis, C. A. Fields. R. B. McMicking, A, J. 
Brace and W^ Scowcroft. 



Original "Rogers Bros." 

VJhzn you buy knives, forks, 
spoons, etc., marked 


you get the original' "Rogers Bros." 

silver plate — a brand famous 

the vforld over since 1847. 

Bti/ lea stis. dhhts, wa/feri, 

(tc, arc stamped 



"S Utter Tlatt that \N tars' 


Delicious pastrv 


Flour IS impo.ssible. 

Corner Broad and Johnson 


Telephone 487 





Malthoid Roofing 

And Prove This Fa<t. 


Wharf Street, Victoria. 



More Kent 
X.eas Soot. 
Zieas Ash, to 


Try a Ton today and be convinced 


Phone 536. Office 604 Cormorant, 

AS oieaiii l^ lu 


'Fhc lady who would have 
her Fall Suit perfect should 
f',!!nc t'-» u.s for three 
I ciLsi ms : 

I St. — W'c h.avc the best 
iin])ortcd materials. 

2iul. — Our jjriccs Start 
from only ^20. 

3rd. — We guarantea a 
splendid fit. ,^.<, 

Charlie Hoped Co 

1434 Government Street 
Victoria, B.C. 

Fo I.** llie 

to Business 

CO.. LTD. 

721 Yates St. Phone 730 

C A T 17 


The new C. A W. Qrlll In the Say- 
ward bauement. ta now open. Your pa- 
<r«>r<afire la aoHclted. * 

Weiler BroB. have rtcclvai! two car* 
loads of I'-ui'ntttore tor every room J« 
the home. Th« new desl«n8 In tbeae 
bl0h quftlUy p»«cM at* worth 1>*Mj 

i^'jk. ii^Jik 



$1.00, $2.50, $2.90, 

$3.50 and $3.90 

Lee Dye & Co. 

Two Store*: 

Next Fire Hall, Cormonnt 

St., and 707 Fort St. 



' y 

ii l riiii II iiiri> 4 i t i > ii.i 


«M kMt 'o«k w Jiij^iaT -. 


iaiiii» i i rt» i .W i' : )i .''iiw' » M i tty i<« 


p»«4»v. Auauat 4. 1911 

Importers of High ( ^ lejKmericai^^ 

Fall Footwear 
For Men 

We are pleased to announce the 
arrival of Men's Tan, Black and 
Patent lUitton Boots for Fall, 

They are ^Miarunteed to be ''f ih^ 
Highest Oradr American makes- 
makes that luive rharacterisedf our 

store as 



boycott the American mrrcua.aa ....J 
refuse to .leal with them In any ^'ay. 

H. B. Hammond Shoe Co, 

Sol« Agent.. Broadwalk Skufter. 8ol6 Agents. 

Haimn & son. N. Y. tor Ch.idren VV.chert & Gardiner. N. T 

Pemberton Building, 6a i Fort Street. 

Open Daily from 8 a.m. to lo p.m. 


Tomorrow will be the 
last day of our great 


X.«avM tot Conveatlon -Mr. H..hi.ri 
\ Hunt, VlclorlM's clflfgaie to the lii- 
'leraiitlonal TypuKiaphlcal Union con- 
venllun, Whvx today for ^an Tran- 
ciaco, where the sesfions of the con- 
v.-nilon iak.> tiluc© on August H- 

Annual OutU».— The Ladles' Guild of 
ihe M.t..i,olitr.a Church *"\^^°^\''«^ 
annual oullnf at the Gorne P^'-*^ /^'« 
afteinoon, meeting at Government slKet 
;..,„ .V,- ■>:.« ^»r. The la-U..s invito 
friends who are not membeib of the 
Kulhl to ucoompany them. 

Oovarument Appolntm.nta -The cur- 
rent issue of the British Columbia tJa/- 
eite notes the appointment of Mr. Bi,r- 
nard G Walker as an ansistanl In th^ 
free text book d.-parimont. vice H. "Wr. 
liaton. realBned. The appointment of 
Mr. Hcnr- K-' as dairy Instructor, 
vice Mr i' M .Moore Is also offlelany 
sazotted, as wt-11 as that of Mr. Fran- 
cis J Burns of Michel as a notary pub-, 
Uc The resignation of his commission 
of' the peace,.,,on Jhe .part of^ Karquhar 
Matheson Is iitfly »oted. 

Made Pre»entation— Mr. Anthony 
Genn. an employe of the firm o' C^P^^ 
& Young since its inception in this city, 
who is icavlne that firm, was paid a 
farewell tribute by his fellow-workers 
at hts residence. Richardson street, on 
Wednesday evening. A handsome Mor- 
rls chair was the gift presented to Mr. 
Oenn by the members of the staff ot 
the store. One member of the party 
made the presentation and wished the 
recipient the best of buccciis In hie new 
work. The names of the recipient and 

-, t^m.*^\\yt^A »innn a aiivtsr 

plate which was attached to the chair 
Mr. Oenn returned his most heartfelt 

Hew B. C. CompanleB — Among this 
w*eK-s newly Incorporated provincial 
companies are the American Canadian 
coal Co.. Utd.. B. C. Wine Co., Ltd/. 



competition. In «or-m»n.tolp One of 

y.aiuro. of Show Next Montlx 

Xu Assured Sacoess 


Central Motor and Machine StlopH bid., 

,, .... -1- I ^»ir.>v>,k*^t Hn^^ Proiluce Co.. 

Ltd (Jllobe Investment Co., Ltd., Jones 
and Hant. Ltd., National Home-build- 
ers, Ltd^ I'arsons Haddock Co.. Ltd.. 
Siwash Creek Mines Ltd.. Telegram Co. 
Ltd. Westminster Masonic Holding Co. 
Ltd., Westminster Thoroughbred As- 
sociation. Ltd., and Victoria Y. JH. C. A. 
The Monarch Brass Co. Is registered 
and the Trustees. Executors and Secur- 
ities insurance Corporation LCa. licens- 
ed, extra provincial. ^____ 



AcUve campaign Being Carried on "by 

liooal Branch of Young Men's 

Pvogreaslve Party 

One ,,f the outBianaiuK cntertaln- 
mt-nt features of the annual Victoria 
exhibition, which is to be held here 
from Heptemoer olu lu J...., "..i oc -j.- 
bronco busting exhibitions. Yesterday 
Mr George San«ster. the association's 
secretary, slated that keen interest was 
being displayed in these competitions 
by expert horsemen throughout tne 
province. He expeote^i that there would 
be three or four tlme.s as many entries 
as were received last year. A car- 
load of "bad horses." specially selected 
for the occasion, will be shipped from 
Kamloops for Victoria on the VSlh Inst. 
That there will bo five days (,f horse 
raclni? and five evenlnK sessions of the 
Hiwse.shu.w .has, Ijeen deckled. The pro- 
gramme of the former attraction wlU 
i be divided among running ^^'y^'^^^^l 
events, there being three in which the 
I "bang-tall.." ^vIU figure and two In 
which the trotters and Pa««" ^"f? 
given a chance to display their mettle. 
The track Is being PUt in first c^s, 
condition. WJth regard to the h°"« 
show Mr, Sangster assures Jose In- 
terested that it will excel any that have 
gone before. The Vancouver people are 
assisting in every way In the r power 
and there Is no doubt but that the en- 
tries will be large and of the highest 
pooblWe quality. 

From the standpomt ot «^..cui.-.c. 
ttortlcuUure and industry, the exhibl- 
Ln also will be an e-eP^'o- ^very 
square foot of space available m the 
dlffeVent building is being ">l«t'«d If 
there are any who have not made their 
Ippllcations they should do so with- 
n m » 11 Y delay. A lar ge se c tion o f h e 

»j.-. K»..n^. It to onlv fair to say that 
The population of Alberta and Suwkat- i 
chewau has also grown rapidly during 
lli« earns time, but l^^'h these prcv- 
inces had their represent!. Hon rear- 
ranged five years ago. so that the In- 
justice of the government's action In 1 
i-efM-^ing redistribution does not apply 
to them to the same extent as it does 
In Manitoba and British Columbia. 
There is, however, no use worrying 
over what might or" what should have 
been. The Section is on unci tne o.d 
basis of representation is to apply It 
onlv remains for British Columbia to 
1 make her declaration against r,,^n"-- 
' ^ty as emphatic as possible and the 
way to do this Is to return a solid pha- 
lanx of Conservative members on elec- 
tion dav. Kootenay and Yale-Cariboo 
can borounted upon to ^'°''^'-\f'''l 
in this directum. It remains for the 
other portions of the province to do 
theirs. And they will— Nelson I'aily 


1601-3 Government St., Cor. Cormorant Phone 2862 

I The Woodworkers, Limited 

I ■■■ ■*■ 3343 DOUOLAS STREET 

Manufacturers of High Grade Show Cases Hotel mnk,^^^^^ an 

Modern Store Fixtures. Counters. \^au ca^^^^^^ ^„rt 

T.^ls'-°Siffitl °;^^l!f^;i\!df-of^B:d»d?;.g Materials. 

Have you a 'taste'- for really high-grade Cnoc^a ^ 
Chocolates with a ''moreish" taste? Cometn ^nA^i^^ 
.ample of "Clay's Special." You will want more. 



6ig Fort Street 

Tel. 101 

Oak Bay District 

Here Are Some Choice Pieces 

Oak 15ay_,\vcnuc, corner Prospect Sh^cct. 

SI.' I'.drick-md Oliver. 14.-, X 240 $-0(X) 

BcachDrivc, 1.-.0X190..; ^'wUQ 

St Patrick and Brighton. 120 x 120. . .$2,-,00 
Cranniorc an.l Beach Drive, 1 50x282. $GO(X) 


R. V. WINCH & Co. 


521 Fort Street. 

^jijc ci^m^sa Youns: Men's T'*'o«rr««. 
slve party has come to the fore again 
and la not agitating tb build a Chinese 
library. A letter to this effect appeared 
m yesterday's Issue of the Colonist, 
and Lau Nu, who is one of the brightest 
and most intelligent young business 
men of the Chinese comtnunity states 
that a good deal of Interest was felt 
among the Chinese over the scheme and 
that one prominent merchant alone had 
promised to contribute the sum of 
Jl.OOO once the arrangements were well 
under way. Letters are being sent re- 
apectlvcly to Mr. Andrew Carnegie and 
Mr J. D. Rockefeller, asking for their 
financial support. These letters point 
out the great benefit the library would 
be to the Chinese community. They 
were further asked to communicate 
with Llm Bang, manager of the Bank 
of Vancouver and a member of the Con- 
soiidated Chinese Benevolent associa- 
tion for further information on the 
matter. Mr. E. H. An^lerson, of the 
Mew York pObllc library will be also 
written to for a |st of too«»'«^"«^*, '" 
the Chinese Ubrafy there. These let- 
ter« aw to »>« desjmtched Immediately 
and after the Progressive Party has 

heard from Mr. R^'=\«'«"*r,f,"t ^.l", 
Carnegie on the subject a petition will 
be sent to the Chinese goverBinent to 
which all the local Chinese merchants 
will be asked to sign their names, it 
is hoped to be able to build a separate 
library building, but taUlng this, quar- 
ters will be taken in the f/^-^J.""- 
solidatcd Benevoleiit aMociation build- 
ing on Fisguard street. 

It is only three months since the 
Chinese Young MeiVs Progressive party 
Saa formed, but In that short time the 
members have shown t'^^J^f^^^^;.^^ \l 
thoroughly sincere in their d<^«'re )<. 
eVevate and better local Chinese condi- 

'"only a few weeks ago the party ap- 
peSto the police to stop the^ ^rn- 
bUng then going on in a certain part 
of Chinatown. It is understood, how- 
ever, that though this was put down at 
the time It has since started n^aln. 

At the time ''t the coronation tne 
local Chinese students who fornn the 
„,,r.v sent a well-wordcd letter of con- 
Pnuulatlon to His Maje.^ty the King, in 
^Hch occurred the following petition. 
..^^V would entreat Your Majesty to ex- 
„nd your Royal clemency and mercy 
to all pr!..onc-rs. .".-.-ptlve. nnd people in 
rouble-and that the law as regards 
„„ immigrants ^:- "ongUon.^ to ^ this 

country ne aincuv-tav...- -- 

reception and treatment on landing' nu,y 
be made easier for them. 

, <r, this :'!■ rrogrcsslve 

In reply to '•""' 

narty received a communi.M.tlon from 

Mt Joseph rope, nndcr secretary of 

;tate for external «fr»irs, thanking the 

students on behalf of his majesty for 

bofr congratulation, and good wishes, 

and stating that a bill was now before 

pllJlirr^ent' granting Chinese students 

additional privileges upon entering Can- 

acl«, which li was hoped would at a 

no distant date become law. 

More interesting stlH as showing th- 
deer-rooted instinct of loyalty possessed 
hy the Chinese Is another letter written 
by the Chinese students to Li > ung 
ys,y^ Chinese consul general at San 
Francisco. This wa., sent to draw the 
consul's attention to an insulting car- 
toon published on the editorial page of 
,^g Seattle Dally Times, of June 16, 
showing .-v donkeys head with cue. man- 
darin cap and daws, holding a placard, 
entitled "Pemand for Indetnnlty of |6,- 
000.000 for LOSS of Life and Property; 

\pologv for itiwuU .u '- ..1 - i-»- 

The students went on to slate that it 
was most Important that this sort of 
thing should be prohibited for if It 
were continued the Chinese merchants 
in Canton, ar.d also In .Hongkong would 

nut any ^^''^^^■''• •' . " ..>..■- .,,. 

„..n h«ll— that usually occup.e.i i-y 

"^•^- , , . _--i_»i^T, — 1» halnit taken i 
horlicuiiuiai unoOv-.j. ! 

by the Vancouver Island Deve opment 

league Secretary McOaftey being en- 

iTd in the preparation of a display 

^fT promises to be the finest index 

into the island's resources that has yet 

been assembled. To accommodate this 

U has been necessary to arranj a 

marquee jorj^hejoraljo^ 



Arrangements I-raotloally Complete for 
Annual Outing Tlxed for 17th last. 
—An Elaborate Programme 

Arrangements for the *""«»; f '"^^7; 
Dicnlc'at Goldstrcam on the 17ih have 
TeTn almost completed. ^A /X^^! 
of sports has been provided whob^ln^ 

eludes children ». .adlBo -^= f; y*' „^i, 
race 100 and 150 yards dashes, trave^- 
.r. race, wholesale managers' and em- 
ployers' race and a great many other 

'"'^T'llebaby show for baby girls Is at- 
tracting a great deal of attention. 
Ihere b'elng a handsome first prl.e of a 
gold locket and half a ton of co»'- ^h^ 
aame award is offered for tlje fines 
baby boy. The committee Is ""'^'"B /* 
very difficult to obtain - Judge for 
these two events, but hopes to be able 
to name one In a few days. 

A special prize of $15.00 and a second 
of $10.00 Is being donated for the most 

comical and best ^^'^^^'^'^^^^''ZT^Z 
the grounds, lady or gentleman. This 
feature last year brought out several 
entries which added to the amusement 
of the picnic. 

The next meeting of the committee 
will be held on Tuesday evening next, 
at the Victoria Fruit Growers' exchange, 
when final arrangements will be made. 

premier MoBrlde's Retura 
British .'olumbla will welcome back 
Hon. Richard McBrlde from his ab- 
sence m the Old, Cputitry at the coro- 
nation ceremonies' with a warmth in- 
creased if possible by the conscious- 
ness of the service he ^performed for 
"h* p.avlnce in making her re«ourceB 
and the opportunities she offers to 
investment and settlement, known u. 
a way It has not hitherto been known 
to the British capltallsi and homeseek- 

Among the dlstlngulshtd figures 
which attracted attention at the Brit- 
ish capital there proved none more in- 
teresting to the publlo of all classes 
than «hat of British Columbia s pre- ^ 
t jj,<„j. and *>v»rvwhere he wus ixcc.'.ca , 
with a cordiality and an evidence of 
esteem and confidence which did hon- 
or to him and to this province. None 
of the colonial statesmen, peruaps. so 
impressed the English public ^Ith the 
imperialism of his views and alms. 
Ahd m addition to the sentimental 



:if tilit- 


Below Cost 

IVc hauf liisl irreiiH-d ii iwivbcr of 
I'ianos front numiifarlnrrrs wIwkc makes 
we do not wish to ram, in our regular 
stock so we have decided to clear out the 
entire consignments at figures below ac- || 
tual wholesale prices. 

They Must Be Sold 

I u 


M ■ .:r<« 


sfttia r nn i tiM w h .,.. -. . ^^ ^^^ 
inh Columbia wiii obialii from the 
erence shown to t..... representative, 
the country will bo a direct material 
gainer through the Increassd Interest 
which will be shown tn the provtnee 
by all classes in me mother country. 

Premier McBrldo returns with re- 
newed strength and ardor for business 
and with the keenest desire to play a 
j)art in the present political campaign. 

Vancouver Province. 

There is undoubtedly a strong feeling 
In Canada against reciprocity on na- 
tional and on Imperial grounds. In ad- 
dltion the bringing into force of the 
trade arrangement entered into between 
' the government of Sir Wilfrid Laurler 
and that of President Taft of the Unit- 
ed States will work a hardship on many 
sections of the cotmtry. On the other 
iiand It is urged that the proposed 
_».,s>r.^flnt. If carried In*" effect, would 
greatly benefit the farmers of the 
prairies. Whether or not it would is a 
debatable question but for years the 
western farmer has been educated Into 
the Idea that It would mean additional 
dollars and cents to him, until now 
some people assume that the people of 
the three prairie provinces are a unit 
on this question. Those who -are In the 
best position to Judge the feeling In 
the northwest and Manitoba, say that 
this is far from the correct view. Some 
of the strongest men in the prairie 
provinces are out »atly against the 
policy. There are many reasons to sup- 
port this view. The farmers of the 
northwest are the people, who of all 
othws in the British ISmplre. would 
gain most from British preference and 
the farmers of the northwest are intel- 
ligent enough to see that with recip- 
rocity there would be an end to any 
hope of the Imperial idea ever becoming 
crystallzed into a fact.— Kamloops Stan- 

Note the Pric e 

Red uctions 

one Piano (made by ^•-dhe™er Toronto) Stoe.ond.- 
,i«n, San Domingo .,a.,oganyca^, three P«W ; -ory^key^^. 

':r;;.t'rn't It' b"fn r ^se ?,r rnlh. a„d Lst .475- 

Sale Price $386 

One sample l^^nght Grand P^anobc^tUHul njabogany 

case, colonial des gn, three P^^^ftJ^/oved^ double check 
frame, -bushed tuning puis, ^^^f ^^^^P'^^g^n {^r $575^ 
action. Guaranteed for lo years,, made to sell lor ;ps/s 

Sale Price ?385 

yYi octave, pure ivory ana ebony Keys, luu, 
worth $475- Sale Price ?335 

Ot^e Schubert Piano, rich mahogany case used for con- 
cert purposes only Perfect condition, fully guaranteed. 

Regular price $375-^^^^ p^.^^ ^275 

In addition to the above we have a number "^ ;;'S-'l^J>' 
used and second-hand pianos, ranging in price from $25, 

$50, $125 and up. 


1 23 1 Government Street 

Telephone 883 

-^y^inis — ^The remains of the late Miss 
Ellssa Whims were shipped Vesterday 
morning by the Hanna Par.jrs to Sa U 
Spring Island, where Interment -wm 
tske place. She leaves a father, Mr. 
WiUlam Whims, a mother and a Bister 
to mourn her death, ,.,>,.. 

Lynton.-The funeral of the late Mr. 
Duncan Lynton will take place from the 
Victoria Undertaking Pb.rlor8 this af- 
ternoon at 2.30 o'clock, where strvlces 
win be held. The remain, arrived from 
Ladys.nlth yesterday. Interment will be 
trade in the Ross Bay Cemetery. 
"'!Marronlni-The funeral of the late 
little Lilian Isabel Marconlnl will ake 
Dlace from the family residence 1244 

gscar street, this "^-"J-^^^^^^V T^ 
The Rev. F. H. Fatt will oftlclate. The 
];:;^5t ^m be made lu the R9SS Bay 

cemetery; ^■ ■'.■'*/.;.'*«,» -ii^. iilr- 

T^iHntt— -The funeral of the late »r. 

morning at U o<io<-^- 

in nffifiate Internn-nt wu. 
Warnicker will ofTiciate. '""■ 

be made in the Ross Bay ccmetei > . 

B^ker---Mr. AJohn Baker, for.ncrly of 
the firm of Bakei> Brothers brickyard 
and lately manager of the Victoria Ice 
CO died' at the St. Joseph's hospital 
^a«; vfnlng, at the age ot 60 years. 
last IN I ^^ victoria since 

f.'ro„.; ■;■;<-.«. »-. ^. ..»...-- 

,„„r'.hB in Ensl.nd. «»<! •"" '^""- 

Mr.s. M. Keys, oi i--- • 

Vive the deceased. Deceaseu was a na- 
Uv. of London, tmtarlo. 'me remains 
were removed to the B. C Vuneral Fur- 
Mshing Co.'s r-lors last nig t, where 
they will remain until, 
ng The funeral will take place from 
the family residence. 262B Rose street 
Tn.unday afternoon at . ^^^'^^■j'^^ 
services will be held. Intermei^t jMU 
I be made In the family tomb at the Boss 
I Bay cemetery. 


Bend a Solid Phalanx. 

The fight ip on. The government has 
«issolved parliament and will appeal at 
one" ♦" "^^ o«-"t"le 'n the qucslli-n of 
reciprocity without waitin^: for redis- 
tribution. This is little short of crim- 
inal to the interests of the west. U » 
well known that the result of redistri- 
bution will be to increase the repre- 
sentation of the four wester;, prov- 
inces Tl-ls Applies particularly to 
Munltoba and British Columbia, for 
there has been change in the repre- 
sentation of these two provinces since 
the last census taken ten years ago 
In the meantime the population of both 
provfnces has been growing by leaps 

Cheating the West. 
As a result of the mad haste of Sir 
Wilfrid Laurler to hold an election be- 
fore the people grasp the full meaning 
of the reciprocity agreement the west 
is to be cheated out of Us proper rep- 
resentation. There was no necessity 
for a September election. The gov- 
ernment could 'have prorogued or ad- 
journed the house and called It to- 
gether again early in October, when 
the census figures would have been 
completed. Only a short session would 
have been refjulrod to pass a redistri- 
bution bin. and the west would then 
have been given the extra seats to 
which it was entitled. 

But no. Sir Wilfrid saw the hand- 
writing on the waU. He saw that re- 
ciprocity was not making the "hit" 
Jie thought it would make ln__the west, 
and he believed he wouM be sAfelf tff 
keep the seats in the maritime prov- 
inces than to give them to the west, 
which is rightly cntitlcl lo Ihtm on 
1h« score of population. 

■\nd so, the representation to which 
she 5s rightly entitled is to be with- 
held .Mherta for another four 
vcars just bor.iuse a government which 
ha-; betraye.l U.p west at every turn Is 
afraid to delay going to the country 
for another two months. At the hu^,. 
lest tlm. .-^ thG ye,.,r th- business, of 
the country is lo be interrupted to allow 
Sir Wilfrid Laurler and hi." follow in?; 

(f. snntcn inatuy »«. ""•" 

that power which they have so scan- 
,iMlou!.ly abused.— Calgary Dally Herald. 

crystal Theatre— "His Imaginary 
,,.,.., J.- <_ „ strong Ri.'sni ffainie. "She's 
Done iTAgaln" Ts a K-K.d comedy. "A 
Daughter's Devotion" .nnd "Heart of a 
Mother" wlU both appeal to your sym- 
pathies "Molleres Life" is an Ini cr- 
esting drama. This is h11 first run 
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them before. As announced before we 
have chang.>d o ir service and can now 
guarantee the btst pictures that money 
can buy. The baby contest Is causing 
a lot of comment. Come and see them. 
We have 2D In our family now and 
want more if you will send !">""; 
photo. Contest cK^ses on »h*. i^tn. 

Bnrcan of Po»c«. 

BERVK Switzprland, Aug. 3.— The 
first buslnosB session of the permanent 
bureau of peace was held here today 
At night's peace banquet Hat on 
Yo-'hlro .Sakatanl. former Japanese 
rninl.»le. of finance, declared that the 
Japanese government and people wwe 
friends of peace. Today the con er- 
1 ence elected Dr. Eugene Phlllppovltch 
ot the University of Vienna president. 

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In Woman's Realm 







Supervlaad Flaygroundi. 
Ih there any reason why we should 

toria? Now that the schools are within 
a month of oppniiiK. tlie (luestion ta 
v.t)rth some conwltU'ratlon. LiurlnK vaca- 
tion It Is suri)rl»fnK how ffW fhlldn^n 
are to be seen alone on the alreot.-. Al- 
most all who are old enough find their 
way to the bearheB. In the niorsiinK 
many are to be seen in the cara on their 
way to the Gorge, where, under Mr. St. 
Clair's careful guUlani-e. they are learn- 
Imt! to swUn. Many mothers have their 
fantlUes at the seusiiie, where they And 
amusement from ilawn till dark. But 
with the opening of the schools there 
^■wHl be u-chansre. There wlU^-not be 
time for »>oys arid girls after school to 
go far from home. The sciiool grounds 
win be closed to the pupils a few min- 
utes after they are dlBmlsaed. TMs 
woQld not be' » great hardship If all the 
pupils returned home and were allowed 
to play tn their own yards or set to 
work at some useful task as children In 
the country usually are. But It too 
often happens that when the little folks 
get home from school their mothers are 
away calllnR or shopping, and the chil- 
dren arc it-fi to llic'ii own dfevloos till 
evenlnK. Young girls go Into town as 

dc as for tlic love of unwholesome ox- 
cUement. The older boys are better off. 
Baseball. lacroH-<(> and football, with an 
oc<a8li.>nal swim, keep them busy, and 
out of mirtchlef. It is only those who 
have been neglected as llttlo fellowa 
will." roam ainiles.wly about or form gangs 

in the oulMKll'tS OT ttic lowH. If when 

^..».r.^i wo^ nvAT- «iv«»ry i-Miin iHiiitil cvuCHu 

two or three hour.s tn athletic sports or 
innocent nmu-sement with Just enough 
control, direction and Instruction to pre- 
vent rudeness and. to enable the youhg 
people to make the moat of the fun, 
much mischief would be averted. This 
would be especially good for the girls. 
U 1» all very well for old-fashl med wo- 
men to say that girls should go home 
and wash dishes and sweep or sew aa 
they did at their age. In many homes 
there la no need for such help as the 
schoolgirl can give, when four o'clock 
comes. There Is not always work for 
them to do. Sometimes^ Indeed. th«y are 
vain and selflsh, and leave their over- 
burdened mothers too much to do. But 

even such a Klrl vouhl lie liftl< r pliij- 
iiig croiiuet or hundhull ur tnliinK: gyni- 
nustlc exercises than stroUinL.' aiKiiii out 
of the way streets with a lad oj; her own 
age. or loitering In public pUces In the 
iiope or nitractinK Miimli .itior.. On the 
other hand, the glil v. li'i has many 
duties to atieml to and is conscientious 
in performing th.iii would he benefited 
by an Ixaii- of licallln I'un nuw :ind 

Not many motliers of even the best 
little girls can h:'c Otv.m go away to 
piny with companlona of their awn age 
without anxiety unless they know tluvt 
they are under the supervision of some 
discreet older person. This Is one of ths 
penalties Victoria has to pay for i)elng 
a busy, seaport city. 

At Halifax, which In many w«y«> >"«- 
^sttritnes' i Vlctofla. ^suwBrvise*i'« jJa*- 
-Krflunds hav«..lifi«B fo.unil to be a. sr«at 
benefit. In Chicago and New York they 
are doing perhaps more than any other 
agency to save the children. The time 
has come when Victoria must consider 
whether the work of the playground 
superintendent is not needed by our 
boys and girls. 

A Woman Taimsr 

As most readers are aware, the C. P. 

H. has prepared for settlers a ruiniber 

af ready made fHrni« in Aliierta. A 

i writer in the Canadian Courier says 

I tOMt ttun Hi lil«l IrtlfiiJ ar* * . V O. .**.».. .-cn' 

for a farm in this fertile district i» 
Miss May, the daughter of a British 
Admiral. This young lady has ihosen 
farming for an occupation and ha^ oc- 
cupied many positions at home, from 
that of a farm hand' to a manager. 
The C. P. R. land office considered her 
credentials good enough to wftfpnt her 
c.^ ftlih a farm Ml«- 

deix'ndent on iilin in cu'-c ot lii-s death 
is doing very wrong. 

But there are cases where through 
Improvidence or misfortune or 111 health 
even tlie I)e8t of husbands cannot pro- 
vide for thrlr tamilies and there are, 
of course, had or careless husbands who 
will not do BO. In it best that the 
mother left to face the world altme 
should lie compelled to leave her chil- 
dren in the care of other.s while she 
goes out to earn a living l<>r them? 
Sometimes a sister or a mother can 
lake her place in the home but when 
that Is not pi.hslbbj is It not better for 
the community to help the mother to 
stay at home with her children than to 
provide for them .elsewhere. Mother 
love Is the strongest of human pas- 
sions, •.w«-ase" told, but- even HetfiK- be 
Starved; The women who have charge of 
orphanages say th^t it ts- the exception 
that the mother retains tor many years 
hCr love for the little ones under their 

Does not the family In the orphanage 
cost the community tiulle as much as 
It would cost In the home of Its mother 
and Is there not a great loss to mother 
and children brought about by the sep- 
aration? The tendency of our time Is 
too much to takf .esponslbllity from 
the parent. The poor mother, v.l-.o, r,uf 
I fering from the loss of her husband. 

i ...1t..',v« ♦.\ hAi- nhlMr/in na t h vi rnnft^r -if. 1 

fectlon, should, when necessaij, he sup- 
ported till In her own home she c;in 
become supporting. 

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bw i ng — a nt i u a t< 

Paternal Znflaenoe 

Why Is It that so many writers In 
these dnys Ignore altogether the liillu- 

pnre n f tii f r at i if r o r a f H i n ii .')" \ v fi v 

f^\ \vt\\t\nT\ ii#»rw*»if m wiiV. ii.ia 1«.Ik- 

ly written an article deprecating the ef- 
fect of the growth of tne teachlnu of 
women In the public schools of this om- 
tlnenf. Her point of view is that poli- 
tics, taking the word In a good sense, 
cannot ■ie taught to boys by p.Msons 
who take no part In the government 
of the country. .She does not hint that 
the growing lad should look to hts 
father for instruction In civic duties 
and take from him the spirit In which 
they are to be performed. This is one 
of many instances that might be men- 

Is this point of view a correct one? 
Does the modern father leave to his 
wife and to the female teacher me sole 
care of his children? If It Is so. It Is 
Indeed unfortunate. Boys and perhaps 
even more girls, need a father's guid- 
ance, control and affection, 1^ his 
chitdren a father aiinuiti b* liie ocbI 
anu wisest of men and unless It Is so, 
there is a great want In their lives. But 
In Victoria, at least so far as there Is 
outside evidence to show, there Is n" 
want on the part of the great majority 
of fathers of pride and affection to- 
wards their children. On holidays hus- 
bands seem to take their full share of 
the care of little ones^ One needs only 
to look at the school children to see 
that they are well provided for. May 
we not btelleve that the love and con- 
fidence of children In the homes is 
given to the fathers who tn thousands 
of cases mlust deny themselves many 
pleasures to provide so generously for 
them. It Is good neither for womer nor 
children that the sacrifices of fathers 
shall be unappreciated or the strength 
of their intluence undervalued. We may 
ha;ve ootifldence to believe that Car*- 
•dlan iJoys win learn fwm their 
f«,th«r8 to be true and loj-al citizens; In 
this lies our only hope of becoming a 
great nation. 


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to IS yearB. Reflnementa of well- 
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lovely Beacon Hill Park. Number 
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Manitoba Medical 

In affiliation with Manitoba 
University. Session commences 
October 2nd. 1911. Five years 
course. Excellent clinical facil- 
ities. For full infotwattton ap- 
ply to the Registrar. 

Medical college Winnipeg 

May is accompanied by a friend. Miss 
.1. M. Wltbrlck. Most women vioui.i 
rather not have read tliHt this liund- 
some and enterprising young lady Lon- 
aidered it expedient to travel In meiCs 
costume. If, at her work. Miss May 
found It necessary to dress as a man, 
she was certainly vnder no such com- 
pulsion while traveimg. I'ew people 
consider It necessary to wc&r the uni- 
form of the workshop on the street. 
"Jack" .May, wearing "a cloth jumper 
over a shirtwaist, a cloth skirt, knee 
length, brown leather leggings, and a 
three-tiuarter overcoat" may be a 
plcturestiue figure on a railway plat- 
form and make a good story for a re- 
porter, but most women would prefer 
to -see their daughters dressed leas 
conspicuously. Conventions are not 
without meaning and no woman should 
lightly disregard them. 

Bear SCUk 
It is very unfortunate that at thla 
BeoBOii of thr ycst, U has bccn found 
necessary to raise tne price of milk. 
There la nothings that poor people find 
it so hard to economise In as milk. If, 
as is stated, the demand for ice cream 
has helped to make the price of milk 
higher and the supply less, the rentcdy 
is in the hands of fhe citizens. Ice 
crcim. in this clin»ate, is a luxury, not 
a necessity. Children are the chief 
consurners of this delicacy. Ttie prob- 
ability is that the boyu and girli* 
would be quite as healthy without the 
Ice cream cone bought at the corner 
grocer's or- the confectioner's. But the 
baby needs good milk and plenty of It 
and BO, for that matter, do older chil- 
dren. We all know that the expenses 
of the dairymen arc high this dry 
weather but then grass Was plentiful 
during the winter and our spring was 
longer tha» usual. We pay more for 
milk in Victoria than in any city In 
Canada and nowhere do the vendors 
have leas Interference than hiftrti. This 
matter is one whtch^ concerns ' every 
family but especially titose who are in 
poor circumstances. 

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The Burnar 


Prospectus includes all lOngllKh sub- 
iects also French. I.atln, Music, Draw- 

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Xmas term b.glna Tuesday. Sept. 5, 1911 
I'or ii.-irtlcu'iii I .■- appl.'. to 
MRS BLAIKLOCK, 1117 I*ort Street. 

- 1 

Collegiate School for Boys 

Rockland Avenue 

Victoria. B. a 

Central Situation Spacious and Well-Ventilaferl School 

i^^^^^^ig^ Kticrtratioii Grounds Gymnasium 

^^^^"^^ . Cadet Corps 

Under the present manageincnt a special feature '.if the school 
is its individual attention to pupils. 


A. D. MUSKETT. Esq. 

Assisted by a Resident Staff of Masters 
Ke.xt Term bc.gins ']\iesday, September 12, at 9 a.m. 

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The Principal 

James Bay Academy 

A riMVATF; iiicu HCH()<;iL 

Knl'T now for the [■"all K.xnmin- 
MHcins — Matriculation B. C, 
L. S., etc. 
Our Commercial Department Is a 

lege. For information about any 
of these courses, luldrcsH 

'Phona 2041 507 Simooe St. 

St. Margaret's School for Girls 

Sl,1 Cook Street, Victoria, B. C, floRrtlInK and Day School. 

■^j-j. j-urr!c'Jl'!m Inrluden; All Rnellah ■ubt«rla. Frenrh. Oerman. I.Atin. 
Miii'lc" (Violin. ri«ri<> and Singing); Drawing, Painting. Needlework; Swedlih 
Urin and l>«nelnK. 

KIN'I>EK«ARTKN' (Froehal) and Triin»l»li>ii f'lanteii for young children. 
Chrlatmaa Term l<««lni Thuraday. Hei)i'ml.»r 7th. Kor parllculara apply to 


De Koven Hall 

Thla nchnol !» trying In do for the moral, 
phyitcal and tntelle'-Uinl wjlfare of each 
boy, what the thoughirul parent mnii( 
wlahea to have done. Conlrlbullng to thla 
end are. lis fine Uicatlon on beautiful I^ke 
Rtellacooni. (elRht nillea from Tnrnmal, 
Its excellent hullrllntca. and exceptional itaff 
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Fall term beglriB S<'ploiiiber, :1kI.. 1011. 
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South TuLDinn. WaaUliiKton. 



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r>rawlniK Ho< lely. Royal Aiad.-my a lid Col- 
l^ire of Muaii'. I'rivain pupil* tak«n for 
Miiair, DrawlnB. I'olntlnK Morlrrn 
(cuages. Xmao term befflna Tuesday. .Vep- 
tember Ith. 

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A Pension 
There is scarcely anyUlilng so com- 
mon or 80 little valued as a match and 
yet scarcely two genera.-ons have 
passed away since tlie invention of the 
safety match. This fact is recalled by 
a 'a«MpBtcb from I^ndon which says 
that ft pension of the very modest sum 
of f 50 a year has been granted to the 
daughter of the late Dr. George Gore. 

This great iuv'*«ilii(ir «.«* dhetalat died 
<inly tdo years a.go at the age of elghty- 
tn.i. Upon his patient investigations 
iiiul .-xperlments with phosphoriis mo 
based the safety • match and upon 1 "• 
researches in electro-metallurgy ai. 
i.a«(t»<l nickel-plating. iSnormous ior 
tunes have been made by others from 
Ur. Gore's discoveries but he himself 
VV.1.S contented with thr ncruminiilatlon 
of £6,000. Kvir, (ills 111" "M mm. h-ft 
t.-i iiirl thr further.'inct! of oriRinal h>:\- 
.iiilllc research, forgetting the needs 
of a daug'hter who, very probably, had 
flfx-ntPd her lifi- to Ills service, and at 

1,1- ,|,.., I ' H , ^ '' :■ ■ .: ! I U" lip U ril'W 

I'l nipii I 'III 

I';, O'lt, \\as Jin i->^unjile i>f Itio self- 
mailc iiiJin of the nineteenth Cfcntiii.\ tn 
wliijin the world owes so much. He 
was the son of a working man hikI 
left ^••hOO' «" tliirtpfo with hut ti 
meagre educati'm lie learned the trade 
nf n blacksmith but was attracted to 
.sell ntlfic research. II'- educated lilm- 
self and .oetlled In Birmingham whore 
t^hcrc '.yas a dcm.Tnd for such work as 
he was doing. His discoveries have 
improved typeCoundlng, d.\elng. cheni- 
leal hleachlng and electroplating ami 
many other trndt a. and some of these 
it ha? rendered posfiU.'.'\ as it has the 
manufacture of safety matches. The 
pension to his daughter la imt a very 
small part of what the world owes 
this grr-(t Inventor. The Incident Is 
anoth»r ev hlence of the sacrifices that 
the wlv.^s end daughters of gifted men 
have often been compelled to make. 

Selplng Wiflows 
To begin wlih. If hushands did Ihelr 
dut.\- very few widows would need 
lielp, in this country where young men 
of almost every occupation earn good 
wages there is little excuse for tho 
man who does not by Insurance tnake 
provHIon for his wife and little one?. 
TTie woman who naa three timusunO dol- 
lars or even less can usually keep her 
children as Inng as they are helpless. 
Tho sober. Industrious man who does 
not make certain provision for tnoie 


Balmoral HoteI»--D. W. Pcake, Van- 
couver: Capt. A. B. Qurney. Pine Island; 
Eric Norstrom, T. L.. Harripon, Londdn; 
E. Petric. Vancoiiveri J. Crltchley. 
Sidney. ■ ' ' 

Dominion Kotel—Mt. "W, A. Stone arid 
wife, Vancouver, K White. Duncan; 
L..S. Llttlewwod, GJWbell LaKOr Alte^; 
Mr. and Mrs, F, Freir, T.*ndon; J. Rob- 
inson, Vancouver; J, Dixon* Tort Al- 
b<+nl; W. Noslund. Port Albernl; Geo. 
Dorn, Vancouver; W. F. Michell, Tor- 
onto; A. L., Seattle; Mrs, R. B. 
Kurns, Ijlncolii Xeh : Mr and Mrs. .T. 
.Morris, North i. ■'!>■ ■■ ■I'lmtcher & 

lelfn Idaho: 1- ,■<. ll.M^lt-ild. N. J.: .f, 

1! II. I Seattle; L. dray, Vancouver; S. 
iiiggy, Vancouver; ,1. Uro.wn, . St, .Tohn, 
N". n.: O. Smith, Kingston; K Hooper, 
Hrownshury: " t ton. Montreal; W. 

Wottnn, Mis- ' V MissN. CoX, Van- 
i-.p i'. ■ II I 'a r,... ;ille!i, .Miss Carsallen. 
Mnsi,i 1 ,, I ^:,l i l.-ii, (■iileai\, .Mrs. Younu. 
..\. I>in>;le. Iiail'\' l'>iiuan, Vancouver. 
.1. 'r.idil. W'innipe.K. .Man.; U. McLean, 
\ .iiienin er , .1. Barron, Winnipeg. Man.; 
I! Lane, Vancouver, O. Hogg. .1. Miller, 
\Hiuouver; II. Warner, Srattle; .\. 
ilreigg, Ml.s" ,M i:..-- M , :i:i.l Mrs. 

I'ogson. Vaiu iiuv ',i'. ,1. .\uKlin, uii'e .-iiei 
two children, Motter. iii; lir. him .m 1 - 
BiillRunce, Belllnghnm; .]. Pears and 
wife, V'ancouver; .J. Imipher, New West- 
minster; V. Douglas and wife. Calgary: 
R. .Speed, G. Sliced. Winnipeg, Man.: U. 
Itohcrtson. Los Angeles; Wm. I'iustley, 
Vancouver; .1. riobinson and wife. Mr^. 
Hill, Chcmalnus; M. Enter, W. Knter, 
Albernl; G. Tucksoii. and wife. A'aneou- 
ver; R. Tedmark, Vernon 



Apart from its curative pro* 
pertiee in ttomach and kidney 
dieorder*nA<5IWateria good 
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rting World 


i owly Islanders Fail to Strike 
Winning Gait at Portland 
This Week— Williams Was 


Thi' VMpplns 
with A'nric(5uver, 
up lor it. with 
nine Four straight, 

It on last week's show- 



Tacoma . . 





ypokane « ,, 

Seattle °* 

Portland ■, !|' 

Viciorta'.. »-i«..< . -* 

^ GBinea Today. 

Victoria at Portland. 

Sjjokan? fit *t«iUtle. 

Vancouver at' Tacoma. 




' PORTLA?;n. Aug. S"P^''''»"W'°et'up 



of the 

In plnchea 

the ninth but -coHnK ^-^^-^ ^^^ William.. 

Itlle and pounded out six runs. Tonno- 
' victoria hecame^^dan^^eroue^ .n 

tcTdav and incidentally Mr. Forlus Bhx- 
.„- tho "«w leaKua official, pertovmvd 
hVs fir^t official duty. The assaulting 
of umpire Baumgarten will go haiu 
with Ort. He ,haa been suapendL-d un- 
til tlie veturn of President I.lndsi-y. 

could not do «. thint' 

but the-y are miiklnK' 

the second Canadian 

and who would 

liavn Ihoupht 

"u was Just belnK Plainly outclassed 
and poor pltcihlng which seemed to tje 
the fault yesterday. 

Mr. -Houston, the n^w sliortstq^ Im- 
proved, making one error anv* no 

Ten Million can't ViU a 
Tonneson Is one of the 
league, not barring Annie, 

The Beavers and "tUd Bengals have 
each won two games and are playing 
well this week. Extra Innings are 
ordinary In Tacoma. It looks aa 
though these will be the two teams on 
tops of Che pile when It U all over. 

Ward Is playing good ball and hit. 
jjng ^eH. Portland papers call ■'^'•"^ 
ClementBon and McCamment, 
young giants. 

Philadelphia and Detroit are 
again. Boston has taken 
down the line, winning 
games from them. 

best in the 


Number of Exciting Matches in 
Yesterday's Play in Victoria 
Club's Annual Tournament 
^Today's Official Card 

A day of exceedingly f«*t t«hnl» was 
1 r- <n the Yt"toria 
witnessed by 8peci«.lor» .n *f«?^*-'. 

club's annual tournament at t^e caa 

boro Bay courts yesterday. In spite of 

beat Gamblr and Mrs. GUHson, 
lOuver and I'ortland, 6-4, G-1. 

Major and Mrs. Crow-Baker 
beat A. It. McCiiUum and Miss Smith,. 
B-7, 6-2, 6-4. 

Shannon an.l MI«h \Vinh,low beat Capt. 
un.l Mr.-J. i-oulkcH. 1-6, 6-2. 6-2- 

K,.ef.M and Mrs. Thomas beat X'rior 
and MlHs i-lark... 6-7. 7-5. 7-5. 

jew.dl and Mis« .f-^'">' ^^'^^ ^"^'"^ 
and .Mrn. l^ansfle."'- "'^^ '^'^- 

Harrison and Mrs. TaU'ot heat C. Mc- 
' kcn,.l- and Mrs. Hamilton. 6-0. 
Rvall and Mrs. Smith beat 
son 'and Mrs. Fahnstock. 6-1. 

Oarrett and Miss Kennedy beat Keef- 
er and Mrs. Thomas. 6-'-'. 6-2. 

Uhodes and MLss Feele beat Parker and 
Miss I'ltts. 6-4. 6-3. 

DUon aTid Miss Gillespie bi^at isddy 
and Miss Corbould, '.i-ti. r-l, fi-O. 
Men's Doubles. 
rardinal and llhode.s. Vamnuver, beat 
Barclay and Hyan, Duncans, fi-4, e--!. 

Dixon and Matterson beat Phelan and 
Hewittson, 6-3. 6-1. 

.j^oulltes and Tyler beat E. »^<?>llum 
and Carmlckael, 6-0, «-0. . ^ ^, 

McKenzle and Edwarda beat Gamble 
Jamef?. 6-1, 6-0. 

and Bnker, Vancouver, beat 
Pearson, Kamloops, 8-6, 




IM' )HI'ES ' i ?■ ,;1 

:k o! it..s '.^wri 


ii^oN sTEEi. shovi-:ls picks 


E. G. Prior & Co., Ltd. Lbty. 

Corner Government and Johnson Street* 


the large number of games that had to 
be disposed of the '»»"'^K«™«"''„,^''"* 
materially assisted by the P'-°"*P"t"J^ 
of the players, were able to bring the 
series ddwn to the seml-ftnals pracllc- 
tbroughout. In those cases 
ocn reac>T^ 



the ex- 


— i- 

H. PC. A. B 

_J 1 ° 


the Tlgcro 

thr«e straight 

faBt double play 

Victoria — 

Urtftama n . — sir— 
^'iiUon. ^f • ■ 
Keilar. 2b. • • 

Ward, rf 

Ho\iston. sa . 
I'lementaon. U, 

McMurdo. lb. '^ JJ 

Urlndle, c " 

J. Wllliama. p ^ 

•Devogt '_ , 

.31 2 5 24 10 2 

T^attWVorHou;ton m the nlnth^ 

, J, AB. R. H. P.O. A. E 

Portland— k i 2 2 

Ptovall. rf 

jrcnsor, cf. . -• • 
Munrtortf, Sb. .•• 
R. wiIllamB, tb. 












.64 2 












I'ettlKrew. 11. 
rasey, 2b. . 
Moore, c. . . 
roltrln, sa. 
Tonneaon. p. 

2 1 

1 fl 



1 6 



2S 6 8 27 14 3 
Totals ....... . '" 

Score by Innings: « , o o O 0—2 

Victoria » ••:• ,0001201 X— 6 

Portland . x,, 

_ „. atmrk ouv. by Tonneaon B. ny 

.•rrn-bre.' on" Us. or; Tonne.on 

.. .>rr Wllllains 6: two base hits. Orinnie. 

iioore. Goodman, ftovall. Kf-har 

hits. Menaor. Ward: double play. 

Will lama: aacritlce fly. 

&.:;rMen^rr*^. X WllUama, time, 

1:45: umpire. McCarthy. 

Casey to 
WllUama; sacrlBco 
bnsee. Ciemontaon, 

Americam Leagoe Standing. 

Detroit ** 

Philadelphia ^' 

ChlcaBo l\ 

Boston •' 

Cleveland *° 

WaahlnKton •" 

^^■roston' AuW.' V — it was" largely Harry 
Hoooe^who won Boston', third vlctorj- over 
The Det^oU t'am today. He -»» .;X"up 
hin for all the Boston runs and broke up 
the gJme n the twelfth by sending Yeakes 
homf^lth a hit ordinarily good for a 
Some run Ho also sent Yeakes home ahead 
of hU with a home run in the ll>lrd and 
maSi a wonderful catch at the fence In 
the Urat off Crawford* bat. „ „ B 

Score: .38 1 

Boston , g 

Detroit ., • ■•••■ 

CoUIna and Carrlgan 

"'chte^go.Waahington game postponed on 

'TMradelUa-m. l,ou.. game postponed on 

"??^W YOHk!- Aug. 3.-C.eveland today 
won the second game of the ""»«»■ j,,^"^: 
;„, .V.A aam;; thir'— " locals were bit oy 
"pitched balls or given bases on "«"* ^'^P" 
hill walking nve times out of six at bat. ^ 

.r-„....1,>n,1 ' S. 

that Stage imsat 

tra matches will be played today with- 
out IncLvenlcncc so th«t on baturd«y 
°here will be the Hnal. and the cere- 
ntcmy which always marks the conclud- 
ing day. namely the presentation of 

prizes. . 

In the men's singles there were tWo 
three games of special '" '«>■««'• /^"^^ 
Smith of Seattle should defeat 
w t iu s e c ii anec t* 



Ihl.s cits-. 

Mr. Marshall of 

<n»- against Me»»rs. Tyicr, 
In the concluding 



3-6. 8-6. 

Harrison and Schwengers beat Pollok 

and Keefer, 6-1, 6-1. 


10. Court No. 1 — J. L. McLennan v. 

S Gillespie; court No. 8, Garret and 
Miss Kennedy v. Shannon and Miss 
Winsloe; court No. i. Jewell and Mt-« 
Jewell V. Harrison and Mrs. Talbot; 
coutl No. 5. Rhodes and M<«" »^eele v. 
Dickson and Miss Gillespie; court 
6. Winsloe v. G. N. McCallum 
at V. Blackstone. 

ll._Court No, 1. Miss Kennedy v. 
Mrs. Fahnstock; court No. 2. Cane v. 
Carmlchael; court No. 3, Audain and 
Mrs. Crow-Baker v. Ryall and Mrs. 

Mrs. — Qilli s on — *»■ 

J I 



1715 Qovernment St. 

Direct Importers of all kinds of 
Chinese and Japanese silks and 
furnishing goods of every descrlp- 


Call and examine our stock bo- 
fore purohai?lnB elsewhere. 


a„d '1'="e;'';4'4'°p-l,, „a,. ,„operly priced. Extra noop, 

if desired. -" 

quct Sets- 

Gunsmith, Etc. 


Tel. 663 1321 Government Street 

Donovan and Stan- 

uZ comin, 
Foulkes or Garrett 
fixtures were considered the best, was 
unexpected. However the Victorian was 
not m form and besides the visitor 
put up a splendid game. The latter 
shortly after, encountered Mr. Garrett 
and was put out of the running 6--. 
10-8, his strong nght in the second set 
being most exclUng. Capt. Poulkes 
victory over Cardinal of Vancouver was 
another flrsl class match. The latter 
effort in the second set, 
losing the tlvst, but 

6, Arbuckle v. 
Talbdt v. 

Pearce and 
3. Mrs. Ken- 



saw game, each team using three P tchors^ 
The moat exciting feature came Jn the 
sUth inning when Jlrst baseman Ort. ot 
Seattle assaulted Vmplre Baumgarten. hit- 
ting hm with the ball and then l<n°cklnK 
hirS down with hi. fiat. In the abaencB o 
President I.lndsay, Beeretary Baxter sus- 
pended Ort indefinitely subject t" «"»' 
Judgment when the league , president re- 
turns. Score: 

AB. R. H. PC. 

. . 5 1 2 2 

..4 b 
rf.. . 

Cleveland ■ " ' • .j J 

^°KBlJr'"^Mitchell."Faikenberg and 
Vaughn. Warhop and .Sweeney. 

8 2 

Seattle — 
I.enrd. 2b. . 
Bu-is. 8b. . . .. 

Weed, rf. and 
Ort. lb. . . . . . 

Fu11»r1on, if. 
Raymond, sa. 
Dashwood. c. 

Phea. c 

Sspp, p 

Peaton. p. • . • 
Zsuckert. p.' •■ 


U. and 


2 10 


National I>ti«ne Standing. 

Won. Lost. 

Chicago .- 

New York • • ,. 

Philadelphia ••• ^g 

.!... B2 

'. 40 



g Three home runs If 

feat accomplished bj 
defeating Chicago. B. Z«m 
to right field the flrat bal 
pltchrd'and It ro»fd under a pile of lutn 
^ - -n followed by knoc 

right fi«M fence «J« «",'„r w^" somlX't 
relieved Illchle here ft"" J^ 
wild. With a man on base 
right centre for a home run. 

B. H- E. 


, „„ 38 

Pittsburg g, 42 

at. Louis ^- Rj, 

Cincinnati jj. ff, 

Brooklyn n\ 74 



the fitth was the 

Brooklyn in 

merman hit 

was Bomewl 
Wheat hit to 
Knetier blew 

. .35 JO 15 2T It 

AB. R. H. PO. A 

. . S 1 



3 2 








n 1 
1 s 

UP in the sixth Inning. ^ ^^ 

Score: I 6 

Chicago ■' ■ I } 

^Rtc^'hi;'! Toney.Rlchterani- Archer-, Knet 

zor. Schardt and Erwln. 

incinnatl ham- 
over the lot In the 

s^r^n?;;^-^ ^^,'^^Ki^^^.'''^ 



with men 


Kmlth was effective „.-«.n- 

Almeida Injured nis ,«g .-»^.n. 

_„d -;4-/;;rtVp Tn'^llr.^elgh'lh^. Both 


.,:tnirk out. 
Hnlm 1, by 
Shbp 1, Iff 

3 X— 10 




Totila ' ■ ■ 

Frisk, rf. 

Cooney. sa 

Melclier, cf 

Nordyke, lb. 

Zimmerman, if. -..•< 

Cocash, 2b • 

Cartwrlght, Sb. 

spfesman, c • 

1 ioim, p 

,-.h .\-piik. p • • • 

Ki-ii;i, V 

Sioi-r- by Innings: 

cp.1t I Ir 

Spokanr' '• « 

Summary ■-T^vo baao hits, LcBrd. 

(-•.u-iifU. Householder: hnme runa. 
Snleflman; «acr!flcp hitc. tVood, Mel- 
aacrlfice flv. Crulckaliank: stolen 
Crulckshank, Ravmond, Zimmerman; 
bv RCQton 2. by Zackert 4, by 
4 : bases on balls, ofr 
3, oft Zackert 2, off 
1 nff Kchwpnk 1. off Kraft 1; wild 
Seaton: doublr play. Seaton to Shen 
to Ort; rornsh to f'ontu-y to Nordyke; FrUk 
in Cartwrlght: Meloh.-r to Nordyke; twn 
run.s and H hits off Sag- in two InnlnRS. 
3 runs and 2 hits "ff Seaton In two n- 
„,nKa, 4 runs and 3 hits off Zackert In (Ivr 
iMuiaKS -• runs and 7 hits off llnlm la 
thrnP InnlriKs; n'^ runs and no hits off 
'.^.-bwcnk In no Innlnpfl. S runs and 8 hits 
off Kraft in five lanlnRs; umpire, BaumKar- 
I pn. 


T\. ,,M\ \uK 3. — Both Schmutz and his 
support «-p«kened In the tenth Inning torlny 
flurl Vnncouvnr won. fi to 2. Tacoma made 
txvo runs hi the drst Inning, but was 
able to score afterward. 

Vancouver — 

WlUPtt. lb '•• 

Bennett, 'ib v 

Adams, If 

Swain, rf 

•lanies, 3h 

Hrlnker. cf 

was hurt . 

were forced (o r«(tlre. 

Philadelphia ....•" 

Cincinnati . • • • d„».«W 

Ghalmera. Burns. Rowan 
smith and Clark. S|veroId. 

.. . I 

. .. 1 


7 2 

11 1 




Coast teagrue. 
OAKLANT5. Aug. 3.-Scoring Sbeehanon 
Barrv'a single In 
r«me^'wl.'h Z Fra\ here 

first run for Tortland 

seventh, Portland 

to win the 

today. The 

sending the ball 

and making 

in the fourth. 



gle In the 



San Francisco . 

Henderson and 

^"''■'^' VOET B'' Aug. 8,-Vernon knocke«r 


R, H. E. 

!'.'.'... 1 * ' 
Mosklman and 


made a tins 
winning It, after 

in tho nnal he was unable to hold his 
advantage. Joe Tyler of Spokane having 
defeated Mr. Barclay of Duncan rather 
easily. is In the seml-tlnals with 
Messrs. Khodes, Vancouver, tmd Gar- 
rett and roulkes of this city. 

The best match of the men's doubles 
was that In which Green and Baker of 
Vancouvei- irlun-.pacd over Ornwal! .ind 
Pearson of Kamloops, 8-6. 3-6. 8-6. As 
will be noted It was a fight right 
through. Cardinal and Rhodes, tho Van- 
couver partnership, and Foulkes and 
Tyler, the Vlcteria-Spokane star part- 
nership, were successful also. The lat- 
ter are the favorites for the tourna- 
ment honors. 

Few are venturing any prediction as 
to the likely winner of the ladles' sin- 
gles, the ladies' doubles or the mixed 
doubles. Tn these classes there arc quite 
a few contests on today's card, neces- 
sitated owing to the large entry and 
the necessity of bringing them within 
range of the finals. Miss Rlckaby s vic- 
tory over Miss Mclvor of Duncan. 6-7. 
6-1, 8-1, was one of tho notable fea- 
tures m the singles. In the doubles 
Miss Ross and Miss Mclvor had a dif- 
ficult task to defeat Mrs. Croxr Baker 
and Mrs. Langton and In the mixed 
there was another good battle when 
Mr. Matterson and Mrs. Fahnstock, the 
laller Of Portland, beat Mr. GUIlatt and 
Miss Baker of "(Vancouver. 7-6. 1-6, 9-,l. 
Mr. Shannon and Mlsa TVlnbloe defeated 
Capt. and Mrs. Foulkea In a three «et 

As will be noticed by a glance at the 
order of play for today arrangements 
have been made for the lnau»uratlon 
of a consolation series. Owing 'to the 
additional matches this introduces the 
players are requested to pay special at- 
tention to the time set for their res- 
pective games -to be ready to take 
the courts without delay. For the con- 
venience of those taking an active part 
who win be Inconvenienced !n leaving 
the club fiuartcrs for the mid-day meal. 
a light luncheon is being provided by 
the officials. 

yesterday".'! nomplete results follow: 

Men's Singles. 
B mtth. ' B ea ttUi bea t 


Smith; court No. * 
I i^i).;: B^il^ court No 
I Leemlng; court No 
I Gamble. 

11.45. — Court No. 1. Mrs. 
Miss Jewell; court No. 2. Mrs. Tyler 
snd Miss Schmltz v. Miss 
Miss Winsloe; court No. 
nedy and Miss Smith v. Miss Ross and 
Miss Mclvor: court No. 4. Greeii v. Bag- 
hnwe; court No. 6, Frye v. «e'''/«°»' 
court No. 6, Arnold v. Carew Martin. 

2.15.— Court No. 1, Miss '■' 

Miss Corbroth v. Miss K- 
MISS Bell: court No. 2. ^rs. Talbot and 
Miss Gillespie v. winners Mrs. Tyler 
Tnd Miss Schmlt. and Miss Pearce ^"^^ 
Miss Winsloe; court No. 3. Rhodes v 
Garret; court No. 4, Ryall ^^^'^^%.^ 
Cane v Carmlchael; court No. C. win- 
^^r of Pollok and Leemlng v. winner 
«f K G Mc and Winsloe:, court No, 
t wln';er'of GllUat and Bla.kstone v. 
«Uin^r of Arbuckle and Oatnble. 
'"^ tin —Court No, 2. Caratna. un^ 
RhreT?. Dickson and Matbcson; court 
Foulkes and Tyler v. Garrett and 

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Fly Pads 




tliuiattwiio «. 

alwsvs uniatisfacloty- 

No. 3, i<ou..v,=. :",L'«' 4 McKenzie and 
MnrBhall; court No. 4, >icj%.eii*i«' 
Sdwards V. Green and Baker: court No. 
r" inner of Green and Bagshawe v. 
winner of Frye and "e^'^^"' . ,^^«,i 
8 46.— Court No. 1. winner of Jeweii 

and Miss aewell -d /U^^i-n -.^ ^ 
Talbot V. winner of «"*'' Jr« Crow- 

..„irtNo 2. winner of Shannon xtnd 
court xNo. ^. rtarrett and Miss 

Mies Winsloe f *■ ^^'^fj^J^ ^^ale and 
Kennedy v. Rhodes and Miss - eaie 

ner of Caruinai »' . foulkes and 

and Mathcsonv^ winner Of r^^^^^ ^^^^^ 

ITI ^^nner^^f Mc'Stnzle and Edward 
No. 3./w'?""^' riaker V Harrison and 
and Green and'^aker v^ ^^ ^ _^ 

Schwartz; court ^^^^^ ^ mIss 

■^Tyler and Miss scbmltz ana 



,.A Miss Winsloe and winner of 
Pearce and Miss vyih'" »„__ ni\- 

.^ ond Mrs Talbot and Miss «» 

res^S v^^MT^G^ 

twelve"ch0SEN for 


In the totermediate game the Vic- 
toria WeW twelve will line up as fol- 
lows* ' ' 

Gtfkl; Medridge: point. R. Whyter 
cover point. A. CorWc; Ipt defence, t- 
Dinsdalfe: 2na defence. Bolton; 3rd de- 
fence. Meneies; centre, C. Brown: 3rd 
home. S. Stewart: 2nd home, i. Jenk- 
ins; 1st home. A. WllliamB: outslda 
home,. Charles Stevens; inside hoi^ie, 
"Lofty" Brown. Spares: "Duke" Rob- 
ertson and E. Stevens. 
- S. Lorimer will referee. • 

WILL "form second 


oak Bay and Victoria West Intermadl- 

ate Teams to Enter Another 

•series — Tropbleu rroBented 

It has been decided that there shall 
be another local intermediate league 
series The decision was reached at a 
recent meeting of the Victoria Lacjosse 
association at which Mr. D. S. Tatt, he 
ttKesldent. volunteered a $26 donatloti 
for a trophy oi; trophies to be compc ed 
the second grade teams Of the 
He took the ground that It was 
m the interests of the Can- 
game, that the young 

Purity In Pipe Tobacco 

—A Rare Thing 

Iheir toba'ccp-using licorice, XBolasses, gum or sugar. 

These artifici.ll flavourings are used to cover up 
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that thejf 
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for by 



adlan National 

with Daley ■ 

» .v,„ l^r^T in the second to 
day and had no "•';^^!>;%'„, interspersed 
hlRh throw to third, C„r- 

Anief. never bad a chance 


Victoria and Vancouver Proviuolal 

,am« Wbicb Meet Tomorrow 
at Boyal Park 

ateur Tea 


mpnshould be interested. As the Oak 
bad won the first series already It 


You can't beat nature as 
can't get a better, nor nearly 


ood, a pipe tobacco aa 
and is of 

advisable that they 


- r .-R: 


hll. netted 
Inning nnrt the 
tn win after. 

I^os ,\nKele» ■ 
Vernon . • ■ 
rUlRe nnfl 

eArrtAMKN'TO. AUK. ? 
of the ninth IniilnB with 




R. H. E. 
4 6 2 

".'.'.'.'.'. 7 13 - 
Ahbott; Brackcn- 

. In thf last half 

thp snore fi f' 2 

bent Trench, Dun- 

of the niniu ■__ ^ „„„ on 

a^aln.t thorn, '»;;. '"■•;';„^,'^.\er wUh Ab>.' 
V,«..,. th. ^-;;;'^;; ^"ro7 an error by Tap- 
rurvei anfl w'tb the no j^ ,, ,,„ 

lain Walverton. who '^'i^^;' "_.„„ ,,„„ 


hent Mrs. 

heal Mrs. 



.\B. n. 

H. PO. 
1 11 



Ij.'wis, r. . . • 
KnRle. p. .■• 

T.-itnl.« . 

Tsconia — • 
I'.ssspy, U. • • 
Coleman, 2b. 
Ahbott. rf. • • 
Kennedy. 3b. 
T.ynrh, cf. .. 
Buins, c. — 
Morse, ss. . . 
risher. lb. . 
^rhmiitx. p. • 
•Hl(t»lni» ••• 




. . * 

. . s 

. . 4 

. . 4 

. . 4 
. . S 
. . I 

15 SO \* 
H PO. A. 




..r,„M hove plcked^tn.^ 'n;'n%.,V cUn^hcd tb^. 

als when he picked ovt 

triple over the ri(?ht 

« M ffnro Twn on bn..=es ambled home 

"'"' nf thP Riant first s,u-ker. R'^7»"^7'' 

,,^, .^pLr.n.W .lemnraU7.ed In 'h*- "l' 

''"" '•"^wh.n four runs were '"'■^'•'•''J'; 

TbP KBm^ loBfed alonK frr seven 

Vcrnls nover In slpht of vlc- 

,n,v nn<l tho nnlsh onmo .o Oi'lcklv that 

plate. [, 11. K. 

Score: n 1 S 

na'Klnnil . , j 3 

^7i":^r'imrMi..e: Thompson- nn,1 l,a.on«.. 
S ._gt. I,oiil« Boston 

Oakland 7 to 

vlrtnrv for the 1<>" 
t, wnlst-hlijh bnll for 

Id f 
was •■I' 
tjip Ofikn. 
frame with Ibf 

finlf of fourth, rain. 

RT. T.Ot'TP. AiiK. 

paroo rallf.l in "•■''_■"■■ ^^p postponed, 
PlltsbiirK-N'-w ^ i>rV Ramp i> 




( 30 11 3 


Totals ■ 

•Hatted for Schmuti-. 

^,,,.re by Innings: „,„„,„„„„ ^„, 
\ ancouver , n ft fl n fl n n 0—; 

:r;k'or'by"cbm,..x .. bv kok-. . 

has-s on hnn«. off "^J'TJ"'' ' 
pa.sort ball. Ilurnsr time. 


(Protested »i»m»» Nnt 
Hrnlcr l-e««;ue 

Inf Uidod. I 

Hays . 





HPRcon nU 
Kast F.nds 
rik.p;tiils . 

Intermediate l.e««ne. 

Won. l.,<ist. 

% 1 

" 5 

" '. 3 . ' 

1 n 

I... SI. 




r\n\ bESeman on 
tb«nree4-Maf«« orlma at 8»ttl. yes- 

committed the 

H'^aron Mil! 
North Ward 
oak Bay 
Bait ends 
Swastikas . 







6-2. 8-2. 

Rhodes, Vancouver, 
can.s. 4-6, 6-1. 7-.'i. 

Garrett heat Smith. Seattle, fi-2, 10-8. 

Foulkes beat Cnrdiiinl. Vnni-niivpr. fi-O, 
6-8.' 6-3. 

Tvlcr, .'Spokane, beat Barclay, fi-4. 6-0. 

I^adlea' Singles. 

Miss .Tcwell heat Ml.'^s Baker, 
couver. 6-1. 6-2. 

Miss Mclvor, Duncan." 
Hftmilton. 6-3. G 3. 

Mrs. CrlU-onn, Portland. 
Corboull. .\'. \V., 7-B, 6-4. 

■MrH. )-" PorihuiM, 
Bowan, Tacomn, 6-2. !)-7 

Miss HIrkahv h'MI Mis.'* .M'lvor. .''i-T, 

6-1, 6-2. 

I.adl8«' Doubles. 

Miss Kennedy and Mrs. Smith. Cal- 
gary, beat Mr.H. Dewar an.l Miss llnyne, ' 

6-0. 6-0. 

Mifs Ross and Miss Mclvor Inat .>!•■.<>. 
Crnw-Bakcr and Mrs. L,angton, 6-3, T-H. 


'Miss I'eele rmd Mi.-fS forbovilrl. New 
Westniin.ster. heat Mrs. Hamilton and 
Miss SteinberRer, 6-1. 6-3. 

Ml.sB Kennedy and Miss Hell heat 
Miss Hickahy and Mrs. KchwenKcrs. S-R. 


ISfrs Tnlliot and Ml-ss GllleRple heat 
.MrH \V. Tcclv! antl Mlsa .P!tt«. R-0, 6-1. 

Mrs Oenge and Miss .Tewell beat Mrs. 
I-ahnMook and .Mrs CWlUson. Portland. 

6-3. fi-4. 

Mrs. Gense .<ir,.l M1p3 .Tewell heat Mrs. 
Merrill and Mi.s.-* Tnppcr. 8-0, 6-0. 
Vlxsd Xtonblas. 
«irith, Seattle, and Mrs. Langley beat 
Pearce and Miss Pearce, KnmloopS. 

Ryall and Mrs. Smith beat Dcwar and 
Mis» Kennedy. 6-1, «-l. 

Matterson and Mrs. Kahnsiock beat 
gmialt and Miss .'Jaker, Vancouver. 

7-5. 1-6. 6-1- 
Major Audain 

A couph^ «'l lacrosse matches, b-oth 
of which should furnish stirring cnt.-r- 
tllnment. arc scheduled to take Pj^- 
at the Royal Athletic grouud.s tonior 
roJ afternoon. At 2.15 o;clock an In- 
termediate game, Victoria \\_ est vs 
Oak Bay, which is '^"^ ^'''^"^'"^•"' ^i' 

he called. The ^'i^^^'-^ *"\,' ,'*"*,;^; 

xer senior amateur twelves will take 

h . neld at 4 o'clock. This is the Im- 

■ fixture, tho tirsl I'Hng arrang- 

a prelude. OwinR to the 

Terminal (Mty pla.vcrs 

V)v th<- afternoon boat 

1 necessary to defer 

p iriant 
ed simply as 
fact that llie 
are coniiuK '" 
it has been I'mnii 

for their .onvenienre. 

!hMiI -. prartlce 

be Blvcn 
ducement to continue play until the sea- 
auce.uc T,,,,.„ offer was accepted 
f,onsend. Mr. i, . ^^^ ^^^ drafted 

:r'h^I^-'^'^^---"-' ."-'"'^•^^"^ 
an effort l.s to he ma,:. ,■■ -.cure an- 
other club it IB probable .ha' the is.ue 
as before, will He between the Oak 
Bay and Victoria West twelves. 
i^ \ .Tiove on foot to Persuac 
Teams to play an exhibition m..leh to- 

morrow as a 

to persuadu' these 
, „.. _.:hlbltion 
curtain raiser to the Vlc- 
senior amaleni i.u. '-h. 

tlu: bi,£? game 

The Victoria players 

'oct o"cniptr— the rmul one in prepar- 

Ll'on ior'tbe match. They feel eonti- 

o? success.- It is their oplni.>n 

..1 t.voUe Is stronK enough 


j Ihfit iVic 


If Canadian tTh^b Championship 

Tonrn«y comes "West This City 

VTIU Hav9 Preference 

(jTTAWA. ».)nt.. A'lK 

.•), — AlllnaiKli it 


t. 'beat the Mainland agKre-ation, giv- 
!.; an ever, run of luck, "t any pa.k^ 
„iw,,,i,i niici-eed hero IS 

should succeed hero 

conclusion. But 

rominK oyer 

iiasc Improved their 

bo more lOrmiclabie 



and Mrs. Crow-Baker 

That they 

lak.n as a foregone 
the Vancou-.erites "re 
strong. They 
It am and will at anv time previously this sum 
m<.i For this reason the. local.s 
tak'ng no 7hanres. They are in 
lorn and consider that their 
present': no weaknesses, 
' A,pe..ded rre the respective team, 
vkncouver: Goal, McGeer; point. 1 . 

Matheson: cover P'.lnt, Hum.s: 1st ,le 

fence, McCualg; -ml 

luie: 3rrt defence 

Fnlrhelller; 3rd 

home, KniRiiL; 

.side home. 

Wright. Spares: 


Victoria: Goal. Johnson; 

cover point, J. Dakers; Ist 

2nd defence. Okell; 

Brvnjolfsen: centre, Mc- 

"■" /""" „_j'^on,'e, A. CarsB; '^nd home. 

Johnson; 1st 



where the i 
nanient will 
la making a 
Whether the 

definitely announced as yet 

National T-?""!" Tour- 
be held, british Columbia 
big bid for the f,':nnes. 
coast province v\'i; i-' the 

''"-^fslfthe product of Carreraa. Limited, 

thell^^ne high quality as the Carreras brands in London. 


Sold in Ten Cent Packet., or- 

In Cartridge-form (for Baron'. Pipe FUler) 

12 Pipeful., Ten Cento 




Twin Brothers 




tlic Kunc tliin:;- arc ciiual 

to one another.' 

conti ;«ts 

In 1012 

of the Can 

sprlnK. and it Is , ■ , „f 

club Is makinK b.,; cf- 

the meet. Tf sudh" 




E. Matheson; centre. 

home, Gunn; 2nd 

1st home, Muri'My; ont- 

Peacock; Ins^lde home. 

Painter. Feroohall and 

point, F 

defeiiee, Btiles; 
3rd defence, 
f'artpr; 3rd home. 

home, McDonald; outside 

McDougall; inside home, Clute 
Spares: (defence)— Noel and 

scene of the 

will he decided at I 

adtan Tennis asaoelatiisn next 
learned that the Brit- 
ish Columbia 
forts to land 
thing is possible, the tourney wil take 
place at Victoria, the home of Schweiy 
Kcrs and Meftae. wlio 
nuished theniselve-^ s.. 

There li " posslhlilty. however, of 
several of the eastern clubs putting 
forth strenuous kiekn in this regard. 
.,almln« that the Irav.lllnR expenses 
will 'be too heavy, but when tt is eon- 
-Idered that tho Coast City has sent 
vopresentatlves to Ottawa this week, 
regardless of expenses. It Is likely that 
the fCaslern clubs will give way to the 
Victoria oiKanlzatlon. 

have distin- 
rri-dltahly tills 

,,,,,,,,, Inilucnutytlctluct from his philosophy 
•N( )1-.LKMEN" C1G.\R anil the hi^'h-grade 

choicest Havana Leaf, 


l-'.nclitl thii nol 
that tho l).\\ IS" 
"impo'rtcd" i.:iyar 

l^ccausc thoy are l)"tli made Iruiii 

hy .skilled Cuban wnrknicn. 

TiiF DWIS- •■NOBLEMEN-' (^ for 25c) is 5o7o ^"^^^ 

ERtcause. being matle in this country, it escapes the heavy, 

duties which arc imposed on "imported pods. 

are something likethe spots o£ the leoparc 


but one trial pf the 

arc hard things tn remove, 

ME.V'will prove to the smoker that itJj,,* 

'•imported" cigar on thc.ittarkct. ' ■^-^■'^ 

(home)— Pettlcrew and Mc- 



Ueorge Cold well 

,111 referee. 

Wash.. Aug. ••■— 

Itlliod late today 

McKeary. his cell mate In 

nrst stranKled his 

hlin with A 

arrest on 


William (VNeiil was 

by Barney 

the city Jail, who 

victim and then stabbed 

• te€rt fork. Both were under 

charges of intoxication. 






Friday, August 4, 1911 

Grogan & Crook 


1 :\S renihertoM Bull'Jing 
Phoue IS 65 

Between five ami six acres. 
^'.tl, s'r iiu'-area feet Of B^» 

front at i ,t.ll>oro Bay, good har- 
t.,>v.iy.f fin- H launch. A lovely 
Mie for a hoine and 


Will Handle 


Balance can be arr'anged. 


Secures the Best Little 

Six Roamed House 

in Town 

Just finished — modern and 
cuinp'ete in every detail. 

Leaded glass windows 
fireplaces in dining- and sit- 
ting room. lUiilt in buffet. 
Hot and cold water, large 
kitchen. Cement basement 
with hot air furnace. 


The price for this prop- 
erty until Saturday is 
$4,800, on easy terms. 

After Saturday the price 
will be $5,000 — not a cent 

If you want a home you 
jhoul'd see this. It is good 
for a. $r,ooo increase in 
value before Christmas. 

This week is the last 
chance for this at 

Western Lands 


T20I Broad: comef 'View 



8occ«r T«am Touring Canada la An Ail- 

■tar Agtvs*.tioa Well Worth 


In \i.v\ .^r '.'I.- stioiiK probHbllily th.Hl 
l.ji rfl HOccer enlhusiusts vsill have an 
tippi'i-iunlty of wltneKsiiiK 'lie ( ■(utnthian 
football taam In action liero, the follow- 

• . ...1, ,.-,-1- TT .. I , _l_.^ ...U A.." .. ^ .V... .,-.....{«.. 

cracks will be of IntereHt: 

G. G. Newman — Charter lloutse dii'i 
Oxford. A reliable goalkeeper, who lias 
playetl flome prrat Karnes for his uni- 
versity, and till- old C7arthuslans. l^^ 
the latest recruit for the Corinthians, 
and. like his jjredecessors, has a safr 
)iair of liandB. 

W. Tlnimis — Honorary secretary uf 
the club, A vigorous worker both .i> 
an official and a player. Charter 
House and Oxford. Never been known 
to have an off day. 

R. L. Braddell — Charter Hou8f and 
Oxford. A powerful back and .(ipl«ndid 
kick, who despises weight and size, can 
move fast and tackle well. Another P. 
M. Walters of memorable fame. Holder 
of an amateur International cap against 
France. He ia a double Blu« having 
also played in the last two varsity 
cricket matches. 

F. N. Tuff— Malvern and Oxford. A 
good all-round man who can play either 
back or forward. He Is a double Blue 
at Oxford, and also plays cricket for 
Kent county. 

I. K. Snell — Charter House and Ox- 
tOTii. 0!;e of the best men in the tcaro; 
ocouples with distinction any position 
In the field, being more conspicuous, 
however, at full or halfback, where his 
preat height and heading powers are 
a\Bilable. Was a Blue at Oxford and 
obtained his International cap against 
France. Is a barrister of the Inner 

feet against Yale and Harvard, which 
u a record for Llie event, lie- Is an in- 
ternational, possessing welKht and pace, 
and Is a terror to all opposing goal- 
keepers. The atr-tiK'th of bin shootinc 
i.-i most remarkable. 

C. Wreford-Brown — President of the 
(.'orlnthlan Club. Is onf of the most 
Monderfiil player.s "i muilt-iii limes. 
Wli.ii Wrrfoiil lines not know In foot- 
hall i-an never be learned. Hr is an 
ideal vtipialii Of tho CorinthlitHS aOT 
many year,-, lli- is tt centre half back, 
and although a veteran. Is always nfidy 
to don thei white shirt, 




It is confidently cxpei:led thai the 
special train, wlm li will have the E. & 
N. depot here .' ' - • loik tomorrow, will 
lie crowded to u.s capacity. 'I'he attrac- 
tion Is the ainiual regatta conducted by 
the ShawnlRan hake .\thletlc Associa- 
tion. Those Victorians attending, as a 
ref.ult of thu arrungements made by the 
management, will be nrom-MU liack at a 
reasonable hour, li' n ii'i 'I. parting 
from the lake ImniciliatLlj .ilter the 
dance which concludes the festivities 

and the last number of which will take 
i,!a, , .,t n;ldnlght. 

To see all the sports, it will be neces- 
sary for those Interested to leave by the 
outgoing train In the forenoon. Owing 
to the length and the variety of the 
competitions provided by (he programme 
It has been found necessary to call the 
ojiening event before the special I'sn ar- 
rive. But 4II the regatta, and the 
greater part ot the Held attractions, will 
be deferred for the convenience of the 
crowns looked ror from tnis city. Thus 
those taking the excursion will be sure 
o witnessing all the contests of special 
note and of spending both an afternoon 

and an evening full of Interest and en- 

In view of the fact that the chief 
awards have been displayed here and 
that a list of the races, both on the 
water and on the land, have been pub- 
llfched In these columns. It isn't neces- 
sary to recapitulate. Btit the officials 
wish to enipliasijit! one competition of 
special Importance. It Is that In which 
the oarsmen of .Sliawnlgan will be pitted 
against those of the James Bay Athletic 
ABSOciaiion for a iiauuBuiVic cha...T,nC 
cup. This iB to become an annual event, 
and It is being started In a way that 
promises to make it most ' populai- in 

local athletic circles. V\: at the lake 

the youns men, who have shells of their 
own, have been training for a couple of 
monlh.s. They have had capable Instruc- 
tion, and being a husky quartette, feel 
ccnfldent of their ability to cope with 
the young Victorians who represented 
the J. B. A. A. at the N. P. A. A. O. It 
shouM \\f ,1 .spieniliil race. 

In addition, th^re will he a wide Va- 
riety of boat races, u series of swim- 
ming contests, a number of comic af- 
fairs, and field and track contests that 
will be of interest to all who are or who 
ever have been init 1 e.sted In athletics. 


Romano Photoplay Theatre 

Monday and Tuesday 



FrosTrp-miue Prlday and Saturday 
"Panama Canal in 1911," a film show- 
ing the exact condition today of the 
great canal; "In the Days of "49." bio- 
graph headllner; "The Sumarals Expia- 
tion," Japanese Film D'Art; "American 
Beauties," a glorious color picture; 
"Laundry Lady's Luck," comedy; "Hold- 
ing His Own," farce comedy. 


•'She's Uono It Again." 

"A Daughter's Devotion." 

"His Imaginary Crime." 

"Moiieres Life." 

"Heart of a Mother." 


riolcl V.T.lue in TInltetl States Iilkely to 

Surpass Tlxosa of Beat Pre- 

vlotis Tears 

WASHINGTON, Aug. 3.— With con- 
tinued pfliciaj assuranceiK that the 
1910-11 cotton crop of the United 

.Mtatfs will , be the greatest yield In 
thn hl,?tory ot the country, there l.s 
.speculation as to its total value. 
Shonli thft staple this yefir sell at the 
Bamp price as It did Jn 1910, the value 
ut the 'jrop...,j&:ouM ,. Itff npftroxtmatPly 
$1,000,(50,'?, OOC, exceeding the recdrd- 
breaklng cotton crop value rnade last 
year hy more than JtSO.000.000. Fur- 
ther estimates toda\- from the govern- 
niont's ofTiciil riguro ».if .S9.1 per cent. 
of a H'^irnial f<^r the condltioit of the 
growing .-rop on July 25, indicate tliat 
the frr.]. .ii i.A 7,046,.500,000 pounds, 
or l'f,74i,b,'U iiales of 47S pounds net 
^^eight. Thl.s would surpass the rec- 
ur crfon production •ear of 1904 by 
mere thnn one million bnles. If the 
crop thi.s year sells al ll..'> cents a 
pound, the average price for the last 
ti^•e ^Oirs. Its value would be about 
jL'.onc.oon leiow last years great 
^■alue rr-r.-ird 

I'oiiow the crowd to the big lacrosse 
game Saturday, 4 p. m. • 

Subscribe for THE COLONIST 

K. G. Thompson — Malvern nnd (''<)m- 
brldge. A fullback of considerable 
promise who has not yet realized the 
limits of his powers. Is fast, a pow- 
erful kick and stubborn. 

P. Sargeant — Cambridge. An old 
public school boy, who never knows 
when he is done. He is a great tackier 
and an indefatigable halfback. He la 
the mainstay of the Surrey (Jounty 
football team. 

R. M. Weeks — Charter House and 
Cambridge. One of the younger gen- 
eration who, from being a forward at 
Charter House, developed into a half- 
back and obtained his Blue for his 
consistent play in this position. Just 
the man for a long tour. ' 

M. Morgan-Owen — Shrewsbury and 
Oxford. A name to conjure with. He 
Is a Welsh international of worldwide 
reputation. A brilliant and determined 
centre half who displays splendid head 
work, and a pattern half back to watch 
in making openings for and feeding his 
forwards. He Is now a schoolmaster 
at Repton. The captain of the team. 

L. A. Vldal— Malvern and Oxford. He 
is a very useful half and can also play 
forward. He is a player of the vigor- 
ous type and can more than hold his 
own In the hottest #crum. A demon for 
work, and so say his scholars at Rad- 
ley College. 

J. B. Bickersteth — Malvern and Ox- 
ford. Captain of the Oxford team which 
secured such a well deserved victory 
over Cambridge this year. Has been 
educated for the church, getting experi- 
ence in Canadian mission work near ISd- 
monton. He Is a pretty half back 

B. p. Corbett — Thame County School 
and Oxford. Is an international and 
one of the veterans of the team, but 
still retains his form. . He is seen to 
the best advantage at outside ' left, 
where his great pace and cleverness are 
of great assistance to his aide. He Is 
head schoolmaster. 

A. L. Gorbett — Thame and Oxford. 
Brother of the more famous B. C, but 
is also an Oxford Blue and has been 
a very valuable, member of the Corin- 
thian team for. some years. He Is a 
master at Brighton College. He Is a 
clever and fast forward. 

R. C. Maples — Sheffield and Oxford. 
A sound player In the forward line and 
very clever with the ball. Had a large 
share in the victory* of Oxford o-V^er 
Cambridge in February last • 

Howard Henry — Partner to R. Cr iiCa- 
plea in the last varsity match, his clev- 
er work being much admired. Learned 
his football with the ManltolKi Football 
Association, secured a ithodes scholar- 
Bhlp, and has Jnst come from Oxford 
and tarting life as' n barrister in Win- 

— -Sr~H. Day. — Malvern and Cambridger- 
IB the greatest exponent of In.sldc i)lay 
In Great Britain today. He possesses 
an unerring Judgment and wonderftU 
control of the iiH He is an interna- 
tional, and also a Uuiible Blue, is n 
popular member of the Kent County 
cricket team. Now a master at West- 
minster school. 

H. G. Bach — Cambridge. A fine all- 
roimd athlete, who. although recently 
.1 own for his university, has played for 
tlie .\. F. .•\. against Bohemia, Wales 
and France. One of tlie surest Koal 
getters in the team, being very clever 
at getting openlnffs. Is a lawn tennl.-? 
player of distinction and plays occa- 
sionally for Worcester cricket eleven. 

O. C. Vassal 1 — Vice-captain. , Charter 
House and Oxford. A household name. 
Now one of the old brigade who dls- 
tlnRUishcd himself ut Oxford by ob- 
tHininFT H double Blue, and Jumping -3 



g« mem ^ — 7^ — 1 iC^^ ' '^ 



S - y^f<i^jp'»JkVK'iTJi i (vxmm f! !?^mKiiiim^ ^ 


— ^— .^— — — — — — — — — — — — — ^— — — — — — T ' ' — ^— ^— — _— ^_^— _— 

fSOO — Lot 60x110, I'orbes street. 

$460— f^ot 51x120, Walter avenue. 

between Haul tain and Kings. 

Gorge View Park. 

BflOO Lot SOxl.'in, Ktorenre street, 
close to Willow.'^ Cor. 

f3250 Hix lot.-., .--.Oxll.^, BurnsJde 

road, within two-mile circle. 
fSOO— Lot 40x1 BO, Dupplln road. 


111400 — Lot 100x110, double corner, 

close to Oouglns car. 

Kings road and Asqulth. 

$660— Lot 50x140. Willows Beach. 

Terms on all the 

nbove properCipp. 

National 1 

ilealty Co. 


Vlioac 118S. ^ ^"^^ OoTsnunant Btravt. 

■ t. 

Examine our windows — the new Merchandise shown there will interest you. 


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MilirFllitiJiNil 11 





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about them. So, too, will you when you see them. Neat fine stripes are very popular 
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Famous Silver Brand 

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Two prices — 50c ; 






Jo N 


Successors to B. Williams & Co., Victoria, and Johnston. Kerfoot & Co.. Vancouver ^ 






'• i. 







Friday, August 4, 19n 

r^ A TT V 

rni nvTft'l 


V^ V-/ *^ X >■ -^ • 






Wouldn't be a very nice prospect would it? It would be 
^till worse, if ?ome master mind had never conceived the idea 
of Fire In>urance. Hefore that fire meant desolation and total 
lass. Now, thanks to Fir.^ Insurance, -nc niav fed --rurc m 
the protection it afford-. 

Perhaps vou have never given Fire Insurance the con- 
sideration it deserves. Yet surely c^rvy fire must remnid you 
of the great risk you run through not havn,^- your prr-pcns 
insured. I u.-,t think this over. Is it not better to feel secure ui 
the protection of Fire Insurance, than to find, when it is too 
late thatybuf ^rdpef ty has-been swept- by -fke and .your .Iqs^. 
has'been a total one? We think you would sooner have the 
protection, and that is why we would like to take the matter 
of Insurance up with you. 





Pacific Station Comprises 
Spiiere Streici'iin.H, fioi 
tic to Lower California, 
eluding Sealing Grounds 

n • 

Sayward Block 



Phone 1494 

Under taie terniH of tli,- nnvai anie. 
mc-nt betwen the liiiiMDal, Canadian. 
unU Au.stralian govi;i uiiit-iita entered In- 
10 at the Imperial conference tin; 
Hphere of action of ^ae Canadian Pa- 
Liflc warshJpa is; placed as (oHowb: 
"The Canadian Pacific; station wUl In- 
clude .th"e.water» nol^-, of 30 degrees 
north latitude and east of the mcredlan 
of 180 degrees longttude." This sphere 
luelud€H the waters as far aouth as 
lower California and about half way 
HoroBB the Pacific and nojfthward to. 
the Arctic, Including Bering Sea. 

Under the terms of the sealing 
agreement It Is anticipated that the 
station will have hereafter to provide 
the patrol vessel to go yearly to Ber- 
ing sea, a.s Great Britain, as one of 
tlio signatory nations Included In the 
ut-rtt> aas ttKired Lu i>i"wVtd« a patro. 
vessel. As Britain acted for Canada 

.i -_-•»,-.„. -.-.-1 r»«.>.,.l., la t f\ f£i. 

Ill » iif A Pit C«' < i^Uii ». c;k**v* *,»*^ •»*-*•* .— 

t<'Ue the advantage derived it is cx- 
!>tcted thiU Canada will havo to sup- 
:>\y till' patrol and noxi scase n will 
inubably sff the Ualnhow started for 
ll.ThiB Seii on the cruLse sunllar -o 
that niiw bi'lng underiaken by H. M. rt. 

available at ..nee. The hotel Is not turn- 
InK away many guests. During the 
past month It has been hard put to it 
l„ rind urcummodHtlon at times and In- 
st. ud of (liminishing the ttoo.l ..f travel 
has apparently not yet reai'hed high 
tide. The same Is true wltli most of 
the other first class hotels In the city. 
The number of visitors in Victoria ho- 
tels this summer, in spite of the fact 
that the Coronation detracted largely 
from the early season travel, Is moie double of th.^. biggest year 


.\!r. Painter, architect for the Cana- 
fllan Pacirt.; Company, Is expected here 
i„ a short time for the purpose of 
.hawing up the plans for the new wing. 
'I'he foundation l"i the addition was 
lai.l when the main building was erefi.-.l, 
an. I it is under.stood that Ih.' n.-w uimk 
"will bo approximately the. s:im. as the 
wing recf.ntly added to the northerly ex- 
posure of the hotel, except that It will 
also entail the construction of a new 
ground floor. Vhen the north wing was 
•built It was reared above the kitchen, 
which was already standing. The ground 
floor of the nfew wing will Join the main 
building about where Manager Jack- 
son» office Is now located, and will pro- 
hWhly bo Riven oVt=f to a public ^rltlng 
room, smoking room and loungel The 
new wing w«l be provided with between 
68 and 70 new bedrooms. It Is planned 
to have the work begun this fall, so 
that the new structure will be ready 
for next summer's buslne^s^ 



oelsarated iady T.nnls Expert Prom- 
iaea to Compete at Taoom* Be- 
fore leaving for East 

TACOMA, Wash., Aug. 3.— In a per- 
sonal letter to Mrs. Hadley Seeley. pres- 
ident of the Tacoma l>awn Tennis 

on-the-I^nke the week following the 
lo(Bl tournament. She will arrive In 
Tacoma on Sunday morning, coming 
north from l^asadena, Cal., with Miss 
Mary Brown. A short stop will be 
mmle at Portland, where Miss Sutton 
and Miss Brown are. to play an exhibi- 
tion mnli-h on SiUurday afternoon, on 
Saturday night Miss Sutton leaves for 
Tacoma, and Hunday morning a dele- 
gation of Ta.'oma tennis players will 
greet h.-r al Ui.- : nLin .lepot. 

On Monday the tournament here i'.-- 
Klns and she will he among the starters 
in the women's singb-s and doubles, 
playing In the doubles with Miss Brown. 
Whethar she will participate in the 
mixed doubles will be known when Ml-ss 
Hutton arrives. 

\- the big competition in the east 
.\li.-;.-^ Sutton will compete, with Miss 
Florence Sulton, her sister, ami Miss 
Hazel Hotchktss, the Berkeley girl and 
present national champion. The NMag- 
ara-on-the-Lake tournament opens Ihe 
following AVedne-sday after, the Tacoma 
tournament has been completed, and 
Miss Sutton will have just time enough 
to reach there. 


cUih, Miss MdV -luttun aa r . i when 

MINERS AhE opposed 

rBRNIE. B. C. Aug. 3-— At a meet- 
ing held last night at Michel the miners 
passed a similar resolution to that 
adopted by the Gladstone union here, 
turning down the chairman's recom- 
mendations as reported to the minister 
r>r Iflhor. 

A meeting held this morning at Hos- 
mer re«uU«l la the same n-tlon belnsr 
token there. 

Another meeting is to be held at Cole- 
man tonight at which It Is expected the 
miners will do the same. 

The uncertainty of the report of 
Chairman Gordon, coupled with the 
clauses added by Mr. McLeod. seems to 
f <h^ refusal of the niln- 

w hw I h e th» o a u sa o 

\in in«* l-»i^iit.t: 

Construction to Start Within 
Two Months— Hotel Now 
Unable to Cope With Influx 
of Tourists 

championships ir this city next week 
she will leave immediately for Nlagara- 
on-the-La/e, where she Is scheduled to 
participate In the tennis championships 
to be held there. According to her 
schedule she Is due to open at Nlagara- 

to entsrtaln the proposition as now 
presented to them, and It seems settlea 
that the proposal to resume negotiations 
for a new agreement along the lines of 
the dual report of Chairman Gordon and 
Mr. McLcod will not be endorsed by the 



miners of the district. 

I bid 



Remove the name from 
a box of "Tuckett's" cig- 
arettes and you would 
still recognize them as 
"Tuckrtl'=." i'urc Vir- 
ginia tobaccos, blended a3 
we know how to blend 
them, neatly rolled by ex- 
pert cigarette makers, 
who have been years in 
our service. Their flavor 
and iragrance are easily 
distinguished by experi- 
enced smokers. 

Within two months, according to pre- 
sent plans, work will be begun on the 
second new wing of the Empress Hntel, 
on the southern side of the present 
structure. When the big hotel was first 
built provision was made for such a 
wing should It become necessary In the 
future, but at the time the hotel was 
opened there was little thought that 
the two wings would become necessary 
in 80 few years. As a matter of fact, so 
heavy has the tourist travel been al- 
ready this season. Manager Jackson 
cc.uld find good use for the extra rooms 
tt« a6w wing will afford were they 

A Money Maker 

A house and large lot on Superior St, close to Menzies 
St.. within TOO yards of where many thoiisands of doHars are 
now being spent. The lot is 6o x 140. Jhe price is ?3,500 
on terms This practically gives you the.housc free of cost, 
as lots in this block are selling at $3,000 each, and smaller lots 
at that. 

Let us show you the property. 

Leeming Bros., IJmited 

Insurance and Customs Brokers. 

524 Fort .Street 


Then Keep Cool with One of Our ELECTRIC FANS 

We have ail kinds and sizes, which can he regulated tcJ' give 

anything from a mild breeze to a hurricane. 

IdbJ'i 1 "K^fLatSSL^i 


— OF— 

Hawkins & Hay ward 

:8 Yates Street Electrical Supplies Tel. 643 

■*\ fJ 


To avoid substitutes, — worthless imitations 
made from cheap lemon juicc or chemicals, ■ and to 
g.n the product oi' the choicest West Indian Lime Fruit. 
*e«i. be sure you order 



To Make Room for Heintzman & Co. Pianos 

Havine given up the Masor. & Risch agency, we must immediately dispose 
of the whole of our present stock and therefore every instrument now on h.,u, 
is offered at a big reduction from ilu- Mason & R.sch usual advertised price. 


$280 $300 
$337 $400 

T'i.-iii-- Ml till, ni.tkc at such a low co.^l. 

I A 1 1ii<; i< the I'llllv 

reason you can ohtain 

Special Values at $320 


IJircct from ( )\viur. 3 1" i 

o iicrcs bctwrcn \'ic1i»riH niid 

Crofton. Vancouver \Auu,\. .Must havo liou.c, improvements 
and .sea frontage. 

Particiilars to 


1248 Barclay, Vancouver, B. C. 

' ..^.-A f r ''■- hql-inrr tlicn w^ will iVv to meet you. 

oncj' vou re(|Uiie i<ii un. DaiaiKC, ukm > 




Superior Street 

120 feet frnntn,q;e, 240 feet deep, with t20 feet front- 
age alsu on Michigan Street. This pro})erty is in 
for a rapirl rise in Price, on ea'^y terni.s— 


Pandora Ave. 

50x150 feet with frontage also on Mason Street. 
House worth $4,000. Garage, etc. The hest value 
offered on Pandora. One-fOiitth cash, halancc 
over 2 years. Price $12.00G 


Marriott & Fellows 

1212 Douglas Street 

i»ililivj iv 

111 Amounts from $5,000 
Current Rates 

H. P. Winsby 

Sayward Block 

Douglas St 

Tel. 714 or R 2378 

^'Keep THE 'Wolf* 
FROM YOUR Door"— -But let, 



, Wolf es Schnapps 

I is the purest and most wholesome spirit obtam- 
able. ' It is not only an exceedingly palatable 
stimulant, but a tonic of great medicinal value. 
Cleanses the liver, kidneys, and other organs. 

^ A glass of Wolfe's Schnapps before 

""^-'^ meals is an unfailing appetiser, a 
refreshing drink and pick-me-up at 
all times, and immeasurably superior 
to ordinary gin. 




WM I ■ :« 




Ask Specially 









$3.00 Each 

The new Vest Pocket Camer«|.j 
takes perfect pictures 


> .^ ujSLma 



■^'.',. ^.l-tiiJit^ 

ULy,ier^. rJi.^nfer.U!H?r WfejMyjg" 


\^CTORlA DAlLl uuj^uim»i 

Friday, August 4, 1911 




Corner Lot, i ACMiodkiriL;- I'duI Hay, t>j 
xioc. scwf! ami water laid uii, side- 
walk.-- ''."W lu'iii;.; laid: '.i cash, l);il-- 
ancc I', 1- and iS moiuhs, at / i»i-'r 
enit. I'ricc is ^1,000 

Corner Lot. Fernwood Road, '..(M ■;! 

Mali' ra-li: balance at 7 per cent. 

Tliis wi'iild be a lmmkI lot for a 
'. builder. J'riee ,^1,500 

Wilmot Place, Two Lots, 50 x 133 
each, close to Oak Bay Avenue. 
One-third cash, balance over two 
•v.ears ,At. 7 per cent,., Price..,^ach,. 
is ?1,200 


Johnson St., 'h) x 1 jo, between I'dau- 
cliaru aiul (Jtiadia: jii-odm;iiig rev- 
enue $70 pejr month. On terms, 
Price . ..'..' $18,000 


Fort Street, eln^' to I'd.anchard, 33 x 

120. with j-htuiy niodcrn brick 

buildinj::. Rents for $236.00 per mo. 

$10,000 cash, balance at 7 per cent. 

. An excellent iuy:.^^.Price. <a^37 ,000 

58 Acres, 5' 2 miles from Victoria, 
nearly all {^ood land, only short dis- 
tance from Cordova Bay, Suitable 
for .subdivision. Very easy terms 
given on tliis. Pri'. 


Camosun Street, close to new lliKh 
School, 58 X '113. Cement siile- 
walks, boulevard, street soon to be 
paveil. < )nc-thir(l cash, balance at 
7 pel cent. Price $1,500 

Carnsew Street, Fairfield Estate, 'mx 

120, just off Moss street. ( )ne third 

cash: balance 6, 13 and 18 months 

at 7 per cent. "^rice\.1. T. $1,3^0 






Fort Street 

:U)xir2, iind <^c)()(l .Vroonicd colhi^c, well rcnlcd, wcsl ul" Vaii- 

coiiN'cr Slrccl. 

Price $450 Per Foot 

<!/ • ^"' ■ » 

•^ ' ^iuaxan, ^ 




Money to Loan 
Phone 1076 

Stores and Offices to Rent Fire Insurance Written 

H12 Broad Street PO. Box 428 

B uild e rs and H om 

\..t^A "CT" 

OFF POt^GIiA-S STRKKT — Half aero with frontage on two streotB; wUl 
cut lnt« four lots wltli 50 iep.l frontage eacTK I.nn.j lilgli with beau- 
tiful view, sidewalk, etc. Price on terms ...Q »a,600 

PARKDALE— Three lots, each 50x112. HlKh. with magnificent view. 
Only short tliatance from car. Lota in this block have sold for »400 
«ach. Terms. Price '^°° 

i-AIRFIBLD ESTATK— For a quick sale we can offer three lots on 
Brooke street, all improvements, going !h adjoining lots ^old for 
$1,000. Terms. I'r! :e ^^ 

HILLSIDE AVENUE— Double corner. 120x180, will cut Into three fuU- 
.slzed lots: street 1? shortly to be widened to 75 feet, paved, etc., and 
property will rapidly advance in value. Terms. Price »3,000 

PANDORA AVENUE— Large 7-rooni house, close in. on lot 50x107. Will 
rent for »80 or 135 month. For quick sale. Easy terms. Price . .f4.7S0 

Fi:U.N.W()OI) nOAD — SIx-roojn house on lot 80x131! with all modem 
conveniences. Built about/lB months ago. Basement, etc. Easy terms. 
Price ^•^'^ 

ALEXANDRA PARK — Fine seven-room house with one-third of an 
acre waterfrontage. Lot adjoining held at J2.500. House is thorough- 
ly modern and a positive sttftp. Easy terms. Price 95,500 

ALSO seven-room new house In a fine subdivision with quarter-acre of 
ground and all conveniences. House cost 18,500 to build; lots are worth 
Jl,200 each. Reduced price on easy terms .,...f4,B00 

OAK BAY— We haye some of the most desirable property for sale In all 
parts of the district and some extra choice waterfrontage near hotel. Be 
sure and see us if looking for a 8U«. 



Eairfield Estate 

Pemberton & Son 

Corner Fort and Broad Streets 

Victoria, B. C. 


DURBAN ST.— 2 lots, 60x120, 1-3 cash. Price, each $1,050 

JOSEPH ST.— Lot 50x120. Price, ca.s.h $775 

SOUTHGATE ST.— 60x120, 1-3 cash. Price $2,500 

MAY ST.— 62x104, 1-3 cash. Price $1,500 

HOWE ST.— 50x1 16, $500 cash. Price .... $1,350 


p. O. Box 618 
Real Estate 

M f 

von J\ivensieDen 

Members Victoria ^tock Exchange * 
636 View Street 

r .. 1 

Phone 2445 

HOME' $3,300 HOME 

6-room house on Oscar Street: modern in every way: $500 
cash and the balance $25.00 per month. 


Phone 2Q64. 

Ground floor, Sayward block. 

Es quimau and Nanaimo Railway 
Company's Cleared lands 

' n^u^ n^^-^r-aA Tj-\fc af nijalif'um "Reach. 
Newcastle District, are now on the market 
in tracts of from thirty to forty acres. 

■ '■ For plans and prices, apply to L- H, 
Solly, Land Agent, Victoria, or 

L. E. ALLIN. Local Agent, Parksville. 

Oak Bay l.ots 

eOxlSO, Branch Av«., oloM 

to Newport Ave .f 1,060 

100x150, Mitchell St. next to 

corner. Oak Bay Ave. ..... .f 3.100 

60x140, Bank St. ..:... »86« 

B0xl20, Foul Bay Road ST* 

SOeI'S. Oonualcs Ave f 1,060 

62x182. Ooniales Ave f 1,400 

J,Wxll7. SI. Davta St., $2,350 

^Zl33 H»mp«hlro Ro«di 

north fl,280 

49x140, corner Hampshire Road, 

road and Saratoga Ave.. .. .$1,100 

easy terma 


Oak Bay Realty Office. 
/!05e Oak Bay Ave. 


I,r.t-; T, 2, 3, -t. ''. '''■ ' ' •"> 
IJ, hcinj:: N'l.irth \\ est 


C.M.I'.IX ).\[.\ 

rroducing rc\cnue 


\'crv liasv 'I'crms 

A. W. Bridgman 

Real Estate and Insurance 
1007 Governtiicnt St 


Coal — Tho iMial measures nrn 

bernl, which will also be the ship- 
ping- point for Comox coal. 

JuTsia»:n lint ».i»u uUSincriCT .»»jy" .". 
I'lirl yMlH-rnl at r'^n.soniihle prices, 
.•in.l bc.'intlful WiiU'rfront p-roper- 

•;;, : (I, l|ll S ' I I Vl I 1 S S TIVCT 011(1 la^ti. 

J mill i>vi:J 40-ii.i:i-e farm on good 
roiin. Easy terms, 94,000. 


.AUicrnl Brill I'ort Albcriil, n. i'. 

50 ACRKS, South Baan- 
ich, two road frt.nt- 
aRes, first-class soil, 

.-..dQ&e- to electric car- 
Hnc. Per acre ^225 

J. P. Belbin 

Office Phone 1166 

Residence Phone R-2684 

617 Cormorant St., Victoria 


If Adam had only used a little more horse sense, "before 
the fall," the chances are we would have all had a better time 
of it in this world. 

Don't You Imitate Adam 

The time to get in and buy Victoria property is right now 
•T3ef9re the fall." Dfe^ yWire^iUze that there is a 200,000.000 
bushel wheat crop in our Middle West and that nothing short 
of an earthquake can damage it now? Do you realize that 
this wheat will sell at about $1.00 a bushel. Do you reahze 
that this will mean an inrush of settlers with pockets full of 
ready money and that Victoria and Vancouver Island will 
get the largest share? Do you realize that values are lower 
now than they will ever be again and that if you buy wisely 
now youcan make big profits this fall? 

We Have Edited Our Lists 

AV'ifU o tM<»^v <■'* i-lp^^^it vino- 1 iit^ f fhiss investment 
property ^j^ood for profitable fall turn-over. We have it ;t 
all prices and of all varictic-. C-nic in today, 

FORT STREET, between Vancouver Street and Cook Street, 
60 X 120. One-third cash, balance arranged. Price ^26,000 

DOUGLAS STREET— Lot 52 x 120, running through to 
Government. On terms, price $25,000 

VIEW STREET— Lot 60 x 120. One-half cash, balance t. 
2 and 3 years at 7%. Price • • -^ $23,000 


1205 Langley Street. 

Telephones 2967 and 2026 




Advertise in the Daily 

Money Makers 

JClchniiiiKl Uimd — Nf.Tr Kurt St.. S 
room h-Hi!"- on two Inrjfe lolf, cnr- 

iifj. only *5.5«0; pn'y iprwn. 
Trior St. — Clone to HlUislrto. two flnp 

lots, high Bn4 ilrj-. Price ft.OOO 

»o/h; tr.rm« 1.1 rH.«h. balance 8 

nnil 1 :.; niontlis. 
lairftrld Rotwl — i Ioup (o I.lndcn avo.. 

OH.' hit. lifaiitirullv BliuatPil. nii- 

nlmrtp trt-i'S. olxe 60 by 200; qnblt 

rn\<\ HI, {00; 1-3 OBPih, bnlnnco on 

fnny \prn\n. 
Two l.iu-KC Lots on <>il»r lllll 

roiid. (logo |o llllliilfl'". 1-3 rniib. 

I.Rlflnra BiTHUHod. rrleo for th# 

two ... »l,««0 

]|)||,|,l,w_vv«. bnv« It f<>w liils left 

jurt ctit»Ulo the mile rlrr>. 

PrtCB 11,000 

Bagshawe & Co. 

1219 IlriMMl N«., Opi><Mil« CulonUt. 
Ph«Mie St7i. 


Eleven Lots 

50 X 120 

all Ifi garden 


Inslilo tlic '■!(>• llnillM with city 
wator, cleclrH; liKlit ami tfle- 

At ])rc.Tnl sellmc value.«( In 
tnis (iiniriul tlies-e lots are vvcrtli: 
i-niir lots at $Pif>0 9a,aoo 

Seven Inta ,at ?r,00 93,600 

Total f5,700 

For quick tiala w* are Inatructad 

' "^EWARTlAND CoXtd. 

■Phono 284. 

1104 Broad Str«et 



U you have, you cnn put by a little for a rainy day. 

AVn'y not buy a STKWART lot? , , ,u m»^ 

Wo can sell you a lot T^Ullln a mile of the husine.-..^ centre of th« City 

for' $300 and give you plenty of time to pay for it. Stewart will grow as 

ranicUv as any other seaport town at lUo terminus of a transcontinental 

\lAiV lo 

I tlioii .-should bo worth $5,000. 




I'M \rTCii Eood linuBP. riivh.«ii<l, on frK.nnlrh wnterfront, I)1<«11IV ■'< ■'■^•'•r. P 

shootlnB or (Wishing box 


\S> tiiivp R goo* roomlnpr lion.«<- In 
to offer? f;pt hnny. 

OnU l»".v 'o<« «'"' I'onies onr 

'LinRo for real estate. 

TliU Is n money maker sure. 



to take 94,S00 on 

•aay tarma 1 


VoOaUnm Bldff. 

DonglM St. 


3829 > 

G. E. Deakin & R. T. Lougheed 

Royal Realty Company. Rooms 8 and 9 Green Bl ock. 

Holt & Attwell 



with the whole or n portion of an 
acre of chola« (cnrrten frontlnn on 
thr«« utrcetn, «nd In line poBlllon 
for Kubdlvliilon. Thld 1» a Kolilen 
opportunity for InveKlmenl, »n w« 
can deliver thl» at an exceedingly 
low fiaurf ■•ti *pry easy tcrros fcr a 
Umlted tlma. 

Welch Bros. & Co. 


1303 Broad Street. Phono 2178 

Suuirnlt Ave.. 4 rnomert ("allfi-rnla hnnfa- 
low fullv modern, with H «< le of land. 
fiul't Ireesi. etc., »«,50«; $2, BOO cash, bal- 
nn<a ensj'. 

Frnncl. A\e., R -ronmfil. fnlly nindnrn hou»«, 
Ifood iMtwment. pipe for rnrnace, lot JOx 
13(i. T'rice $4,000, H cnsh. balance ar- 

Owar HI., (i-roomed hoiipc. new, with ce- 
ment foundation, pipe for furnac, lot M 
xtzn. rrlcc »I.I«H>; |1,00« naah, MUaBY 
(, Vi, in inontha. 

Gold Nugget 

Ivies just outside Jj mile 
circle, on the liill top, over- 
looking the city and harbor, 
in the form of a beautiful, 
new liouse of 6 rooms: v, ell 
built, piped fpr furnace, all 
modern conveniences. 

A first class investment. 
We can lease it at once at 
s^o PT itiDiilt'i lOr two years. 
We will sell this nugget for 



6ao JohiMon St. 

Open Evening! 7-9 p.m. 



' OAK BAT sxirrKKne 

W« have the exclualva ■«]« o* 
one of the nicest little homes <1| 
the best part ot this dlstriet Th4 
cottage is beuuttfuUy finished lit' 
side and out; contsliM I rooms, 
is fully modern and on a Utrc* 
lot. The owner is iesvlAK mAA 
•will sell to a reBpOBBlWe P«fly <Ja 
particularly eaer terms. SumII 
. cash payment, and balaaps |lk* 



Real isetate * Inauranf* ^avMItt 

Or*«tt BU»ek, BsmM' ^9l^li$*^n^'-' 
PIMM Mtlf 

Friday. Auauat 4, 1911 




More Cheap Lots 

Lots 6. 7 and 8, \'ancf)uvcr Street, l.iiueen \\\ui: - 

Terms ?450 cash. Price, each 

No. 3,^ ."-^(.TMii'l Slu-et, 53x105 

14 L'')v. l<",(hiiiiut'!'ii and Cellar llill rd-^. . 
3 Montreal Street, James Bay, Oixiio.. 

JlilLsidc .\vemu', ()0.\I20 

Princess Street, larcre lot 

luisterdale : 1mi> alHuU '^ acre; 

W ellinp:t'i!i St., 60x134 

( ".raft Mil St.. o().\i .;-t ' 

Foster St., 60x134 

<,,,id and I'.av Street, 50 x ii7- 

ri^-e S450: terni^, $150 cash 

large lot. iipl.,500: $500 

•• ..!..... :$i,»00: " $500 

•• ^3,500: " $730 " 

•• ^2,000: " $500 " 

" {rem .15^50: " $50 " 

" $f>00; •• $150 ■' 

" ', $800: " $150 " 

" .'.' ^800: " $150 " 


Telephone 30. 


Established iSfjo 

Cor. Fort and Vancouver 

60 X 112 

Price $30,000 - Terms 

SeeOur Half Page Ad. 






I'nncr kuprn ;,ivl I'lli-.i. arc tlf .otly W. C. ,,,w,is in wlticli ll,c r.. T. 1' Ry. Ins loiiu 

casion whatever tn i;ikc cchimn- "i :■ -h'cft 'Mitg 

■ 1 J 

c for t1io='c wliM arc wi.^c cii"iii;ii i.j l)U\ J'.l.l.lSON lots 

!S( )X. 

1 II 


I.WIKT-Illl., tllClThM-f tlKTC Is n, , oC-'-' ^'< "i vv..;m.-v.', ,n ...k. v. -mm ■ .^ ^^ ^^^^ 

yoii n\ ilic assured proiits there ar 

^50 CASH ;!ti.l ihc haliiiiee s,.rea<l over I ^^ - . \e:irs 1 ni_\ s ,1 Ji-icc 

^75 CASH ari.l the hahiiiec -.prca.l over two w.,irs htiys ehMier c:>vuiV \"\- iti 

ELLISON is the centre of a great mining and aczriculturai country, 
a nd r7m^iTbe7^t"Ti^Niw'BRANCH JJNLIQ . DAWSON sta rts 
^ rom ELLISOnT 

ELLISON is situated at hea^ oOiavigation on the Skeena river, four miles mi^ 
Hazelton, which lies across the nverr 










'mm /ii* i /^ ^ o 7?/% ^ I f 1 1 /^^^J I d 

1=^ \i ^ ^ Mf — ' "* 



Geperal Sales Agents 


I I 


, ,1.. :... .-,.1^ ,.<■ .he corner o^ T lMutr l as Htimhold t a i ul Btiuk - lle. — Thia is the best 

buy in the city today at the price asked. 

Apply to — 


Manager Branch Office of Great West Life 
P.O. Box 167 


Corner Broughton and Langley Streets 

Phone I 518 

BURNSIDE ROAD— 2-3 ACRE— 1-4 cash, bal. ^ 

months. Price • $3,500 

JAMES BAY— Lot 60 x 135: close to car: $800 cash, bal- 
easy. Price $1,800 

FORT STREET— Fine residence. 10 rooms, large lot: on 
terms. Price ••■• ?10,500 

CADBORO BAY— House and large lot, on good terms. Par- 
ticulars on appiicalioii to 


Phone 261 2 > 

Cor. Fort and Douglas 

Brown & Nas.on 

Ileal Estate. 

1225 Douglas .St. Phone !S7). 

Newport Ave.— Four lots, price. . .$3,600 
Stanley Ave. — L.ot 50x120. price. .fl.lBO 
Menzies street, close to Dallas road, two 

lots, price, each .sa.lOO 



Nortl-i-east comer of Work and 
HiilBlde Ave. Slx-foomed house, 
lot 50x130; rents for $20 laonth. 
Snap at $6500. Terms. 

Queen City 

Asli! & Proctor 

m.'? DouKlri St.. Phone 27 i 4. 

Oraars taken liero for WolUng-ton 


Choice Lots 

Waterfront Lot Ponl Bay, 60x120, 

IT ice $1,350, 1-3 cash. 
Faithful St., Kalrfleld Estate, one 

lot 50x157. Price $1750; 1-3 

cash: bal. 6. 12, and 18 months. 
Falrttelo Estata, two lots corner 

of L'aUfleld and Ullan road.<i. 

Frlco for the two, $2,600} $800 

ea«li. i>al. arranged. ' 
Cooke St., lot 60x120. Prtce $1700, 

$600 cash, bal. 6. 12 and 18 

inonlha at 7 per cent. 

Gore & Johnston 

632 Tate* Street 

Pbone 637 

Valn-.t.o Property — On Oovcrr- 
nieiU Klrcft ii«iar pf^''"""'-''"*^ 
bull...ngs. full DiuticuUu s on 

Brouffhtou street, ImI-,v..;i DoUff- 
las and Blanchftrd. 1 3-4 lots. 
r'ltinlns to Coiirtney. 

a-ov«rnmcnt atreet, rr-ar Cormor- 
ant CO X l:;i», p.-r trout f.iot. 

S,ooii'.lnir Hou»<», hra\itifully slt- 
UKUU. full particular^ on ap- 
plication. ' 

To liOt, furnished or vinfurnlshed 
t, .^•.,;-.u,<S hnii^c on ?>lmnnton 
load, with plenty of Kroun.l Ikiv- 
ins fruits. vc-Kelablcs. etc. 

J.T. L Meyer 

I'hoiip 24 4?,. P'?0!n li>. 6ni View 
.St. P. O. Box 224. 

Get These Today 

I.ot on Howe Street, 50x125; pmsv 
terms $1200 

Lot o:j corner Klngr'B Road, with 
shack renting $10 per mnntli. 

rrioB .-. »9oo 

IiOt on Blclimond Avenue, near 
Oak Hay avenue, 6U x IJO. 
I'rico $1100 

Flvo Choice I.ot» on Harriett Bd., 

nitir i'm>' '".iiiKe, price Liii_h S800 

Ritchie & Gusty 

1304 Douglas Street 
Phone 2310 

Modern Bungalow 

We have for immediate 
sale, a charming modern 
bungalow, on a full sized 
lot on Richmond Ave., off 
Oak Bay Avenue. Price, 
$4,200 en easy terms. 

$2,500, Easy Terms 

We also have a couple of j 
lots on Market Street, near 
Douglas Street. Price is 
only $2,500 and on easy 
terms, too. 

Apartment House 

. 150x165, on Burdette 
Avenue, corner. View is 
magnificent and cannot be 
obstructed. Price. $30,- 
000. The figures may 
.sound big, byt it's a moder- 
ate price and can be had on 
easy terms. 


We can .insure anything 
except your domestic hap- 

Forman & Co. 

i2r2Srdacl Street. 
Phone 55. 

Cecelia Street 

1.11 fcft fr'int.-in^e. with laiu; alonK 
one side; worth $1900.00; must 
rea-lt^e; rip**" to offer at 1-3 

Pandora Avenue l.ot ."i , , No. 135, 
,vjii, hnc iiM'cii'Mi 7-roomcd, rriniTCtc I'oimdation; 
t.HS.-mpnt with stationary wash- 
tuhs. piped Uiv furniiirp; elocttlo 
fixturpH; thin is a harjtnin; act 

Wcscott & Morrison 

soom 3, Moody Block 
'rhone 1661 

Johnson Street 

.30 X 75 between Store and "Wharf. 
00 X 120 betwffn PoMfflaa rtnd 

lOasy lorms 

Tor f"ll particular! apply 


Room 10, Mahon Block, 
V. t). Box T,S5. Phone 119. 

Blackwood St., close to Buy St., 

r.i;y torms. ...$1,000 

Prior St., close to Bay St., rasy 

tfrms $950 

Empraaa and Bay St»., corner lot. 

rnsy torniH. Price $1,700 

Fairfield Estate, HiMn St . 

l.inth^i, tfrma. Prire . .$1,600 

New Homes 

.[ohnf-on St., H room.'' .... $4, 500 
Oak Bay \v.. S rooms. .. .$5,000 

Pandora .A v . H room^ $5,850 

Woodlaii'l .'^t, near .Moms. 

<\ rooniH $4,400 

I'enihroke St.. nr ,Shakf.s- 

po.Trc, 6 room.? $3,600 


634 ▼lew St., Phone 3307. 

Dalby & Lawson 

Tobacco Trust Under Suaplclon 

.\KW YORK. AuR. .".— A det-rrr wm^ 
liiincicd down by the United Htatps cir- 
iMiJi ciMirl here tO(l,T\ on the inHnrlali' 
of the federfll supreme court en.lojnlng; 
till- (Ipfenflnnls in the American Tolmc- 
i-n company (.-a."!", their nseiils. s\ui\ 
servantR from dolnf? any act whiili 
'.".av further cTilarp^ th** ,;nt»iblnH( ton 
by any means or devle? what.soever. 
T)ie decree Is unrlerstnod to he direct- 
ed against plans which have been out- 
lined for the re-creatiun of the com- 

Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agent. 

1205 Broad Street, Next to Colonist Office 

aABUEN CITY— Quarter -acre blocks, cleared garden land, srood bear- 
ing orchard. »360 to $600 each; car line, city water, graded street, on 
the property. Terms |60 cash, balance $16 month. 
TB1JTOH STBBBT— Modern up-to-date new residence, eight rooms and 
furnace. Thli price Is a snap at $6,000. 
OAK BAT — Two lots. 50x161 feet, high, level and cleared, each 

J1,000; .terms $100 cash, balance $20 per month. 
BEI.VB1JBBB— A few choice, high level, grassy lots. 60x110. Improved. 

Terms $60 cash, balance $16 per month. $ff00 each. 
best buy in thu city today. 
Two New Houses Woodland Koad, a snap. 

McPherson & Fullerton Bros. 

618 Trounce Aven'ie, Victoria, B. C. 
Phone i888. 





A (jorner in Fairfield Estate, near car line, very fine, 
and no feet square. On terms. .$3,500 

No. 572— A half-acre lot, on Lilian Road, Foul Bay, 
on terms $2,100 

No. 242 — A corner pair on Topaz Avenue, hi£::]i and 
sightly, on terms $1,700 

No. 488 — Abeautiful corner in Oak Bay District, 120 
feet square, on terms $2>750 

Lake District 

100 ACRES of land or more. Good land, near Colquitz 
River. Price $300 PER ACRE. 

For further particulars see 




Rooms — 5, 7, g and 11, Mahon Block 

Insurance — Fire, Life and Accident. 

1002 Broad Street 

Orchard Lots Overlooking 

~~ ■ 

The Gorge— Only 8 Left 

64 X 2 VI f"ach, being a little over a third of an acre. Ki.-lit 
and nine-year-old fuH bc-arin.K trees on each lot. 


I. ..;,.„ ,,<.,• i,,t .<R1.250. There ;irc aliMiil 40 trees to each 
third I'i an aire. 



Trackselh Domlas sc § 

Corner Broad and Trounce Avenue 


Phone 1722 

Lot 60 X 135 

This is an exceptionaiiy good buy 


COOK — l-'lne six-roctm bungaloiv. 
cenipnt noor In baHfinfint, cement 
stdpwalftH round houso, Inrffc lot, 
.,nlj>- »l,::no. Terms ?1,0(H) cHsh. 
Imlnnce easy. 

We havp mImo i4 vrry fine InrRf 
lot <iii l'(Mi>lprK»Pt fH-DPl for 
|l,S(Hi; tPrniM fiifv'. 

Sola Arant 

Gordon BurdicK 

eao Bronffhton St. 
Pemberton Bloek, Plioiie asos. 

Three lots close to Douglas street, 

no rock, enrh, only $600 

1^;,.^ VlouKP nnd 2 lota .. . .tl,860 
X'-w BunKalow, Chapman «trcpt 


j,ot 60x135 to alley, on easy 


SiwcIhI for n few daya. 
nroad street, only, per ifoot. .f8a0 

All on ea.-ty terms. 


Baal aatat* AfwM 
SOfl Tatai BtcMt 



524 Fort Street 


■iriiMMiiiniiiaww— ifwum 



Friday. AuauM 4» Itll 

On the Waterfront 

A splendid fine knit coat 
in ihree-ciuartcr length style 

. . -I - , 1 ,- : .^ •• . . . ^-^ - 1 i f f rt »• o TT t 

knit stripes in colors — navy, 
f4rey, chanipa^mc. cardinal, 
black and white. Just the 
pr(ii)cr garment for these 
cool evenings. A large 
range of seizes from 34 to 42. 

Prices ?5.00 and ?S.50 

649 Yates Street Tel. 3039 

Asrent for McCall Patterns 


Blue Funnel Liner Reached Wil- 
liam Head Last Night Aftei 
Good Trip from Yokohama 
to This Port 

Aiiu-^ilcan Uiiiik. Si. uiuhtUp Company 
ami L'oiiunerolal Mi-Bciun lius been on 
the tapis anJ 1h weU uihUt way toward 
realisatlor.. Althoush j>Hrt!">il»rK »ro 
not yet obtaJnaUle, we know for certain 
I hat tho steamship company which was 
set on foot with an official subsidy, 
was eixually capitalized by American 
and Chinese liuldcrs and 1h t" he oper- 
ated under Chinese law. But what Is 
inoHt puzxIiiiK ia tlie capital, the sinal! 
Slim of (jUO.OOO yen. It is needless to 
»»y tliHt thi> amount is too small to 
purcluuse t'he liners needed for the scr- 
vlca between China and America." 



Holt Steamer Has Heavy Cargo 
of General Freight— Antil- 
•ochus Proceeds from Perim 
for Liverpool 



The steamer Keemun, Cnpt. ConradI, 
of the Blue Funnel line, reached the 
quarantine station last 'night from Liv- 
erpool via the usual ports of call In 
the far east with a larg« cargo, con- 
sisilng of about 10.000 tons of general 
me i -e hft H di ne . W*e — K t winun left — Voho .. 

Work Dona by B, C. Salvage Co. One 

Of Finest Jobs XJndertalceu ou 

TblB Coast 

That the total cost of floating the 
steamship Sportane and placing her In 
flrst class condition will amount to 
more than »1 00.000. Is the statement of 
those closely In touch with the situa- 
tion. The repairs to the vessel will 
amount to »75,000, malting the second 
largest contract of that nature ever let 
on the racifllc Coast. Th" damHgp done 
to the Spokane's hull is one or liife 
smallest items In her repair bill, the 
heavy loss being In tho darnatje done 
to her interior fittings and lurnlshlngs 
by the water. 

She has been placed on the Moran 
drydock. where repairs to her hull have 
beguu. It Is expected that the Spokane 

Miss A. Brokenshlre. Mrs. J. W. Fader, 
J. A, Sheppard. O. R. Jeffrey. George 
Clarkson. Mrs. M. Amorsen. l^ears 
Newnhani. Mrs M. Darrell, B. C. Trl- 
inen. C. G. Curtis. Mrs. K. Hardy, and 
four In tjhe second eabln. 



taunch Used In Geodetic Barrey Went 

to 2)eah Bay for Gasoline and Was 

Csrtured and »<i»1»r*"<1 

Engineer Took His Life on 
Voyage from Salina Cruz 
and Was Buried at Sea- 
Came Here on Venture 

TTT li^ r.-adv To return fo flTB WTrtrrt— 
in aooui n wcciv ttFu. u.v*.j -". ••- -■- 
terlor work will then be called for. 
While the Spokane is generally laid up 
at San Francisco during the winter 
months, and she will not make another 
trip north this season. It is probable 
that the repair work will be done In 

According to representatives of the 
Pacific Coast Steamship company pres- 
ent at the time, the salvage of the 
Spokane was one of the finest pieces of 
that sort of work ever undertaken on 
the Pacific Coast. In less than • thirty 
days after she sank, and In four days 
less than was originally calculated, the 
Spokane was afloat, under her own 
steam and on her way back to Seattle. 
The underwdter patch, made to cover 
the hole fOur feet wide and twelve feet 
long on the starboard side of the vea- 
gej \n Rdtd to have baen an exception- 
ally flne piece of work. 

A tragedy took place on board the 
Canadian-Mexican liner l^onsdale. Capt. 
Bate, on the way from Satlna Crus, 
Mexico, from which port the steamer 
arrived at the outer wharf yesterday. 
Second Engineer P. M. Ferguson. 31 
years of age. cut his throat during an 
attack of delirium tremens, and suc- 
cumbed six ^hours later when the 
steamer was being hurried^ 'o Mazat- 
lan, four days steamins distant in the 
hope of saving hia life. He was buried 
at sea. 

'I'np trasedy occurred on Juiy 24th, 
when the Lonsdale was steaming north- 
ward, l-'erguson. who had been drinking 
heavily ulicn the steamer was losing 
at Salina Cruz was In his room on 
board and took a razor and slashed his 
throat, making a wound across his 
throat half an inch deep. The purser 
put six Mtltoliea In the wound, and every 

l-iociiu.sf she ran ucrosm to Neah bay 
til .sicure a tsupply of gasoline tihe. 
launch Toilno, under (jharter to the Geo- 
detic survey of Canada, In which Capt. 
Whlte-Flsher and associates are carry- 
inx out a survey of the Vaneouver Isl- 
and coast, was seized by the U. S. S. 
Snohomish and taken to Port Angeles. 
AVhen it was learned that the launch 
was In the government service, and was 
not on a smuggling trip as the .suspici- 
ous collector at Fort Angeles believed, 
she was released, and a permit granted 
-for her to go to Neaih bay to secure 
gasoline when occasion required. 

Bavea Driftlar SIUp 
ASTORIA, Ore.. Aug. 3.— The ship 
Americana, which sailed from here on 
Tuesday with lumber for Brisbane, be- 
came becalmed during the night and 
about noon yesterday drifted in close 
to the shore at Seaside. The bar tug 
Wallula was notified by the observer 
at North Head ilghthouae a«d went out 
and towed the vessel off sihore. The 
Americana was In no immediate danger 


Via Vancouver and Prince Rupert 

(The Inside Channel Route) 

SS. "Prince Rupert" and "Prince George" 

Leave Victoria Mondays and Thursdays. 10 a. m. 

Return Fare Only $44.00 

Inciuillng meals and berth. 
Palatial Steamships. Unsurpassed Cuisine. Magnificent Scenery.. 

To Seattle Wednesdays and Sundays — lo a. m. ^ 




City Passr. and Ticket Agt. Tel. 1242. Dock and Freight Agt. Tel. 2431 

Vxovlsloss Ware Spoiled 
Outbound with a cargo of props 
loading at Nanoose bay the steam 
schooner Olsen and Mahony put Into 
Astoria In distress, short of provisions, 
on Wednesday, but one day out for San 
Fraiiclsco. After sailing It was found 
that all the provisions on board had 

apotud Arr.nifllhgly. Cant, t'ayne put 

Britisli Colufiibia Coast Service 


See the Beautiful Islands by Daylight 
SS. CITY OF NANAIMQ will leave the Hudson's Bay 
Wharf, foot Fort Street Sunday, August 6th, 191 1, at 8.30 
a.m., making a complete tour of the Islands. 

Tickets on saje at C. P. R. Ticket Office, ii02 Government 


City Passenger Ag^nt. 



Southern California 

For Bo.ith..a»tern Alaska. •l''„,'J„^*'°^ 
or CITY OF SEATTLE leaves beattle » p.m. 
July 29, Aus. 4. 10. 10. 22. 28. 

Ocean and rail tickets to New Tork nnd 
all othrjr Otlei via San FroncUoo. 

Frelsht and Ticket otflces. 111" Wherl »t 
and 1210 Douglaa st. 

R. P. RITHST tc CO.. Ltd.. A«enta 

For further particular* obtain folder. 

Cowichan Lake 

Cowichan Lake, V. I. 

(Under new management) 
The finest fishing and 
tourist resort on Vancouver 
Island. Boats and launches 
for hire. 

Stage leaves Duncan daily. 







40c a Package 


1418 Douglas St. Tel. 1646 



Soutli .'-irlc. nrar \';inconvpr; suit- 
able ' for business. Terms: 
$?00ft, balance, 6, 12 and 
18 months. Price $6000 


South nlflp. between Quadra and 

Vancouver. Revenue $B0 ppr 

month. Frlce, on terms, fl7,600 

60 X 120 

Between Blar.rhard and Quadra, 
south side; improved; substan- 
tial revenue. One-third cash 
and balance on mortgage for 6 
years. Price $31,000 

L. H. Ellis 

XBYMtnMBt BrokM. 
-IIM OoTaramwJt tit., Viototim. 

hamn op .Inly 22ftd and made a verv 1 
fast run across the Paolflc taking about 
thirteen days. The Keemun reported by 
wireless, an equipment having been 
placed on board since the last visit of 
the steamer to this port, reporting that 
she would reach quarantine at 6 p. m. 
Fog, however. wa8 enteountered off the 
Vancouver Island coast, and the .steamer 
had to slow down with the result that 
she did not reach William Head unUl 
after nightfall, and will come to the 
outer wharf early this morning. 

The steamer Chicago Maru, of the 
Osaka Shosen kaisha. is on the way 
from Japan, having sailed from Yoko- 
hama three days after the Keemun 
and la due here on Wednesday next. 
The R. M. S. Empress of Japan is 
also en route from the Orient, having 
sailed from Yokohama on Tuesday. The 
white Uner Is due 'here a week from 

According to advices received yester- 
day, the Blue Funnel liner AntUochus, 
which put into Perlm with her cargo 
aflre, en route from Victoria and the 
Orient to Liverpool, sailed again from 
that port on July 19. It was found 
necessary to flood the hold before the 
fire was extinguished and part of the 
cargo for Liverpool was discharged at 
Perlm, to be taken by another liner of 
the fleet. The ship was not materially 
damaged by the Are. 



Kit ^'1 t vv t*^ 

,.,..»„ i..,,. ♦»-,(> 



•Sng Xiorne Receives Karry Orden to 

Proceed to Aaslstanoe of Ves- 

■el off Oyster Bay 

Japanese Newspapers on tlie JProposefl, 

Chlao-Amerlcan Steamship Line 

of Dollars Steamers 

Tihe new steamer Robert Dollar, built 
on the Clyde for the Dollar line, which 
is to be one of five vessels, the other 
four registered at this port, to be trans- 
ferred to the Chinese flag and operated 
by the new Chlno-Ajnerlcan Steamship 
line, left London on Wednesday to 
bring a cargo of jgten*tal merchandise 
to. North Pacific ports under charter to 
Henry Lund & Co. 'Advices received 
by TOail from Peking state that Robert 
Dollar Is at the Chinese capital com- 
pleting arrangements for tihe establish- 
ment of this line. The correspondent 
of the Tokyo Asahi says that although 
the Chlno-American line has been 
brought Into being with Chinese offi- 
cial assistance there Is much strong 
opposition amongst the mandarins in 
high places against the new enterprise. 
Till- .inpanese correspondent states Chat 
ili.y .Miii.sider Mr. Dollar is endeavor- 
ing to dispose of his vessels at higher 
I)rices than anticipated. 

The Japanese view of the proposed 
line Is set forth by the Chugai Shogyo, 
a commercial journal of Yokohama, 
which says: "As a result of (tip Amer- 
ican bu.slnesH commission's \i^^:l to 
'"liiua the e.statilishunMit of tlie .Sltin 

The tug Lome, Capt. Cutler, received 
hurry orders yesterday evening to pro- 
ceed to the assistance Of , the ha?k Big 
Bonanza, which was reported in distress 
at Oyster bay. to the north of Cape 
Mudge, In tow of the tug Pioneer, with 
seven feet of water In her hold. The 
Big Bonanza had seemingly struck In 
northern waters, and was badly In- 
jured. ^___^__ 


IiO.t 33«cKlosa 1= Heavy Gftl- Whaii on 

Way to Australia With CftiljO 

of Lumber from Everett 

•iffae Norwegian steamship Tttanla. 
which left Everett on Saturday, July 
16. with a cargo of lumber for Port 
Plrle, Australia, whUe en Mute lost her 
deck load tin a heavy gale was forced 
to put into Honolulu for repairs, ac- 
cording to word received here last 
night. A mast went overboard in the 
blow and an amount of . damage en- 
sued, it IS stated. The big tratnp loiad- 
ed at Everett and b: a T.ed the day the 
steamship Hornby O-istlc, now loading 
at the .same place ber'lpn there. The 
Titatila IB a scnii \. lialeba ■: •• type of 
."tiiii, ini' the lumbal- n; ? loatiefl on her 
sides, being held In i-iaco h;, stanchions. 

Tlil.s Is tho second time the Tltanla 
has be'-n in trouble thlg ye > ■ went 
aground Kobruary 3 oi> Kt 'and. 

north of the San Juan group, and siis- 
talned serious daniii^ie. Tiatcr she ■wap 
repaireil aii.t l . i l.-l n t l';\i-rfli .\,i-^ 

ROUTK <)!■ TlIK NORTH COAST bl.M ni;i '. 

Lowest Excursion Fare 
of the Season 






On Certificate Pian 

Dates of Bale ■•ptember 11th to 15th, 1911. .K.eturn limit, 

October ISth, 1911. « 

K. B. BLACKWOOD. General Agent, 1234 Government Street. 
A. D. CHARLTON, Assistant Oeneral Passenger Agent. Portland. 

to stop the flow of blood, wniie capt. 
Bate put the steamer about and start- 
ed biftck toward Mazatlan. the nearest 
port where medical aualatance could be 
procured. Ferguson gradually weakened 
and died when the steamer was six 
hours on the way to Mazatlan. The 
body was sewn In canvas and flre-bars 
placed at the feet and It Was slid uver- 
atde while the crew stood by with 
heads bared and Capt. Bate read the 
burial service. Ferguson was unmarried, 
and was a native of Dumfriesshire. He 
came to Victoria as chief engineer of 
the Venture. 

The Lonsdale brought a cargo of 
4500 tons weight and measurement, in- 
cluding 300 tons weight for this port, 
and she landed two passengers, Mr. and 
Mrs. Fry, Americans, returning from 
Salina Cruz en route to San Francisco. 
An THngllshmari. who has been tjrospect- 
Ing In Mexico, was brought north as a 
workaway. The cargo Included af large 
shipment of Iron pipe, which formed a 
deckload ^or the steamer. 

The steamer called at Mazatlan on 
the w'ay south, but came north direct 
from the Pacific terminus of the Tc- 
huantepec railroad which supplied the 
bulk of tho cargo for the steamer. 
Z&oon&ters Xog 
Heavy fog was encountered when off 
the entrance to the Strait 'of Juan de 
Fuca and the steamer was well toward 
the Vancouver Island shore when a de- 
parture was secured from the Swi^t- 
sure Bank lightship for the run up the 

Capt. Worsnop, general manager of 
the line, met the steamer at the iouter 
wharf. He said business was improv- 
ing now that the revolution had come 
to an end In Mexico and he expected 
to see freights Increased consldeiably 
in the autumn. > . 

l>urtng. a recent trip to Mexico Capt. 
Worsnop liad a,n Interesting experience. 
When he debarked from a train at 
Guaymas two Mexican officers ran up 
to him and placed him under arrest. He 
was thought tft be Madero, the revolu. 
tlonary leader, ||Ow in charge of afCalri) 
In the southern republic. As he resem- 
bles the foi»mer revolutionary leader, 
he expected to be In for a bad time had 
not friends arrived quickly In the per- 
son of railroad offlciala to Identify 
him. , 

The Lonsdale will proceed to the 
mainland today a^tteV discharging her 
local freight. 

into the Columoia river for a fresh sup- 
ply. She left this afternoon to con- 
tinue her trip down the coast. 

Xaoataa Sepalrs 71irtab«a 

Repairs to the steamship Yucatan, of 
the' North Pacific Steamship company, 
which has been In dry dock at the Hall 
Brothers' Shipbuilding yards at Eagle 
Harbor, are Rearing completion and 
she will be delivered to her charterers, 
the Western Alaska Steamship Com- 
pany, tomorrow. The vessel will load 
a cargo of 3,000 tons of general ship- 
ments for St. Michael and Yukon river 
points and the Iditarod, sailing from 
Seattle August 16. 

Victoria. B. C 



steamship Service — JPrlnoe John 
Sails .•.onlght for Kortb 



Mr. Justice Mnrtlh Will Sit to Invoatl- 

gato r.os» of Bellcarra and Strand- 

injr or Princess May 

.\ iniMiirn'' iiH-nt wn.s mmlc \i>stffiltiy 
l»y iVlr. .Judge Martin, .judge in Ad- 
miralty, that marine enquiries will be 
held under tho Canada Shipping net con- 
cerning the wreck of the steamer Bell- 
carra on Sept. 17th last and tlie stiand- 
jng of thf C. P. rt. fitcamer Prln;esri 
May "11 5th, 1910. Umh on- 
iiulries will be hold at the Vancouver 
courthouse, the formor Rtfirtingnn .Vug- 
\ 18t!i nnd the latter oil 19th. 
Tho naulical assossr.r.s who will sit 
wiiii iiie judge were not announced. 

The steamer Prjnce Albert la expect- 
ed from the north shortly and will pro- 
ceed to Esquimau to be overhauled and 
cleaned before being placed on the 
freight service between this port and 
Vancouver and Northern British Col- 
umbia, to run alternately with the 
Henriette. The Prince John, which Is 
completing her overhaul at the O. T. 
P. wharf, will leave for Vancouver en 
route to Prince Rupert tonight. The 
Prince John is to be registered at 
Prince Rupert, being the first of the 
O. T. P. steamers to have the northern 
t<?rriilnu» aa Its home port. 

The acquisition of the new vessel 
ha* enabled the G. T. P. to promote 
several officers, Capt. Wearmouth wfho. 
having been master of the Prince Al- 
bert ever since she was put on the 
northern route, has gained much ex- 
perience In navigating the water be- 
tween the v<ueen Charlottes and Prince 
Rupert, will be in charge of the Prince 
John, and win be succeeded on the 
Prince., Albert by Capt. Duncan McKen- 
Bte, formttrly of th« Bupert City. The 
f oUowlns ar«. . tSi* -offtcet^s of the 
-Prince John*. Chief officer. Mr. H. Mc- 
Clelland, formerly first officer on the 
Prince Rupert; first officer, Mr. 
Griffiths, formerly first officer on 
tb» Prince Albert; second offt- 
oti, Mr. McKernnan. who is the only 
ofticer to remain on the vessel of those 
who came out on her; purser and wire- 
less operator, J. S. Duragrf; chief en- 
gineer, T. Andor.son. fnrmerly in tho 
same position on tho HenriotLa; olili'f 
steward, -J. W. .'-ililol, ox-Prince Albert. 
Ml- MoKon/.ie will succicil .M f. McCHel- 
Iniul iis first officer on tho T'rlnoo Ru- 


By (ioverniuent Wireless. 






Prince Oeorgo Starts for Stewart and 

Prince Rupert and Venture for 

Worthern B. C. Ports 

The steamer Prince George, Capt. 
Saunders, of the G. T. P.. sidled yes- 
terday morning for .^lowai-t and Prince 
ItUi)ert. The pa.ssongors inoludetl Judge 
l.ampmRn, who is V)ound to Prince Ru- 
pert to take the session of the county 
court there for Judge Young, Mr. J. L. 
Beokwith and Mrs. \v. A. Ferguson, 
witv i)f II hotel proprietor at Hazellon. 

Tho Rtramor Venture, CapU Moro- 
lion.s<\ of tho ItoMCowIt-/. Steam,<<hlp com- 
pany. til."<o sniied yf*lerday for the 
north, leaving Hvans. Coleman & Evans 
wharf last night. 7Mie Venture took a 
K'0(.d cargo of general freight. 

Tot Ban rranolaoo. 

The steamer City of Puebm, of the 
Pacific Coast Steamship company, sailed 
from the outer wharf yesterday for 
Han Francisco with 1,500 tons of gen- 
eral cargo and many passengers. Those 
who embarked here were; Mrs. B. »nd 

H a. m. 

rapo I,a7o — Clear; 29.97; fin. 

Tatoosh— For; S. W. S miles; .'in. 03; 
sea smootb: out. Ktholwolf. 7:35 p. 
In. IT. R. 8. .Tnndncy. 8:15 p. m. 

rolnl Groy— C'loar; wind P. W. ; ;9,95 

T'nc'hcna — I'ok: .S. W, ; 29.71. Z',. 

K«levnn — DrUzle;; .li; iipokp Kpb- 
niun, 7::;fl a. ni.; 49.15 north, 127.22 W.. 
dut at Quarantine fi p. m. 

TrianBle— Fop: .'^. W. : 29.4 1; 46; Roya! 
I:ri0 0. in., north: Norlhwcstrrn, Cjiioen 
Cliarbittc Soiinrl, 1:50 a. m., northbound. 

IKcflp, — L'l'.i'S; 57. 

ITlnro Uuport— Clear: calm: 29.80; BO. 

IViInt Oroy — S. W. ; 29.9fi; 71. 

.'ape t.(ir.(H — Clear: X. \V'.; 29.65; 72. 

TfttooBh — Cloudy; wind S niUen, gouihprly; 
30.03; 54. 

KKtGvan — Cloudy: S. W., light; 29..«3: 67; 
n:45 a. m..' KnT]ir*»« of India 49.18 north, 
12S.45 wdii., 11.1 nillcB from E»tevftn: Prin- 
cfFS M«y U'ft Tchilft 11:50 a. m. 

Trinnfflo— For: 29.42: 49; denR; 
n. 111., upoko r'rlnop Royal off Idol rolnt. 
north, finlaydcl flurlnK night In fog In rlt«- 
huRh Hoiinrl. 

Prince Ruprt — Clouriy: calm; 29.95; «4; 
o>it. PrlnoesH Ena. 8:30; (poke Rupert 10:3e. 
off Oordnn Point. 

IkO'la 29.88: 69; npnkft S. S. Chlc»»o 
(n»lilnj: boat), off nanka Uland. 10 a. m. 
fl p. n«. 

Tatoo»h— Cloudy. K. W.. 18 miles 80.02; 
52: out. city of Puehlft. 10:00 p. m.: out. 
Earl of Forfar. 1:30 p. m.: In. »choon«r 
Rpokane. 2:f,n p. m. ; In. V. S. B. WMt Vir- 
ginia and Colorddo. 2:55 p. m. ; In, Kamura, 
4:10 p. m. 

Capp I.axo — Clear; calm; 2«:»2; «5; sea 
Bniooih. ... 

Point Gr*^y — Clear; calm; thick aeaward; 
29.94: 68; In, Prince George. 1:20; Casatmr, 
3 ; 1 p. m . 

EJetevan— Fog, weit: 29.0a; l«: •«• 

smooth. ._ .^ 

Triangle— Fog, W. ; 2».»2: i»; dense. 

pii»»o« liupcrt- rog: calm; 89.M: «•: 
*«a smooth. 

Dead Tree Point— Clear, east, light: sea 

Ikedii— Clesr. calm; 2I.«4; »2r light 

Pachena— Fog, west; 39.«; (t: Mft 

BoscowitzS.S.Co.,Ltd. s. S. VADSO 



534 Yates Street. P^o^ie 1925 

Lowest Fares East 


The Chicago, Milwaukee & 
Puget Sound Railway 

On the following dates Special Rcrund-Trlp Summer Excursion 
Tickets will be on sale from Victoria: JXJI.T, 19. 80, 26. 27, 28. Ang- 
QSt, 3, 4, 6, 14, 15. 16, 17, 22, 23, 28, 29. 30. September 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 
and 7, 1911. 

St. Patil f 60-00 

Minneapolis.. 60.00 

Winnipeg - 80-00 

Dnluth 60.00 


Kansas City 


Fort William ,»%{•»—»•*•• 
Port Arthur •..■».,..♦•:•.••• 

St. XfOnla .««••• •»:,» • ■ 

Chicago . ..». ...jjv. 


Windsor 82-50 

toidon ^.... 89.30 

Toronto 91.50 

Qnelph 91-50 

Berlin ..i......!.. • 91.50 

Brantford .....,.......*••• 91.50 

Oalt "-50 

ilmlta — Final return lit. '.it October 31 

Hamilton »1.»0 

Kingston 99-70 

Pembroke 99.70 

Renfrew 9».70 

Ottawa ^..^ 103.00 

Prescott 103.00 

Cornwall 103.00 

Montreal 106.00 

Washington 107.B0 

Wow Tork 108.50 

Philadelphia 108.50 

Boston 110.00 

Portland 110.00 

Quebec 111.50 

St. John 120.00 

St. Andrews laO.OO 

Campbellton 180.00 

' Wouoton 190.00 

Wewcaatle 180.00 

Xilberal Btoporer FrlTl- 


leges and choice of diverse routes are permitted. 

Tickets will ho sold ,Tt proportionately reduced fare."! to many other 
destinatlon.s in the Kasl in addition to those named. Return may be 
made tlirough Colorado and California at sliuhlly liigher fares. 

For additional information regarding fares, 
^fc^ routes, sleeping car reservations, train service, etc., 

call on or write 
CIiATTDE A. SOIiLY, Oommerolal Afent, 





Soaarlas street 

"Ike New Steel TraS- 

The New Line is tlie Short Line 

General Agency for Atlantic Steamship Tickets- 
All Llnea from Canadian and United States Ports 






. Ang. B 
.Aug. 13 


.Aw. t^ 

.A«m. «• 

,.New-LBrg«t in Canadian .ervlc. bOne-clsa. cabin .hip. (call«S .«9PD« elaM 
S. S. "Ol.n.plc." triple .crew. 45.000 ton. -..-fr. .8aH '•«; '«^>*'-;^ 
,„rt flnc.l .lea^.r In the world. Aug. Uth and Sept. »th. New «^^ Fly- 
mouth. Cherbourg. Southampton. '" 

Apply to lo^al railway ag.ata Company, office, ns. Beeohd art., • Rattle. 



bAmrrlka Aug. "• " '^ ?i 

oP«nn.ylvaBla Auja.t zj 

*Kal»n' Aug. Vic ;:. ■.■".'... 8pp. i 

' aWUI call" at Plymouth and Cherbour*. 

bR t«-<-arVton * la Carta Rc«taurRP» 

oHambiirg direct and .ecoad cabin ooU- 

Hamburg Aita.rtcan Un«. 45 Broadway 

N. T.. or Local Agent 

When no one waa naar to rescue him. 10- 
year»-ol<J Wilfred Blako of Vancouver. ."P- 
XffA Into False Creak P«>4 was drownaa. 

Tha "Coloniser' •" party of prcpeetlve 
•ettler. In charge of T. W. *V»«r P«r#»».- 
aily, I. BO" visiting th* Okanagaa. 

' Follow tha wvnA t» th« big ls«rowM 


Cool. Comrortalilc THps 

OMw«w«r Mi4 ■ntfs' 

Van lOo— 'L.V. Csniiwsy daUy, 

commencing l^tS pti nf.« t.M> A,-i4U 
4.30. 5.M, 7.80, S,**.;*;!*. !».*♦ p. 
m.; Lv. OoTt* st t |>. »., %m, 
4.00, B.OO, «.0O, «.M, •.•0, »•.•*,- 
11 p. m. i. 

■tsiwsi* f l ip ' » ftn* giMUH 
ant «»y «»»»y. t*. 0*ii«#way tl 
a. m. telly; !>▼. iea<ltti«w4t ,11 
noon tally. Vat* SM. Tm SMnM 
charters by arraftiNmMllt. |»MBi 
1»14- . r .:., . , ,,„ ^^^^ 



■ 11 iixti i i in i l iii | ii|yi ii " iii »(ii ii ^ 

8M VaMoavw sM Vlf(it4M|fl| 

Friday, Augutt 4, 191t 

AW ivvwii nAflV ( Ol.OXlST 


New Form of 
Sewer Pipe 

The Lucas I'atnii Cranite Pipe c^- c'ciunit Ciistructum 
Co., Ltd.. recently formed, are about to inanuiacturc a new 
form of concrete sewer pipe— impervious to water and sewer 
gases, and far superior U) any other si^r pipe at present in 



For Sale on Terms of 


r» ■ I aL - 

*ik r» myk •«>-■#■ ■■■■B 

Balance in 90 Days 


riank«r« to » iarr*! of Oy«t«r». 

yir- — One "f th.- rharacters In Illcliurtl 
\VliltelnB'« book. •'No. 6 John Slrei-l" 
aavH. "Do you know what you oukIU to 
\>e'! You oviijht to be (lunkey to a buirel 
of oy8ter.s. Do you know wlml thiit Is? 
I'il tell yer, 1 linowed u rtih mun once 
us made a KOil of l'i« Mtuminl<'k. like 
lh<?y all do. He u.sed to Liniiloy a feller 
•" Hmyc hi" oyslera on tlielr way up 
to town, .so as to keep *em In Bood 
sperrlts. He fancied they lost llavor 
! when they was dull. The chap had to 
I whistle tunc-s to 'cm all the way from 

W hltstable." 
I If we oontlnue to tolerate forlun.i 
1 teUera and pnlmiatii. we are acting like 
I flunkeys to a barrel of oysters. How? 
In this way. We are flunkeys 'o the 
rapid rich, 1 was almost suyinK "rabid- 
rich They do not know what to do 
with their money. They encouraKC 
palmists and such like parasites who 
prey upon ttu- credulous. It would not 
mutter so much, perhaps, If the evil 
ended thus, but it Is not so. It Is of a 
far deeper aad more serious import. 
There are many young women who give 
their dollars to these pickpockets. They 
^r^ pickpockets. If a person takes a 
dollar from your pocket he Is P"n'»hed 
and a person is not less dishonest If he 
obtains the money by means of a trUk. 
IS there a law against V^'f «^'^^.„^"'* 
fortune te.l.nK? Yes! and the punlBh- 
ment is imprisonment. Are the PoUce 
wllllnK to act? Yes! If the police com- 
missioners win permit them. 


NOTE— The st^vver pipe, which is to be Ihc 
company's main article of manufacture, 
has a patent lock joint which enables it 
to be more quickly laid, and impossible 
to pull apart, standing a strain of 15,000 
lbs. on a length of only 20 feet. 
Site for manufacturing has already 

been procured. 

Vnx*ftt rxodncia 

Sir —We are naturally proud of our 
wheat production In Canada but the In- 
closed return shows that other coun- 
tries produce lar^ely-notably l" ranee 
with 320.000,000 bushels looked foi this 

''^*'"' w. J. MAC DUN ADD. 

anc«. Th« new Hwlss members. F. E. 
Ci.nstantln. of Zurlcli. mivI K. .Nil, of 
Uern, both of whom iiave muiie notable 
HKcents In ili-ir own country, are ab-o 
KlvlnK mucii ui'P"'ciai'd ti<lii on tlie 

The Interest of the climbers is cen- 
tred on Mount Daly, a pfak 10,300 feet 
hlKh. which has been chosen as the 
KraduiiilnK climb, and the ascent ol 
which will 111- recognized as dualitlcu 
lion for Hclive membership In the club. 
.\ larKe number of iiovlccfi luive already 
won their spirs on Its summit and are 
now proudly wearlni-' their meniber.«hi)) 
baclKCS. The ascent Is made by way of 
a narrow deflle badlns northwestward 
ironi the .iunp. through which lUshes 
a Kluclal torrent from the snow pas.s 
between Mounts Nlle.s and Daly. From 
this pass, which is 8000 feet hlKh, tlie 
summit of the mouuLiiln is reached, and 
those who have xained the hcU-ht can 
Kav.e eastward Into the depth of Hi\th 
Creek Valley; and across th<- Wtiputek 
ranfe'e to the, snowclad helKhts beyond 
the Bow river, supreme among which 
rlso the castellated towers and turrets 
of Mount Hector that preat giant of the 
main range, which rises -to-»helBht of 

11,126 feet. 

Expeditions are dally being made to 
other poluls of Interest Irt the n^fB»>h..r- 
hood. For tliose who do not feel equal 
to the great exertion of arduous climbs 
and long oxpedltlons. many short ex- 
cursions are possible, and there are 
climbs by no means dilllcuU which offer 
as a reward a wide scope of the most 
glorious phases of alpine scenery. There 
are on the Kruuiid n. number of p..oto- 
Kriiphers. artists and .lournallsts. all of 

•wnonj are iihumik ••• ••••- '-- ' 

abundant material for their work. 
Convener of I'ress Committee. 

Sherbrooke Dake Camp. July 31. TJll. 

You Cannot Make a 

Mistake Buging 

in Saanich 

We have the exclusive sale of the choicest waterfront lots 
and acreage to be had on the [)cninsula. 



p. O. Box 307. 

Money to Loan, 

633 Yates Street. Phone 664. 

Fire Insurance Written, 


The Albion Brokerage Co. 



Rooms 1, 3 and 4 v I214 Government St. 

Phone 790 

15,000 Acres of Picked Land 


Upper Fraser Valley 

The soil is sandy loam and black bottom land. Water 
transportation at the door, and railroads projected. Portions 
of this land have been farmed continuously since 1861, and 
are still producing crops as great in quantity and strength as 
wlicn first cultivated. 

Price Per 



Price Per 

a I ii >tkm ■ ^1.1 

Natural Resources Security Co., Ltd, 

Joint Owners and Sole Agents Fort George Townsite 

Head Office, Bower Buildinp, Vancouver, B. C 

E. C H I L D S 

Victoria Office, 643 Fo^t St.. Victoria, B. C. 

MAIL THE . . . 

Sunday Colonist 


Copies of the Sunday Colonist 
Readg for Mailing at the 
:: Colonist Office :: 

At Five Cents Per Copy 

— rrrrrzTr — ^,,iv ■'4. I9 

A cablegram received from lb* Intar- 
natlonal Agricultural Institute at 
Rome on the 22nd Inst,, Klves prellm- 
hiary estimate*, of 1911 wheat harve«t 
as follows: 

Belgium. H.O&l.OOO bushels compared 
with la. 449, 000 last year; Hungary. 
173,886,000 compared with*.000; 
Italy. 196.r)7».000 compared with 163.- 
339 000 last year; Spain. 1&4.437,000 
fcomparcd with 137,449,000; Roumanla, 
121.710,000 compared with 110.828.000; 
Great Britain. 61,361.000 compared with 
68.235.000 In Great Britain and Ireland 
last year, conditions In KuBSla satis- 

From Bcerbohm'B Kvenlng Corn TradO 
List. July It. 1»11. 
France— The latest reports are very 
optlmlsilc, and point to a yield of 
about. 320.000.000 bushels, against 263,- 
000.000 bushels In iSiO. Karvest ti&s 
commenced in many districts, and the 
quality promises to be very good. 

Germany— The latest ofJlclal report 
Indicates an out-turn of about 136,000.- 
000 bushels against 142.000.000 In 1910. 
The weather has recently been very fav- 
orable and the quality promises to be 
better than last year. 

KuBsia — The weather continues very 
hot in the Volga districts, very great 
damage has been done and the yield Is 
expected to be very small. In most 
parts of the empire fairly good results 
are expected, and If there has been no 
particiilar decrease in the area sown, 
compared with lust year, a relatively 
large yield of wheat may still be gath- 
ered, even If seme IB per cent smaller 
than last year. 

Turltey — The area sown Is reported 
to be much larger than last year; enn- 
ciuions generally have been favorable, 
and the yield promises to be an excel- 
lent one 

Roumania— Th« . oyemowlng of the 
Moidau In Ita upper reaches has done 
Immense damage, especJally to the tim- 
ber Industry. The crops are in danser. 
From United States Crop Reporter, 
July 1, 1911. 
The harvest liJ progress on the 
north coast of Africa Is said to prom- 
ise well In Algeria, where tiie yield 
of wheat Is usually upward of 35,000.- 
000 and of barley over 45,000.000 
bushels; in the much less important 
producers, Tunis and Morocco, only u 
moderate outcome Is expected. Accord- 
ing to June ofticlal report, the yield 
on the l,2o0,000 acres of wheat In 
K-ypt v.:!i: likely to he "good" In •,;p- 
per Bgypt, but In lower Kgypt not quite 
ui> to ^hat standard. 


Chief OfHcer. 

Alpln* Club of Canada. 

Sir:— As the (layH have Konc hy U 
has beci)nu» evident thai the iiresenl 
camp 1.H ;-'iiiiK t'l !>*■ ui)'- (iT liic moat 
successful liiat lim Aliiini! Ciub uf Can- 
ada has ever held, liuch day has brought 
la new member."", and found these al-j 
faily on the ground more enthiKwlaMtlc. 
A ;3;reat amount of Kood mountaineering 
work ha.s been aci'ompllshcd, Tho cllmh- 
ing Ih under the dlrertimi of Mr. .1. V. 
Korde. lirltlHh Columbia Government 
cnnlneer at UevclHloke. an able and ex- 
perienced mouiitatnecr, who aided in the 
ori^anl-zatlon (if the Alnlno Club and was 
a memhor of Its executive. The 
(■lub'.« Swifts guide, Konrad Kuln, Is ub- 
«enl with Mr. Wheeler at the Yellow- 
head ras.«, and the RUldlnK Is being 
-Icne I'v Gottfried Keuz. Itudolph Acm 


Maj>stlc Theatre — A biK f<n 

ture en- 

i titied 

rht! r'«.ti«tiVt« 


be shown at the Majeslii iTiua.v and 
Saturday. This wonderful set of pic- 
tures shown the exact eondltlon today 
of the Kroat canal. The audk-nce Is 
brought almost as close to the work as 
though actually present where it In In 
progress. All the various operations, 
the machinery, the tools, and the men 
thfemselves. are clearly photographed. 
•In the Days of '49." a love episode, i.s 
hero told amid surroundlngB that viv- 
idly portray the exciting days in the 
time of the gold fever. -'American 
Beauties." a perfectly glorious color, pic- 
ture of roses and pretty women. "The 
Samoural's Expiation," a Japanese 
Film D-Art. "Laundry Lady's Luck." 
comedy; "Holding His Own," a farce 

At Gtoxg» Park— Another large audi- 
ence witnessed the moving pictures at 
tSe G<--rff~ pars last nteht. - wharv. the 
Gorge orchestra played an excellent 
programme. The pictures included the 
foUowing: Aviation Meet at St. Louis, 
Homeo Turns Bandit. The Lost Trail. 
Alice in Wonderland. Hero and Leander. 
and Saved the Flag, 'rnie picture show- 
ing the blrdmen at the Missouri city 
Is one of the bftst that has bet-n seen 
by local audiences, being clear and of 
Interesting character. Many notable 
aviators are shown flying over the 
city. The dancing pavilion, as usual, 
attracted a large number of enjoyment 

mill, .1. 

An Unwelcome Guest 

Ql' broivn cockroach 
Eats his hourly fill ; 
Such a steady hoarder, 
JS/'ever pays a hill. 

Cockroaches dare not eat Keatings and 
they cannot stay where it is around. 

Sold by all Druggist* 

In tins only 10, 15. 20, 25c. 

Riverside Inn 

Oowlcban Xiaka, V. X. 
STX:XiZ>Y &; OEIOER, Prop*. 
Acknowledged as the best fishing re- 
s6rt OB t l iB Island and t he moat pto-- 
turesQUC tourist homa to be founds 
Where a vacation can be spent in 
abounding pleasure. 

Stages leave 33nncan Aally 

except Sunday. 

Campers' ontflts Boats and I.aunoli«« 


Factory and Office 

570 Joiinson St. 

\ ar^twirc nS!!! T 

^nUU3L3 DUiLI 

NEW YORK, Aug. 3.— The defeat of 
Detroit by Boston in a 12-innIng con- 
test today brought the American League 
leaders down to within a single point 

On the 
Installment Plan 



Pkona 114t. 
Cor. Fort »nd St»»cor.a 8*r««ta. 

We manufacture and stock Sails, Tent.s Flags, Canvas 
Covers, Waterproof Tarpaulins, Bags and Camp I-urmture, 
h ,.'.'.:,:.-_ „-,.i t,^t Rwl^har B^nts^evervthins: for Camp- 

ing and Railroad Cainps. 

Practical Sail and Tent Makers 

F. JEUNE & Bro. 

Phone 795 

of a tie with Philadclnhla for the lead- 
ership. The latter were Idle because 
of rain, making the standing of the 

;„o ..„„.n. „e.„ ~.'o,„w,:« I '»• rrT' T "Si '"o,".'.,?:''' nTJ 

won 63, lost 35, percentage, .643; Phila- 
delphia, won 61, lost 34, percentage. 

Chicago's loss of a game to Brooklyn 
also brought Chicago down a peg from 

League to a percentage of .626. New 
York, running second with .613. was 
idle at Plttsbufg. whore ye.sterday they 
broke up the Pittsburg's winning streak 
of 13 games straight. 


r u *. rrwTn AND THREE-PIECE SUITS still 

After the Summer selling, we find many large, s.zes of our best TWO AND THRE i^ 

clear this lin. uu SATURDAY, lim are interested m extra val«c^, com. and 

remain. We want to 

.nicr aridFrlliS Urewand, two of wliom 
J have hccn loaned by the Canadian I'a- 
clflr Itailway Company. 

ThP club now numbers .inKin^ its 
membpr.s many fully tiualllicd unidc-s, 
who are always ready to heli) with that 
arduous work. Of thr."<o Mr. M. P. Brldg- 
land, Mr. Oliver Whcclor and Mr. P. }). 
McTuvish, who have at former mr.el.s 
taken a heavy share of the work, arc 
unable to be present this year and are 
greatly missed. A strong force, how- 
ever, has rallied to the call and among 
those, wh" «r« dallv leading parties to 
the conquest of tho nrlKhhorlnff peaK.s 
are Mr. .1. P- Forde. Rev. A. M. Gordon, 
of Lethbrldge. 1 >r. P. C. Pell of Winni- 
peg. I^r. P. M. Campbell of LethhridRo. 
Mr." A. R. Hart of Calvary. Mr. L. C. 
Wilson of Cnlgary. Mr. C. B. SlRsons 
of Toronto, and Mr. J. A. Watt of 
Toronto. Mr. W. W. Hart of Boston, 
who is present as the representative 
of the Appalachian Club; Mr. P. Mac- 
Grcgor renre'«pnt'nK **!« mountaineers 
of Seattle, and Mr. R L. Gllaan, of 
the MazamRK of Portland, who has 
been a wrUome guest on former occa- 
sions, arc all giving valuable asslst- 


Si/c. ;S t.. 4-4. rc-nlar price. $12.00 to $i5-00. SpccicU 

^ e .Ik . $5.00 

vsaiui Cttiv 


Sizes if> to 17I-. l>l--nn wliilc and fancy striped shades, 
"^wilh reversible collar. Special Saturday 50d 


Medium shades all new ^-nods. worth up to $20.00. 

Special Satunlay ^^'^^ 


All "-oo.l n:,H.TnS M/.O 4" 1" 44- ^orth U]) to $20.00. 

i^pecial ^alui(la> *^ 

The balance of oiir Straw 1 lats, worth up In $3.50. Spe- 
cial Saturday ^^^ 


Seven only-worth from $7.50 ^" ?'.V5«' ^'^^^ ^^ 
7.;^. Sl)ecial Saturday S5.00 

This is the last call, so take advantage of the special 


811 813 







Friday, Auguat 4, 1t1t 




capital i^aid up -^ 

Reserves $ 7.'-243-oo<> 

Total Assets $100,000,000 


Special Attention to 

Which may he npaicd without any lonnality, or delay. 

Victoria g^^^^j^:-"^^"--™ JX Taylor. Manager. 
Victoria West Branch: R. H. Hardwicke. Manager. 



For First Time in Five Years is 
olation Hospital is Without a- 
Patient -- Contagious Dis- 
eases Nil 


Established 185S 



ffiE;' I 

1 1 lUl lU'i 

tn Hillside Avenue 

Four splendid liigli. dry. clear, level lots. 

Price $975 E^^^ 

Kor tl.o lirsl lime in riv.- years Iho 

,.l,y iHolalion bospiui is witiunM .1 

,,al„.nl. In his regular monthly r..p..rt. 

vvhi U ue will u.uke to lUe eUy r.uiuca 

this evening, Br. U. A. B. Hall, .nedl- 

.■al iH-alth nffl-MT win i-.'porl on pros- 

, ,1 ,,i,s .iii'l 111- '■•'■ 

I'lll n -.1.- ll'.l I ' ' '. . . n 

port will prove uni-iu,-. lie wi'^ -i' '•''■" 
,h.. Civic fathers that the present con- 
aitlon of the civic heulth 1« excep- 
Uonally KOod for this reason of the 
year. In fact nowprt from the me<^lca 
branch of the municipal Koverument 
haa ever been Detter, With the excep- 
tion of one case of scarlet, £ev*r which 
la quarantined and Is being treated at 
home, and a few cases of measles, the 
city 18 absolutely free of contagious 
disease. Dr. Hall calls attention to the 
fact that not a city on the continent 
can show such a healthy state as \ ic 

' The RoavcnKerlns '.vorK Is progress- 

-T • »-«,. ♦.-, Ante* HAOII 

i— ~ joY/jyoHly lltnle ii<»yc vJ a— »i. " 

some" 3600 garbage cans installed Hud 
the horses un.l carts now. In use are do- 
ing good work but it will be only a 
question of time until more horses are 
requl.i-d unless it is decided that motor 
conveyances are preferable to the pres- 
ent system of horse and carl collec- 



If you want to sell your property in the north end 
,.f the city, list it with us. We have the buyers. 

The B. C. Realty Co. 

i_»r, rtaii Aie»v, .*.»>"..— 

regulations regarrtmg tne iiv.aiii.enl of 
city indigent cases In the Koyal Jubilee 
hospital will eventually work out to 
the beat liU«reaU of both the CUy and 
the hospital. It affords the city a means 
of ascertaining the classes of people 
applying for such care and the cause 
therefore. Since the regulations came 
into force two cases have, been found to 
Tiave been American citizens. One was 
a case brought from a vessel to the 
hospital for treatment and who should 
not have been taken as a city patient; 
the other Is a man who has been In 
Canada over a year and has been a 
charge on the city for the greater part 
of the time- Dr. HaU has taken these 
two cases up with the Immigration de- 
partment at Ottawa and la endeavoring 
to arrange for the deportation ot the 
two. • 

X^tZTXH^ tttC^ Otv*'. ', • • "* * • *' • »-•••-•*-■ 

nine cftses have been treated by the 
city medical department. 

623 Trounce Ave. 

Phone 2443 


Is the Keynote 

of Progress 





furnishes Pov/er for Body and Brain 

Six Local Shots Have Places on 
British Columbia Team- 
Members Practice at New 
Figure Targets 

''There's a Reason 


Grand Prix 

Brussels Exposition 
1910 ^ 

The team to represent British Colum- 
bia at the forthcoming matches of the 
DORilnloh Rifle Association coiiaistb of 
ten militiamen and one civilian, and no 
less than six Victorians harve places, 
namely: H. 6. N. MacdougaU, R. Q. M. 
S. Lettlce, Sergts. Can- and Birch, 
Gunner Wlnsby, and Dr. G. A. B. HaU. 
General regriet is felt that auch a 
strong nhot a» Sergt.-Major Macdou- 
gaU IB tmable, dwlng to pressure of 
business, . to accompany the team. 

In addition to the above, the 5th 
Regiment Rifle Association is utilizing 
the annual grant from the City Council 
to send three additional men:— -C. S- M. 
Caven, Bandmaster Rogers and Gunner 
W. Duncan. .Staff-Sf rgt. F. Richardson 
is expected to Hike the Ottawa m .niiK 
on Ills way imfK- from Blsley. 

Victorii) li.i- II';: lieen so strontly 
represented for ni;in\- y.^r^. :m\-] ki' 't 
hopfs are entertaini'O 1 ■! ' '■<■' r " 

portion of the team tropliics will I'omo 
west this month. 

During th- iM-fsent week the nicm- 
lui-.'^ are KctlitiK practice n-i the new 
ii;;nr.. targets at 200 and 300 yardH, and 
,,ls<, on the long ranges at 800, 900, and 
1000 yards prior to their departure for 
Toronto on Jlonday next, where they 
shoot through the matches of the On- 
tario R. A., with the. exception of 
Sertrt. ("• Birch, wlio l.s unablp to leave 
until tlic I'"lli->winK week, ami will ko 
(lirecl I'l 'Ml;i\v;i. 

Tlie result "I Hi*^ cuinllfylng round 
foi tlie trophy prex-^nted by Charles 
Todd, lOsq., Ita.s been announced, and 
the following twelve will take part in 

the nnH I ftitpi^ •■• •■^,- • 

(Seven shots at 800, llOO, and 1000 yds) 

o fl P, 

I 1. SerKt. t arr "• -•'•' 

I .'.; .Sp.rKt. Smith •• 

I ,1. SerKt. A. JtUlianlson 

4. H. S. M. MacdouKHll 

j 5. Sergt. Birch '"' 

6. 'Inr. \V. nuneiin 

7. (inr. \V. Winshy 

8. C. S. M- Caven 

9. Scrgt. de Oai-teret ■ 

10. K. <4. M. S. I.etlU-.' 

1 I, Capt. W. P. Wlnsby 

\Z. r. U. M. S. Hilt (her 




•J 80 

2 77 

1:7 4 




TheHicKman-Tye Hardware Co., Ld 

Phone 59 „ .^ „, P.O Drawer 6x3 

544.546 Yttei Sfrcet, Victorit, B.C. 

So Truly De- 
pendable is 
the Briar 
Wood used in 
'BBB Pipe* that the 
tnanufacturrrsi actually 
guarantse them, with fair 
ttustfe, not to "burn" er 
"crack," Your tob»ccoo^ 
Ut has them In all styles 
and at alt prlc«*. 


Are Leaders in the Art Preservative. Carry the Largest arid 
Best Assorted Stock in the Province, the Greatest Variety and 
Most Modern Styles of Type, Materials and Machinery, connbined 
v/ith Good Workmanship and prompt attention to business, we 


I i 


are thus enabled to guarantee perlect salislatlion in all work wo tt 

undertake to turn out. 

1 I 


Its Phases 



Photo Engraving 

Copp erplate Printing 

Em bossing » 

I abel Printing and 


Commercial and Office Stationery 
and Custom.s' Forms. Your lOffice 
Stationery, when neatly and hand- 
somely executed, is the best silent 
canvasser lor youi i;uouit:i>b, t*i.u v*wi.o 
like a magnet in drawing the public 
to you. "Our work speaks it's 
worth," and cannot be excelled in 
Canada, nor duplicated in B.C. We 
can compete, both as to quality and price, with the best eastern 
houses in all classes of printing and office supplies, in stationery, 
etc., if given the same chance. Give us an opportunity and we 
will prove it to you. We are Sole Agents for the Tengwell Loose 
Leaf Files and Binders, also the celebrated Majestic Loose-Leaf 
Ledger, the best on the market. Before going elsewhere call at 
our office, write, or telephone and get prices and figures. 



Broad SU Victoria, &C 

> J4 

"/Vt iiililan I \ %i!lliilSdi 





^ inii^Wirt'iMi'^fiiiirt>^;ii'i»iiiT-#-" '^>^^'^*''***y!^ 

li V . 'w >- ' »>» ' w MW» a W ^ 

'ji%SuJi;jii.t^^.ltt'i.J^^id>iiaiitS4i^ p)irii 


Fridsv, August 4, 1911 


PUBLIC NOTICK la hereby given 
tliat. under tti© authority coiitRined In 
B«cllon 131 ot the ••Land Act." a regi:la- 
iion h!i« Lieen approved by the Mt-ut 
Kia-Governor 1" Council tlxliig vha 
•T.inini'if" ««1« price* ol Ihst and soo- 
o'nd-cVasn land at *!" »"^ 5" poi' aero, 

This regulation furthor provldoa that 
tie prices fixed therein «liall apiily to all 
lanUB ■Willi rvspect to 'vhich ihu appli- 
cation to purtlia«o IH given favorublo 
consideration after thli dale, nutwltli. 
fmndlnK the date ot such application or 
«nv delay that may have occurred lo 
the conMlderallon or the same. 

Further notice la hereby given tlial all 
pel Bona who have pending ai'plicatlons 
to purchase lands under tho pri..vliluiia 
of Hccllon 31 or 3B of the "Land Act" 
and who are not wlllln*,- to complete 
Buch purchases undiir the prices tlxi-d 
by the aforeaald iCKulaiiun ahall 
ijB at liberty to withdraw tuch iipi)U- 
^atlona and receive refund of th« 
....r-ya deposited on Account of such 

Mloliiter of Laads.^ 
Tont (if Lauau, Vlciorla, B.C.. 
April 8rd. 1911. 


Sfffl BruiK.-, Klv.'r, Tiiill— «"b. 

striiriiirf and» .SupirstructHrc. 

SISAUKD TKNDKUS, sm-.-rs. i ll.od •'ren- 
der for SubBtrucluic and Ki .-. tnui .;r r, . 
peretructuie, Brldffo at TriLll. H/ • " 
S« received by the Hon. the W'"'""''^ "' 
Public WorkB up to noon of Thursday, the 
31«t day of AiiKUM, ISll, lor ihec^cmplela 
substructure and 
of a bridge over 
Trali, n. C. 

Drawings. ■peclflcallons, 
forms of tender can be neen 
of the GovwrnioBnt 

Kre»h Iiiaiid P»r °-°-- 



ere'-tion of Bui.frsinieture 
the Columbia river at 

contrail, and 
ttl the olflces 
Adtnts at 

Veiling Movciiicni Nuai Close 
Sends Prices to Still Lower 
Level— Copper Stocks Ex- 
tremely Weak 


Oh*c»a — 

Canadian, per lb 

Cream, local, each 

Butter — 

Albeita. p»r lb. 

Utsl DJlrj. per lb ;.•••• 

\'kiiirlu c-rtiunpry. per lb. • • 
Cowli^ian t^reaniery, per lb, 
Comox Creamery, per lb. , , . 
Halt yprlnK l"'- <"reHmery, 

Uoyal Household, bat . , . . 
Lake "f 'tK' \Vi>uds, ba«r .. 

Koyal Stunduid, bnu 

Wild no»o. pet" »'"^V 

Hobln Hood, pir »aclc 

Culcnry. ptr bag ,.••• 

MatRfs lum, per ba« .... 
Uriftt-d biiow, pur »acK .... 

Tlnro .Star, per »ack 

Kdowflttkc. per butf ....... 




B, Mc Bride. 

J9 Fairfield 

Vancouver; and 



CAirosz<XiATZoxr ox* 

NOTICt; l3 hereby given that the re- 
serve existing over vacant Crown land* 
In Cariboo Llstrlct, situate on the South 
fork of the Fraser River, notice or 
which, bearing date of June 26th, 1907, 
was published In the British Columbia 
Gazette dated August 29th, 1907. Is 
tanvelled In so far as the same relates to 
lands surveyed as lots numbered 3.040, 
S,040a. 3,039, 3,049. 3.042, 3.051, 3,052. 
5,013, 3,041, 3.045, 3.044. 3,077, 3.076. 

SiUiS, <>,U(i>, i,o»u, o,02>x, u.vou, 

3.085, 3.086, 3.087a, 3.087. 3,091. 
8.10O, 3,089, 8.108, 3,112, 3,129. 
3,132 3,133. 4,135, 3,i:u. a. 035, 
3,036' 3,038, 3,046. 3.047. 3,061a, 
8,057, 8,053, 3.084. 3.097, 3.105. 
3.095 3,096. 3,098, 3,106, 3,102, 
3,090a, 3.090, 3,111, 3.115, 3.124, 
3,126, 8,119a, 3,119, 3.116, 3.109, 
3 104 3,107, 3,046a, 3,069, 3,048, 
8.056 3,066, S.oeia. 3.063, 3,062, 
8, 85, S. 8 T . 



Nelson. New WestnilnBtor; 
Esq., Roud Superi.iieudpnl, 
Building. GranvUU) btieet. 
at the office ot" the Public AVorki 
rarllamont Bulldlnga; Victoria. 

Intending tenderer* can, by applying to 
the undersigned, obtain one copy of the 
drawings and one copy ot the specification 
for the sum of twenty-flve dollars (»i6.) 

Each tender must be accompanied by an 
accepted bank cheque or certlflcte of de- 
noslt on a chartered bank of Canada, made 
payable to Ibo Hon. the Minister of Public 
Works for the sum of $1,000. which shall 
De for'fBlied It the party tendering decline 
to enter Into contract when called upon to 
do so. The cheques or certificates of de 
posit of unsuccessful tenderers will be 
turned to them upon tho execution of 

The successful tenderer shall furnish a 
bond of a Guarantee Company Batlsfactory 
to the Minister of Public Works In the 
sum of five thousand dollars (JB.OOO) for 
ilie due fulflllment of the contract. 

Tenders will not be considered unless 
made out on the forms supplied, signed 
x»ith the actual !.iicualu.« of tho tenderer, 
and enclosed In the envelopes furilshed. 
The lowest or any tender not necesBarlly 

accepted. _ 

Public Works Engineer, 
Department of Public Works, Victoria. 
B. C, 19th July. 1911. 






1 10 


I !J0 
1 SO 



3.Ui>g, — 8, 85, S. 8 T . 3 ,094, 

J 071 307? » OfiR, 3 072, 
3,082.' 3,094.' 3.093, 3,093a', 

8.120, 3128, 3.127. 3.131. 

3.121. 3118 and 3.114. 

Deputy Minister of Lands. 
Department of Lands. Victoria, B. C, 
May 26th. 1911. 







^ NOTICE Is hereby given that all 
vacant Crown lands not already under 
reserve, situated within the boundaries 
of the Land Recording Districts of Car. 
iboo and Lillooet, and the Kamloopa 
lilviBlon of Yale Land Recording Dis- 
trict, are reserved from any allenatlop 
under the "Land Act" except by pre- 
emption, ROBT. A, RKNWICK. 

Deputy Minister of Lands. 
Department of Land.t, Victoria. B.C„ 
April 3rd, 1911. 

Addition, Parliament BnUdings. 
SEALED TfciNDERS, superscribed 
"Addition, Parliajnent Buildings," will 
be received by the Honorable the Minis- 
ter of Public Works up to noon of Tu^- 
day, the 15th day of August, 1911, for 
the erection and completion of an addi- 
tion to the Parliament Buildings, Vic- 

Drawings, specifications, contract and 
forms of tender, may be seen on and 
after loth July at the offices of the Pro- 
vincial Timber Inspector, Vancouver;, 
the Government Agent, New Westmin- 
ster; and the Department of Public 
Works, Victoria, 

Intendins; tenderers can, t>y applying 
to the undersigned, obtain one copy 
of the drawings and one copy of tho 
syecilicattoiis, hy depositing a marked 
elitque for $500; said deposit to be re- 
funded on tho return of drawings and 
hpecilication with tender. 

iCach tender must be accunipanied by 
nn accepted bank cheque or certiflcato 
cf deposit on a chartered bank of Can- 
cda, made payable to the Hon. thp 
Minister of Public Works, In the sum 
of ? 25,000, which shall bo forfeited 
if ihp party tendering decline to enter 
into contract when called upon to do 
so. The cheques or certificates of de- 
poslt of unsuccessful tenderers will be 
iLiurned to them upon the execuUon of 
ihe contract. 

The successful tenderer shall furnish 
a bond of a guarantee company satia- 
tactory to the Minister of Public Works, 
equal to ten (10) per cent, of the con- 
tract amount, for the due fulliUinent of 
M;« .contract. 

Tenders will not be considered unless 
made out on the forms supplied, signed 
with ihe actual signature of the ten- 
il'.rer, and enclosed in the envelopes fur- 
bished, ■■■ /■ •- 

'iMic lowest or any tenflier nbt neces- 
f-a i 1 1 y 

NOTICE Is hereby given that the re- 
■ervfl existing upon Crown lands In the 
ifmooet Dlstrlc-t and in the Kamloops 
Division of Yale^Dl-trlct, not ce of 
which was published In the British Co- 
Kimbia GazStte, dated May 6th, X910.' 
is cancelled in so far as tho same relate* 
to the lands In Lillooet District sur- 
veyed as lots numbered 
1 831 1.830, 1,820. 1,82L 
'- ' 1,819. 1,809, 1,808. 

1,816. 1.813, 1,656, 

1 638. 1,641, 1.6B3. 

1.642, 1,791, 1.644. 

i;64S, 1.649, 1.829. 

1,824, l,42Ba, 1.430a, 





















1.822. 1.637, 1,686. 
1.614, I.CIE. and 1,616. 

Deputy Minister of Lands. 
Department of Lands, Victoria. B. C, 
May 26th, 1911. 

NEW YOriK. .N!iK. 3.— The «tock 
market today made attempts to 
recover from Us lieuvliios.s of the pre- 
ceding .session, and some ground was 
regained, but the weight of the selling 
movement In the final hour drove 
prices to the lowest level of the pren- 
ent movement. There was marked 
weakness in the coppers. Southern 
railway Bhares, and a number of minor 
industrials. Oossip was busy with the 
causes for the reversal in the iu«.rk6t. 
Rumors assigned the short selling to 
the operations of a western grain 
trader, while the liquidation was attri- 
buted In part to the precipitated ov- 
ferings of a local operator who Is cui- 
rently reported to have suffered 
vcrely on the bull side of the 

Among Incidents operating to re- 
strain bullish activity was the furlhci 
weakness of Standard Oil on th« 
•ciirb," the stock making a d.rliiie ot 
25 points on unusually heavy offerings- 
News frum WaHhlnytoii that the at- 
torney-general was soon to submit to 
the tica-sury department hla report 
dealing with an ln<iuiry Into the 
n!a( ! on oT » — ■• ■'<AJ ' ii rl tU !S fuinp»n r ' 
cently orgaiiiieii «tr^ -lii a^lj'.;r.rt to on'? 
of the largest national hanks. aiHu 
furnished food for reflection, as did 
despatches from New England, tcUlns 
of tho indefinite shutting down of per- 
haps the largest cotton mill In the 
Fall River district 

Heaviness in the copper shares was 
partly explained by the export leports 
presented by several leading compamoB. 
An, off set to these adverse factors wa* 
found In cables from London which 
staled that a possible basis of agree- 
ment In the Moroccan situation had 
been reached. 

The bond market again followed tho 
.stock market in Its Irregularity. Total 
sales (par value) 12.035.000. Uniteo 
States bonds were unchanged on call. 

■ ifO 




per lb. 














Watermelons, per ib, . . , 
Uamons, per dozen . , . . 
Bananas, P'-i' dozen . . • 
fiiupe Fruit tCBlirorola) 

Apricots, per lb 

Vlnuapples, per lb 

t.'herrU-B. per lb 

Plums, per bo.\ 

Peaches, per basket . . . 
Loganberries, per box . 
Raspberries, per box . . 
Black OurranlB, per lb. 

White Currants, per 
Local Cooking Cherrlei, 

Apricots, per oral* 

Apples, per lb 

Pears, per dozen 

Grapes, per lb 


Canteloupes. each .!'0..25® .30 

Tomatoes, per »>• ■ 

Parsley, P-r bunch 

Cucumbers, each 

Potatoes, new. lbs. 

Now Peas. 4 lbs 

Cabbage, new, per lb 

Garllr, per lb . • • ■ 

Onions, *lbs. for 

Uueiu. pel lb 

Carrots, per lb. .. . 

New Carrots. 3 bunches . . 

Hiring Ueaiis, lo<»I, per iD. 

;.._^.j.v,!e Marrow, oer lb,. 

Caulitlowfr I'aoh 

Corn. l>fi dozen 

Ccli-ry. per b. ad 

Radlshi'S 3 buni'lifs ...... 

English Uruad UeanB. 3 lb. 

tJrten I'tippers. por lb. ■ ■ 

Orein Dnione, 3 buncbis . 
Watercress, pi'r bum h . . 



r e 


.I5<ii' 25 



Betif. per lb 
Mutton, per 

Ib. . . 


.•^.«i ,4,-Aaw.a.) t>..r In. 

< 'hickcna, spring . . . • 
Fow I 

rer IB. 

.08 « Vi 
.lOlf .35 

— . <> a i sp I " 

.Intfl .30 
.Vali .25 


Manchester Avenue Near In- 
tersection of Burnside and 
Douglas Street 

a I 

We liavc four of these beautiful buiUling lots left, the last 
.111- Uurnsidc subdivision. It you want an ideal houK-sitc 
rice that will surely advance, you had better let us show 
W'e recommend them. 

-I 1' 

vuu one. 

Bevan, Gore & Eliot 


1 1 22 Government St., near Cd 

rner \"ie\v Street 

In the very heart of 
the city. 60 feet 

from D o u g 1 a 


street yet much 
cheaper than Doii^- 



Members Chicago Board of Trade 
Victoria Stockbrokers Association 

Comer Fort and Broad Streets 

104-106 Pemberton Building 

Xottce Is hereby slven that the reserve 
Of a parcel of land situated ojv Graham 
lalaad. notice of which appeared In vh" 
British Columbia Gazette of the 25tu 
of February, 1909. being dated 2ora 
Kebruary. 1909. Is cancelled to permit 
of the land* being acquired by pre- 
emption only and for no other purpose. 

Deputy Minister of Lands. 
T>epartment of tands, Victoria. B. C« 
April 5th. ISXl. ; ■ - ■ 



Stork — 
Albrrta Canadian OH.... 

Amer. Canadian OH 

Canadian Northwest Oil 
Canadian Pacific Oil . . . 
Alberta Coal and Coke . . 
Dlainpond Vale C. and C. . 




Granby 36.00 



AH petsons having claims against 
thci Estate of William Robert Jackson 
deceased Intestate are required on or 
before the 10th '».av of August. 1911, to 
Bftd full particulars of their claims 
duly verined by Statutory Declaration 
by registered post to^ the undersigned, 
ar.d on rno after said last-mentioned 
dale tite Administratrix will proceed to 
distribute the Estate of the deceased 
amongst the parties entHle<l thereto, 
havlns regard only to the claims of 
■which" she shall then have received 
Dated this 27th day of July, 1911. 

Solicitors for Mary Ellis Jackson. 


Btraw. per ton 

13r.iii, per 100 Ibfl 

Shorts, per 100 lbs. 

.Middlings, per XOO lbs 

Oats, ppr 100 n>» • • . . 

Feed Wheat, per 100 lb. 

Croshod Oats. p«.r 100 ibe .. 

Barle.v. per 100 lbs •• 

Cracked Corn, per 100 Ib». ... 
Feed Cornmoa!, per 100 lbs... 

Hay. per ton ■ • - ■ 

Chop feed, per 100 lbs. 

Whole Corn, per 100 lbs..... 
Crushed Barley, per 100 Iba... 
.Alfalfa Hay, per ton 






1 SO 

. 1.76 


1 US 

2 00 

20.00 022,0 



2 to 




Instructed, we will set at salesroom, 
1314 Broad street, 

international C. and C 
Nloola Valley C. and C. 

Royal Collieries 

Western C. and C 


B. C. Copper 

B. C. Packers com 

B. C. Permanent Loan.,.. 

C. N. P. Fisheries 3-80 

Dominion Trust Co 118.00 

Ot. West Perm, (a) 116.00 

Stewart [..and 11.00 

Bitter Creek 

Glacier Creek 


T.,«ii<'ia^!t ' 

I..ucT<y Calumet ' 

I.ucky Jim 

Main Heef i 

NuKSet Gold 

Portland Canal 

Portland Wonder 

Rambler Cariboo 

Red Cliffs . 



Stewart M. and p 


S. A. Warrants 

1000 Maricopa Oil at .04 

.07 'i 

.08 Vi 






.06 Ml 

.01 '4 

















.4 3^4 


2000 at .0374. 


(Furnished by F. W. Stevenson A 

Stocks — 
Amal. Copper 


Low. BUI. 

las Street property, 
two blocks farther 
out, 60x120, to a 
lane, at the attrac- 
tive figure of 

Per Foot 


Dealers in Local Stocks, Municipal, Government, Railway. 

Trust and All Other Debentures 

Private Wires to Chicago. New York, Boston and Montreal 

Amer. Beet Sugar 58 

Today, ^ p. m. 




Public Works Engineer. 
rcra ■■ ^•■'•"'it ^^ Public Works, Vic- 
toria, H. C 2Rth June. I'Jll. 

Sale Today 

.Joseph H. LJst 

Instructed by Messrs. John Lock & 
Sons, Bsqulmalt, will sell the follow^- 
inp live stock, etc.: 

Twenty-flve Shorthorn, .lersey aurt 
PneB i aHB C my g ana-HelferB in milk and 
calf; one splendid Shorthorn Bull, one 
Horse. Wyandotte Fowls, Dairy Uten-, etc. .'=f:le at 2 p. m. prompt. 
XjIST, Auctioneer, 

Phone 2484. 



752 Fort St., 

jv;_B. — Take Esaulmalt car to Fraser 
street and look out for 

the Auctioneer's 

Jnclndlng: Very handsome W alnut 
China Cabinet, very fine Oak Side- 
board, large Oak Sideboard «"»tfble 
for a boarding house; Oak Hall 
Stand, Upholstered Chairs. Bed Lounge 
very fine Davenpot^t Bed Loungre. 3 
Extension Tables, Side Tables, Rockers. 
Chairs, Desk, Chlnaware. Ornaments, 
Glassware. Pictures, Curtains, Screens, 
Bamboo China Stand, Carpet Squares, 
RuK.H Runners, 2 Bedroom Suites. 
Blankets. Comforts, Pillows, Couch(>8, 
Child's iron Cot. Kitchen Comfort, K. 
Table«« Chairs, Cooking Utensils, Tubs, 
washing Machine. RefrlKerator. Lawn 
Mower. Garden Tools. Go-Cart, Small 
Cook St. .ve, 2 large Cook Stoves, 2 Gas 
KanRCS- Heaters. 
; Almost New Ourney Oxford Bange. 

(jtC. now nil virw. 


V>-'n*'^1 barrow, Stop ! •■''■' « Iron House 
.lackf.. lot of 2-ln. i: ; "-^^^^ I*"^' 
ber-Tired Cart In i; 1 • ondltlon. Ex- 
press Wagon. Horse, Cart and Harness, 
nimost new Rubber-ttred Buggy. Brnss 
MounlPrt Set '.f almost new Harness 
etc 200 CHICKENS, puch ns Barred 
Rock- KhoflP TsUind Rpds. MInorcas, 
pair of Lnngshnns, all these are pure 
bred and laying. 

Amer. Can. ptd. . . . 
Amer. Car Fdy. . 
Amer. Cotton Oil 
Amorican Ice • 
Amer. Locomotive 
Amer, «mblttng . • 
American Sugar . 
Amer. t. an.l T. . 
Amer. Tobucco . . 
American Woolen 



7TH 7«.% 

. tjf.',; 

AtchlBon \V*.*^ 

B. and O. 
B. T. r: 

104 M 

C. P. R 2i*;i 

Central T.,eatber ..;... SST4 

rheg. and Ohio 80 H 

O. and O. W •■ 

C. M. and S. P 1««4 

rolo. F. and I S2''3 

Colorndo Southern 

Con. Oas ^** '» 

D. and R. G -v- :;^ 

Erie '1*^ 

Goldfleld Cont. • • o'-* 

Gt. Northern pfd 182^ 

Ot. Northern Ore SfliVi 

Illinois Central ... iJJJi 

Tnter-Mef. ^"^ 

Intnr. Harve«trr . . ■ 
K. C. Soiithern .... 

U and'N 

Lphigli Valley ..... 

Mnckay Co'b 

M. P. P.. 8. S. M 

M. K. and T 

MlsFOurl Pacific ^7% 

Kfltlnnnl RUcuU • ISf 

National- Tjea d »«»' 

Nevada Oona. ..,.^. •••> 





38 H 






38 li 




34 Vi 




1 ft7 



Davies & Sons 



TK.Nl iKIv.S, .■nuperscrlbed 

ychi'jol house, Denman 

be rccplved by the Hon. 

nf ruhllc Works up to 


"T'Mider for 
l.=(lnnd." will 
the Minister 

noon or Thiirsd.Tv. llii' 10th .day 
.^ugu■'<t, 1911. for the erection and com- 
pletion of a large one-room frame 
school house at Denman Island In the 
Comox Ele<-toral District. 

Plans.' specifications, contract, and 
forms of tender may he seen on and 
after the 17th day of .luly, lOll, at Iho 
ofru-cs of ll>e Government Aiient, Cum- 
berland, B. C; George Dalzlel. Esq., 
Sfrrct.'irv of the School Hoard. Den- 
nijtn Island, and at the Department of 
I'ubllc Works. Victoria. 

Each pro[)osal must be accompanied 
liy ail acrepteil imiik . lii<i|ue or cfillll-' 
late (if (IciioHli nn n i-hiirlcrcd bank 
of ("nnnila, mado payable to tha 
Honorable the MInl.'tcr of Publl': 

Y^.j.,j.^^_,, foj- th"? »nm of $21)0 which 

Fball b« forfelteil If the party ten- 
dering dpcilne to enter into contract 
when called upon to do so. or If iie fall 
to lomplele the work contraotcd for. 
Tlic cheques or cerlillcates of deposit 
of unMUCce><sful tenderer.s will be re- 
turned to them upon the execution of 
the contract. 

Tenders will not be considered unless' 
made out on the forms siippll^ed,^ signed 
nlth the ac'iiai Hi«imiuir 
derer. and enclosed 

Thf lowpat or any tender not neces- 
.arlly accepted. .1. K. GUIKFITH. 

Public Work? Engineer. 

Department of Public Work-.. 
Victoria, B. C. ' " 


A Large 

, s rrfmieco, the. Hk.^t!ng RinU, 

938 Fort Street. 
Stock of New and S^-cond Hiind 

Messrs. Stewart Williams 
& Co. 

Sfi ■ 


stoves, Linoleum. Carpets, Cycies and 

other goods too numefbus to mention, 

to be cleared out. No reasonable ofTer 


Open to 8 p. m. 

Pulv Instructed by .lohn Engel. Esq., 
will ."ell by public auction at his resi- 
dence 2225 Oak Bay avenue, 
ner of Ih'mpshlre rojid, on 

1 1 llo^ cor- 

Tuesday, Aujjust 8th 

The whole of 


his new 



N. Y. Cfntral ,,,.....- 

N. T. O. and W 

Norfolk and W. 
Northern Pacific 

P.Trif!r Mall 

I'eniipvl. TtBllwny .... 
Penple's Onu 
PreBRed Steel <"«r . • . 
Railway Steel SprlnR. 


Rep. Iron and Pi eel. 

nock laland 

SIORS Sheffield 

Southern Paelff 121^1 

Southern RiUway .... ^1 

Tcnn. Copper "^^ 

Texaa Pneific 

Twin City 

I'nlon Parifl," 

do pfd 

V. H. Rubber 

V. S. Steel 

TTtfth n'npner 

Virginia Chemical 


WeBtcrn T'nlon "■ - 

VVestlnKlioiJFe . . ..<... ■ ■ 
WIsi'imMin ('ei»lrat . , • . ■ • 

TniMl sales. -123.100 share" 

■ 1*W 


55 «i, 


30 ',1, 
37 H 









l»i» ^i 

31 Va 

109 <4 


79 H 













33 Li, 






Britisli Ganailian 


gog Government Street 

Hugh Kennedy, Mgr. 

For Sale— Two new houses, close 
to Douglas street car line, from 
$2650 to »a800; four rooms, full 
size lots. Very easy terms on 
these houses. 

1 CrtTi 


I r. ' , 




107 . 


! " I ' . 


37 : , 

'-" ' ^4 

1 fl7 

1 « r. '■.. 



Invest0!-s' Securities Co. 

K. T. 

Phono 282S 

w iiiianiBOn. •^•- ' 

1316 Douglas f= 


•iiwrFantm""papej' ■*»»% P'-r ^^nf- 
ling exchange steady with actual husi 


ness in banker's bills at »4.84.1.'S for 
days and at $ for demand. Com- 
mercin! hills ? 1.83 Vj. Hfir silver B2U<> 
Mexican doUar-^i 45c. Bonds— govern 
ments, steady; railroads, irregular. 

Spot and August 
SKplember, October 

n k- 1.1 


In the envelopes 

14th July, 1911. 

ChaiiSplonBhlp lacrosse Roynl park <-n 
8aturd«y, 4 p. m. ' 

Births, Marriages, Qeatlis 

K1/T..KJTT At ilic family residence. 

' aool Prior street, on the -nd inst., 
Thomas KlllotU aged 70 years' and a 
r-a"vc of y .Trihns. .V. B. The funer- 
nl will take pince from the above 
address on Friday morning, Aug. 4. 

at ! 1- n- o' 

Interment In Bay cemetery. 

St. John, N. B., papers please copy, 

}!.\K,KH--i>n the :<!•'! l""'- ^^ '^'• 
Joseph's Hospital, .lohn Baker, age<l 
fin >ear.w. and a native of London, 

' >n t. 

The funeral vvlli take place from tiic 
residence, 2rt;6 Flose Street, on Sunday, 
.\UKUSI 6th. irii;, at a p. m. The re- 
mains will repose in the chapel of the 
B. C. Funeral Furnishfng- T;o.. Govern- 
menl Street, untli Saturday afternoon. 
Interment m lto>iM Bay i.emetery- 
Friends please accept this intimation. 

Household Furniture and 

Tnchidlng; Drawing room — I'iano by 
Palmer of Toronto, fi-pieco Parlor Suite, 
up in green vfdvet, Mahogany Centre 
Table. Brussels Carpet Square, Pictures, 
t'ii;.iii«ritf', etc. 

Dining room — Round F.xtonsion T.nhlc, 
6 Oak Dining Room Chairs, Oak Side- 
board. Clock, runner Service, Pictures, 
Linoleum, etc. 

Kitchen — Monatvh Range (in use only 
three months). Kitchen Table. Kitchen 
Chairs, Cookln;.: rtensils, Wash Tubs. 
Wringer, nearly new Washing Machine. 
Roller. Set of Irons, B«hv Buggy, 2 
HammockM. elo. 

Bedrooms — Two handsome Iron and 
Brass Bedsteads. Ostermoor IvTattressos, 
Pillows. Bureaus. Wr.r'hstp.nds. Toilet 
ware. Childs Cot. Oak Cliairs. Carpet 
square, Rugs, Pictures. Ornnmenls, etc. 

About a 

I I"\irnislif.fl by 

Wlieat — 




Corn — 




Oats — 




Pork — 





.Ian. . . 

S"pt. . . 
.Ian. . . 

F. W. SteveriK. 

Open. High. 

. .. nn^ »•-'% 

. . . ns 

. . . fi n ' 


HI «i 








1.'. I 



fir, i»; 


fir, Tf, 

septal Prloea 
Mn\- TORK. Aug. 3.— Standard 

per eT.^.V 
$1 2,37 M;. 
\ .niher 

.<t..;idy: spot £ofi, 5s: fvituros 
;Mi. Lake copper »12.7r)(?? $1."!; 
lytic |12.6',;^4fff*l"--'S; canUiiK 
'•ri $12.50. Tin easy, spot 
?lL7u(5'|42.25: September 


$12. 17 (re 

and No- 


ffifi, 18s, 


♦ 1 i..> 1 •.'2 

and .\UKUst, 
October »41.30@$41.90; November |!41(f(~i 
$.tL."iii. London quiet; spot £100, lOs; 
tuluroM tISS. Lead easier, 4.4r)f(('$4.tiO 
New York; |4.40rf()$4.47>A SI. 
Louis. London fl^. ISa. 9d. Smelter 
firm. $.i.SOfr(;?r..0O New York; $r,.r.2 'i diJ 
$.S.72'/fe Fast Si. Louis. Sales. 550,000 
pounds August. Kast St. Louis at 
$ri.72>,2. Londim £25, liJs, Antimony — 
Cookson.s $s..'.o. Iron — Cleveland war- 
rant.^ 40h. 7^id in London. Locally Inm 
was •■iteady. 

.\ 1 \ 

1 3 

11 '»: 

42 S 

\\ \„ 

■1 ^ 'r 

.14 14, 





4 7\. 



,17.4 5 
















First PootbfcU Uatohea of Season An- 

noaucsd to Take Place ThU 







do/.esi well-bred Minorca 

Til* A«ctloa««r, 

■tawurt WUUftaur. 

Monay Batas 

NTCW YORK, Ang- 3.— Money on cull 
steady 2 U 1^ ^ '^ P«r c*"*; ruling rat- 
L'%; closing bid 2-%; offered at 2'^ per 
cent. Time loans flrnv; 10 days 2^^® 
3 per cent; SO days 3® 31,4 per cent. 
6 months 2\®S% Per «««'• Prln"» 

VANCOUVER. Aug. 3.— The soccer 
season will officially start off Satur- 
dav when all of the senior teams of tihe 
city will play a .series of games in North 
Vancouver for the Carter-Cotton Cup, 
which is now held by the champion 
Celtics. The soccer men Intend to 
glve^the gnme a boost In North Van- 
couvef and If the men across the Inlet 
can rl^so * team 10 put In the field 






Members Victoria Stock Exchange. 

II McCallum Block 

Phone 766 

For Sal e--Waterf rentage 

I_^ts of « acre- snd upwards, on Portage Inlet and tho Gorge, magni- 
ficent building sights, overlooking ^^j)'*"*^^^^^ v^It^lL" S^mr'oTms 
country, without exception the lovtUerit spot near VlC^^a. Some of this 
property is on Bumslde Road. 


McCallum Block, Douglas Street Phone 2648 

TD, „ ,. P.O. Box 1048 

Phone 544 

0. H. Bowman & Co., investment Brokers 



Mahon Building - - - -^ -;--,-- Victoria. B.C. 

]\lcnibcrs of the Victoria Stock Exchange 


In audits departments written by 


(Established 1720) 


1210 Broad St., Victoria 

Waterfront Property 

Residential or bu.«lncss, one and one 11:111 k' 
buys in the city. Thi.s cannot be duplicated. IC 
select at a bargain. See 


One o! 

the best 


Phone 2653 

301 Vembertoa Xlo«ll 


Phone 71 ^iJ?^.^^^ ^^^ 

*Ve es™ .upplr Just what you want In Jumb.r 
.teamed .issh.^rain fir and th. Ute.t l» front 

finch doar.^ Tbev nr« benutirul- 

•«■» and iflooni, 
doors. Howard'a 


I n 1 n ' 1 1 


s fiom ca 

,10 X 120, m"dern 
• line. En ay terms 

mvenlences; fix 

rooms; ten 



Phone ig8<. -'.P Pcmbcrlon Block 2nd Floor 

Saturday th-n' will gladly be welcomed. 
North V;iii'''"ner wants represenlatiou 
in the Iciisue imd If they can raise » 
team w'liich \9, capable of kIvIuk Hi'' 
otherH a hard run for victory they have 
u good (imnce of getting i-'to llio 
leaKUe. All Hn' leamH In tho city liave 
reorsanlzed with Uu;- exception of the 
Celtics and the Hlljcrnlans and they 
ure Hnifr sc.hl'anVed to'hoifl meetings" io- 
nlKht, tho former In t/lie National 
.Sports t.'luh at X o'clock and tho latter 
In the I'ender BowllnR Alley at the 
name lime. 

Shan>,ri)cks ortranlied Monday ^n* 
Thistles held their Initial nie«tl«,f l»«i 
night. The latter decided to -WWH* mW 
the piByers (jot ii>if*WlA* ~43dfift!!^iTi 
elected their o«n««l« <|<lf/*til|!*S'' 
ncanon, Con»i'< 
being allttfrn »1.^, 
the KAUhi., )MUIi«Mi 

for tl^.;i)MMfe^< 


Mining Stocks 

OB OwMBlaato* 

Member* Vanoouvtr ifcnd vmw**^ 
Stock Exchanjea. Prlvftle wlra «M 
t4on will all chief mwfltet oMttn*. 
eat quotations. 


<■•" »Sfcst^ 


Bank *t\ 



Friday, August 4, 1911 


One crnt n word each Insertion; 10 percent 
«)»counv tui »)x or more cgnnei-utlvn I"*": With order. Nu advertlsem.nt 
• ccepi^U (or '.r-»a tiiiJi 2B ctiit*. 
BueUit-so onil I'rorsiional L»rdi.— or four 
lln<» ur UM,1. 1- -<l.iJU pi-r week. 
No adveriU.-m.ut cliar^td o" account tor 
len Itittii I2.UU. 

rhon« No. 11. _^___ 


Br5!iNEs«i niKKrroBY 

* HT GUASS— A. F. Roy. over thirty 

/\ ..^.^ — _- Ix art vlHUK UsudCtd 

urh./"V" chmchr;. .cSool.- a^a private 
dw^lflnK- VVorlo and .tor« S4K Vale. St.: 

phone DtH. _____ 


RE\I. EST.XTE; -Truckeoll, Anderson A 
Co.. real entates. timber loans. ■.<""■,'»•'' 
collection.. 0(tU"B. R^Blna Sask . nnd M. - 
torl a B. C. Office 1210 Hroad bl. ; lei l'-3 
cStE.SCMI. and Seal EnKravln«— General 
J5 engraver and « l^"'"';^- ,^ ^^°- 
frowihcr. 81fi Wharf St. behind 1. O- 




Co.. Ltd. 

Uellvory — Victoria 
Tel. 129. 

<JlHOKTHANl>-Shorthand School. 1109 
b I:toad Ht.. Victoria. Shf'^h'"'^- ,^^«: 
nritlnK, bookk.eplu« telegraphy "-^^l^^'f^^l 
tauihl. Oraduaie. till gooJ position*. 
E. A. M acmlHan. principal. 

S" CAVENGl-VG— Victoria 3cave,-iginjr Co.. 
office 1826 Oovernmenl 8t. ; phono 61-.. 
A»heii and ruhl ilflh removed. 

80AVKN'0ING — Wlnif On, 
m<?nt St.: phone 1'3. 

ITOD Govern- 

T-»IIK ITlullnH — Klectrlo Blue Print & 
B Map Co 1218 Uangley St. Ulue print- 
U,l mYp., Urau^;^ d.^er, in^ .ur- 
veyori' lustruiiuina aiiu ii.«....n» 1...1-. '^ i 

plleii. ' 

T>OOKHTNDEK8--The Colonist has the 
B t,tsl bookblndery In the province; the 

resul t IB equal In proportion. 

l>bTTbliS— All kind* of bottle. '*^'-«<5; 
B Good prlcoB paid. V'<=t<";'%0 
Agency 1020 Store Ht. ; P >^«l'l_iil£: . 

B^^^iS "-ve'r-^^-^-r : 4-H'i 

pllcailon^ ''•' '' . 

?;iii-Money properly •"^f»"'l ''t^" ',! 
Kj to fortune. Thl. resull may "• »l 
iKined by purchasing the best He meal^ in 

the city at The Strand «-»te. '. ■ 

/-^AFB and Ke.taurant— Occidental Caf« 
OBe.taurant corner Wharf and Jo^n.on 
sis Meals 15o and up. Satisfaction guar- 
antced. - 

C^ARRIVGE and Wagon Dealers— Wm. 
)Mabl° importer of MacUachlan bug- 
gies, trap, canliot be beaten for durability. 
Wehouse 717 Johnson S'; :._P'^'!iJ,!!!_- 

"^jfbblng factory.*^ Alfred Jones, builder vuulLa.<.<.Ok. c- ...r. ., i»i\» 

Vancouvor St. Office phone L1828. res. 

Rl OOi. 

A>IARPENTBR— J. 8. HIckford '^onVT'V 
\J slon carpenter and '^O"^';*":'/',';,,. „,," 
mate. ^Iven on all kind, of .obbing. men 

sent out by the day. Phone \1635. 

>>IARPENTKR-T. Fairhur.TTsoSO Chat.cer 
\J at. Oak Bay; carpenter and builder, 
eppalr work, contract or day work. 

STORAdE— H. S. Byrn, iao;;-4 Whnrf St, 
foot of yates. i.'ommlsBlon, storage 
warehousing; manufacturer's agent and 
Qona No. 10. .raun T. u,^^. *..^- ^-.- .-^- 
BAR u'<7a ~C\>ffees--Ploneer Coffee & 
Spire Mills, Ltd., Pembroke St.. Vic- 
toria: phono 69 7, 

rniMBKlt— Captain C. J. Brownrlgg. tlm- 
X ber lands, mining. Office, Rra. 33 
Prince Rupert Hous e Bastion Sq. : tel Ii ZO 
rnHE Globe V/Indow Cleaning Co.. window 
1 cleaning and Janitor work a speciality. 
John Brasael. 2115 Sayward ave., Spring 
Rld ge. phone 2601*. ■ 

TYPIffWRlTEK Repairing— For Sale, Un- 
derwood Royal, any »l»o carriage, any 
make. Room 4 1112 Government St. Uwyer. 

\r. TToDstor. 5I.E. -^t' makM of type- 
writers repaired, rebuilt and guaranteed. 
No. g Moody Blk.. Yates St. 

HOTKL-Alha.nbra. Mrs. S. T*"mpson & 
Sons, prop, le. or.: H. O. J 'V'r'"sr» 
manager. Corner Carroll and \'''"'\^ ",• 
VMni.juver B C. Valicouvoi. IlisL ."O'H 
SUuHt-d h; the heart of lb. ••'7- „ *"'a'«,l' 
equlpped throughout. Midday l"""- » "^ "" 
claliy. European plan. famed for good 

whlakey. . 

OTKL -Blackburn, A. K. Bla.Uburn. pro- 
prietor. This «ell-kttown and popular 
hol-l entirely rebuilt '^"'' /'„'"/' "l^'^nnr 
now open to It. putro.... ,•'''•'»"' ';,i'v"m 
comm.VdloUB rooms. .lr.i-cla«s '' """'.'1' ',: 
be.t attention to com f,,r< of «-«•«■ Am., ri_^ 
can pian, »i.o* to ♦- »- f-- " -f ■ J' • 
plan '5c upwards. .11^ Wesimlnsier Ave. 

OTEL— Dominion, When you arrive at 
Vun.-nuv.r. take large auto ''"••,.,^1 .'i'^u 
will i..k,- yc.u K. U.1B hot •! :re.. Our «>^'^'' V 
th.- b'-st obf-iinHLile »1 tho price. '^"'^f'- 
l-an plan. Jl.SO to ;2.00 P<"\,f»y-. ^^"/^'^ 
makes one ul|. -UUy around htanlei 1 .tra. 
K. BLVnes. pr.iprlelor^ 



UY wanted. L'b;1 o«< Yale. St. 


Bo'y H or 15, healthy, gentlemanly for 
.•fflcV «urk: seasuie, «°^<^,,»^ome 

Answer, giving f,-ll l'*^^'-"'"/'. """[^a Jew 
phone number will receive letl-" l" a lew 
days. Box i'-'ii Colonltt. 

T^^^ unan." wanted, for ,'-«';'»'^'-"^': 
C mu*t be gourt, 1-Vench ^ Va!'"" »"• 

terre. l. .Saywarg Bio<-k, bubeme n^ 

HlVEU wanted for aellveiy a- agon. Al>- 
pl.v th. Hickman T>« Hura.wa4-c t,o., 

Ltd,, Va tcB St . .^ _ 

,-tX.BEH.lh;NOED Orocei^y man wonted- H- 
O. KI rkhajn & Co., i'^'^ -_-_±2lL.— 

Jb knowledge at city. Apply Capital 

I-'urnliure Cu. 

\ tXJOUXTANT (experienced) will l^eeii 
.ii- set of book, for jirofesuloiial man, or 
storekeeper. In evenings. Box 38 2 CokmlBt. 

BOOKKtIKFKll. r-xperlenced, requires ap- 
polntmelil la ofrica or store. 812, *"ol- 



O.VE Rcllablo Man In ev 
orueis C'o l'«'«t cuBton: 


/;<OUD Agents, big money, 
V.T Room 

(128, Vales st,, 

.'Very town to lake 

v-' oiuei. 1... •■... jm made clothes In 

Canada, lllgliesl con;i.ils»lon. Utx Tailoring 
Co., Limited, Toronto. Onl^ 

OKNKK.Vl, .\(ii;N< V 

1314 i-oii »■ ; i. **'■ uouis, 10-12; 3-a 

■. T Tj/^>;TED - I'vperiencod governess, age ,10 
W " to 3D; Kngllsh subjertn. with musb'. 
French and di awing: references; country: 

salary. $30 to JS6. ^ 

J"-r7AS'TED — Two maids, English or Scotch, 
\ V Plain cooking with housework, 2 miles 

from tow n. 

WTA.VTKD—GirlH for light posttionB; 
>V charge of baby; roferences. 


riLL eAi.!iaii8o eietllio fixtures for S^ofl 
iRvlng hens or chickens. I03a SullrJ 

IJ'.UH siile. J aire ruburban home on new 
earllii.-: 1',. milra ^;-om tlty; will ex- 
rhange for Alberta or Necharo Valley farm 
lands and some, cash, plionu F922, cr 
wril* Colonist, Box '"3 9 8. 


Be. SI. NICIES partner wanted In raanufar- 
luring coiieein; imisl have |l,oOO; thl» 
will Biuiid Invesilsatlon. i^V Col onist, 

"^TlfiCKHV iiinr«« 3 y<.nr»" lease; doing 
for' sale for few d»).s 


HOTEL— California Hotel, lU Johnson St. 
Newly fitted up from t"'""7'„^'' '°'^: 
good accommodation, »l"" ""«,«,'"'.'„* ' „Xa 
prUtng Ute-flUod pholos o '"' ^t day 
.ports and athletes up to he ■';"""' od^ 
Bar always supplied with best goods. 

Tho*. McManuB, proprietor. 

-FFoTEL— Now Brunswick, nicest location 

H" in Victoria. Mcely 0',^"'-'l"^,'°Tll 
at moderate prices. Weekly ^tiiet. ^n 
cir. pat. hotel. TWO entrances, corner 
YoteB an d Dougla.. Phone 317. 



OTICE change of residence. 

UNDERTAKING — B. C. Funeral FurnlBh- 
ing Co. (HaywardB). 1016 Govern- 
ment St. Prompt attention. Charge, reas- 
onable Phone. 2236, 2288, 2237, 2238, 2289. 
Cha», Hayward. Prea ; R. Hayward. Sec; 
F. Caael'on. M gr. 

NDERTAKING — W. J. «anna, under- 

Ukor. r« SIC YatBS St. Crniu- 

at« U. a College of Embalming. Contrao- 

tsr '.O H. M Navy Of flea phona 4D8; rea 

pn'ine ill. 

VACl.'CM Cleaner. — Duntley's vacuum 
cleaner, for sale or rent: oarpel. 
cleaned on the floor without rt-movlng. Buy 
a Duntley and keep clean. Phone Hi. W, 
I. Gager. 728 Tales St^ 

^/"A.VCOI'VER Island Employment Bureau 
office houis 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Satur- 
days 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Phone I48O. 132» 
DouKlaa St. 

DRIVING horse waiued. ul *t5„ •■'" ^°* 
condition and not m"" th'" » V'^l' 
old, «Jid aocu.tomed to cars, 173.. OaK 
Bay avo. . ,. 

Burn.lUe rd^ __^ _^ . 

^^n .ai. thoroughbred Pekln Duck.. 
t "jCankIn Btraln; breeding pew *i.»,« 
P«eh. delivered, any quantity. Box 4B., 

"X^ O TrB — rr ugut : t li iii — a n d H i T H T lw ff L ea.o n i. 
V given by Paul Edmonds, ot l,ondon ana | "ipjoit .aie, youog >^^ 

7:^t)Tr7ale, two team. "' he»vy hor..^; al.u 
r wagon and harne... Apply 1219 Cook 

L'^OK .ale, about 23 chicken., 
couver st. 

810 Van- 

T^^iTT^e. 3-ye8r-old grey «;;'^"°" j,';"^; 
Jb broken and gentle; would '"^kf^ » 
good .addle horae. Apply :026 Fernwooo 
rd .^___ 

■ -r-»-i' s.> **i" f'olonlst 

f^ OOU, smart ooy wii.rii.,Q, a- -•'- -^ 

VX Job Department. _ _ 

?^"00D »Ued boys' wonted to ='»"•>'., J^^» 
(jT Dully Colonist; honest ''"'»„'"'«"'.'i*„ , 
bovs can be and '",»>'•-■.''''''' 
own m..ney by .arrjing '^ »« < " ""'"„\ ni" 
the early morning and have i'" ',':,'\ "^„,V" 
aay for their own pi. «8Ure. '^P*''*.,. ''^ "/'J^,! 
at The Circulation Depurinieul at 1 he Col 
onist office. ^__ . 

MAN wanted for fruit and poultry farm, 
, Box 402, Colonl .t, 

AN and wife seek engagement. K"«"»J;. 

a. g<irdener; can milk »»^ u^^^jT 

BtandB horses; wife a. cook or carotaKer, 

InSmutlon or private; good reterencoa, Ilai - 

rlw, P. P.. Golden. , ._ 

SALSaMISN wanted; ,*ood P'fP"'"??''' " 
right men: experience not neoewary. 
but ability required; call between 10 and U 
a. m.. 121 Peni barton bloc k. . 

ANTED, men and women »o^lf"" „V,i' 
barber trade; wage, paid while learj«- 
ing, tho largest and nxo»l comvMa »^^^o^^ 
in the northwe.t; wage. »lf/° •",J'*<f ^„\1. 
when qualified; "11 or write for free cata 
loBue. the original J. A. Moler Barber col 

lege, 848 Main 8t.. Vancouve r, B. c . 

WTJ^HTOD. one socd mllk->-;_ no trifler 

t» iieed Apply. ic ana r., r>*»— . 

Hill rd. . 

\\TANTED, good boy for office. Apply 

VV Victoria PhoetUx Brewery Co. 

ArTTED^ompitenl automobile nie- 

chaailc; Bteady position '»_"' »f'« 

men. Appyl to Foreman, Western Moto. 

and Supply, Broad »t. 

WANTED, hlgh-clB.a and re.pon.lblo man 
. nd wir« i nn rhlldr*"? J°: wo^i^'i , ,.'^ 

CW.VVA.SSEJ!S wanted; good proposlllun 
J to right ladles: e.\perlenco not neci»»- 
ni y, but «.ullU> ienulitjd: i;iii, jct'.vecij -., 
and 12 a. m., 121 i'emberlon bl ock. 

CtHAtlFFEUlt regulrej) situation; running 
.' repairs; good references. Box 4 7 7 

/ AUAIPOKITUR, 10 years' exporlencf, Bueks 
\J situallon. Ford l"o»L Office, Caatle- 
gar, B. C. 

I."^NEKOE'niC BBlesraan, with good con- 
■■J nc.;tlon, experienced in bookkeeping; 
full ol Initiative, require* Itialdc or putslde 
reeponvlble position ' tx 1th real eslato or 
other live firm; .alary and comiuUslon. Box 

4 25, Colunlat. 

|7»I..DBRLY man waul, work of any kind; 
-CJ gardening, all round man, handy with 
tool.; wage, iiiuueiaic, itfcioiit-oi, BOS 
35d Colonl.t, , 

PRUIT Trade — Toung man, 18 year*' ex- 
porlence, dealrca .ituatlon, whole.ale or 
retail; expert window dre.aer. Reply Box 
8 40, Colonl.t. 

ANDY man want, .teady Job, motor or 
engineering work ., 3117 Delta .t. 

MAiRRlBD Man, ejuperlonced farmer, 
want, vo.llloii ou {arm; eiivploymcnt 
oifflcer. pleaws an.wcr If any. Mr. Lien, 


Jf JH.OOO year; for 
nly. Box 973. Colonl.t 


FOUND — Dapple grey horsp, ageti. Own- 
er can recover same by paying ex- 
penses: Apply 10 J. W. Songhursl, We.t 

Maanich r oad. - 

1,-^OUNU — J. M. Burnes, 584 Johnson St., 
Jb will return a sum of paper money to 
the person who lost It Wcdneaday evening 
in the B C. Junk and Hardware Co. store, 
by prov ing, and paying for this ttd. 

LOST, a small alllsalor puxBo; reward, 
retur n to 1004 ijugdrg «t. 

OST, bunch of keys, either on Soanlch 

rd,, or Dougla. st. Sunday morning, 

on way to the fire. Return to Wm. Orimm, 

660 Pembroke gC, or l>>l^g^J?j_ - 

tFosT, gold watch fob and locket combln- 
JLJ ed.; picture maitte; rcwaiJ. IpSC 
Yatea. " 

LOST gold brooch, .et with 5 pearls; 
Please return to 886 Hey wood ave.; 
rewar d. . 

LOST a Persian cat. Plea.e return to St. 
.I'oaeiph'a Hogpltal; reward. 

I3.VRTNKII wanted. .Ueni or working, 
with 11,500, to open a business In 
Victoria: do not replv unless you can 
riua'.ify. VV. J. Toselaud 1254 For t .t, 

KOO.MINO house — 17 ronnis on Fort s'., 
new and inode-rn; the lease is for flvo 
yeavH. ami the rent 1b JISG per iiiOIUh: 
$1 500 handles It, bulnncn on very easy 
ii iniB. B. <'■ Socurltleu, 909, Oovernment si. 

LOST Spring Weight. 
Stewart & C'o. 

Reward. F. R. 

;i;il-.vack. B. C. 

C4TOLBN. from 2842 Douglas Bt., Monday 
^ cvcalns, bl3'-k ennmel Ivanhoe bicycle. 

W,\NTED — Sell your ousln.mi, why not 
do so at a profit? We have piirehtih- 
.rs for several good boslnessis In the ■•\\y. 
If tho price is n^usniuible. Have ready buy- 
ers for boardinK iind rooming houses. List 
your retail bumness with us: we will sell 
It, Phono us and our re.prea(;ntatlve will 
call upon you. Your iiffiilrs are lonfldenl- 
lul, Harris & Sturgesa , 1229 Dougla s st. 

TTTANTED, to purchase In Victoria, good 
VV paying buBlness, Addrew Box 78, 
CulonlBt. __ 

$,)Arw CASH buy. goods enough to »e- 
— UU euro the exclusive agency for* 
Victoria and vicinity for iiie iiua-USt pat- 
ented novelty of tho ci-utury; act QuU-k!>. 
Room 7, Winch building. Vnncouvor. ^ 


ENGLUiJI baby buggle wanted. Box 822 

LIGHT d«l'lvc«-y wagon tor sale. Apply 
Bill Fort .t. , 

POSITIO.N wanted by man and wife on 
farm; or could lake caro of place; man 
experienced in farm work, wife auy kind of 
house w:ork. Box 207, (Jolonl.t^ 

LA8TERING wanted, any kind, contract 
or day. 426 Colonl.t. 

QITL'ATI(.).V wanted a. .teward of hotel 
lo or cub; mlddlo aged; qualified; ref- 
erence.: any distri ct. 553 David Bt. 

>hlllTy and fi- 

With s:cc: riiiiB, ■•■«• 

,.ii>. •'i;in 

frame: reward on returning same to r. 
Hutchinson, at above addre»s. 


fpRAVBIiIjFlR ( » 0l . wtt h 
-*. perlence, require, poaiituu, 

7 80 I'rlnce.s ave. 

AWElrL furnished and comfortable 
front bedroom to lot; breakfast. If de- 
sired; Spring Ridge, clo.o to car. Apply 

Box 383, Colonist. _ 

lEtLlNOTON Rooms. 819 Fort St.; hand- 

INFORMATION wanted a* to the wher*- 
abouiB oC John Lovcll. who arrived .In 
Victoria on B.8 rusDla last aaiuraay. ^■<=f" 
rommnuicate with Mr.. Lovell, care of the 

>APER-CUTTER (.econdhand) wanted; 
must be in good order. P, O, Box 82, 


CJCRAP Bra.., copper, ainc, lead, cast Iron, 
J5 sacks and all kind, of bottle, and rub- 
ber: highest ca.h price, paid, Vlotorla 
Junk Agency, 1620 Store St.; phone 186. 

DIE Rrmlnclnil Typewriter Company'. 

r i V iii i i iii » ii.i»i M M » It M ^ - r m« 

X Eaiploynicnt Departm-nt #SrvS» tne 
....,..,.._. u.. --icctir" irtvn !♦» il«t. of 
tested stenographer, one *ho 1. competent 
to sati.fy his requirements. Tell ua your 
reciulremont. and we will see that they 
are filled. Our service, are given wlthoijt 
charge. 216 Pemberlon Block, Phone 2914. 

rpo PURCHASE, old mahogany furniture, 
X clocks, grandfather clooke. coins. 
stamp., etc. A. A. Aaro nson. 85 Johason. 

ANTEJD, baker.* delivery wagon. Bo? 

/"'liBMENT walk., bosement i.oui*. j 
KJ tlons, retaining waiU a..-! "•• 
of cement work. Reasonable prices, 
rls & Davies. P. O. B^X 4 

I'hone F 'iOl'. 

CHIMNEY Sweep— Lloyd. Chimney sweep. 
Phono Ft 288. ; 

LOTHES Cleaning— Clothe. -ileaned, 

dycd^ pre..ed. repaired and altered 

Leave order, at Wat.on & McGregor, phono 

745. Rutley'B, 645 Johnaon ^t. 

CLOTHES Cleaning— Gent.' clothea clean- 
ed dyed, repaired and preas'-d: ""'" 
hrellas and parnsolB made, repaired and re- 
covered. Guy W. Walker, 708 Johnson St., 
Just east of Douglas; phofte LI. 6.. 

LOTHES Clcanlnr— Wah Chong. ladles' 

and gents' dry cloanlng. Pressing atid 

repairing on short noUoe. nS5 Govern- 

men t St.. Victoria, B. C. 

COAt and Wood— George Burt, dealer In 
all klnde of wood and coal. De'l^"*^ 
to any part of city, at current rate.. Phone 

E28; yard. 785 Pandora. ., 

/>(OAL and Wood— Hall & Walker. Wel- 
V_; llnglon Collieries coal, Comox anthra- 

OONTR.VCTORS— Bro«4«ey & ^I.lgr.t J-'- 
Brown.ey. Maywood P.O.; Geo. Ivnlght. 
812 Caledonia Ave). Carpenters and buUd- 
"rB. AUeratlons and repalra Plans and 
estimate, furnlghed. ^ . 

CRUSHED Rock and Grave!— Produce r.' 
Rock & Gravel Co. Bunker., Store St^ 
foot of Chatham St.; phone »0|- , '-f'""*" 
rock washed sand and gravel delivered by 
teams at bunker, or .on scow, at quarry and 
Krrivel pit at Royal Bay. ^ 


ParlB. baritone with Tetraxzlnl on her ISO! 
British lour. .'?t..dlo 19 Hibben Block. Gov- 
ernment sC^Ph<me_R_2495_ 

7HOI-ESAt,E Dry CJoods — Turner. Beelon 
& Co. Ltd. whole.ale dry good. Import- 
er, and manufacturers, men'. furnlBhing., 
tents. "Big Horn" brand .hirt., overall* 
Mall order, attended to. 

WHOLESALE Wine, and Liquor. — Tur- 
ner-Beeton Co. Ltd., Wharf St., Vie-; 
torla — whole.ale only. AH the leading 
brand, of liquors; direct Importera Write 
for li.ts and price.. 

YxTm! r. DRYSDALE, Cot'trs'j'or «nd 
VV builder. Office 1033 North Park at. 
phone 648. 

WOOD and Coal — Cheap fuel. Try a 
heaping double load of short cut mill- 
wood, delivered to any part of city at 83 
t".O.D. by Cameron dumber Co.. Ltd.; 
phone 864. _______^__________ 


_ _ ^.crsc. 

X paMenger uog ci». i, V.-"; 

18.-.: outfit »3T5. Phono 1.922. 
31)8. Colonist. 

<«9i;' nxw 4- 

Wrlto Box 


-:!d ^ffiin^ .o^-"o;;^;.pon^t^i;-rol.'c^?ed^ 

Apply 1018 Ollphant ave. 

H's TaohTrlve. end of Foul Bay ear. 

car of heavy and 

Burlelth Park, 
be given on 
,«^. ........ — '...-rt «pcu-lty Stephens 

i^Tv^^r'y, 1>':''*o'."B(ixTm!' U2.75 
and Y209. 


H^'lUM afsale Stable Burleltn r- 
Sl^fTer „rd.;^^d.t^_^w..l^ be^gW^n 

miist navB iiBi I 
j>i«o«.; woman to j 

■mall family, no 

HORSES for Bale— Draught and Driving; also 8 seta of harne... FoUom 
Stable., Mason and Vancouvor «t». 

Dougla. .t. 




Wa t k I n a 


Trounce Ave. and Broad. Phone 8188 
phone L1398. 

5iiS for .alo— The standard bred 

road.ter "Dolly.- »°»"^ «2^* '^'iaS 
Bl.0 rubber tired buggy and harne.a Beau- 
mont Boggs. 620 Fort .t. 

HORSE (general purpose) for .ale. six 
year, old; txcellent etock. A K 

Cameron; Gordon H ead. 

• Uuui »*»*• *».,."w ._ . 

do general housework. _.,,„ 

laundry; man to take care of law n and auto- 
mobile and general ouUldo work around 
hou.e: will poy »70 per month for "oth and 

furnlah nice pl«*-e »«> •"*«•, '""■J^/'';itS'',l»i 
references In an.wcring ad., and aiate Tally 
exp erience. Box 727, Colonist. 

YOUNG man wanted, with good experi- 
ence In office work; one vrith know- 
lodge of co.t work preferred. Reply Blal- 
In, ouallflcatlon. to Box 432, Colonl.t office. 

ho la uapabto of 
are of a motor 
Apply Box 859, 


Ing qualificatio n, to Box 

YOUNG lad wanted, w 
running and taking care of »_,J"<JV'»'" 
ear; refereneeg required. 


va.h dl.he. and as 


GIRL wanted to wa 
In light housework. Apply »10 Wau- 
lure «t, ' 

housework for 

GIRL wanted to do light 
two or throe week.. Apply 1119 North 

\roUNU Engll.hTnan .oeks po.itlon a. 
checker, clerk or timekeeper; experl^ 
ence in city and logging and railroad 

can»p.. BoK 46-4, Colo ntt. ■ 

OUNG man. 28, de.lre. po.itlon as gar- 
dener, experienced Inside and out; ex- 
cellent referencog; would go In commercial 
hou.e a. rose or carnation grower; under- 
stands chicken raising. C. R. Robln.on, 

Hloneley P, P.. Nanaltno. B. C. ^ 

OUNG raon. age 19, want, work, of any 

de.crlptlon In office or warehouse. 

Rdom 10, Royal Hotel. 



,.iv~ ...jrniKhert' not and (TtJTti rat 

vHV"r;'"'''-'-"l'- ilgnt: .teaau heal; from 
Phono 2S4 2. 


Park St. 

ARCHITECT— H. 8. Griffith., 
ernment St.; phone 1489, 

1008 Gov- 


r..\.tman— Joseph 

Wharf 8t, ; phone 171, 

Heaney. office 65 

■Z-'_ .. -^W. ^i, i i4' ;..u.>*s haracaa and rub- 

{S'T^yVed buMy"for wlerwlll •«" ^°7« 
.e parately. If required. Box 371, Colonl.t. 

BELLING out. by pair. °f, »°^„ «' *^'' 


DRAYMEN — ^Victoria Truck & Dray Co. 
Phone 13. — . 

YE Works— B. C. Steam Dyo Work.. 

the largest dyeing and cleaning work. 

In the province. (Country orders solicited. 

Phone 200. 

J. C. Renfrew, proprietor. 

DYE Works— Paul*. Steam Dye Works. 
318 Fort St. Wo clean, preSB and re- 
pair ladles' and gentlemen's garments equal 

to new. Phono 624. 

i:.,ECTRICIANS — Carter & McKenzle. 
practical electricians and contractor.. 
Phone 710: res. phones L2270. H2667. Tele- 
phone and motor work a specialty. 1319 

Broad Bt. 

TTrLECTRICIANS- Foot & Tuson. electrical 
jQJ contractors. Motor boats, gasoline en- 
gines. Ph one A1446. 735 For t St. 

EMPLOYMENT Bureau — White Labor 
Agency. It you want men for any 
kind of work, please phone 2530. The 
Bt rangers' Rest. 1418 G overnment St. ^ 

MPLOYMENT Bureau — Wing On. 1709 
O ovcrnmoht St.; phone 23. 

GLASS and Glassing — Every description of 
glass, plate, sheet, prismatic ornamen- 
tal leaded, etc. The Melrose Co. Ltd. 618 
Fort St. ________ 

ARCHITECT — Thomas Hooper — In prac- 
tice In B. C. for 25 years. Plan. 
and specification, furnished on application. 
Office, New Royal Bank bldg. ; phone 927. 

A' UGUST First, MI.8 Deveteaux'. Agency 
will remove to 8114 Port gt., behind 
High S chool, ■ 

CIVIL Engineer. — Topp Sc Co., Civil En- 
gineers and land surveyor.. Room 211 
Pemberton block. Phona 2898. P. O. Box 
1049. _^ 

CIVIL Engineer — George A. Smith, British 
Columbia land surveyor. Office at 
Albernl, B. C. 

CIVIL Bnglneera — Gore &. McGregor. 3. 
Horrlck McGregor, manager. Land 
surveyor, and civil engineers. Chancery 
Chambers. P.O. Box 152; phon<. A504. Fort 
George office. J. Y. Te mpleton, manager. 

CIVIL Engineer. — Green Bros. .Burden & 
Co. cIvU engineers. Dominion and B. C. 
land saWcyors. 114 Pemberton Blk.. Vic- 
toria B. C. Branch office In Nelson (13 

years) and Fort Qeorgo (1 year). 


'pair.. Or.t-cla«i \'""'\^'^1i°'l39 Uul* 
i.r. ttlao few .quabs. Apply 439 «ue 

breeders, a1.o few .quaba 
bee street. 

t-I^ANTBD, strong; general purpose horse, 
V\ dump cart and harness; must be 
ZZr^^ da»M. BOX469. colonist, 

WANTED — ^To buy a number of S. C. 
White Leghorn laying hen., pullet, 
and chicks; a good .train required. Apply 
Box 1678, Victoria. ' 

YOt'NO cow for .ale, n«wly calved. Xp- 
ply J. Smethur.t , 1114 Prince.. av»_ 

G4 IRL wanted, to do light housework. Box 
r 415, Colonl.t. ■ 

____, — ,._.» ,^ - witr^'iai taiiie 2 er .8 

Vjr hours a 
729 Fort St. 

day. Apply Sandrlngham, 


OOD general servant wanted. 
534 Montreal .t. ^ 


HOUSBKEBl'BR wanted, for single gen- 
tleman, country district. 895. Col- 
onist. ■ 

BOOKKEEPER, experienced, desire, situ- 
ation; highest references. Box 878, 

Col onist. . 

liESSMAKiNG wanted by the day; good 

local recommendation, 2009 Cook »t.; 

phone L 2676. - . 

DOMESTIC position wanted by capable 
young English woman. Reply Box 

309, Oolonl.t > 


BEDROOM to let, breakfa.l If desired, for 
two young men. 1324 Pembroke St. 

r-HJMtrOR-YABUB furnl.hed rooms. with 
VJ board. If desired; on car lino; close to 
park. 647 Niagara st. : phone L2665. 

C COMFORTABLE, furnished bedroom, suit 
J two friends or married couple; few 
yards from car terminus, Fcrnwood. l»i7 

Pemboke st. — 

XrWK Ront, large double room, suitable 
J? for two gentlemen. 10 31 Pandora ave. 

FOR rent, newly furnished room, select, 
convenient, 6 mlnutea from p()Bt orllce. 
865 Hey wood ave. 

Phone R 914, 

479, Colonist. 

S42 Michigan st. 

a. *-. ..^ji, , , ' ' 

XU work by day, 

834 Garbally rd. 



LADY" Stenographer wanted; experienced 
in commfrclil work. H.. O. Klrkham 
and Co,, Ltd., Fort at. ^ 

lAUNDRESS wanted, one 
J Box 408, Colonist. 

day a week. 


•ITR.NISHED housekeeping room for rent 
sur car. 1219 North Park st. 

(jRNlSHED housekeeping room.; electric 
Ugh" bath: central; adults only. 438 

Princess ave. 




OUSEKEEPINQ rooms to let; gas Biove. 

LADY hslp (young) wanted at once; do- 
mestl(3ated ;good home; references. 

phon e R2078. __^________— 

ADY help wanted for cooking and house- 
keeping; wages »30. Bradley-Dyne. 

r7iNOI.I»H woma-n, exiperlenced. wishes 

situation as housemaid; good refei'- 

cnccB. L. B.. Phone Y1605. 

I^tNGLISH woman wishes position as chil- 
li drcii's nurse; experienced; Canadian 
refere nces given. Box 181 C'.lonist. 

GIRL ■would like children to care for 
evening.. Box 412, Colonl.t 

ITVURNISHBD, Large Sunny Front Room, 
. .uUablo for two gentlemen or two lii-^ 
die.; u.e of phone and piano; breaktasi. If 
dcBlrcd. Apply 1803 Cook St. 

WANTED, a good, medium sized 
Apply Box 346 Colonist. 



1423 Fort St. 

-TTVSONT HtJOm. ^frje, itunny. 740 Bur- 

W ANTED — Anyone furnishing rooms for 
renting purpose, will bo interested to 
see the wooden beds on our fourth floor, 
which we are offering at exceptionally low 
prices. To g«t In on this deal come at once, 
as there are only a few. Weller Bros. 

WANTED — Stationary and marine engin- 
eers carefully prepared for pxamlna- 
Horn. Williamson, F.R.G.S., 73.; King s rd., 
Victor ia. ■ ,;: [^_ _ ^ 


dettc Ave.; phone Rizsi. 

ANTIQUE Jewelry 
. and 

HOUSBKEBPBR, English lady, thoiJough'.y 
quall-fled, desires situation, preferably 


In country,- without children, 

Box 330, COl- 

Bldney P. O. 

13 LAIN needlework wanted, dally. 



84 3. Fort St. 

C. Coates 


JT jobbing gardener; tree pruning and 
spraying a Bpeclalty. «45 I>andora; phone 

GARDENERS— Green & Tucker, gardening 
in all its branches; landscape work a 
specialty. A ddress 1919 Cowan Ave., city. 
ARDENER— Landscape Gardener. James 
Simpson, 951 Johnaon St.; phono 
RllBO Expert on all garden and orchard 
dftalls Pruiilns and cleaning from in- 
sects roses a spnclalty; lawns graded and 
finished In first, second or third quality, ac- 
cording locontract^ ■ 

HARDWARE— E. G. Prior & Co., hard- 
war.? nnd agricultural implements. 
Corner .lohnson and Government Sts. 

CIVIL Engineer — P. 
and Provincial land surveyor. 
3 4 Board Of TradO. 

CIVIL Engineer — A. I, Robertson, British 
Columbia land surveyor. 622 Fort St.. 
Victoria . B, e,; phone LI 54 7: P, O. Sox 792. 

CIVIL Engineers- Swannell & Noakes. Do- 
minion and B. C. land surveyors and 
civil engineers. 1210 Langlcy St.; P. O, 
Box 642: phone 377. _, — 

CIVIL BPglneern — Clarence Hoard.. A. M. 
Can. Soc. Civil Engineers M. Am. Ry. 
Engr & M of W. Assoc. Civil engineer: 
Railways, Highways. Concrete. Office 401 
Pemberton Bldg.. phone 984; res. Empress 

Hotel, phono 1^80^ 

ONSUL'TING Engineer— W. O. Winter- 
burn M.I.N.A., consulting mechanical 
engineer. Offices 516 Bastion Square; res. 

43? Dallas Dd. ; phone 1631. 

ENTIST — Dr. ~ Lewis Hall, dental sur- 

'giirgeon. Jewell Blk., corner Jalea 

Victoria. Phones: vjfilCo 


1082 Richmond Ave. 

Rooms — Furnished 


Rooms — Furnished. 

18 Cook St. 

TWO rooms, moderate rent, 
man or North st. 

12u2 Den- 

S TEADY Employment— Sewing machine 
operoiors and folders: ^i>««'"n''" 
taught; electric power; union was*^* •?-"''"/ 
day; half-holiday Saturday. Apply 1 "rner, 
b/c on & Co.'s Shirt and Overall Factory, 
cor. W harf and Bastion Sts- Victoria. B L. 
WO waitresses wanted. Apply Dominion 
Hotel. . . • 

HOUSEWORK wanted by young woman 
plain cooking, by tlje (lay. Box 858 
Colonist, .__^ .■ . '; . '-• .. ■ ' ' ■ 

LADY living In best part of James Bay 
will undertake the daWy care wfchll- 
dreJi. For particulars apply Box 44t col- 
onist. . 

LADY Wishes employment. 3 days weekly, 
light hous(»work, sewing etc. Box 394 

AUNDRBSS would like a few day. 
J --cck. Ecx 306. Colonist 


rno let, one large room, »■«•">■, '"^^*?S*^ = 
1 also one small room. 19St Blanch- 
ard st,; phone 2468. 


and Douglas Sta. 

ARDWARE— The Hickman Tye Hard- 
ware Co. Ltd. Iron, steel, hardware, 
cutlery. 30 and 34 Yates St. Victoria B. C, 


DENTIST — W. F. Fraser. D.M.D, 
732 Yates St, Garescho Blk. 
hours: 9:.1fl a.m. to 6 p.m. 


Tto) rent— One furnlsh.d room, «u»»'l>Jo *<"" 
T housekeeping; no children; 962 Mason 
St. Apply 907 Government st. 

Jet — Four unfurnished, 
rooms. can rent Bt 
Spring road, corner DcnmajJ^ 



T° ^romi.""' can-rent separate. 2-.01 

o let— A suite" of one or two furnished 

housekeeping '•°»"'Vl' -o" a^c^oVver'^st* 
.electric light; clo.c In, lUO Vancouver st. 

thoroughly roHable girl 
from the Old Country ,"«•"•'«' •*r: 
vant In ft small tat^illy. Telephone 2028 or 
call at 1660 Pandora ave, " 

WANTBt) at once, exiperlenced steno- 
grapher for real estate <>"'«*•, "Vil' 
ex,perlenc» also salary expected. Box *Z3. 

("•ol n nlBt. ___^ 

WAITRESS, experienced, wanted Irnnie- 

diatel y. at the_ King Edward Hotol._ 

ATANTED, somsone to take cUarge of 4- 

months-old baby, nights only. Apply 

Woodford, 402 Qu«l>ec. . 

iVi Maxwell, phone .M 1627. -Cjo 
Walker, Wonston, Eaqulro alt ril. 





\TTA.NTED — A flrst-clos. pressor on ladles' 
VV garments. Apply Herman, 884 Yates 
French Dry Cleane'S- 

■l\f IDDLB-AGBD i;ii«lie,n - lady teqUlres 
iVx poaltlon B« companion iln the house 
of a ladv; no Balmy required; references ex- 

cha n«od". Box 438. ColonlBt. 

^TT! pianoforte teacher, offers 

special ratea during vacation months to 
young students. Write Studio, Head St.. 
V 1 c torlg Wc.t. 

POSITION wanted by a refined young 
woman, with ons ysar and a half 

hospital training, »» »'»%«» „?"J,\^y " '^Jf.' 
pnnlon mnld. or care of children. 4jZ, 

LARGE, comfortable room to let, suitable 
for two «entlcmen; bronkfast If de- 
sired; modern convtnl.cnces; terms moder- 
ate. Apply 126 Ladysmlth »t., James Bay. 

LANGLEY Room. — ^Room« from $1.50-$2 
per. 1211 Langley. . , 

jaWLY furnished double and single bed- 
— . room; also bed-sIttlng room; 6 min- 
utes" walk f rom Po.t Ofiflce, 621 Siincoe gt. 
rcELY~turnlshcd bedroom, all conveni- 
ences; 2 minute* from Douglas car. 
634, Garbally rd. 

NICE front bedroom for tW» gentlemen, 
92 5 ^Johnson st. '"' 

EOOMS (nicely furnished); breakfast or 
board. If desired; moderate terms. 321 
Michigan St. . 

RETIRED officer and his wife have 8 
spare bedrooms and one very nice 
sitting room to let to gentleman of food 
family and posllloii; James Bay district; 
close to car; breakfast given. If requ.ix-d; 
for terms and full particulars, apply Box 
299 Co lonist, _-_ 

RoOMii to lot i tlj'At floor, 810 Douglas, eof. 
Humbol dt. . 

ROOMS (furnished) for gentlemen; every 
convenience. 1112 Cook st. Phone L1661 

diamonds, engravings 
clcttires b.^'is''.. and sold. Mrs. 

A. A. Aaronson . 85 Jolfnann st. 

AGGAGB promptly handled ot current 

rates by the Victoria. Transfer Co.; 

phone 129. Office open night and day. 

/^1iARPEl''S, IVphoIstery and bedding clean- 

KJ od without removing, by moUve power, 

terms m oderate. 1603 Ju bilee yt . ^ 

riARPENTKR, Jobber.- T. J. Loplhlen. 
\J Wire show cases and safes In stock 

and t o order. T.19lt. 2C52 Rose St. ^ 

(>L1NLEA Mending Syndicate— Clothing 
of all kinds marked and nit-nded with 
efficiency and despatch; parcels collecled 
and returned: terms very modera.te. APply 
the Mending Secretary, care the colonial in- 
telligence League, 19 Mount Edwards, \an- 
couver St. ' • 

DRAWING, 1911 Cycle, winner No. 24, J. 
H. Newman, clo Ropher, city; call at 
GOG Gove rnment St. _^ 

FISHER Employment Agency, 592 John- 
son, corner Government: phone 2990. 
Prom pt parsonal g'tentlon given t o orders . 

■XTOTICB — Ilavlnit leased the store and 
JN furniture of the Grill and Lunch 
Counter at 641 Fort St., to Messrs. A. ^ .Nel- 
son and VV. I'Torishain, Ine " = -r-.n 

,,,.,eiH1n fOT* nnv <lt:UL(3 ^.uiiv 

1911, H. E. 



John St 

t'lot be re(»ponsiblc for any debts conlractefl 

by said firm after July 

with or without board. 


Tk/TRS. TuUy, 



•Ic llKl 
63S Princess ave 


TT"^''eiecii^ic""VlKht, "bath; central; 




TEWELERS — A. Pctch, 1416 Douglas St. 
Specialty of English watch repairing. 

TCNK — W'Rnled: Scrap brass, copper, Jiino, 
!-ad cast Iron muks. hottles. rubber; 
highest prkea paid. Victoria Junk Agency, 
1«20 Store St.; phone 1JX6. 

LANHPCAPE Oardener— F. .Street, P.R.H.S. 
gard.n d'^slKn In all I's branches. Ad- 
dress Lake Hill, Victoria: phon.^ 19D3, 

IIVERV— Oaldwpll-» vranstcr, general ox- 
J prfKB, sale, llverv and boarding atablea. 
787 Cormorant St.; night and day; phone 

720. ■ ^ 

TviSUY — Victoria Transfer Co., Ltd. Tel. 
12:'. IJejt ss rviOB m the city. ■ 

IJTHOGUAPHING — Lithographing, en- 
J grnvlncc and embojialng. Nothing too 
largn »nd nothing loo small; yotir stationery 
Is your ailvanci- aK.'nt; our work Is un- 
eoualtert tV'-at of Toronto, Tho Colonist 
Prlntlns & Puhllnhing Co.. Ltd^ 

Bleclrlc Face and , Scaljj 
It-class work 
Phone n 2!)4S. 

, G. Strong, medallist Royal 

■\cadomv of Music, London, Eng., and 
years' 'student with Leopold (Jodow- 
skv. Berlin, Ciermony Is prel>area to i-pcMvn 
a ilmited numbe^r of pupils for piano. 1' rms 
and particulars nt Mesars. Ilelcher BiOB. 

M uBlc Sto re, Government St. 

TrETERINAnT— S, F. Veterinary College. 
\' Session begins Sept. 15: ralaloguo 
free. Dr. C. Keane, ISIS .MftrAet bt., W. I'. 


(Jovernmenl st 


with or without lodging. 2610 

^^TrD and lodging tor Buminer holldByB, 
on th.- • ' '" river, clnun to Dun- 

,,„n,. "Aonlv r..- l.uncan. r. O, 

charge of .mall tea room. 

862 Yates 

St. • ■■•,■• 

A"^01;nO woman wanted t>y the day tot 

X h..usework. plaUn cooking and W«..M.r.g; 

phone L2921. 


TVOrRblNG Hou». (The I'oplars! corner 
B Belleville St. and Government .<op[;o.Ue 

t,'. !■ 


ii'morf-«« hnl.'l, '.; minutes from 
,^',rkrand P b.: the best for the price In 
'"' "'(ly; boerd and room »1.00 p. 

ANCIE.N'T Order ot Foresters, Court North- 
ern Light. No. 5!)35, meets at Foresters' 
nd and 4th Wedneadays. 

Hall, Broad Ht 

W. F. FuUerlon, See, 

CANADIAN Order ot Foresters, Court Co- 
lumbia, N.i. 834, m-'tB In Fore-te,-. 
Hall, Broad St., 4lh Thursdny. V'a', "p^ 
brelhieu welcome, Alex. I'eden, Chl.T 

Ranger; R. W. O. Ha vage. Hc c, Sec, 

nrUlE Daughters of England wpnevoient 
i. Society meet in K. of P. Hall the third 
Tuesday of each month. Sccrfjtttry, Mrs, A. 
E, Catierall. Linden avenue. 

1i>MF<.>It'l-A.ULlfi room and .board tor two. 

(■4i>.V 1-i.^lti .(vu'.«.» 
.' 1175 Yates ^t^ 

7^(>l.rFOH'rA'uuE room and board for two. 

\J 'ii31 Fcrnwood jd. 

T^ilR's'r-CLAaB NurVlng Horn, for maternity 
1^ cases' MlB. E. H. June.. 781 Vancou- 

YOUNO girl wanted for light house- 
work from 9 to 2. Apply 320 Men- 
slea at. ^ 



I iitlid fc« hou.ckoeper; able 

laUt fui! chiirge. Box 463 Colonist. 

S''OTTJH-H girl, experienced, wishes bHu- 
~ atlon as chambermaid In hotel or club. 

M. Farme r. 11 24 (auad,ra St. ■ 

XTtYdOW (ex-tralned nurse, would like to 
VV take one or two healthy chUdren to 
care for; short periods not o!.J.-.>-tcd In: -a'ffe 
house. healthy location: ref.-i..-..o=s ox- 
changed. Mrs. Ewart, Ladysmlth. 


,0 let frout bedroom, with verandah, tor 
couple, -with meals, from August 12, 
for one month: near car line: Beacon hill 
park a nd beach. 517 Government st. 

TO let. two double furnished rooms, cen- 
tral : »ult»We for two gentlemen. Box 

399, Colonl.t. ' . 

man st. 

TO 'let— Two front rooms partly fi 
wit h use of kltcheiy 1318 Den 

T~ HE Portland, 723 Yates St.; B 
plan; running hot and cold water, 
steam heat ond telephone In all room 

ROOFS and f;iittor« cleaned and repaired: 
fireproof painting done. Engelson & 
Archment. 726 Courtney St.; phone lam. 
AN~FrancIeco Veterinary College; sesalon 
begins ^^ 1=. Cfttaiopuc trie. Dr. 

C. Keanc. l.'^l.S Market St., 8. F. 

CJOOKE Automobile Stage— The Saturday 
JC» 5 p. m. trip from Sooke and the Sat- 
urday .:30 p. ni. trip to Sooko will bo dis- 
continued until further notice. . 



TEACH EIW wanted— A.ppI lent Ions will be 
received until AuKiui I"'!'. f'"' "i*^ 
positions ot principal and ,"«*'»'«■;;' ''''••'•'': 
■ It. or the I, s'liooli., at na.nrles of 
Jl":; and »K. reei.e.ilvely: state age, expcrl- 
,nce, etc.: personal Inlorvlews solicited. N. 
A. Mi>r rlBon, georetary, 

rniSAfHEH wanted for •"/o"*"*'"'''^;" ,?'-''i°"i' 

iirtt. »i-(-retf.ry. 

OUNG Japanese woman wishes 


Box 620. 

P. O. 

XroUNG woman seeks situation ns gen- 
.1 eral eervant: plain cooking. Aplily to 
11.,' Thoburn I'ost Office, E<iqulmali rd. 

nearly oppo- 

THE Waverley, Pouglas st. 
Bite city hall: modern; well appointed 
rooms, with or withou t private bath. 


IWO furnished front bedrooms, ; S3. 00 per 
week; bath and electric light. Walker- 
vlUe, car ry rg. 



NEARLY new sldeiboard for sale 
■cheap: hIk" a parlor .love, 458 Col- 




■A I .V.VI.-'UKl.NIJ. 
,.(1 Humboldt St. 

MABSAQR — O. Bjornfelt, Swedish massage, 
medical gymhaBtlcs. ■••ihrator treat- 
ment 821 Flirt St.: phone 1S56. 

A8SAOE — Mrs. Earsman. electric light 

baths, medical massage. 1008 Fort 

fit : phonf. B1065. f 

AINTERS — Tho Melrose Co. Ltd., 61? 
Fort St., undertake every branch of 

.''NIGHTS of Pythias, No. 1 
•rUlHV. K. of 



DoiiglBB nnd Pandora H-ts. 
of R 

Far West 

;iill. corn.-r 
I.,. .Smiili, K. 

and S., Box 644. 


NIGHTS of Pylhlas. Victoria Lodge, No. 
17, meets every Thursday at 8 p.m., in 
K of P Hall, corner Pandora and 1)'H1r1b« 
Si's. Vlalting Knights <'f''-11^l'y„ '"^'i?'', 
E. C. Kaufman, K. of R. and S., P. O. Box 


Rt. Phone 1202 

(,->OMS and board, beautifully situated 
*''?MW<'b Chamberlain, 1^37 Sunnj- 



In car 



wanted with breakfast 

close tr 


IAl'lt-NlSHED rooms 
; for ono month. In K""'' homo, close ilo 
sea bv married couple without 
Oak liay preferred. .1K:1. Colonist 

lOMS (furnished) to let. 

107 St. Law- 

ANOTHEH alilptnenl Red Cross CUejiiloal 
Closets .lust arrived: Just the <'ilng for 
summer homes und pin. ea whore hen; Is 
no B.nv..ra*e. Write for particulars, K. 
ll;\rrlB & Co. 


,ani?lcy st. 


ILLIAKD dining table 

Fort B! 

BILLIARD dlnlns 
lings, in thiet 

new. with all fit- 
best qunllty, F. 

TO whom It may concern— Notice Is here- 
by given that Ed. B. Dlmock and John 
Menzlcs. heretofore c^ndiictln)? a ';"»ect'"^ 
agency In the Green Block, corner of Broad 
af and Trounce ave., Victoria, B. <.. under 
"he name of "The Dominion "a^'nf «",* 
Mercantile Agency." have ^l^'V^^V Darn- 
ed J. -Menzies retirinK. ar..l Ed. B. Dim 
i>ek continuing th.> bualnesa. jiaylng all bll s 
and ohllgallons of said firm as well as col- 
lecting all Bciviunts duo to them.— Your* 
triilv E B. nimo.k. John Menxles, Vanoou- 

V.-.-." B. C . Ausual 1 lO'I- 

rnUE hTndy man— Work ot every de.crip- 
T tion. Repairs of all kinds: carpets 
rclald: furniture repaired: wicker chairs, 
c leaned and repaired. Telephone R 253. 
rnHE latest Sheet Metal swinging elec- 
X trio signs of all descriptions, made by 
II c. Sheetilelal Works. J. Market, m* 
Oak Bay ave. ■ 



"ide'ave"." of"f'V-"ralKVrower r d. : phone U113^ 

m"v7vvrirRST, r.l7 Government St., cloao 
S .', i-a.-'lnment l.ldgs.; under new man- 
place for homo comfort; also 
aliataciion; worth a trial. 


agemeni: Is 
t;,bl.. board: Buro 
T'hone 244 1. 


rnKACllKU wanted for the Massett Pub- 

1 il.' Bcluiol; Bftlnry t7r,.n(i per month. 

Auioly Seoreliiry, School Hoard, stating »l- 

taliimenlB and enclosing teHtltn.iia^al^; 

EACniER wanted for Mayne Island 
School. Salary 160.00 per month. 

Apply, J. W. nrnnett, ^Inyne, B. > . 

KACHER, for Ellls.m public school; Oil- j ;.i 
lies to rommenc after summer boll- ^y 
any. Apply to Michael llereron, sec, 
lioard of Trusteos, Ellison school, Kelowna. 
B. C. , 

H"mALl1iou»o' wanted to rent. %'iO to t'i 
month; mual be clean. Box 662. Co 


S "tabling wanted for two horses; not far 
from city hall, 9S6, Colonlr-t offlc-. 


NFnR.NllSilIEU house wanted, about S 
,\,pply 1". O. Box r.S.I. 

or !' rooma. 

C'tAMP ifly tor aale, new, 30x26; cheap; 
J 'ctsh wanted. Box 44U, Colonist. 

cheap nntl.iue mah.>gany chest 
' ■ also 

.■^l()U bhIc, - - . . , , , 

..■ or drawers, Rlri.nK, scrvh-eal)! 

hands. line organ. 
Ciil.-ii.)nla av.-. 

R. Hi-ld, ll.'M 


.•VJR sale, almost now buggy at Bray's 
Slablps: price StiO. ^ . 

b-VOR Sale, a 4-8eated buggy, with harness 
complete; also double harneas, wUh 


FIRST-CLA«S farm wanted within 20 
miles. Box 4. Beaumont P. O. ^ 

^ OOD building lot wanted. In James BajT 
X dlstrk 
49, Colonist. 

/ >( tiOD building loi w.»iii.,u. ... -— -— ---j 
(jT district, near car; owners only. Boa' 


HU1IS?2 — Wanted , . 

rooms, from owner cmly^ P,1'^1,P.°» .^1 
exc-ed $1.6(io; oasy terms, 
car line. P. O. Box lU. 

ly; prl< 
on or cloas to' 

lot t<* 


tho painting and decorating bUBlnesa, 
guarantee eallsfactlon. 


PROCT Bros., Art Leaded Glaaa Workers. 
r,> JlKure .)n iead.-si glnaa. prlamatlr. in 
j_.__j.j:'j.f i/ead: bevel r.l«t« and mirror 'work. 
Ad'tiresa" 7 2 r'v'lew: phone 2<6it. 

P.\TE.NT.« — Rowland Brlttain 
attornfy Patenta In al 
l-'lstleld Bldg.. op. P^ O. 



Ware— Sewer pipe. 

POTTERY Ware — sewer pipe, field tile, 
ground fire clay, flower pots, etc. B. 
Pollery Co. Ltd., cor. Broad and Pandora 
. Victoria B. C. 

■'•J'^l^MBTNO-'colbert Plumbing * Heal- 
»' .»_ ,-a i.fd For first-class work- 

,";an.h"i; in the'ai'ov* 1'"- «';« ^f.'nh'ne 
Temporary office 756 B.-oughton St.. phone 

5 6 J. ___— 

' N. Atkinson, plumbing, 
ove fitting. 2644 Blanchard; phone 

SONS of England. B. R. Alexandra Lodg» 
116. meets l«t and 3rd Wcdnradays, 
K of P. Hall. Jas. P. Temple. IS Erie St., 
P res. ; J. Crl tchl e y:_f •c.i_SI o n e y^_B._C^__ 

CJONS of England. Pride of Island Lodge, 
O No. 131. meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 
In A. O. ^. Hall. Broad St. President. W. 
H. Irowadale, .=.20 William St. Secretary. 
W. Dawson. Head si., Thoburn P. O . 









■^Ot-ID office to rent. In principal street. 
" ' Reply Box 321. Colonlpt^_ 

RE.S9.MAK1E.H ( ex,perlencedi would like 


James Bay 



REPSMAKINO — The Misses Roberta. 
Menzloa St.. phone 1,1727. 



SEAL ESTATE— Herbert Caothbert * Co. 
"Barsslns Vletoria Real ■^'^T;. ,- '. 

DRESSMAKERS— Mrs, and Mis. Ingle. 
late of Regent St., London, are now 
op»n fnr mmmlsalons: day and evening 
gowna a spcciaiUy. 847 Niagara «t. ; phons 

LJ665^ , 

RESSMAKKK, experienced, wlBhes few 
engagements tor country. Box 866, 


OOD Stable to let. 9)7 North Park Bt. 

MOUFR.V ground floor oftlco to rent, 
with vault, aultable for .tore .lust off 
Apply B. C, Land and In- 

(]o-v«rnra«nl St. 

.'fSlmJr.1. A f elif 


IrtIVF.-R<V)MED new bungalow, fully fur-* 
. niahed; new piano, all modern con- 
lenl'-n.-ew; rent free to rl.clit party in return 
far hoard of owner; a aplendlil liom.- for 
married couple; must be .lean and »t..-ady. 
Box 336, Colonist. 

TANTE.1), two hou8ek...epIng unTurnianett for two ladlea; must be 
moderati-: James Bay prc^terred, 
Oswego Bt. 




i-ANTBD to lease. 


for long term, 

suitable for 

o.ptlon of buying, 5 or 1 aorns, with 

::i;\"lio,r7i^sin^"H:^-t7;uUilu.-t and .Co., 

il.lf) Fort at . . 

TiTTxvKU to rent, a ten or twelve room*d 
\ V ■ ■> -. 1" ''..o.l locality, suitable for 

[.■\OR rent, collage. 

;, rooms. Willows 
X' Bearh, furnished or unfurnlahed. Ap- 
ply Box 470. Colonist. . 

furnished and unfurnished, to 
& Blurgess, 1228 

let. Apply HafflB 
Douglas .1. 



FP'ti'IOS '" rent on Government st. 
ply Ii;m,i)lrn Hnally Co. ' 


FFlCEfi to rent, on Government St. .Ap- 
ply Empire Realty Co. 


DRESSMAKER wants work by the 
phono L 2947. 


Sl-l phona lll«. cable addres* "Cutbbert. 

IT^IRHT-OLASS Dressmaking by the day 
r* ' no naitorn. necessary. Phone LI012 


rpBNT to 

ilM M'L trull .farm. Improved. to rent, 
^' ■ close t o city. Box 4tiO, c'r^lonlat. 

let, for two, with boanl, sandy 
lieach, good bathing. P. O. Box 112. 

let. furnished house o.t six rooms, Ap- 
1219 Cook St. 

modern,, cniT),eJtl 
a o .» VV . I . 

ply be'jween 6 and 

lei, «-rn(»nr- house. 

basTTneni. trnm iotii " ''er*-' ■„."" . 
VI. torla West. 


~ "ANTBTl 

liou!..-, In good locality 

Box A. Q. D,, colonist 

liole; v.'iy .ii.ntp. 

• X142" 

■yon sale n.w and secondhand express 
wagons and buggl.-a. Apply John Mc- 
Kay, 723 Cormor ant at. .. 

,-\OR sale— -Fu.-nlture, Including kitchen 

.■aniTp K!i8 range, extension table, taur- 

fnt, cou'lh!' kUchVn table, chairs, linoleum, 

eti>>, JfiO. 



i^KVERAL business properties wanieo, re- 
^''V/,„,p bearing, corners preferred; any 
pnoe up to »500,000 dollars, for OMh. Be« 

34 4, Colonist. 

1013 Vancouver St. 


to rent or purchase, on easy 
terms small' lot at Cadtaoro Bay or 

.Shoal Buy. B^^iaUl-^^— 

it'tTnTF/D to nnt from 7th August, un- 
W furnished five roomed hou.e, modsrn 
on or near car Une, Oak Bay district pre- 
ferred. Box 4 04, Colonist. 
fTr ANTED "To" rent, 4 or 5 room.d untur- 
VV nl«h'.1 .r.ttftge: would taks 


son. Applv R26 Wilson, 

month., with "V'""n of PU'^ha.e 
diatl'l'*! preferred. . ■ Box ii-h^ coioniP'-. » 

for .Ix 
Oak Bay 

I,-\OR sale— Good, fine double-seated Glad- 
:* atone carriage; til. for .ingle or teana ; 
cuahion seats and lamp*: good condition, 
s", 1 arneas, c^iatt cutter, aklp ot bees, fruit 
boxes? elc. Sell cheap;^leavlng city; must 
c lear out. Apply 1431 EJmonton road. 

IXTR .ale good, .econdhand binder; price 
' »40. Apply W. Mitchell. Keatlngs 
p. o., Baanlch, 

aultablo for sxprass or 


For •*!«. Box 

r,'*lOR sale — Wagon. . . , 

ooa tractor. Apply, H0» Blanehard st. 

rrRACTS of timber <'""**»"'•**,/* ^j!^' 
J couver Island; must have lull pfcrtU*-^ 
lars before I can consider any offtr. P.O.' 

Box 1261, City. ■■ — ! 

iiTANTED to buy, ons or two l<ft«. on I 
W elTher No^°>-t *v«^. /.InWrtJ. »»^ of\ 
l. ong Bran<h ave. Bo« 4T<. COlonW. 
TXTANTBD from owners onljr. lttt*0« ?•'"'*( 
W ichan St., J?» of^^,»*5fi^ 1»»»»- >»*'^^ 


to offer? 'P. 

w^raNTBD two t* tSB mcfM, nsM City, i 

W "ulfiSia for ponntr. Apply ••• coi- 


WTavTfcp. to bi»y > lot i« oyt 9«rM'i 
W tiict on or ntutr w»totfr««t{ on*** 
only. Bo* m. OpIWItot.. 

LOOD Bn«llsh made cycle for ial*. 
891, Colonist. _______—,- 


Ponder Island- 

BUCKI^AND Park, West 
Seaside .uimmer resort, good boating 
nnd ^athlng: rate. HO per week, -Mrs. ^^ . 

Tri let 2 large room., dec In: $S tier 
month. A.pply to Hlbbs, Oriental alley 
John.on SI. . 


patterns necessary. Phono 

MONEY to loan on first mortgattj-^fcal 
esiaie. Aippiy to Paierson AJJ^I". 
109 Pemberton «)midln«: ao agents ns«d ap- 

OFFICER (retired) and his wife would 
be wining to take na boarder, for the 
.umm.r month, a married '-""P'o <"? ^l'^' 
dren) or two or three ladle., of good fam- 

Fly and po.itlon. Very ';"">"'VJ'*"°'waTr 
filrniihed ho-a.e, overlooking the water, 
and with all convenience.; good •"''"nt. 
Wllhin \% hours of Victoria by ^taln or 
moter; powerful motor l"«"»»», •*•»'' ,®??' 
of r.l.rsnoes given »n*^"0"'"i... '"" ttfl 
tlDuiars and phototrftplM on r««u«tt. Bog 
tit CwWtiigt. 


TANTED— To rant .mall farm. WoulO 
' take over stock. Apply, P. O. Box, 

Vancouver. ______———— 

" -By a reliable Am.rlean fam- 

ohlcken farm on '••••-.jy','^ 
object to purchase. Apply, A. M. B«»ttlS. 
iflR-infl Dob.oii nik. 


lly, a 

OF thai .,our .ala .»« »«»«•«• ..•.•j**;* J^J^rl^SiZ" ^t,:^r%m 

t^r -;r?,^ dally. You can as- *fty»* «f - ^^ff' . i i ia . 


Tt^ocnO couple wishes furnished houis- 
1 keeping rooma, close to Fountain. 

nouftlas street. 

Btix 262, Co:r**^i«t- 


rVO investors— Wanted. IHO.WO, »t « per 
i oont. first mortgage "jy..?"'^^; 
rUt-edgcd security, in on«i of tha fMjOft 
Growing and most hnportanl citleg lA ilUl- 
r«t^h""an. Write In flrtt plAM W Ht. 
poK Coionlit. viowrliu B, C 

PROOF atara are Increasing dally. - -.- . - 
Send on bargains In furniture, Irotjbjd- 
*» "adt, VinM •«>« roattrssse. at 794 Pan- 
doi ra **• 

SAW Mill Maehlntry— Po' ••••> «"•**» *•»* 
matcher; Cowan maks. jti «o^ ru«BjB« 
ordar C*tn«.ron fcHwSsr C»?.. Xt ^. out iKt cost, tour ••"««*»*•';* 

fi«». B. C. K»tdW«f« CO-, "d., •«« »iW- 

•on at. 


W' ANT«1>— TO- »areli««» ^•~^TjKt 
term. M«« cMh{^4j*oo 

WANt to bW • >•* J* 1*^ 
wBtm; will - 

■ANTBD, ftwm » <* *-*'^jS^ 


no agen 


[fTRONO ogprago irajton for rUt. 

rwt gt,"'' .... 


room tuili HfilJ J~i 


'"*'■?»■ „ 21^" 1 




am tin tttmm 



»m m ^ ' ' *' ^< * ) ' *i i i<> '*jl Sl ' 

Friday, Augutt 4, 1911 





t SNA!- - fill-. Kr"»»> l"l 111 EmprcM 
J\. \drtlt'on, with d'.ublu rroiuafc-e. Price 
fur quick sal" »1.2t.O. Apply. Box 298. Col- 
oBlai offl'-*-- 

A" fiOOD ■•nil-l>u»lnc»» property, ittuute on 
King! id. ■.•on»l«ilng of lot 100x100, 
with four ■-'-.inr^.y h-u.-., »lt„ut« It'""''"; 
rfvcnuo »»B2 per nmium; prl.-.^ $10. 100. 
term. »3.100 ca«h. halanre 1. 2 and 8 yoari. 
Einiilrp K«alty funip any. 841 Fo r t g t. ^ 

V'~~~\: Idcfil rountry homo, on .Mlil Buy. f""'' 
mll<-» friini Kha^wnlKnii lak'' and Cob- 
1,.,. hill wlih on.' mllr of hob. frontttijr. coni- 
prl.lng 9i ""■••• "< cxr..|lint land. amid 
l.eaulirui »urrouiii\iii«iii, *(o...l tiviit f.Bhlnc. 
th. ^•ounlr^ nbound* «lth Kiimi-; c-IkIh room 
hVum-- '-hri'V-rn house., .-i.. ; K'lod gardon, 
«ro,ii,'rt« •..•I out «'l'li y"»"K frull tr.,|-.: un- 
,u,pn...-d loputlon. \'?*. ''[ 
ih.- «<■»• V-OT full jiartUuliiTH. Herbert 
(■iilhbTt ai>d f'o.. 6Sb Fort at. 

AljlASAr lalanda for aale. — Sealed tend- 
ers will be ri'celvert by the undr-ralgned, 

, i.prt •■•rfiidT for BnlUiiat: Island*." up 

l'',"noori' of "August 11. IHU. for th.- purchase 
,,f int« M4 and ion. Nanalrno UUirlrl, com- 
monly known as tlu> BalUnu.- lalKurts, except- 
ing tliTPOut that portion of ««. h Island con- 
veN-d to tho Dominion ffovernment for llght- 
hou».- imd fog stations purposes. ~"f.<' "V," 
SI acres on lot M, and 108 acres on lot 100. 
B..lh aio crown grnnlid, lot 84 carrying coal 
rights Th'se Islands urn a little north of Hay. havi. been in possession or tne 
iiresent owner tor a number of years and 
.used tor she«p ralslngl Separate tenders can 
• hVmade for eltlifr Island.- or-.oneMuuljji._roi. 
both with tirina of i.uyment desired. Ilio 
highest or any ler.der not neOM«arlly ac- 
cepted n«t-d. Z2nd July. »»"— ^^"• 
I1 e o V o r - r o 1 1 s^>arTlstei\eto^ _N Bi^^ 

/tOlJ.NKR lot. »fl50; swoil corner, 52x100: 
•v.. oevui.d .1. aua Mount Tolraie rd : ^is" 
below market value; don't fall to l"\e«tlitate 
th.l» at once. Herbert Cuthbert & Co.. 635 

Fort »t. • . 

■«L,OdS5 m, 3 choice acre*, Olanford ave. ; 
only 12.600. Owner. Box 17 4. V - O- 

OOTTAOE (4 rooms) and lot, 60x130. for 
sale: |ovely location. Apply I6»i 

l^ansdowne rd. 

XPERIMKNT-^L Farm KH" North Saan- 
ich— Adjoining this and having .plcn- 
dld frontage on V. & S. Railway and HI.. 
.».._...- _i_v,» «» «.«». I have 1 acres »»iui 
ruIinVng wl"tVr."" AH ' cleared; '''""^ '" •'?■ 
price only »N.OOO. Terms. Appl> to v\ !•. t. 

Copoman, Sidney. 

■XJ\Oti sale one i^t on Third »t. : »«00. easy 
r terms; siro.-t jm%'d; Willows Boarh 

car. Box 4"S, ColonlsK^^ 

XTVOU »ale. bargain tor cash, beautiful lot 
Jf on Linden avc.. > lose lo Dallas rd. 
.\Uply owner. 4fi7 folonlnt. 

rpwti lots on Johnson St.. ht-twecn ( hnrn- 
i bf IS and CainoB-un. 60.\11'0 each; price 
for both. 18. sou, (luurur cash, balance «■»»>■ 
t'nlon Ueul Kslate Co., 8::o Fort St. phone 

OQ A<"RKP %l land that Is all worth cul- 
OO tlVRllng, JO of which Is In "op; «^"<1 
springs or water, and the price Is tio.ono 
$•' u(in down. I.el nie show you this. H you 
want a gooa fn.rm near II. C. Electric I..lne. 
V. & B. Hallway. \V F. V. Copeman, Sid- 
ney. North Saanlch, B. C. 

duo'-j KfV — iFor sale new B-room modern 
<lI»0,lt)Vi cottage. Oscar St., between 
r.ii.dcn and Coolt; uivcd f<"" fumt'"'': plum"- 
Imk white enameled; easy terms. .\pply 
.■•wner. 140 NlaKiira st^ . 



Heal Ksiutd and CoinmUslon llrokers 
Kuoni 13u l-mibcrtoii liuinliiig I'l.on* liilb 

^.NAI'. ■ Hhelbourne si., 40x170; JIT 
»J cash, balance inoiithiy. 


HIU.Sll>fi: ave. wlH boom In a f-w du «; 
why not buy beforehand, and make 
your profits on the firm rise? 

rpillKD St. — 60x110: tnOO; terms to ar 


Phone F !6«a ],etters: I.angford Station P.O. 


TEN acres on Ooldstreain rd , very light 
clearing; three minuutes Colwood sta- 
tion and store; 1226 per acre; term* 

TEX acres, good bottom land, main Happy 
Valley roKfi; .1 minutes t". N. R. station, 
r. O. and school; }n»lf-acre prite bearing 
apple trees: J22B per acre; half cash; ad- 
joining landa sell ing at »826 per acre. 

rnWO and a- half Hieres, Gol-wood..-;vlll*«!»; 
.1 lovely home site; light clearing; $200 
per acre: half oath, balanua to suit; tbla la 
a snap ^^^ 


Heal E»l*lo ar.d Flnrincla! Ajren'.. 

Mahon llulMln*. (•.-..veroment St.. \ Ictoria, 

ii. i" . Tcli-phonu 174B 

A GENUl.VE bargain— Two and ont- 
Ix. quarter acre on t;ecllla rd ; only 
J4.000; terms. 

HI'UENDID lot on Howe »t. at J1.360; 


A Complete List of Local Improvement Works. Authorized by By-Law. from Time to Time. Will 
Found Posted on the Bulletin Board at the Mam Entrance to City Hall 


A. t 



1222 Broad Si .Victoria, B. C. 


Keal Estate. Thnber, Minus and Coal Lands 

l-hone 39^9 Box 560 

12« l-emb.non BlUf. Victoria. B. C. 

Vancouver Olflce — Winch Building. 


Real Estate and Insurance 
Room i>. Finch Block. YateB St. 

DEAN Heights I have a block of 24 
lots In this desirable subdivision, on 
the new Foul Bay rood, whlrb Is now cut 
1 lhro\mch. I am selling these lots i-beaper 
than anvo-ne else In town; buy on. Imme- 
diately, and turn It r>v, r at a gnod profit; 
price $600 per lot. ,snxl2n. terms. $l''iO cash. 
$100 per quarter, 7 per cent. 


XTANAIMO— Farm, 150 acres, $2,000 house; 
xS price $8,000. 

C\HBMA1NUB. near— 104 acres, house, barns 
J Hue harbor, beat flablng and shooting; 
price $J,600. 

fiAPFY Valley — 13 acre*. 10 a«re« plough- 
ed ;"tlnoBl Ifoln t mllfea frSm VlcK>rl*r 
near station; would aubUlvlde. or make fine 
market 4tarden. ' 

GOMOX— 260 acTM, all flrst-claas land, 
eaally cleared; 100 in cuttlvatlon; 
house, bojna. e tc.: »140 per acre. 
tXiANlOIi Inlet— 120 acre*, houee. barni. 
>0 etc.: Vi mile waterfront; apleudla 
salmon flshln* and ghootln«; price »»,B00. 
/lABRLOLA laland— Splendid farm. 380 
VT acres, »11 cleared, excellent aoll; l-OO 

pea- acre. 

XTUKTH saanlch— 13 acres, waterfront, 
.i-N highly cultivated: house, barna, etc.; 
price il 2,760. 

METOHO&IX — 400 acres. 100 acres In oul- 
,. -.1 -, . •••■ —-— »f*^m 

1TEEUE St.— Two fine. 
$1,850, or %9h0 oacn. 


level lots, foi 

MVER St. — Fine building lot, 60x120, for 

JOSEPH 8t, — Good lot, close to -May st. and 
car line; $760^ 

fADRA St.— rFlnc level lot, o0.\133; prh.- 

only $:.26 0'. 

XHAI'.MAN St.. —Splendid lot, facing south; 
snap tor $1,260. 


well hulit. one and 

X St.. Gorge 

el» eV ^i — Ui- 

1 BIS fn^ t Oi r 
Vlivv CarK, i niinule.i 
car line; for quick sale. »-.i>uit. ea..> 

Box 475. (."olonlBt. 

'" roomed in.ifl.rn bouse. 

.\pply, after 7 p 


LJHEEP ranch, on coast, 1,860 acres crown 
C?» grant, 1.000 sheep; $16 per aire. Includ- 
ing she«>p. 

ISIaANU 8B acres, nouse, 10 acres cleared; 

acres cleared. 

UBEHNl— 180 acres 
good land; »3.800. 



V>NH->X— 362 acres; one-third grass and 
J ..pen isj^d: only $25 per a.cre. 

[ear tlie Gorge; 
well i.u..... u.,v and one-half storey 
house, containi ng » rooms, tor $4. $60. 

/■■U-IAPMAN St. — Six room modern house 
\^ an d lot, 50x141, for $3.600. 


"^' *'* '''cOMPANV, £*b."^- 

Beal EatKte and Financial Agents, 

no Penibtrtpiv Building PTione 2S0I 

ONE lot. 60x120, 3 minutes <rom car, level 
and cleared, with lovely view over- 
looking Rosr^tlay and the muuutalus. a, 8ii«p 
at $950; %2\o cash, balance easy; lots ad- 
joining selling for 11,100 and $1,200. 

CtOHNER Lot, on Crescent and Wlldwood. 
^ on Foul Bay waterfront; a. great buy 
at $1,500; easy term s. 

LOT on Chatham st,, between Douglas and 
Blanchard; price $4,500; $1,500 cash, 
balance to rent. 

NEW. thoroughly luojerii r,-r...-,ir.ed cot 
tage. on (Jueen's ave.; would make an 

TWO well-Improved lots, sise 5t)xl2U. an 
set with fruit trees; two bliK'ks from 
car. with 4 n->omed house. In good con- 
dition; a great opiiortunliy for the build- 
er; price $2,800; $6U0 cash, balance $25 per 
month. Investigate this. 

NEW. 7- roomed house, with all modern 
up-to-date conveniences. Ins'lde fin- 
ished In beamed ceilings and burlapped 
\valls; S airy bedrooms, ten mlnutos' walk 
frnni Pnsi o.rtice: urli.e H.?"'3. 11 win i^a^ 


Tenders are Inxlted up to 12 o'clock 
noon of Tufsday. AURUSt 8th, 1911, for 
the construction and ooniplctlon of a 
six story building to be erected on 
l)uuglaK Htrcet between Broughton and 
Courtney slrpets. Victoria, for .uessrH. 
nradshuw, Mnrtln & Marymont. Plans 
and speclflcallona may be .seen at the 
office of the underslgnpfl. The loweRt 
Of ur.y tender not necessarily accepted. 
1-1. .S. (HllKFITH, .•Vrchl,tef;t, ' 
1006 .Government St. 


CAPITAL. l'"UliNl-^ll 1;;U lor Bound 
Aiiicrlcan. Canadian and Alexlcun enter- 
prises. Mhiln>;. liiduslrlal. Timbor and 
ilanufactiirln*;. Steam and Kloclrlc 
Railroads tliianced IrrU'Utlori ))ro.iecla 
pi-omoled. .Substantial Slock, Bond or 
Debenture Issues IxiUKht. sold or under- 
written. CoUectlon.s and Clearances 
made for Banks. liaiiUers and Tiust 
Companies. Head Office London. Brunch 
l-'ails. (jorrespondi-nco liivlti:d. 

jynurr b bykite. 

I4-16-;8 Blooinsbury Slroot, London. 



. During- construction of permanent 
brtaec, Cadboro Bay roatl will be clo«te<1 
to traffic, between Foul Bay road and 
Klorence ■treet. B. FOWLER. 

Municipal Engineer. 


in, 9. a. o. 187, B. as) 

IN THE MATTEK of the estate of 
Thomas Dixon Oalpln. late of No. 1 
Palace Houses. Kensington Gardens, 
In the County of London, England , 

NOTICE Is hereby given that all per- 
oon'. having any Claims or demands 
aguinbt the late Thomas Dixon Galpln 

a .■-.;; died on or about the tweniy-flfth 
day of April. iBiO. al lila aforesaid 
place of residence, are required to send 
by post prepaid, or 'to deliver to the 
undersigned Solicitor herein for Theo- 
dore Albert Mitchell. Sidney Clement 
Oalpln and Joseph Eaton Fanlng. of 
London, England, Executors and Trus- 
tees under the will of the said Thomas 
Dixon Galpln, tholr names and addresses 
and full particulars In writing of their 
claims, and statefnents of their ac- 
counts, aijd the' nature of the securi- 
ties, if any, held by them. 

AND TAKE NOTICE that after the 
tenth day of August. 1911, the said 
Executors and Trustees will proceed to 
distribute the assets of the said deceas- 
ed, among the persons entitled thereto, 
having regard only to the claims of 
which thay shall then have had notice, 
and that tbe said Executors and Trus- 
tees will not be liable for the said as- 
sets, or any part iiiri'tsof. lo any per- 
sons of whose claim they shall not 
then have received notice. 

DATED at the City of Victoria, the 
fourth day of July. A. D. 1911. 


Solicitor for the said Executors and 
Trustees. Offices: Davie Chambers, 646 
Bastion street;, Victoria, B. C 


..Tenders are Invited for the purchase 
of a Saw Mill on Port Simpson harbor 
twenty miles from Prince Rupert, and 
75 miles south of Stewart, capacity, 
twenty thousauad feet per day, which at 
small expense could be increased to 
fifty thousand. Property consists of 
2 1-2 acres with 300 feet frontage on 
h&rbor, a two storey mill building 50 x 
162 feet, boiler house separate 36 x 
40 feet, blacksmith's shop, and six 
houses. There Is an ample supply of 
water under goad pressure. Two tim- 
ber limits on Observatory Inlet esti- 
mated to contain 10 million feet of No. 
1 timber. These UmiU are easily log- 
ged fehd towage Is good. One Crown 
granted claim on Works Canal estimat- 
ed to contain 4 million feet of timber. 
It contains 156 acres. The nidfchlnery 
consists in part of: 1 No. 3 De Loach 
mill with top and bottom saw. 1 100 lb. 
Waterous boiler guaranteed for 150 lb. 
B C. 'test, 1 18x14 Inch Waterous en- 
gine, 1 9x13 Johnson engint, 1 30-lnoh 
three saw edger, 1 Duke lumber trimmer. 
1 cut-oft saw. 1 Paragon planer, match- 
er and moulder. 1 Waterous log haul. 
1 Jolmson shingle machine capacity 20 

thoiisana per C&y- x- .jII ,-... ^i u-.s ..i.- 

be furnished by the under.signsd. who 
will receive tenders up to the Slst Aug- 
tist. The lowest or any tender not ne- 
cessarily accepted*. '. 

ift. ylM ATHKWS. ,_ 

Victoria, B,C ' Assignee, 

Flewln & Sons. Ltd. 


Steel BrIUifr. C'oliimblu Klver. Trail — Su- 
perstructure Metal. 

SEATjED TBNUBKS. superscribed "Tendcv 
for Manufacture and Delivery of SupfJ- 
structure Metal Bridge at Trail. B. C. will 
be received by the Hon. the Minister of 
Public Works up to noon of Thursday, the 
Slst day of August. lUll. for the manufac- 
ture and delivering f. o. b. cars at ''"'■■»". 
U. i:., the steel superstructure of a brldte 
over the Columbia river, at Trail. 

Drawings. specifications. contract, and 
forms of teiiUbr tan be seen at tlv offb-es 
of the Government Agents at Kossland. 
»•-,.._,. v«... ^Ve-""ln«»er; K. AlcBrldo. 
v;sc Mcsd sup^rtn !*??'*'•-••* ! *" «*."w.** 

Building, tiranvllle Street. Vapcouver; and 
at the office of the Public Works Engineer, 
r'arllament Buildings. Victoria. 

Intending tenderers can, by applying to 
the undersigned, obtain one copy of the 
drawings and pne copy of the specltlcatlon 
for the sum of twenty-rtve dollars ($2B.» 

Each tender must be accompanied by an 
accepted bank cheque or certificate of de- 
noslt on a chartered ''f"*',"/ '"^"'"^f' ["ffj* 

payab!» t" <h" Hon.- the Minister or i-uoiic 
^ork* 'oe 'b* "um of tl.OOO. which shall | 
be forfeited If the party tendering decline 
to enter Into contract when called upon to 
do so. The cheques or certificates of de- 
posit of unsuccessful tenderers will be re- 
turned to them upon the ©xeoutloo of ibo 

The successful tenderer shall furnish a 
bond of a Guarantee Company satisfactory 
to tho Minister of Public Works In the 
sum of Ave thousand dollars <|B,000) for the 
duo fulflllmont of the contract. 

Tenders will not be considered unless 
made out on tho forms supplied, signed 
with the actual signaturn of the tenderer, 
and enclosed In the envelopes furnished. 

The lowest or any tender not necessarily 
accepted. _^ ^ GRIFFITH. 

Public Works Engineer. 

Department of Public Works. Victoria. 
B. C ISth July, 1911. 

Sealed proiioaalM wiU be received at 
the olhce of W. W. Northcott, purclias- 
In? -UKent, Victoria. 13, C, until 4 p. ni.. 
Aiigust 2nd, 1011, for the rurniwiiiiis "i 
all materials, and layinf; coniplei«, in- 
cluding trenchlns, backtilUng, etc. 

19i0 feet— 2 feetxS In. by 4 fl., rein- 
forced concrete of brick Kcwer, 

2000 feet — 2 feetx6 In. x 3 f. 9 in., re- 
inforced concrotw 111- brick sewer. 

4850 f'eet— 3 ft.x2 in. x 3 ft.Sln., re- 
inforced concrete of brick sewer. 

3500 feet — 2 1-lncli cln-ular cement or 
vetrlflcd pipe. 

2350 feet — 20 Inclt circular cement or 
vi-trlfled pipe. 

2950 feet— 18 inch circular cement or 
ifetrlflea t>ll>e. 

600 feet — 18 inch cirt ular cement or 
vetrlrled pipe. 

2250 feet— 16 inch dircular cement or 
VuliineJ plp«. 

2250 feet — 16 inch circular cement vor 
vetrlfled pipe. 

10.^0 feet — 14 inch circular cement or 
votrlfied pipe. 

1050 feet — 14 Inch circular cement or 
vetrlfled pipe. 

With all necessary manholes, lamp- 
holes, and Including one outfall ctiam* ■ 
b<?r and <^nA pumping ntation. 

Thw depth of trenches varies from *■' 
to 23 feet, and amount of excavation i» 
approximately 24,000 cubic yards. 

Specification and proposal forms rtay 
be obtained, and plans and profiles may 
be seen at the ofllce of the city engineer, 
Victoria, B. C on and after July 22nd, 

heM — b » m ada oa , thfl 


— AU — propo ea w s h ait 
blank forms rurnlstied by the city for 
this purpose, and shall be accompanied 
by a certified cheque, for 6 per cAit. of 
the amount of the tender. The city 

council reserves the right to r«Jeot any 

or all bids. 

(Signed) WM. W. NORTHfcOTT. 
Turobaslng Ag*nt. 


PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby Khen 
that the Corporation of the City of 
Victoria has deposited with the Minis- 
ter of Public Works of Canada a plan 
and descrlptiqn of certain properties 
which the Corporation proposes alter 
the expiration of thirty (30) days from 
the date of the first publication of this 
notice In the Canada Gazette, to make 
application to purchase, under the pro- 
visions of Section 34 of the Expropria- 
tion Act Of CaHcftuS, SmUv, -*a3 aJiiJwSitt:*— 
a duplicate of the said plan and des- 
cription in the office of the Kegistrar 
General of TiUes for yiotoria district. 
The lands for which such application 
to purchase will be made are describ- 
ed as follows: 

All and singular that certain parcel 
or tract of tide lands situate, lying and 
being composed of a portion of The 
Ann, Victoria Harbor, known as The 
Creek and which may be more particu- 
larly described as follows, that Is to 

Commencing at a point on the wester- 
ly limit of Bridge Street in the City of 
Victoria, and Province of British Co- 
lumbia, distant one hundred and seven- 
teen (117) feet from its intersection 
with the northerly limit of David Street. 
the said point being at high water 
mark, thence north thirteen deKree» 
and seventeen minutes (X 13' 17' W) 
West ninety-one and one-liaif (91 V4.) 
feet, thence north forty-eight degrees 
and forty-two minutes (N 4s' 42' 
E) forty-three and nine-tenths feet 
(43.3), thehco north one hundred and 
five (105) reet; thence north tour de- 
grees and two minutes west (N 4° 02' 
W) seventy-one and two-tenths (71.2) 
feet; thence north nineteen degrees and 
fifty-nine minutes^ east (N 19" 59' E) 
thirty-four and three-t»nths feet (34.3), 
thenCd north ten degrees and Jlfty-flve 
minutes west (N 10* 55' W) fifty-eight 
(58) feet; thence north thirty-four min- 
utes west (N 0° 34' W) one hundred 
(100) feet; thence south fifty-five de- 
grees and twenty-six minutes west 
(S 05° 26' W) flfty-four and slx-tTitbH 
(54.6) feet thence .south twenty-two de- 
grees and thiii.v mlnot^s w*8St (S £2* 
30' W) seveiily-livo and eight-tenths 
(75.8) feet; thence south five degrees 
and three minutes ease (3 5° 0.3' E> 
thirty-four and two-tenths (34.2) feet; 
thenco south sixteen degrees and thirty 
minutes west (S 10" 30' W) twenty- 
eight and two-teiith.s (28.2) feet; thence 
south thirty-three degrees and thirty- 
two minutes west (S 33° 32' W). fifty- 
one and Klx-tenths (51.6) feet; thence 
south forty-one degrees and four min- 
utes west (S 41° 04' W) forty-six and 
four-tenths (46.4) feet; thenco Houth 
thirty-seven degrtes and fotir minutes 
west (S 37° 04' W) sixty-one and four- 
tenlb.s (61.4) feet; thence south forty 
degree-s and forty-four minutes east 
t.S 40° 44' K) two hundred and fifty- 
seven feet (257) more or less to the 
Dolnt of commencement, the same con- 
talninK nlnety-elght one hundredths 
( 98-100) acres more or less. 
Dated Juno 30th. A. D. 1911. 

City Solicitor's Office. City Solicitor. 
City Hall. Vlctorln. B. C. 


at Sa» 

roomed cottage. Apply 1152 

Pi^lnceBB avr. 

irK)U rent. & 
' Yates St. 

IfV>R sale. 7 -room house In 
' park; never been oocupled; all con 
venlences: lot BOxlOO: price $4,000. 
cAsh. balance easy. Box 



TfAn-E roomed Bungalow, modern In every 
i' respect and one of the most attrscttve 

Island, both 
and Indoor 
with furnace, 
car on a cor- 
nialn roads 

resp. -- . ., 

dwellings on this part of the 

.18 regards exterior appearance 

Lonvenlence. full basement 

Situate three nilnutes from 

iier lot 52x175 on one of the 

;.uit outride the CMly l.lmlls on P^P^^'^ 

that win always be good and ""' '"'^'^' "" 

l;v value. Ta.v^s last year less «h»'' ,»\"- 

1-rlce $5,600. Additional lot and fu^l"'* 

optional. Apply owner. Box 258. ColoiiUt. 

T7«ba sale 10 acres fine bottom land In 
Jt: Somenos. B. C.. ', mile from Somo- 
nos railroad station and Joining tho J'-f .''*; 
road: 1 acre clear, all In fence; price $10i)0 
cash • ISQUlre of I''r^<l Utolner Port Angotes 
Wash., U.H.A.. P. O. BOX fl. ^ 

I /"'OR snie. 7 roomed modern house on \t 
: ■ mile circle. 1 block from car line: 
price $3,000; $7Bt) caeb and balanei- «2.. per 
iiVJmh. Including Interest; house r- nts .or 
iiS pir month^^__Bj)X _48o,_ColonlBt. 

17'jOR «aVe, a moneymaker as an Invest- 
. menl; a fine home for a business or 
i,ie(llcal man; house In Al condition. »«"«"> 
heated, containing U rooms, serv-ants looms 
elc. with 5-0 of an acre of land, close ut; 
liflcfc JS.500; good terms: after \u5ust 7. 
.rice win advSnce to $10,000. For further 
ijartlculars apply O. W. MCAulty. Hotel 

Vi ctoria. ' >f_Pjl<'J15L-r.^ ^^' — 

•TJ^OB sale — 250 acres, house and barn. 2 


Pemberton Building 



this — New modern B-roomed 


only $4,500, good tarms. 

[AIVE roomed cottage on Niagara St.; close 

Superior St. 
cement basement, 
$5,000, easy terms. 


6 rooms, on 

XTBW. up-to-date 

^N Simpson St. cornermf hrahrtmrahrtm 

close in; large 
furnace; big lot; 

BAY and 
price: $4,500 

David St.. large corner 
IS sit 
easy terms. 

lot; good 
at the 

CJiHAWNIGiAN Lake— 10 acres. w»ie. >."•••■ 
»o with house; o nly $2.5" '>- 
WILKINSON rd. Victoria — 6 acres, house. 
V> etc.: S*i acres In cu^'v*".""' J'*lf"'i" 
chicken run; sWpped off P'-°P«>^«y roo fine 
etc.. value about $?,T0O; only $6,600. tlae 


,o£nlfieent p 

IBW St., lot 120xi:«. With inree nouses; 
revenue producing; a business block at 


HOLL^ANP ave.. 
cleared and 

Victoria — 5 acres, all 
fenced; 3\4-«<cres undr 
crop; house, wells, etc.: only 
cash, balance o ne year. 7 per cent. 

$3,200; halt 

-80 acres about 


open land; close to railway station; price 

$25 per acre, 

ix'-E want farm 4ands for our Vancouver 
»A office: sen d full partlcu Hra 

H.VRDY Bay — 10000 acres, or ^ould sell 
In blocks of «40 acres; 
good soil, 
open land. 


Phone 1224 Suite 11» Pemberton Bldg. 

Resident Agent for Western Union 

Firs Insurance Company 

r^OOK St., corner 

lot. $2,500; easy terms. 

terminus at 

$10 per acre; 

llJthtly timbered; ten per cent. 

Hardy Bay will be the railway 

the North end of Vancouver Is- 

JL" miles from Comox. For particulars 

apply. J. Thomson. Comox. __ _ 

-Lot. Vancouver St. near North 
Al>ply. S. C Mlncklcr. 


Ward purk. 
iis, .lohh St. 


30-' Pemberton Block, 
Phone 1094 

Victoria. B. C. 

P. O. Bdx 709 

t;V3R a few days we can offer a splendid 
JJ hotel site. beln« a double corner on 
Blanchard St.. clo»e to th« new Hudson's 
Bav store site: slie 85x120 ft.; price Is $BJO 
per front foot on Blanchard St. Very rea- 
sonable terms can be arra nged. 

\ NOTHER good warehouse sit- on 
J.TL Broughton St. near Blanchard St.; 
present revenue $26 per month; lot 30x150 ft 
price is »2B0 per front foot; very easy 

terms arranged. 

\\:'E have a client for an Alberta farm. 

y\ Lei us know what you have. 

"ncX>K 9t. — Three lots, corner of CoUlnson. 



AK Bay — St. David St.. above Saratoga; 
two lots. $1,000 each. 


Mahon Block. Government 
Phone 1093 


, rs, 

.■^OK sale. Block 7. contains 37 lots. Wil- 
lows Beach; adjoining Uplands. 
Box 206. Colonist. 

1.'>OR sale lUO acres, Mi-nill« seafrontage; 
^ nice hay and boach; some good bot- 
tom land; «3o per acre. 320 acres, taking In 
horh banks of Ei.Klishman'B river, about ,1 
inlU-8 frontage, nearly all rich rlvor botto i. 
land, about 40 acres almost cleared, only 
one mile from the village of ParksvlUe aiid 
half a mile from sea. on main road; splendid 
••sKIng' $J."' per acre. 200 acres Bottom 
iand. runiiins water through entire iiroP'-rty 
i,n main road. IH miles from ParksvlUe. aijd 
lUbdlvldeU into 10 and 40 acre blocks. S.K 
p<-r acre, en bloc. 160 acrts on main roatl 
and halt a mile froiii «<a; all good land and 
level: very easily cleared; $26 per acre. The 
above property is sltuattd In Nanoosc dis- 
trict, and close lo B. * S. station; terms, 
one-third down, balance 1 and 2 ycurs. 
direct from owner. P. O. Bo« 1075 , Victoria . 
" easterly 


Heal Estate and Customs Stokers 

Room 4. iWl Oovuriimenl St. Phons 1309 

iVauuts t,ominerclal Union Assuruuc* Co.. 

Ltd.. of New York. 


Duncant V. I. 

The Oldest Established ileal Estate Agsncy 

In cowlcban District 

GBOROE St.. close to sea and Beacon 
mil car and school. 40x100; $750; cor- 
ner. $860. 

VICTOR and Adelaide— 14 lots, en bloc, 
snap at $7,000 and 10 per cobt- discount 
fif rash.. -., ^ . - • 

BEAUTIFUL Sooke-t-Do you know the C. 
and N. trains to Sooko will soon bo 
running? This means a bigger demand foi 
acreage. I advise you to buy now. Call 
and see me or my office (Mr. Marglson) 
at Sooke, next Mogford's hotel; splendid 
lltttnga: large and small properties. Sam- 
ple; 98 acres at $18 an acre. 

YATB8 St., 30x120, between Vancouver 
and Cook ; $10,500. 
IPECIAL Snwp — Corner Blanchard and 



Caledoinla ave. See us about this. 



View Park — Lot 50x140, 

of Lc. --. 

ailham. J33, Langford St., > Iciorla 

r-i OROE 

VT half of t-ot 10. block 5. What offers? 

Apply A. 


:.DLIN a.vs.-^~-50xl40. 
near Chaircbers St. 

with « room house, 


and 7-room »hod- 

H.VLF value for quick sale, lot and busl- 
ni SB pr.Mnlsos. Discovery street, near 
XiouglftS. Pandor a Realty. 7X0 l'an dora_st. 

TfTOnNBY street, Vancouver. between 
XX Pender and Dunsmulr. house and lot 
(or quick sab. Flttoon thousand: halt 
cash. ,.A.rply. W. F. U. Copeman.. Sidney,, 
^■Hlu•oUver Island. 

for sale — Modern 
house, lot 43x140. close It 
price $3. SCO: terms If desired 
.^.. -837 BrouBhtOn. 


new h-roomea 

n. on car line: 

Address .^. 

and Lot on Alfred Street, close to 

l TOUSE an 

1 L car: n-. , . . 

. .5ii $850. Ow en- D evefeatix investment 

-VTYRTLfi. Su — 60x180; $576. 
ti.\BAT<XJA Ave— 50x120; $800. 
YY'ELUNGTON St.. facing west— $1,300. 


HOWE St. — Lot SOX120 
em new bouse; $4,800: utherwlsd rsnt 
for $35 per month. ■ ^_^___ 


Real Estate Company 
If 18 Fort .St. Phone LI 800 

CLIFFORD St., iu»t off Fairfield rd. car 
lino (2 minutes); fine homesfte; cholc« 
position: roads and sewers going In; price 
SS50; cash $150. and terms; worth $1,000; 
only one left. , 

BEAUTIFUL large lot. wltb new bunga- 
low. 5 rooms; S. Snanlch. close to end of 
Douglas St. car line; fine views; $500 cash 
will handle. 

HOME on Xlagara st. carllne. close to 
Beacon hill: 7-rODm bungalow, bath, 
etc.; lot SQxHb; vniy 14,000; 
secure this, balanco on mor;(-. 


IJERFECTLY equipped country 
with e*qulsUo gardens 
frontag* on Cowlchan Bay. 0PP°»"« -,^,- 
Cowlohan Tennis Club.' a tnlle •"?. • half 
from the Oolf Links, with stabling and 
paddocks for three horses and a cow. orch- 
ird, kitchen gardens, boat house an<i„»"«J;- 
orake for launch. Tho beauty and advan- 
tages of ths place are exceptional even rot 
Cowlchan. Re ady for occup ation. 



gasoline pumping plant. 


modern house, 
evjsry up-to-dato convenience, 
stable, cottage, gasolln -,,, ..i«„ 

Land all In pas ture or under cultivation. 

BAUTlFULtT situated residence, close 

to wharf, with boathousa, stable, 

about 10 acres of land In all. 



/^CEAN View rd. 

Oi^K St. and 

i room house. $6,360. 

Hillside — comer lot. 
A snap. 


-Lot 76x120, only $376. 


J.JS Peatiiberton Block 

IjMVB roomed Dunford bungalow on 
wego St. : unobstructed view of the 


terms: price $4,500. 




«20 Broughton St. Phono 

E acres, cto^ to wharf, nicely situ- 
ated for osiinp; excellent water, good 



SEVENTEEN acres, all 
view, good landing. . 

•lashed, lovely 


cash $1,400 wll 
gage at 8 ptrXctnt 

Itcal Estate. 
.< ,-cnt», b=ulte 230. 

Second fi'loor. 

O en era! 


OT on Beachwood ave. VIollywood park. 

easy term*.. 

neor cars: price $775: 
owner. Box 477, Colonist. 

ilVSLy James Boy hon*c for sale, rodtic- 

" "le money. 
Phone up 

1j crt In r""'''o; $.'>00; I need the money 

,-nd the first one Rets this snap, 
r.1.13 ».nd talk It over. 

X^RW, modern, five roomed cjittage; 15 
-A inlnutrir walk from post office and new- 
er line: $500 down, balance $2.-> per month; 
ro agr.nt!-. V. O. Box 1 157. 

w ,,1,- I luingnlow for sale; nil 

eoiiveoi. r>o,s, 2 minutes from car. 

particulars a^iply own«ra 1140 Deno'ai' 

.00 ■; 


Spring Ridge car. 
a nionih. 

Lot in Asqulth at,, next cor- 
Uaultaln. 8 mlnutos from 
Price $450, balance $15 

SIX acres, partly Improved, near wharf, 
good beach; ample ya ter. 


GOOD hotuie, nleo garden, orchard, about 
twenty acres of land, long lake front- 

SOME sniall lots, of about six acre* ten 
minutes' drive from D uncan*. 



»f Burnslde rd. — One acre, 



Tci^-r s.-'-K '.» :-..-.rabv nlven. that the 
rescrvVexisling over certain lands In 
Range 6, Coast District. notice of 
wrhlch bearlns date of July 13,,i»08, 
and December 17, 1908. were published 
in the British Columbia Gazette in the 
issues of July 16, 1908, and December 
n 1908, respectively, is cancelled in 
bo' far as the same relates to lands sur- 
veyed as the east half and northwest 
quarter, section 8. west half of section 
8 and northeast quarter section 9; sec- 
tion 14 north half and southeast quar- 
ter section IB, north half and south- 
west quarter, section 16. section 17, 
fractional north half section 18. sec- 
tions 19. 20. ai. 22. 23, 24. 25. 26. 27. 
28 29,30. 31. 32. 33. 34, 35 and 36. all in 
■ Township 18, range 5 Coast Dl.strict. 
Deputy Minister of Lauds. 
Dccartment of Lands, Victoria, 
June 16, lau. 


acre lots partly cleared. 

ACRES mostly In orchard' and aspara- 
gus Just coming Into bearing; beau- 
fu! land. 


Of\ ACRES, beautiful farm 


■yO. 1 townslle rorl. Oeorge No. 

-.> ii?7; sizf :r.ixr:.i: prici; s'^*! 

U»myon. 1ftl2 Richardson ?' 
(•nt. leavlnK city. 

to block 

,)sh. K. 

=• soil 


vr,R $.^00,000,000 PER YEAR, "WILL 

. 'ds of W'i'slern ranaaik. the lust' temnUi. 
n undeveloped teflon do the CpoUnenl. 
the Last Empire of Great OpporlunUte!.. 
■V'ou ran «harc In this new wealth, get on 
Inierfst In the natural resources of th" 
• -.ft and Grentfst West, by our ••Partlci- 
, itlng I'nil Plai,." upon the payment of 
ilv $10 per month for 10 month*. R1»k 
MTilnated by our Pperl«l Non-Forfeit of 
^ym»ni cisuse, which transforms what 
>i-!P h.-rnlofore been sperulstinn Into safe 
Rvd conservative InvcBlmerit. $100,000,000 
of new cBptial brinjt Invested »nd J75.000 
new settlers arriving in Wester^ fanada 
ibis venr. Its resources • will fjulcUly be 
in the hands of private Individuals. If you 
"ould be one of tho«, Individuals, write 
ni once for full Information. i;anadlan 
■ :;y and To^'n -V^-nn-rtiim: 'hW,, ' '"^pttsl 
'■ non.iuin, » i .' M.roarl Block, Winnipeg. 
' '^ni.da. 

■ .. ,,—„..' — Gsraen cin"T<»»;nBex t ta th e 

OU site of station and adjoining new 

car line; fine selected quarter-acre blocks 

(some with water* :nakc lovely chicken 

lanch or country residence sites. 

$inn <'APH and $15 per month, lots Ih 
«IpiUU Parkdale; $300 to $400 tlen min- 
utes from Douglas can: no taxes: building 
lots. Brassy lan d: 5 0.x 110. 

d&1/\/k KACH— 2 Kits, close to schools, 
^lUU Township of ..Mbernt; cheapest 
lots on market: lightly timbered. 

'TTILL.'JIDE — Oonly two lots off corner. 

©"^nn '-^f — tJraham st.; nice lot, 60* 
C^'"' Hit. with 4-roomrd cottage; baso- 
irient, pantry, bathroom; snap; price $1,975 
for a few days. 

with all nec- 
essary farm buildings. 13 acres In 
orchard, the rest In pasture or under cul- 
tivation. _,__ , 

-L g.Tumlchan Lake— .'?m«ll farm with 
good house, garden, small orchard; (rood 
bathing and fishing: close lo church and 


beautiful view, city water, sewerage, 
etc.; two minutes' walk from asphalt paye- 
menta: price, for Immediate purchase, $3,000 

TWO-THIRDS of an acre on Cecilia st: all 
modern conveniences; price, on ttrms. 
»S,B0O. - 

"VTEW house, on ^corner lot, 80x120, 851 
i^ aimcoe St., corner of RandcU; 5 bed- 
rooms, one parlor, sitting room. den. pan- 
try and basement; hot and cold water 
throughotit house; stationary wash-tubs; on 

easy termsi $6.3 00. 

\"XTB have'.houaea and lots In James Bay 
VV from »l.«0» up- and term* to gult any 

T'WENTY-ONE lots In block at a bargain 
on Mount Toiml* Rr.; car running 
ssts* th" prnp^rtv; $1,675 down, balance on 
ea«y terms; a good buy for a quick turn- 

"T I8T jrottr property 

with us. 



NOTICK Is hereby given that the re- 
serve existing over certain lands situ- 
ated in Range 5. Coast Dislrlct. notice 
of wl.lch bearing date of Deceitiber 17. 
1908 was published in the Co- 
lumbia Gazette in the i-ssue of Decem- 
ber 17 190S, is cancelled In so far as 
the same relates to lands surveyed as 
the north Ralf and so'^th west quarter 
section 9 north lialf section 10, north 
half and southeast quarter sotion 11; eec- 

2° 23 24 25 28, 27. 28. 29 and 30. all 
in' Township' 19' Range 5. Coast Dls- 


Deputy Minister of Lands. 
Department of Lands. Victoria. 
Jtme 16. 19U. 



Adrtrfss H, B. l^ale. Mllnes Landing 
(22 miles from Vlctorln >. B. C. 

tfi^OUU Bny.'cl 
price J.'.SOO. 

U^!;ywnn<1 Parle, Foul 
osu car; 4 rooms, modern; 


mock. 73: 


nAw mibfUvlderl sections of 
on good roads, sea view, near 

school and church; cut Into 6 and 10 acres. 

at ISO. $100, »'.'50 per acre. 

f^ good land. 



SOOKE river ana narnor — i 
blocks, on or very close to the water; 
charming building sites, from $200 per acre. 


acres of good land for $50 per 

0\J acre. 


C;«rrf ihe 

'Uox 1 '."■.< 

Yatts St. 





^K.WIEW. Just oft Hlilslde. — 'We had a 
pn'cel of twelve lots given us for stkle 
>>•■< dnesflny , half are sold, the rest wll] go 
l..,no;-.-B« ; look these up. Helsterman For- 
1 in * Co.. U'I2 Uroad st. 


:1EE me for x good buy on Hillside. House 
and lot. Owner. Box 195. Colonist. 


SNAf -8TT5; fine, larrc Falrfle'd lot. 
I'iiffoi'd St.. now worth $950; 
ii.(ienl». Hnx ^KS. Colonist^. 

SJv'AT — S40 acres 
conntrr, right 

nNPll»p. Rd. — 11 1-3 acres, well Im 
provrd; good house and outbuildings; 
about one mile from new car line. J.S0O per 

JAMKS Bay — Splendid res'ldenca In James 
Bay. fully modern i-roomed house; 

iKANAG-A-N Farm — S 7-19 acres on East 
side of Okanacan lake. 17 miles from 
Vernon and Kelowna; 1.200 stra.vberry 
plants. 200 npple trees. 25 plum trees. 50 
apricot, trees, 15 jiesr trees. 7'J apple trees 
in nurfferv row. rcniy to plant In fall: po- 
.poty all lencvfl. for distributing water. 
..K.jvjrjwnt «nnnlv nf wiiltrr fyi" «iil "p'urposfis: 
price $2Ut»fl;"one-thlrd cash, balance 1 and 2 


\X7BST ,«!aanteh — Two lots of 10 acres each, 

YY -- r-''.- fr.^"! t,.r, ..rlrr, $fino per 


rOTOR Ptage dally. 

itJL Ross'. Also Btagrs 
sajne hour. 

8:30 a 


m., from 
s . . T;-,.r,. 


.Auctioneer, Valuer and Estate Agent 
Office. 731 Fort St.. Victoria. B.C. 

A .VVENUE — fi rooms. bath. 
650; one at $4,000 and one at 
good and on terms. 

J etc.. $2 

$ all 

\T^ANTEI> — Properties listed 

Xn the matter of the estate of Arthtir 
Edward Stanford, lato of Pender 
Island, B. C, deceased. 
ALL PERsiOXS w!io are indebted to 
the above estate are required to pay the 
amount thereof to the administrator 
with the will annexed forthwith, and all 
persons who have any claipfis ugainst 
the said estate are required to send in 
their accounts, duly avthenticated. to 
the undersigned, on or before the first 
day of September. lUll, after which date 
tl\e administrator with the will annexed 
will proceed to distribute tlie estate to 
the partlPH entitled tliorctu, having re- 
gard^only to such claims as may have 
bfeen then received. 

Dated at "Victoria, B. C, thi.s 28 th 
day of July. mil. 

THORNTON FELL. Administrator 
Wfth tho will annexed. 


You will be able to make your bid low-er 
and save money on the sewer work for 
which tenders are now being cilled If you 
will get your quotations on concrete pipe 
from the Dominion Glazed. Cement Pipe 
I'o., Ltd.. 1207 Dominion Trust Building, 
Vancouver. B. C. 



Ileal Kstate. FInnncIa: 
Phone 21S2 

and Insurance Agents 
CIS Ya'es .St. 

TAM i - 

•i boll!" 

.-ner Jot; 



of laiid In Kraser lake 
near U. T. I", railway 
and near smfcll town. 40 arres In liov. rejt 
f)r<»t-class willow and pine, would niakfc 
good sulHllvlBlon. Apply *li ColonlFt. 

I^CL Ray 
easy ItSijuS. 


$1100: terms. 


■ a i 1. ti .-..omed 
price $2,500, on 

i>r.c lot 

\K Ha>- New •", -roomed ' 

modern, close to car line 

$^00 rnsh. 

buys In Victoria — Lots close to 
f , from fSOO and 

properties with us for quick 

THE best 
Kiw-kland ave , from »»00 and up. 

11ST your 
J sale. 







ittfl^fe. fully 
price IS.lyfl; 

balance monthly. 

ATKS St.. corner of Took; 60x120 with 2 
good houses, well rented; price $22,000. 


iiM'KNAND Park, on the h'.gbest part: 
ii>TS for only $S'5; one-third cssh. bal- 
Bn(;e $15 per month. 

j"«D.MONTON Rd. — 9-ronm h.use. with 4 
large lots. » sna-p »t li..&00: $1,500 
flsb; lots S'e 

rth $1,000 earh. 


In ths JBstats of Hsnry -Westhorpo 
CnUnm., Deoeased. 

Ail perswiiM iin'virijf against 
the deceased are requested to send par- 
ticulars thereof, duly verified, to the 
undersigned on or before the Ist Jay of 
August, 1911. after which dale the 
executors will proceed to distribute the 
assets of the decc-a!=ed among the per- 
sons entitled thereto having reRard only 
(o the claims of t^'hlch they t.hen have 

Dated th« 2Kth d«y of .Iiine. 1911. 


We. Ocean Falls Co.. t^lmlted. of 711 
Dominion ' IJuiUllng, Vancouver. 3. 
C. an Incorporated Pulp. Paper and 
Power Company, give notice that on 
Monday, the first duy of May. ISill, wo 
Intend to apply lo the %\ ater Commis- 
eloncr at his office In Victoria for a 
license to take and use l.iOu cubic feet 
..aier pt' second from Link River, 
-.vhich emptle.'' Into Cotisins Inlet in th« 
Victoria water divisloi. of the Coast dis- 
trict The water is to bo taken from 
vlie i-iver about 600 feet from tho mouth 
« > .t-%ir Hi^"^r and Ik tu be used ni^ 
Tol^ai'^l^anKe 3. Coast District, for p'a- 
i.'er ami oilier indusirial plants, hydrau- 
lic power iiPid pulp mill. 

Tne llcei»sc applied for Is also for 
Ftorase or the water In LInIt Lake, 
wlucii empties into the aforesaid Link 

^'caicned) OCEAN FALLS CO.. Ltd. 
__j^ _____ 

PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby irlven 
that, under the authority contained In 
Feclion 131 of the. Land Act, a regula- 
tion was approved by the Lieutenant- 
Governor in Council tixinf; the minimum 
sale prices of rirst and second class 
lands at i^^ ^"^ '^ P*'' **-''<' resp-ec- 

Tlil" reculatlon further provided that 
the prices fixed therein aluiuld apply to 
all lands 'vitii respect to wlilcii the ap- 
i.ilcttllon to purchase were given favor- 
able consideration after the date of 
kaid retiulatiim. namely. April 3. l»ll. 

Further notice i:» nviw gucri iii»t by 
virtue of a regula'.ion approve, I by the 
J i„utcnant-Gove;nor-in-Councl) on the 
llitli of May, 1911. that the regulation 
dated lli« '-^^^ April, I'JXl, be helU not 
lo npplv to applications to purchase 
vicani Crown Iannis which were re- 
cei\««l by the Assistant Commissioners 
of Lands on or before the aald April 
3rd 1911. and with respect to which 
the" r«Quired depoBlt of Hfty cenU per 
acre had been received by aaiid Conamia- 
blonera on or before tho said April Srd. 

**^*' ROBT. A. REN-WICK. 

Deputy .Minister ci LMnOm, 

I>ep*rlment of Ljinda. .„.. 

V|ciQH«, B. C. l«th of Umr. IMt. 

Take notice that ths undersigned In- 
tend to apply at the next .sltllnKs of the 
Board of Licensing Commissioners of 
the city of Victoria for the transfer to 
Adam Paterson. of Victoria, B. C, of 
line license held by them to sell spirit- 
uous lltiuors by retail upon the pre- 
mises situate at No. 551 Johnson street, 
111 the city of Victoria, known as tho 
•■Colonial Hotel." 

Daied ai Victoria, B. C. this 7lh day 

-oTJuly. liilL 




or p=-r- 

ratiulmalt DUtrlot. 

To All Whom 11 May Concern: 

It having been found tliat 
parties have aliem'tjled lu cK-se 
lially close the undermenliuned 
ways to public traffic; 

Notice \» hereby Kiven that the width 
of tile followliiK arscrineii nisM,-.a>o .s 
clxty-six feel tlirout;liout. niunely; — 
Old Esquimalt Boad 

Commencing nl lis jancii>.n with the 
western boundary of the City ot Vic- 
toria thence running- .*'eslcrly to the 
.Nn\al Dockyard and havlnK = <vluih of 
Ihlriy-three feet on each side ot the 
centre line of Uie said road. 

ITaw Esilttlxaalt Soad 

Commencing I'l its junction with 
the western boundary of the City of 
VictoriH. ihence running westerly to its 
Intersection with the Old Esciuitnalt 
Knad in Suburban Lot 39, and having a 
width of 'Lliiriy-lhaee feet oi. each :.ide 
of the centre Hnu of tlie aald New' Ka- 

Quimalt Road. 

Admiral Solkd 
Commencing ai lis connection with 
the Esquimau Road In Suburban Lot 3». 
thence running northerly to tlie Cralf- 
flower Road and having a width of 
thirty -three feet on each ald« of the 
c««iiro line of the aald Ad?rt!r«!'*« Hn*d 
Mlnlstei ot Public WorKa 
Deoartment of Public 'Worka, 
Victoria. B. C. Itih Aorll. till. 


477ft. frontase on Qnecn'* a«titu|« 

1»4K. frontace on C M ,t r>tofT a J l Sx . t^ „ 

Tenn», IS.OftO c«*h. lMtllM|HHi «i« •»< ^^ 
ymn At * pMr MiM. 



NOTICK is hereby glUn that an ap- 
nMralion wUi be niadefi under Part V. 
of the Water Act, 1909, to obuiln • 
license In me dUirlct. Nanooae. Van- 
couver Island. 

(a) Tiio name of applicant: Joaaph 
A;',!!! )n«e McKercher. 

(b) The name of stream: ^P^ 
Creek, at nortli end of the B. •ttdlf. 
railway booming grounds, NanoM* WMf. 

(c) Th* pclnt of dlvaraloni af^MMM 
Bay, ^ ^,. ..*.i?.^ 

id) The quaatUl 
for. •«• cubic »«r 

works: Bat 


to kf 

«> Tha 




Friday, August 4, 1911 

i u 

White^amelled MidBrass^ed^eads^GoOnJ^ 


A Choice^llectioE^fJe^^un^ 

from $13.75 

A Bed Lounge is one of the most comfortable, economical and 
r^nveS pieces of furniture in the average home. Today 
IT^rTZZl a large a-rtment n. various style, ccvvered 
in beautiful tapestries and rich velours. Price. «tanm|^^^ 
low as 

rK^ir^ SAlertion of OaK Sideboards 

Sideboard with serpentine front, golden (inlslt. Made of well 

^1 Lotted quarter cut oak. Has . ^-f^f^l'l^ZZ'' H n 

serpentine tronts. i large luicu 

drawer with straight front, 

large cupboard with doors 



ove r laid — mt+i — carving . 




ineasuioS ■',^'"- . 

hack is 4oin. high, is richly 
carved and carries l large shelf 
and 2 brackets, supported by 
^pillars, also beveled mirror i6 
X 28in. Special Sale $18.75 
Sideboard, made of well seasoned 
•hardwood, with surface oak 
finish. This is a very hand- 
,some and useful piece of fur- 
niture at the price. The top 
measures i8 x 44in., has 2 
drawers and large cupboard 
with 2 doors separated by a 
neatlv carved panel. The back 
is neatly shaped and carved, 
and carries 2 brackets and i 
large shelf and beveled mirror 
I4x24in.^ Special Sale f 14.00 
Surface Oak Sideboard. Top measures 48 x 22in. Has se^pen^ 
tine front 2 sn^all drawers, I long drawer, all with shapert 
frSntr "aree cupboard with 2 doors handsomely decorated 
iTth carvfn^' haThigh back carrying beveled mirror 28 x i6m 
•- T farge sh" tf and 2^rackets supported by gracefully sla^ap^ed 

pillars. Price '. '^ ' , 

Sideboard with serpentine front, made of solid quarter cut oak 
tolden ii^^i. This is a really handsome piece of furniture of 
modera e size. Top measures 20 x 44in., has panel ends. 2 
c;"drawers. ^ W li-n drawer, and large cupboard 
with leaded glass doors. The back ^s^^m. high s neatly . 
Thaped and larved and carries ^ neat brackets ancl^ 
shelf supported by shaped and carved pillaf . ^pe-^^l ^S^l^ 
Price ••• "^ 

Hardware Department- A List of Use- 
ful Articles at 25c 

Bread Knives wiS^plain and serrated edges, and made from best 
Sheiiield steeh Special for Friday s .selling, ^ach ^ . . ,. • .-S5«^ 

French Cook and Meat Knives, f^ ««« French hand-figured 
.teel blades. Special. for Friday's selling, each ^&^ 

Embroidery Scissors, made by a famous Sheffield manufacturer. 
Speciallv priced tor Frid^ay's sellmg, each ''•■-'■••:' -f"^ 

Useful Pocket Knives, made by Messrs. Atkins & Co.. Sheffield, 
England. Special for Friday's selhng, each ^^^ 

Bannister Brushes, a splendid kuality and useful sizes. Each -o^- 

Dish Pans, made of good quality tin vvith copper bottoms and 
wire handles. Capacity 14 quarts. Special for Fndav s ^dl- 
in^% each "^ 

Importa nt Sales on the Main Floor 


AT S11.75— /V handsome full sized Dcd- 
.cteL with 2ui. Dillars, finished with noat 
fiat knobs, straight head rail and five 
straight bar fillers, all polished brass. 

AT 814.75— A substantial Brass Bedstead 
in satin finish, has -'in. continuous pillars 
and five straight bar fillers and strong cas- 
tor^. This i.< a specially good bargain. 

This sale will '^tand unrivaled for the wonderful 
hargain.s it offers in and White Enameled 
bedsteads. We wep^'fertunate^to clean up a factory.^, 
of its season's stwplus, and by so doing, take advan- 
tage oia discount which enables us in turn to present 
these excellent values. Every kind and style of Brass 
and Iron Bedstead that you can imagine or ask for is 
here, all marked at prices that will dehght you. 


AT S2.50— Neat and strong Iron Bedsteads, 
white enamel finish, have neat brass knobs, 
«n;,nfd top rail, neat fillings and chills. 
This is a remarkably low priced and sub- 
stantial bedstead. 
AT 85.75— A hand.some White Enameled 
Bedstead, with brass knobs, beautifully 
shaped top rail and fillings, and finished 
with large neat chills and strong steel cas- 

Ai S3S.75 — Many 

liand'^ome snlid 
Bra*sr"k'clsteads, with 2jiin. pillars and 7 
bar fillers, finished with bulhs. The pillars 
are nearly finished with large flat knobs 
and straight head rail. 

— t o r s c o m p l e t e . 
. <n »-« o rtree ,\.„ ov/**r«fir>naUv nancisomc 

White Enameled Bedstead, with brass orna- 
ments, beautiful, large chills and neatly 
shaped fillers and strong steel castors. 

and straight head rail. ^r^TU RT^ASS AND IRON BEDSTEADS 

V — ■ — " — ^ ^ 

Wonderful Values Jn_ Toilet Sets— On 

Sale Today - * 

lO-Piece ToUet Sets, with very highly glazed enamel finish and 
^zA^ rvf tlie English semi-porcelain. These sets have a 
white ground and are beautifully decorated with dark green 
foliage and dainty pink roses. Are sp endid values at $5.75. 
but will be sold today at the specially low price of . . . .Jf^^.^U 

RemarRa ble Values in OaK Morris 


Morris Chair, with heavy oak frame. Early 

English finish. Has spring seat covered 

with strong leather, also loose cushion for 

the back. Solid leather on both sides, 

'neatly finished with piping. This chair 



II! I 


Axminster Rugs 6f high grade manufacture, 
rich in appearance, durable and most pleas- 
ant to walk on. These rugs are closely 
woven and have a deep velvety pile, are ex- 
clusive in design and Come in colors blue, 
reds and greens. Size 9 x 12. Specif for 
today's selling, each ;|>i5».uu 

Reversible Doormats, made with a thick pile. 
They come in a large variety of designs and 
colors, and are finished with thick, heavy 
fringe. Regular $1.25 and $1.50.. Specia^ 
for today's selling »&^ 

Fish Curtain Nets, suitable for long or short 
curtains, made in a variety of designs, dur- 
able quality, made in Arab shade only. Spe- 
cial today, per yard ^^V 

Swiss Lace Curtains, in beautiful applique 
work, *vith overlocked edges on a vm 
strong net. These curtains, being light and 
dainty in appearance, are particularly desir- 
able hangings for drawing-rooms or bed- 
rooms, in .ecru shade onb'.-3 yards .^n^^ 
(Special for today's selling, per pait . .:| 
Furniture Rc-Upholstered by expert workmen. 
None but the best and most sanitary ma- 
terials used. Let us give you a quotation on 
your work. Prompt attention and perfect 
satisfaction guaranteed. 
Hammocks in many styles and colors are to 
be had at this store during the August Sale 
at greatly reduced prices. This morning 
we win place on sale our regular $2.75 and 
$3.50 values at, each Spl.UU 

Wide Embroideries and Insertions in a great variety of patterns. ' 

Reguhu- values 2Sc a vard. Today 

Women's Lisle Hosiery, n, a rh .icc ^election of colors and pat- 
^°rn< including neat Hoiai si^rays and polka dots etc. fast 
colors. Full fashi'MUMl. an.l very durable quality, ^'^"^'^"''^'go^ 

a pair. Today, pvi pan , ^ 

Shot Ribbons. Din. wide, in many beautiful shades. All tn br 

clcaiicl .)ut at, per yard ^"v 

Handkerchiefs, with plain and fancy colnrod borders, suitable for 

children's use. I 'or dozen ^"^^ 

Tiair Barrets and Fancy Combs, in a great assortment of^ fancy 
and plain styles. Regular valuc^ .^^c and 50c eacn. :^v^-vu 

Todav -*-^^ 

FrilUngs and Ruchings, suitaMc .-r tourists, three dtftCTc.^^ 

styles in 1"|>;- S!)ccial. per box ■^'^v 


Women's Lisle Gloves, in colors lilac, reseda, champagne, navy, 
^n-cy and tan. Short t\vo-<-lasp style. Regular 50c a pain 

Today to clean iq) the line, i)er i)air -«-»^ 

Lone Lisle Gloves, in black only. Regular 50c a pair. Spen;il 
offer t,. make a clean sweep of this lot.' per pair 1 oday. . 25<^ 
Children's Lisle Gloves, in colors white, grey, tan and chamois 
.otr.. Regular 25c a pair. Special to clear 1 oday, per 

. ' ■" xaC 



On Fridav we are offering a large assortment of odd lines in 
Women's Collars,' Ties and Jabots, in plain white and colors. 
Thlc int includes handsome Dutch and Eaton Collars, beauti- 

"'"^ ';";]l';;;,";:^w t::1 '^T'!;J:^'^^^^!^ 

a^rl.'y'orhe';' vc?y%opular style. Your choic. Tod^ay 

$3.90 Muslin n»-o«P.jfnrJT^^75:^7.50 Values for $3.75; 
and $15.00 Dresses for $6.75— Today 

At these tnree p.ices ^1,73, .,.( /., . ';,. ,.,;,; Xh,> l.l mcludes many very 

of handsome Muslin Dresses, n, value from 53"> <-■ '■- 

popular styles. , 

Many Odd jjnes^Men^ 


Men's Print Negligee Shirts, m fancy light 
<;tripc^-. plain grcv, mauve an<l while with 
soft bosom-, starched collar band and 3U1. 
cuffs There are about six dozen shirts in 
this line, in an assortment of sizes. Rcgii- 
Uirly sold at $1.25 each. On Special Sale 

today, each .' ,' " " ,' '/ ' '-^YT 

Men's "Outing Shirts, some with dctacnable 
s„ft collars, others of the regular style. 
Colors white, cream and tan. Regular .sell- 
ing prices $r,25 and ^' .SOAi^t two dozen 
,,nlv to l)e sold today jtPTI!^ «vf 

Boys' Shirt Waists, with .starched cuffs and 
collar band for white collar. Ojily about 3 left. Colors wdiite with black stripes, 
white with tan stripes and white with black 
polka dots. Sizes 13, 13/^ and 14 at neck 
Regular 75c quality. All to clear, each rf5<? 

o ' r.,r^Urir Shirt Waists, with soft turn- 

down collar and soft cuffs. Small sizes only. 
In fancy colored stripes on white ground. 
Will fit boys S. ^ and 7 years old. These 
sell in the fegular way for 75c each. Special 
Clearance I'rice today, each : • -SS^* 

Great Clearance Sale of Boys' and Youth ^sjuitsTod ay 

ovs' Wash Suits! iuuncy 'ducks, prints and crashes, in Buster and Ru^^ 

„,,Kc«..»r>4-ia \\\r hllilr 

IS VCIJ' auUini*"*-*— ^.Z ~!~i' 

and will give satisfactory 
service for many years. Spe- 
cial Sale Price ....?29.75 
Morris Rocking Chair, with 
handsome frame built of 
solid, well seasoned oak, fin- 
ished in Early English style, 
and has loose cushions cov- 
ered in handsome velour. 
This is a well made chair 
and very comfortable, and 
represents excellent value 

at ^S-SO 

Morris Chairs with strong, . 

solid oak frames .finished in a variety of styles and fitted with 
loose cushions covered in velour. Colors red or green. Sp^eaa^ 

iiii?^^ ^^U in-neat oak'ft^me;;Eady English finish, well up- 

""holsteTed' in leatherette. Has spring back and seat excep_ 

tronany comfortable and substantially built. Price each $4.90 

Useful Dining Roo^^ Specially 

Low Pr iced 

Dining-room Suite, in solid quarter cut oak. Made in the M is^ 1 
sion style and finished in the Early English color. ^ he back 
i a neat combination of wide, plain slate and neatly shaped 
-head, while the seats are -Pl-.l^tered m sohd leather ^ 
suite consists of one' arm and five small chairs. ^ >?P^^^^g^;; 

Dining%uite'orfive Sid^^Chai^L'^nd one' Ann" Ch^ 

conftructed from well seasoned quarter cut oak, and finished 
in the Early English style. The back is a neat combination of 
cross ratls.^whUc the seat is neatly upholstered m .strong 
leaTher and finished with banding and ^^uds. Speaa^^Sale 

Oak^Dining" Room' Suite," of fK-^'side Chai;^ and one Arm Chair 
sovm "h ?onstructed from choice slash gramecl oak. Has pi an 
Ck and unholstered seat covered with solid '^^ ^en Ihe 
general character of this suite is the Mission style fin..ued 
fn the Early English color. Is a very strong and attractiv^a^d 
an <»vrpntional bargain at ''''.' '^ , 

Fumed oik Dining Suite, consi.sting of five Side Chair, and one 

Trm Chair, upholstered in leather and neatly finisned. The 

Wk of the chairs is an attractive combination of five plain 

Mat^ The frame is well made from choice quarter cut oak, 

fumed and waxed, making a rich and ^'^'y ^'^^^'^]'^^^)il 

Pocking' Ai'm ChaTr. Vnadc 'from' choke 'qjia'rje; 'cut oak very 

"soundly constructed in a neat and simple nesign. Tjie ba.k 

y „,^l-'^l.;'-e— d "1 <^<^y^^ leather, ciuilted and tufted, 
and seat arc uphois>.e»v.a ..1 -■'^^ . «7 so 

thus imparting a neat and novel appearance. Sa e . ^'^fy 

Ami ChSr made to match the above Rocking Chair. Neat in 

^pearanc;. strongly constructed and very comfon^ab^e. 




Reeular $3.00 and $2.50— Sale Price ?1..»» 

o,.,,u.. n^^f. ;n fine Doneola calf with patent tips and Cuban 


good <|uality leather, well fm.shed and very stylish mod^ 

P°^ "" ""' MEN'S BOPTS 

Blucher Boots, in box calf, strong double sole both «:««"l;^* 
.tUehed and lined with leather. An excellent worktnj^ 

BluchVr B»..!t Hghtveiourcali.-with sVwT^^VsV'th^^ 
very we^mide bolt and is absolutely reU.W.. P" P"' nJ"f 
:J-.' Oxford., in a variety of last, andj<.th«,._ aU;h.^l;g« 

(t.r ■yii 'Tod.av" . 

? Clearing Lines in Boy 

StV'CS. V rtllICO Lw V"-J- ' T J 

Odd Lines in Boys' Straw Hats and Tarns. V'alues up tc, 7Sc. 1 oday 
Special Clearing of Boys' Two-Piece Norfolk Tweed Suits, m sues f, 


and most fa" hionable. perfect in fit, comfortable and dur^W. 
Per pair 

!•»••♦•• •«" 


rom 6 to 12 years. Special 

David Spencer, Limited 


Thresh and delicious candy from the best «f <>*» ^ J«5»^' ' J 
!1a .tmos may be had at this counter at wiets ^ ^ 
refv'low for'^trstTndV^^ of delicacies we Sell. W* ««^^|tt 
Zl Ixcelent value at Ml times, but today we •» 0««H|jj^ 
?:;;rtmpUn'g bargain^ Try a sample po«na^yo«1fg 

8 leased with your purchaw. 
lilted Cm»««. Regular JSc » lb 

On sale todiy i^t«